Women’s Laptop Backpack For Work 2022

Laptop Messenger Bags: The Buyer’s Guide

Women’s Laptop Backpack Buying Guide

laptop messenger bagLaptop messenger bag is a straightforward, urban-inspired bag perfect for both casual and office use.

A spacious and stylish option, laptop messenger bags are perfect for those who need to conveniently survive through the mad rush hour traffic and still look stylish after commuting. But while it may be commuter-friendly and a no-fuss traveling mate, messenger laptop bags are known for its hard-to-wear character.

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Yes, not anyone can look great when wearing one. So read along and know more about shopping tips that you may take along when you’re ready to invest on a durable and, yes, stylish messenger laptop bag. If you don’t know where to start, we have also listed a number of brands that earned our approval, which you may want to run through online.

Shopping Tips

A laptop messenger bag is the perfect option when you and your portable workstation need to be always on the road. The true advantage of messenger laptop bags is the adjustable strap that equally distributes the weight of your notebook (plus some other computer accessories) in your shoulder or chest.

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It offers ultimate flexibility and wouldn’t get whenever you’re on the move.

If you’re on the lookout for stylish, affordable, and reliable messenger laptop bags, here’s what we recommend to bag-hunting a breeze.

Know The Bag Size

Most people, especially first-time laptop owners, take for granted the one important thing in buying a laptop bag: the right size. Sure it may be safe to just get something that looks one size bigger, but a laptop bag should not only offer a place where you can store in your notebook. It should, most importantly, offer security and protection from damage. So the first thing that you should do is know the size. Better yet, bring with you your notebook, power cord, and other computer accessories that you always bring with you when you’re ready to shop for a messenger bag.

Make sure that it fits your lifestyle

If your lifestyle demands switching from power suit to casual cotton print the next day, one thing’s for sure: you need at least one laptop messenger bag for each occasion. A black, leather laptop bag may be a safe choice for the men, but we all know that it’s too stiff when you’re backpacking. There’s a wide array of style that you can choose from. So explore and enjoy your options.

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Reach within, explore outside

One of the best features of messenger bags is the generous pockets and compartments. The more pockets available, much better for you and your gadgets.

Brands We Recommend

  • Bumbakpak Streetflow Collection is a hybrid messenger and backpack laptop bag. The innovative design of the Bumbakpak is a favorite among college students and techie road warriors. The Bumbakpak Streetflow enables user to be hands free by converting it to backpack while also allowing a professional and grown-up look when you carry it with the comfortable single strap.
  • Tumi T-Tech Pulse Eldridge Messenger Bag is a computer briefcase and messenger bag in one. Made from lightweight and super comfortable hybrid nylon, the Tumi T-Tech Bag is a toughie that comes with extra padded compartments, providing security and protection for your gadgets. Aside from the generous space and compartments, the Tumi T-Tech laptop messenger bags include their patented tracer protection technology so you can always trace out where your mobile gadgets are.

In the busy world of the modern women — whether they are career girls, students or moms — gadgets like laptops are a common possession. Carrying this wonderful gadget need not seem very business-like but fortunately it is still possible to look stylish and sophisticated. Women can definitely look fashionable and trendy. And so can their lappys!

Leather laptop bags are a must if one wants to have a case that doesn’t break easily. Leather is a material that is of premium quality, sure to keep your device in its perfect shape. Here are our top three hand picked leather laptop bags for women.

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  1. Exquisite Women’s Designer Briefcase Laptop Bag

Women nowadays are fond of bringing a lot of things which would suffice their needs for instant occasions. Spacious leather bags is the perfect solution for fitting up your laptop and all the handy dandies that you can’t live without.

It accommodates portable laptops 11’’ wide. It has an easy to open and security safe zipper line, and a zippered back pocket compartment for the little stuffs, as well as an inner compartment pocket that is perfect place to keep your phone.

  1. Leather Double Compartment Laptop Case (Brown)

If you are one of the on-the-go women of today’s business world, here is the leather laptop bag that would suite your travelling and packing needs, without compromising the feeling of being on the top of the fashion pyramid. Travelling hit-and-bump scenario is one the main problems for traversing different places in a fast pace, that’s why this leather bag has a built-in back compartment 10 mm high density foam sleeves that secures a laptop size up to 15.4’’ and leaves a safe room for keeping pocket-size devices through Smart Zipper Attachment. It has grip-friendly handles and features a shoulder strap that gives the soothing relaxation while travelling.

  1. Siamod 35266 Serra Italian Leather Ladies Laptop Tote (Cherry Red)

Stylish women with a relatively wider laptops that ranges up to 15.4 inches in screen size, can now have the best leather fashion-beater leather laptop bag. This awesome stylish bag has a specialized bigger compartment that keeps your laptop, without setting aside the importance of your little stuffs. It features an inside zipper pocket and a perfectly designed compartment to contain stuffs like pens, cards, key holders and the likes.

Women of different walks of life surely needs different types of products specifications, specially when it comes to the choice of keeping up with fashion and style, with setting aside the need to carry a sophisticated device that would enhance their prestige in their own chosen field.

For whatever your laptop carrying need is, expect that there exist a perfect leather bag that was created to satisfy your need. You don’t have to go far, you just have to check it out at amazon.com, and take a match for your need

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Laptop Messenger Bags for Women

Women’s fashion, undeniably, is one of the biggest industries in today’s growing economy. Women’s laptop messenger bags make a style statement. From earthy to elegant, leather to leopard print, business-like to colorful, laptop bags for women are blends of beauty and function for protecting one’s favorite workstation. Whether someone is a highly placed executive practically living in airports or an office-goer casually toting the laptop to the cafe on weekends, the women’s laptop bags are sure to be spotted.

Those days are gone when only geeks and nerds used laptops. Laptops, as on date, symbolize knowledge, prestige and technology particularly in the world of business. For the modern women laptops are no longer designs or accessories meant to cater to their appeal. In fact, women all over the world actually make use of this most handy invention of the digital age like any other possession owned by them.

Dakine Girls Laptop Messenger Bag

dakine girls messagenger bagIf you’re looking for a chic alternative to staid black and grey laptop bags then the DAKINE Girls laptop messenger bag SM is something you should pick up straight away.

It comes with fancy detailing that is sure to grab the attention of everyone you pass and you’ll never again have a dull day with the cheery color schemes that it offers.You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors to perfectly match your taste. The laptop pocket is lined with fleece so you can be sure that your prized laptop gets treated luxuriously.

The bag also boasts of impressive storage options ranging from pockets inside as well as pockets outside so that you can safely store all your necessities in one place while travelling, thus eliminating unnecessary treasure hunts in the middle of the airport.

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The strap is extremely comfortable thanks to the padding and is adjustable to suit all body frames. The interior of the bag can accommodate a laptop as well as several books and this makes it well worth the price. Unlike other laptop bags this messenger bag is the perfect combination of fashion-forwardness and effectiveness and this makes it a great addition to any wardrobe.

DAKINE Brooke Laptop Messenger Bag features separate padded laptop compartment, adjustable padded shoulder strap, zippered top closure and open back panel to slide over travel bag handle

This has led to the development of laptop bags meant specifically for the fairer sex from bright to pastel color, teeny bopper to girl power themes and so on. A few of the most elegant women’s laptop messenger bags are shown below

3 Fashionable Computer Bags for Women

Every woman is unique. She is one of a kind in every way, including style. If you are a woman, embrace your uniqueness! Whether you are the funky type, the fashion icon, or the classy lass, there is definitely a perfect laptop bag for you.

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Laptop bags are chiefly made to store and protect laptops. However, these can also be used as a regular case. Hence, laptop bags should be not only sturdy and comfortable; these should be stylish as well. Fashionable laptop bags reflect the individuality of the owner. Aside from choosing a quality bag for your laptop, you should also consider the one that best suits your style and personality. Most importantly, it should be comfortable to carry. Looking for one? Check out these three top rated computer bags for women from Amazon.

Here comes the Pink Sparse Tranquility Shoulder Messenger Bag from K-Cliffs Lifestyle. It is made of polyester material and fits any 15.4 inch laptop notebook, including the latest MacBook. This modern and fashionable carry bag is designed with multiple compartments to give utmost protection for your laptop. The laptop pocket is provided with pad to provide more protection and added with velcro closure to secure the laptop in place. The multiple pockets can be used to organize your files. It also comes with shoulder strap that is adjustable and padded so that you carry it easily and comfortably. It is definitely ideal to use as a carry on bag or school bag.

This Alligator Hot Pink CaseCrown Padded Laptop Case with Front Pocket is perfect for 15″ – 15.6″ Laptops. The CaseCrown special Double Memory Foam Case provides maximum protection for your laptop. It may appear in thin size but this case is built with shock-absorbing pad to give extra protection. A strap is designed in the interior to keep the laptop in place in order for you to use the case as both a carrier bag and a stable platform on your desk and lap when you use your computer. Its abrasion-free and water-proof exterior keeps your laptop safe. You can see a pocket in the front where you can put all your accessories. You can carry the case comfortably with its memory-foam padded and adjustable shoulder strap.

The SOLO Classic Collection Ladies Laptop Tote with padded compartment holds notebook computers up to 16 Inches and comes in a black and red lining. If you are searching for a timeless style that lets you organize your items, then go for SOLO classic. It is made from durable material to endure regular use. Plus, it is very easy to use. Its padded laptop compartment holds and protects your precious 16 inch laptops. It is also made with protective feet to protect the bottom of the bag. It has padded straps that can be adjusted for you to carry it with ease. Its red color lining conveys strength and enables you to search for items inside the bag easily

Adorable Pink Laptop Cases For The Tech Chic

pink laptop caseWhy do women have to suffer from boring, flat black laptop cases? If you’re on the road a lot or have been crossing a lot of dateline lately, carrying a boring black laptop bag that have torturous shoulder strap, you’re in the right place (well, make that blog). If you find yourself in front of your portable workstation a lot, why not take some time off the boring and monotonous protective square thing and reward yourself with adorable pink laptop cases, something that screams ‘I am woman.’

But don’t worry about finding the right outfit that goes with a dangerous and loud hot pink. There is a gamut of pink laptop cases available in the softest to the edgiest shades of pink. Enjoy femininity and the strength of being a woman. Wear your color proud with these pink laptop cases.

Liberator Laptop Tote
For the women in business comes the Liberator Laptop Tote, a super lightweight and durable pink laptop bag perfect for accommodating up to 15 inch-thick notebooks. The tote features a stylish and sleek high finish pink and black microfiber shell that does not only guarantee to protect your portable workstation but also offers a day-and-night regular bag that you can bring even with even after five. The Liberator Laptop Tote bag also features a padded laptop compartment and a detachable accessory purse for quick trips to the ladies room.

VigoWorld Laptop Bag
Perfect for the casual days or even when you just can’t separate with your netbook in between gym breaks, the VigoWorld Laptop Bag is a pink and gray-accented casual nylon bag that offers generous space and compartments for your mobile gadgets. It features zip pocket exteriors and an extra large inner compartment that can accommodate mobile accessories, smart phones, and even a number of personal stuff like books and magazines. This casual pink laptop bag is perfect for college dormers and even the gym-loving corporate chic.

Eva Notebook Case
Are you looking for a traditional-looking laptop case with an edge? The Eva Medium Nylon Cube Notebook Case is every inch of laptop briefcase made from the extra toughie EVA-wrapped nylon material. This case accommodates 11 to 13-inch netbooks and at the same time offers generous spaces for your personal stuff and business essentials.

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier Leo Laptop Messenger Bag
This bag rocks all pink laptop cases in our list. From the exclusive line created by Christian Audigier for the ‘godfather’ of the American tattoo industry is the Ed Hardy Eternal Love Pink Laptop Bag. Made from premium cotton canvass, this messenger bag accommodates up to 15-inch thick netbooks and other personal essentials like a smart phone. Designed with gun metal zipper pulls and heavy duty zippers, this messenger bag also features protective interior pockets to keep your mobile gadgets from harm’s way.

Rainebrook Emily Light Pink Laptop Tote Bag
Any backpacking college dormer will love this, but so will the corporate chic who works sun up to sun down. This very light pale pink tote features generous compartment not only for your netbook but a separate space for power cords and other mobile essentials. Why we love this pink laptop bag? It offers a super organizer that keeps in place – not to mention secure – all your business cards, pens, iPod, and mobile phone in one neat zone. Super affordable

Women’s Laptop Bags: Top 3 Styles For The Tech-loving Fashionista

Shopping for women’s laptop bags is more than just looking for and buying durable case for toting a mobile gadget. Gone are the days when women have to be satisfied with black, stiff cases that they have to carry around when heading for business appointments, presentations, and important client calls. Now women’s laptop bags have almost every imaginable design possible. From Ed Hardy laptop messenger bags to the earthy, subtle number of Acme Made Slim Cargo briefcase, laptop bags for women marry style and functionality that every lady of style and substance would love to have.

A simple Googling or hoofing between stores will tell you that designers are more than ready to conquer almost every women’s laptop bags type possible – long before you have taught of them. In spite of the colorful embellishments and vamped style, these bags only take their inspiration from one thing: your upward and mobile lifestyle. In choosing which laptop bag to invest on, understanding the role that it will play on living your life can make shopping a breeze. The general rule: how will your laptop bag reflect your personality. One thing is for sure, you cannot only one laptop to the job. You’re a fun-loving and boardroom-mainstay woman. With the roles you play, you need to hunt down a number women’s laptop bags for each occasion.

  • Briefbag Laptop Bags

These items are perfect for ordinary days. With comfortable shoulder straps and well-padded interiors, briefbag laptop bag is the item that women need in beating morning rush and traffic. The true advantage of this bag is the generous interior and storage spaces that are perfect for securing your other mobile gadgets. Briefbag laptop bags are also a contender for business travels since they are designed with quick access pockets.

For budget seekers, we recommend Icon Curve Clamshell Laptop Bag. For only $39.99, you get an adjustable padded divider allowing ultimate flexibility to determine which of your mobile gadget gets the space it deserves and an organizer section for MP3 player, business cards, and elegant sign pens among others.

  • Top Loading Laptop Bags

A favorite among travelers, this particular style of women’s laptop bags can please any business warrior on the road. From quick access area to notebook to generous compartments, top loading laptop bag offers utmost convenient among all women’s laptop bags. Deal with airport security or customs at ease without having to rummage around your bag.

We recommend Brenthaven Topload Notebook Case. Made from the toughest military grade ballistic nylon material, this toughie case also comes with sweet deals: a super full-featured organizer and adjustable computer sleeve.

  • Backpack Laptop Bags

These casual looking and laid back style is perfect for taking at evening graduate class. With plenty compartments and generous space for paperworks and books, backpack women’s laptop bags comes with matching laptop sleeves that offers ultimate security for notebook.

For the print-loving and never-subtle style, we recommend Kara B Metro Laptop Backpack. Available in its cool blue Marcial Floral and extra fiery Orange Paisley design, the Kara B Metro Laptop Backpack boasts generous outside pocket for paper works and inside pockets for notebooks and other accessories.

Mobile Edge Laptop Bags

mobile edge laptop bagThe ever busy lifestyle of the working professional of today received a breather with the invention of the mobile computer or the laptop. When you are able to carry your work along with you wherever you go, there is less wastage of time and more flexible work hours. Along with the rising popularity of the mobile computing devices, there has also been an ever increasing demand for accessories that help carry, store and protect the mobile computing apparatus. A lot of prestigious companies have a range of innovative products on offer. The Mobile-Edge laptop bags are a popular range of products in this segment.

The Mobile-Edge company is head quartered in the greater Los Angeles area. It is a privately held company that came into operation in 2002. The company specializes in manufacturing classy and stylish laptop carrying bags. Their products are a unique blend of utility, class and individual style. You will always find a laptop bag that suits your personality and style. The manufacturers are so sure of the product quality that they offer the customer a strong lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with the product, they promise to take action immediately. Be it quality, durability, style or functionality, these Mobile-Edge laptop bags have the cutting edge over all other products available in the market.

Mobile-edge bags also offer a lot of variety. One of them is the Mobile-Edge premium tote, which meant for ladies who want to carry their laptops and still want to keep it light. It’s a light and zippy bag which has a detachable pouch for cosmetics, zippers which self heal, and a pouch dedicated to the cell phone. Of course there is a superior safety compartment for the laptop itself. This is also a super accommodative bag which can be used for laptops of various sizes. Because of its super voluminous size, it accommodates a whole lot of stuff along with the computer, making it a superb travel bag.

Another famous product from this line is the Mobile Edge Geneva tote. Apart from the common features that Mobile Edge laptop bags have, like a safety compartment for laptops etc, this model comes with certain extra value additions. One, there are easily accessible exterior pockets, that can be used for almost anything that you might urgently require. Secondly separate compartments are provided for papers, magazines and books. And, of course there is a life time warranty. There is also a safety shield for wireless equipment protecting it from virus, data theft and spam. Its slim design makes it look sleek and smart and makes it a good choice for small-built women.

The Mobile Edge ultra work tote is a tad different from the other Mobile Edge bags on offer. It comes with a detachable computer compartment, so that you could use the bag as an ordinary tote, even when you are not on a work related trip. The bag is made high class leather or microfiber which compliments its dual functionality.

3 Laptop Bags for Women You Should Consider

The laptop is amazing. From the huge central processing unit and monitor, the computer has made itself so compact that it can even fit at the palm of your hands. Well, two palms actually and they are called the laptops. Laptops have the same power, function and usability at a quarter of the size of a regular desktop computer. With small size comes greater challenge, where am I going to put this little thing? For men, they can always put it in any type of bag they have at home. But for women, choosing the right bag would prove to be a dilemma. Like many things in “woman land” every thing has to go according to color or theme so picking the right laptop bag is not necessarily the easiest of all things. With the many bags being sold in the market, no bag should simply be enough for everyday use. This is why ranking the top 3 laptop bags for women would make each and every choice worth the time and money.

  1. McKlein USA W Series Lake Forest Leather Women’s Briefcase

This bag is made by McKlein USA. This suits the working independent woman as it gives her the professional look with this nicely designed bag. You can hand carry it or make it into a sling bag.

It is made out of Italian leather which makes room for your 15 inch laptop with a front compartment for some of your office needs. It also has a place where you can place all your documents for work and they never get crumpled or out of place as it is enclosed with a zipper. The McKlein Lake Forest bag is available is a large selection of colors including black, red and pink.

Top 2: Lexie Barnes Echo 13 Laptop Bag

This bag does not look like any other bags you see on the net. It really looks like a laptop bag but with a twist of color with a lot of floral print. The design may look ordinary but the fabric is actually water proof.

It has double compartments for your 13 inch laptop and some of your documents. It has a should strap as well as strap handles for hand carrying. This laptop is very simple and very minimalist in design. What makes this bag so popular is the whole construction of it. It fits laptops well and it is very durable

  1. Avion laptop bag

In third place is the Avion Laptop bag by Penelope LLC. This bag truly screams out your feminine side as well as your wit and intelligence. This bag is intelligently designed that you can hand carry it or make it into a backpack.

It is totally made out of leather, it’s whole exterior is water proof, and it has a ton of pockets in front for all of your other stuff. This bag can also fit a 12 inch laptop. This bag is amazing for the simple reason that women can carry this in any way they like and not compromise style or function. Lastly, it’s very nice design and built makes it a must have for every woman who has a laptop. All in all, there are a lot of laptops and laptop bags out there. You can choose to buy many or just buy one. But either way, you have to take into consideration the purpose you have for the bag and the size of your laptop.

Top 3 Ladies Laptop Bags

womans laptop bagsThis coming holiday, forget about surprising her with designer perfumes that she’ll never wear or a celebrity chef stainless steel pan that she’ll never cook with. Whether you’re shopping for a girlfriend or your boss, there’s nothing easier than to find ladies laptop bags that shows her uniqueness and personality. Marrying style and functionality, ladies laptop bags are specifically designed not only to secure their precious mobile gadgets but to handle items that their shoulder bags can’t. From business cards to bulky computer accessories, these ladies laptop cases set a new standard in moving in style.

Need some help in finding the perfect tote bag for your portable workstation? We have a collection of laptop bags for women that mix the best of both worlds – dangerously stylish and fabulously reliable.

  1. Madison Women’s Notebook Tote

The bag to be carried in client calls and business presentations, the Madison Tote is more than just a pretty case. Designed specifically with the lifestyle of women execs in mind, the Madison Tote offers the innovative SafetyCell feature, a generous compartment set to secure your notebook from damage and theft. The Madison Women’s Notebook Tote is spaciously generous to accommodate work papers, removable accessories, and detachable cosmetic pouch for some quick trips to the ladies room.

  1. ScanFast Onyx Checkpoint-friendly Briefcase

Perfect for mobile professionals, this super affordable yet designer quality briefcase is a TSA compliant item that makes traveling a breeze. Forget about rummaging inside your bag, wrestling with one item to another. Leave your notebook inside while it runs through the airport security and Customs. The ScanFast Onyx Checkpoint-friendly Briefcase is dead-serious when it comes to protecting your valuables without forgetting about being stylishly fashionable. It easily fits 16″ portables inside and also offers a separate area for books, papers, and even magazines. But don’t let these features trick you. The ScanFast Onyx Briefcase is embellished with faux-leather accents and designer inspired material so you can look glamorous whenever on board for a meeting.

  1. The ECO Casual Tote

Now your Mother Nature-incarnate girlfriend can have a fashionable and eco-friendly item that she can proudly carry. Made from eco-friendly canvass cotton, the Mobile Edge ECO Casual Tote protects your portable workstation and the environment at the same time. Convert this item into an all-purpose tote bag for the weekend. The fully-detachable laptop case is designed with a computer-safety and generous compartment, giving way to a full room for books, magazines, and personal items. Looking to a long day outside your apartment? The ECO Casual Tote also comes with a hide-away water bottle pocket so you can walk and enjoy the day outside. Use your hands free for more fun things – like ice cream!

The best things in life are free. So enjoy useful features in these ladies laptop bags like detachable cosmetic pouch, an extra room for water bottle to keep you hydrated at all times, and TSA compliant material. Buying ladies laptop bags can be fun, especially when you know what you want and need. While these are the best laptop bags we have in mind, we are sure that you can find the best deals just by surfing online. But whatever style or brand you’re eyeing, keep in mind that these laptop bags for women are made for one thing: protecting your notebook. So if the bag can’t measure up, then, it’s nothing but another pretty laptop case.

Black & White Fleur 15.4 inch Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag

Most laptop bags that are currently available in the market may score high on efficiency but fail miserably when it comes to stylistic appeal. Thankfully, the Black & White Fleur 15.4 inch laptop padded compartment shoulder messenger bag is a perfect blend of efficiency and good looks.

It boasts of an appealing black and white color scheme that is sure to compliment your entire workday wardrobe while still injecting an element of fun to otherwise dreary days. The design is not too young yet not too old either and so is perfect for any woman on the go.

Besides its external appeal, this messenger bag is a formidable choice thanks to its interiors which are luxuriously padded to protect your precious laptop. It also contains a useful sleeve to store your laptop in whether it is in the bag or outside so that all scratches and damages can be avoided.

The pockets inside and outside the bag provide enough space to store a whole gamut of important documents, files and even stationary and the convenient pen holders ensure you don’t have to spend hours digging for a pen in the middle of an important event. The adjustable shoulder strap is also extremely comforting and will definitely keep you happy through long hours of waiting.

Pink Sparse Tranquility 15.4 inch Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag

If you’re bored with the standardized black and grey laptop bags that monopolize the market then the Pink Sparse Tranquility 15.4 inch laptop padded compartment shoulder messenger bag is a great choice that is sure to bring cheeriness to your bleak workdays.

The bag comes in an attractive pink, red and grey color scheme with a quaint tree motif that will definitely better your mood on extremely stressful days.

You are sure to be the talk of the town when you walk into your workplace with this unique creation that is both stylish and functional.

The roomy messenger bag has enough space for a 15.4 inch laptop and this means that most varieties will happily fit inside the luxuriously padded and secure pocket. But this bag doesn’t have to be stuck with a laptop alone, you can also fit in all your important documents in two roomy pockets as well as a gamut of stationary.

The bag’s effective organizational structure will also ensure that you waste less time scouting for lost pens. You can also forget back-breaking travels because this messenger bag comes with a super comfortable padded shoulder strap that is guaranteed to make you want to take your laptop everywhere you go.

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