Top 3 Best Solar Energy Panels in India 2022

Home Solar Energy Panel

A lot of people want to set up home solar Energy panels, but don’t know what the best way to do this is. There are a few ways to set up solar panels for your solar power homes, and these are good for different applications.

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There are a few ways you can then use these Solar Energy panels. You can mount them on a portable board, and use this to power individual appliances (eg. Lights, laptop, camping).

It’s really useful to have a portable solar system, as you can mount it in places such as in the garden, so you don’t have to pay extra to get electricity there.

Another way is to use your Solar Energy Panels as a grid tied solar power system. This means that your solar panels are connected to electricity grid, which is where you get the electricity from the electricity company.

The great thing about this is that if you make more power then you use, the power company will pay you for the energy you put back into the electricity grid.

The last way to set up home solar energy panels is a completely off grid solar power system.

This is good if you live in an area without electricity connection (or you just don’t want to be connected and pay the power company at all – I know how that feels).

It is also good for powering a specific thing. So you can choose a specific application, eg. Solar lighting, solar heating etc., and you can connect your solar panels just to be used for those applications.

This can still save you heaps of money, and you know exactly what you’re saving on.

The way you set up your home solar energy panel is specific to your needs and how you want to use the solar power system you set up for your home.

There are people not paying any money for their electricity, using either solar power homes or wind power homes.

And then there are people who make money from electricity, and they are using both.

Using solar power on your home you can reduce your power bill by 80% or have no power bill at all. If your solar power home creates more energy then you use, then the electricity company will pay you.

A common myth is that getting solar energy panels for your home costs too much to install, and they won’t pay for themselves in savings.

This is simply not true. You can build your own professional system for only a few hundred dollars, and this can then save you thousands of dollars in electricity bills.

You can have a solar power home even if you don’t live in a sunny place. Even in England (which is not very sunny) a solar panel system will generate around 1800kWh per year (the average home uses about 4000kWh).

This is still 45% of your electricity bill, which is massive savings, and this is in a not sunny location. Imagine the savings when there is sun.

The other great thing about solar energy panels is that once you have a system set up, it is virtually maintenance free.

They pretty much look after themselves, so you have no ongoing costs after you have set your system up.

So you can see there are quite a few reasons to set up your home using renewable resource, and my focus tends to be on Solar Power Homes, because they are easier to set up and require less space (though I have a wind generator as well).

One guide that I think everyone setting up a solar powered home must have, is the earth4Energy guide.

It is excellent in explaining how to set up a solar power home, giving step by step instructions on the best parts, and how to build and set everything up.

It covers everything you need to get set up (providing detailed illustrated instructions), how to save money on parts, and also covers wind power if you want to set that up too.

I think this is an absolute must for someone who is going to set up solar power in their home. With the savings solar power homes provide, can you afford not to go solar?

I know little on solar power for the home. I understand that it is possible to convert power to chemical form then use it as electricity.

My question is, what elements are involved and how is the sizing being done?
I need the power design to power lights (say 10), TV and radio.

First of all, the conversion is chemical to electricity, as in the chemistry of a car battery which provides an output voltage.

To meet your needs, you need to figure how much useful sunlight you will have per day. Such sources as the Weather Channel, or National Climatology office can supply that to you. You need to determine the total load.

Just add everything up, and that is the load you need to have sufficient energy to provide power for. If this works out to be, let’s say 200 watts, then you need at least a 200 watt solar panel,

Provided that you have enough sunlight from the time that you get up in the morning, until you go to bed at night.

Count on it, you won’t have enough sunlight for your needs, unless you live up in Alaska.

Even then, there is part of the year where there will not be enough light at any time of the day.

What you need, for full 24 hour coverage is a battery bank, and unless everything will run on 12 or 24 volts, then you need 1 or more inverters. With inverters, you lose 10% in conversion loss from DC to AC.

Batteries should be RV, Trolling motor, or best yet, electric fork lift batteries, or the reasonable equivalent of such as these.

I would recommend at least double to quadruple the total energy need for the solar energy panels, and to multiply the battery capacity by the total load supply that you have figured out, for at least a 24 hour run time.

All of that, then multiplied by 90% to know how long the system will provide power, IF you use any DC to AC inverters.

Within reason, the larger the battery bank, the better. Do NOT use regular car batteries, they will not last as long as you need them to last, unless you understand the difference between cranking amps, and reserve amps.

Another point is that auto batteries are simply not designed for this kind of service.

Home Solar Energy Panel and Solar Panel Paint

I came across this fascinating article about a team in the UK that have developed the world’s first Solar Panel Paint.

Now this struck me as great – How easy would it be to just paint our house using this stuff rather than having to deal with installing solar panels.

Unfortunately though, this paint is still not very efficient, and only converts about 5% of the solar energy into electricity.

Although this may not seem like very much, if you put it on a large surface it would provide quite a lot of electricity. This may not be efficient enough for your house, but it is a good solution for lets say a warehouse to get solar power easily.

Enough solar panels for the roof of a whole warehouse would probably cost too much, so this would probably be a better solution.

So this may not be the ultimate solution to replace home solar panels, but it’s still pretty cool.

I love reading about this new solar power paint, because it makes me realise that it’s only a matter of time before Solar Power is everywhere.

Do Solar Panels Cost too much?

Solar Panels Cost are not as high as most people think. It is a common misconception that solar panels are really expensive.

The thing is most people buy their solar panels through the people that install them on their house.

These installation people charge a lot of money to install them, and on top of that can make profit on the solar panels themselves – which is what leads people to think that solar panels cost so much.

In reality, you can get some really good solar panels for only a few hundred dollars.

This may seem like a lot, but if you then take into account the thousands of dollars you will save on electricity bills, the solar panels don’t really cost that much.

This is really without any bargain hunting, if you look around, you can get them even cheaper.

If you’re really handy, you can even buy the solar cells and make the panel yourself to save even more money (but this is a lot more work).

I won’t go into too much detail, as my main focus is getting solar power homes set up easily, particularly at a reasonable price – and this means buying the solar panels.

Also buying your own solar panels means you can be very flexible in the way you set them up.

You can set them up on your house, for example on your roof, or you can make a portable system for use in the garden etc.

Ok back to Solar Panels Cost. The purpose of this post is to make sure you have a bit of caution.

Setting up Solar Power Homes and buying solar panels really doesn’t have to cost too much, and buying cheap is ok.

Even this small investment can still SAVE YOU heaps on power.

Pond Pumps and Solar Power

Although there are different types of pond pumps, those that use solar power are becoming more and more popular.

Because pond pumps do not use a lot of energy, people have been finding that solar pond pumps are able to get the job done that needs to be done.

It is important for people to understand the essential functions of these kinds of pumps.

If you have pond pumps that run on a normal power supply, you may be surprised to find that the transition to using solar energy may not be so difficult.

Almost all pond pumps that operate with AC power can be modified to use DC (solar) power. Those who want to make this switch, however, must ensure that everything aligns when it comes to pump capacity and voltage.

Another aspect of deciding between electrical pond pumps and solar pond pumps is gaging how much maintenance will be required to keep the pump running.

Sometimes when solar pond pumps are not maintained properly, its effectiveness can decrease rather drastically. Usually this change in effectiveness can be easily remedied.

Often the only maintenance required to fix pond pumps that are experiencing difficulties is the occasional removal of debris that could be blocking the flow of water throughout the pipes.

Of course, there is sometimes other maintenance required to fix any problem that the pond pumps owners may be having. If there are other types of maintenance that need to be performed, perhaps it is best to:

Read the manufacturer’s instructions – Often there are certain problems that may occur with certain types of pumps.

Usually the pump makers know what kinds of problems arise most often. They include troubleshooting information in the owner’s guide to help people solve these problems.

Check for damage – If you have done the initial checks on making sure there is nothing blocking the flow of the water, the problem might be an electrical one.

When checking electrical cable for signs of damage, remember to turn off the pump’s power supply.

Check the hoses – If there is no damage to the electrical cords, there is a strong chance that there might be damage to the hose itself.

When checking for damage, look to make sure that there is nothing that might be pinching the hose as to obstruct the flow of water through it.

Care in the winter – One of the maintenance aspects that some people forget about is the fact that they need to be maintained in the winter as well.

Because each pump manufacturer may specify different ways to care for the hoses in the winter, it may be best to check with the instructions that come with them.

But for general guidance, these units should not be left out in the snow and cold weather for the winter. This could cause parts to freeze and be damaged.

Inexpensive DIY Solar Power

Inexpensive DIY solar power is easy to achieve for your home if you have the right knowledge and tools to get the project done.

The easiest way to install a solar power system is to purchase a solar power kit that includes all of the materials that you need to complete a full system.

The prices on DIY solar power kits are dropping as the technology gets better and better, a solar power kit is actually much more affordable today than it was ten years ago.

There are many advantages to using an inexpensive DIY solar power kit, including: using the renewable energy from the sun will slow down the consumption of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

We all know that there are a limited supply of these fossil fuels, and so we should do everything that we can to conserve them.

Another advantage to solar power is that it is very environmentally friendly. Solar power energy does not cause any type of pollution or garbage in the air.

This is a very important advantage because there is so much pollution that is caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

There are few things to consider before purchasing the supplies that are needed to build an inexpensive DIY solar power kit.

First of all, you should analyze the area that you have to work with, make sure that there is a good location where you can put the panels.

You will need an area that has direct contact with the sun, make sure that there are no trees or buildings that shade the area.

Also, think about the amount of power that you will need for your home. Look at how many major appliances will be powered by the solar energy, and how often they are used.

Make sure that you have enough solar panels to meet the needs of your home.

Purchasing an inexpensive DIY solar power kit is a little bit of an investment in the beginning, but once it is up and running it will save you a lot of money.

Your monthly utility bills will be drastically reduced, and the solar panels require little maintenance and upkeep which will also help you save money.


DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER Cheap Solar Power

See this solar panel system with lights. Inexpensive, easy to install, reduce your power bill. Cheap Solar Power. Cheap Home System.

Building With Solar and Wind Power

We have seen many buildings that utilize photovoltaic cells as walls, window covers and roofing, but integrating a wind-powered turbine into the building design is yet to come out from the drawing board.

A building shaped like two triangles, with pointed edges facing each other, is an ideal setup to integrate both solar and wind as energy sources.

Why would this design be ideal? Conceptually, a wind turbine placed in the middle of the intersection,

Between the pointed edges made by the two triangles, would work much more efficiently than a conventional windmill.

A conventional style windmill or wind turbine needs to turn around to adapt to varying wind direction.

With this type of set-up, the building’s aerodynamic design would allow the wind to be concentrated in just one focal point, and that is where the two triangular shaped structure’s edge would meet.

The force of air is gathered on either sides of the building and collected to form a concentrated force to turn the windmill’s spinning blade as the winds aerodynamic force approaches the center of the building.

Depending on the height of the building, the number of wind blades that could be installed will correspondingly increase.

The wind blades could then be enclosed in a grilled set-up to prevent birds from getting chopped by the blade, and also avoiding possible accident in case the blades are accidentally dismantled from the windmill.

A solar heating panel is interspersed between arrays of photovoltaic cells so that it could effectively provide heating to all corners of the building.

The insulation pipes and ducts of the heating system can be minimized, and thus, save more on building construction cost while building a built-in alternative electrical power.

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