Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India 2022

The Best Ways Of Applying Mascara

We all know that when its the morning after the night before, or when we just need to pop out to the shop – we can’t always be bothered or have time to do a full makeover.

But it is an amazing fact that the application of a little bit of mascara can open up our eyes and make all the difference to our look. And on a night out – gorgeous long and curled lashes can add major glamour to any look.

Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020
Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020

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Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020
Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020

Here are some top tips to make applying mascara just that little bit easier for you and which will give great results.

How to get rid of blobs when applying mascara

  • Use a lash comb – this is not for everyone as it can be a little bit fiddly – but basically you need to apply your mascara as normal using a mascara wand, but apply the mascara to the base of your lashes only – then using a lash comb, comb the mascara through your lashes, eliminating any blobs of mascara along the way.
  • Another way to ensure your mascara doesn’t have blobs is to wipe your loaded mascara wand onto a piece of tissue before starting applying the mascara – emliminating any blobs before application.
  • Keep a clean, washed mascara wand handy. Using another mascara wand apply the mascara as normal, and whilst still wet, brush through with the clean wand, which separates the lashes and gets rid of any excess blobs. Every so often, wash out your clean mascara wand with soap and water or make-up remover.

The best way to apply mascara

  • Use a short, thin wand where possible as this is much more controllable, is less likely to brush mascara onto your eyelid and it’s much easier to get this wand onto the lashes in the corners of your eyes, which are the ones which can accentuate your eyes the most.
  • When you are finishing applying your mascara hold the wand loaded with mascara and “blink” your lashes over the brush, which will load up the ends of your lashes and add length and volume.
  • Lightly powder under your eyes and on your browbone before applying mascara, as oily moisturisers or foundations can smudge your mascara and leave lash marks behind on your skin.
  • Zig-zag the mascara wand when applying to your lashes as this will minimise clumps and blobs and maximise coverage.

How To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Women have been wearing eyeliner or kohl for thousands of years as they have always wanted to enhance what is one of their most beautiful features – their eyes. Knowing the best way to apply eyeliner can turn the ordinary into the beautiful and make eyes appear much larger. Once you know the basics its a very easy beauty regime to follow each day.

Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020
Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020
Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020

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Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020
Top 5 Best Mascara and Eye Liner in India September 2020

For everyday wear:

  • Using a kohl or eyeliner pencil (which need not be black, but dark brown, grey etc) hold your eyelid taught, but not stretching the skin (we all know this is bad!) and apply the eyeliner from the outer corner of your eye to about two thirds of the way along the top eyelid. Keep a light touch for daytime.
  • Eyeliner can be set using eyeshadow (in the same way that powder sets foundation – applying eyeshadow over eyeliner has the same effect). Preferably using a eyeshadow brush rather than one of those spongy little applicators, brush a darker coloured eyeshadow gently over the eyeliner.
  • Finally, using the eyeshadow brush again apply the same shade of eyeshadow along the bottom eyelid beneath the lashes – again starting at the outer corner and working your way in to about half way across. Don’t be too heavy handed here or you could end up with a slightly gothic look – unless that’s your intention.
  • Any mistakes can easily be tidied up using a cotton bud – I always keep a handy pot of these in my bathroom.

For evening wear:

  • For the evening you might want to go for a more sultry and smoky look – here your eyes will be at the centre of the stage, so to speak, so don’t overdo the lippy and blusher or you could end up looking more silly than sultry.
  • Again, as above, line the top lid from outside to in with quite a bold line, and then using one of those handy cotton buds (which you are now keeping at your side in your bathroom cabinet) smudge the line.
  • Then apply to your eyelid a darker coloured eyeshadow using a brush, blending it from a deeper hue near the edge of the lid up to the crease line of your eyelid where the eyeshadow should be faded out.

For a bold and dramatic look:

  • Here forget the eyeliner pencil and opt for the liquid eyeliner – a lot of people are afraid to use this and I have to say that it does take a few practices before perfection is reached with a liquid eyeliner – but the end result is worth it for a special night out.
  • Using your liquid eyeliner and again holding your eyelid taught, start from the middle of your eyelid and sweep a line to the outer corner of your eye – this line should be quite bold.
  • Next starting from the inner corner of your eye (or slightly further out if your eyes are close set) sweep a finer line to meet the first one in the middle of your eyelid.
  • If you find this look too harsh, it can be softened – once dry – by applying some eyeshadow to blend in the line against your eyelid.

How To Keep Your Makeup Fresh For Longer This Summer

While summer is wonderful, one of the most horrible parts of it is melting makeup, smudged eyeliners and sticky lipsticks. However, with some tips and tricks you can keep your makeup looking fresh for longer and can keep your face sweat-proof and shine-free for longer.

  1. The base
  • Prime your skin

Primer can really help keep your makeup on longer and can help in lengthening the wear-time for your makeup. Using a good mattifying primer can also help in controlling oils and since you will add the glow with other products, this can help you get an even complexion.

  • Bronze up.

Bronzer can help your eyes look so much healthier and can help add that sun-kissed look to your skin minus the sun damage to your skin. To keep your face looking natural, add bronzer to the high points of the face, where you receive the most sunlight, the cheekbones, the nose, the chin and the forehead. You can use powder bronzers in varying shades for a more believable look. You can also add a little more on the neck and earlobes if you wear your hair up.

  • Less is more

If you want to ensure that your makeup doesn’t crease or ends up looking caked on, you need to do this step during the summers. Skip the foundation and go for some lighter tinted moisturizers or products that even out the skin. Add some concealer on any problem areas to spot conceal. Keeping it light can prevent it from moving around when it gets hot. Wearing less makeup can help keep it on for longer.

  • Calm down with the shimmer

While you want a dewy soft glow, it is very important to not go overboard with the cream foundations and the dewy primers during this time as they can’t control the shine and makes you look sweaty and shiny. Use the highlighter sparingly, your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, the cupid’s bow. Skip the forehead if it makes you look too shiny.

  • Prime the lids

Use an eye primer to ensure that the eyeshadow goes on smooth and doesn’t crease. It acts as a base to allow the eyeshadow to last longer. You can also layer creams with powders for added staying power. Double up on the liner with a black powder on top of the creamy liner.

  • A dewy blush

Adding some blush on your face is a sure-fire way to look healthy and balanced, however, powder blushes can start looking caked on if you are sweating and can look patchy. A good idea to bypass this situation is to use a cheek stain. Using a gel or a liquid stain in a flattering color can help you rosy up and keep the blush looking perfect for longer. You can also add some cream blush and set it with some invisible and lightweight setting powder.

  1. Lighter lipsticks are your best friend

It is absolutely horrible when you wear a lipstick in summer and it starts to bleed and look like you just ate a popsicle. Stains are the way to go. Stains can be really cool as they are lighter and have sheer coverage that can be added as little or as much as you need. You can also add some lip balms to ensure that the lips don’t get too dry throughout the day.

  1. Blot away that oil

One of the best products that you can use for your skin to ensure that you look amazing in your photos is blotting papers. These can really help in ensuring that the sweat and oil from the day is absorbed without having to add a ton of product on the face. You can also add a little bit of translucent powder to help in controlling the shine.

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