10 Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

We cannot resist the smell of coffee when it is freshly brewed and waiting for us in a pretty mug.

However not only do we kick start our day with it, but we keep the essence of a good mug of coffee for the entire day too.

But you will be surprise to know that coffee actually has many more benefits externally than just consuming it.

Therefore we bring to you the Surprising Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care.

Not only are they surprising but they are also awesome and incredible benefits are guaranteed as a form of result.

We all need to focus on our skin once in a while to exfoliate and also detoxify your skin. Even if you have a good clear skin it can be pretty tough sometimes to maintain it.

But here we are bringing to you in detail, some amazing ways to use coffee in your skincare routine. Not only skin, but here are benefits of coffee for skin and hair.

10 Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

Face Mask

It is important to focus on our skin or face at least once a week to nourish and moisturize it.

Everyday moisturizer and other products do only half of your work. So when you do the skincare regimen any day, use coffee as a means of making face mask.

All you need is some crushed powder of coffee and some water. Just wet the coffee use water and then use your fingertips to apply the coffee all over your face as a face mask.

You can also add some cocoa powder, yogurt and honey all in moderate amounts and mix the paste well.

Once done, apply it and leave it there for around 15 minutes and wash it all off. It is therefore one of the Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care.

Brightens Your Skin

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

When you will use the face mask using coffee, you will be able to see many benefits and ways that coffee benefits you.

One of them will be glowing, bright and lighter skin. You can do this on alternate mornings by adding one tablespoon of coffee powder with 2 tablespoon of plain yogurt.

Apply this mixture on a washed face and leave it there for 15 minutes. After that wash it all off with the help of cold water.

The caffeine is one such component of coffee can help you to stimulate blood circulation that in turn gives you brighter skin and glow.

Exfoliates the Skin

Coffee acts as a great means to exfoliate and scrub your skin in the healthiest way possible.

Naturally as a process your skin forms new cells which make it necessary for one to get rid of all the dead skin cells through scrub to unleash new and fresh skin in no time.

Coffee grounds here are the best way to exfoliate and scrub dry as well as dull skin. All you need to do is mix it up with some coconut oil drops and use it as a scrub.

You can use this paste on your face, legs, and hands and also on your feet so that you can have good scrubbing all the way around.

This will help you to get rid of all the dead skin and now you are left with much clean and fresh skin.

Reduces Under Eye Bags

Stress, sleep and food are the important factors that determine your skin consistency and its glow.

If you don’t have these in the necessary amounts you can see many changes in your skin along with under eye bags or puffiness under your eyes.

Here too coffee comes to the rescue as it can help you to eliminate that too with proper use.

To use coffee for under eye bags just by applying some coffee powder under your eyes. Apply them and keep it for around 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. The magic happens now, when you are left with even skin under your eyes!

Minimizes Cellulite

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

We all have some unnecessary baggage that we all carry in our bottom part of the body, mainly thighs and buttocks.

No matter how many tricks you try and how much weight loss you get, that deposits are dang hard to get rid of.

But you can easily and effectively the cellulite (deposits) by using the coffee grounds powder scrub.

You just have to use it on that particular part of your body and see how the cellulite takes no time to disappear. It is hence of the Surprising Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care.

Scrub Away the Dead Cells

You can use coffee easily to scrub your skin. As discussed earlier the dead skin cells are hidden under the new cells which are necessary for your skin to glow.

For that reason you need to scrub the dead skin away from the top of it. Homemade coffee scrub are really effective as they exfoliate your skin in turn prevents over drying your skin.

All you need is ½ cup coffee, ½ cup brown sugar and some olive oil. Apply this homemade scrub paste on your skin and get rid of all the dead skin cells and other unwanted cells leaving a fresh glow in your skin.

Improves Blood Circulation

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

Coffee massage and usage can also improve the blood circulation in your body. But it can happen so by using it as a way of ice cubes.

It is necessary to make them and store them beforehand so that you can have them any time you like.

Just use an ice tray and mix some water and coffee powder and let it freeze and use them whenever you like directly on your skin in a circular motion and get rid of all the tension.

You will also see nice glow and redness which is because of hydration it causes. It is therefore one of the Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care

Prevents Premature Aging

It is important to have nice, wrinkle free and tight skin order to look and feel good. However without you even noticing the stress and sleepless nights might be taking away all that things from you.

It will result into skin ageing in some time. So to prevent premature aging of your skin, you should make sure to have all the skin glow and youth that you want to retain.

Use coffee face mask mention above and get such benefits. It is therefore one of the Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care.

Exfoliate the Scalp

Along with your skin it is also important to take care of your hair and scalp for an even and flourished look. You wouldn’t want to limit the use of coffee only till skincare.

So you can also use coffee for your hair care routine by applying 1/3rd of ground coffee into your wet scalp.

Then massage the application for around 1 minute and then wash and rinse it off. Wash your hair nicely thereafter with shampoo and conditioner. This is one of the great Surprising Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care.

Darken your Hair

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

If you have chestnut brown hair you can easily darken it by using some coffee. Even if you have colored your hair a dark brown of coffee honey color, than the use of coffee in it will really help you to maintain your hair color for a very long time.

Make one cup of very strong coffee and let it cool down. Once done, pour it over your head and wrap your hair up in a shower cap.

This will help you to get all the benefits of coffee and later just rinse it off with some cool water.

But you should not at all use this method if you have lighter hair. It is hence one of the Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care.

Here were some really surprising but strongly effective Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care.

You may not believe the benefits in one go, but it will occur soon. After that you will be forced to stock double coffee – one for the mornings and the other for flawless skin and shiny hair!