Top 3 Best Immunity Boosters in India 2022

A person must take care of his immunity in a timely manner, so that in the future he takes care of it. So here are the 3 best Immunity Boosters:

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The Role of Immunity in Human Life

The role of immunity in human life performs the main task, because strong immunity- the key to health and longevity. Immunity is the most important function of the body, which is provided by the interaction of immune cells with intestinal endotoxin with the participation of the central nervous and endocrine systems. Excessive activation of immunity (usually endotoxin) causes the development of allergies (urticaria, dermatitis, bronchial asthma, Quincke edema, etc.), autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, i.e. is the cause of all, including atherosclerotic nature, diseases (with the exception of parasitic and especially dangerous infections). Hyperactivation of the immune system is always followed by a depletion of the immune system, i.e. secondary immunodeficiency develops, which translates acute inflammation into chronic with periods of exacerbations and damage is caused to the immune system. in other words, all is well, in moderation ….

Activity should always be sufficient, but not excessive. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of medical practitioners do not know this recently postulated and very simple truth, which leads to the unjustified use of immunostimulants or immunosuppressants, leads to the development of iatrogenic diseases and, ultimately, disability of patients. Vivid examples of this are patients with bronchial asthma, who, instead of pathogenetic therapy, receive only symptomatic treatment aimed at stopping bronchial obstruction, and children with Reiter’s syndrome, who are prescribed cytostatics according to WHO recommendations!

Immunity Booster for Kids

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In order to avoid such systemic errors that are present in the WHO recommended treatment regimens for almost all diseases, you need to know that adaptive immunity works indiscriminately against both foreign (even synthetic) and its antigens, and its level of activity is determined by intestinal endotoxin , an excess of which in the general bloodstream may be the only cause of the development of a wide variety of diseases, including oncological. – Endotoxin aggression induces an adaptive factor to work against its Owner, more often selectively, against one or another organ, which is determined by a constitutional and / or acquired predisposition to a particular disease.

The most common causes of the development of endotoxin aggression, and hence the auto-aggressive mode of the body’s defense system, are chronic stress (psycho-emotional or physical overstrain, depression), heavy fatty foods and excessive alcohol consumption, impaired bile and urinary function, and an adynamic lifestyle.
The SOIS technology developed by Russian scientists of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences already allows normalizing the working regime of the body’s defenses, preserving health, strengthening immunity, and prolonging a joyful able-bodied period of life.

Immunity: our friend and our enemy all rolled into one
Until recently, it was believed that immunity plays an extremely positive role: it protects us from bacteria, viruses and mutating cancer cells. This opinion is very widespread among both doctors and ordinary people, and to the present, because only a few are aware of the “endotoxin theory of the physiology of human pathology” and the principles of regulation of the activity of the immune system by intestinal endotoxin. In order to understand this mechanism, it is necessary to recall how the human immune system works.
Innate immunity is ensured by the work of only a few hundred genes and a dozen receptors for the most common (evolutionarily old) antigens of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites. This is enough to protect against an infectious onset. Another, no less important, function of innate immunity is its ability to control the activity of adaptive immunity, which is carried out by the interaction of a receptor called TLR4 with endotoxin.
Adaptive immunity complements the anti-infective function of the congenital, but its main task is “cell surveillance”, i.e. recognition of mutated (cancerous) cells. This is ensured by the stochastic principle of operation, i.e. produces a very wide range (indiscriminately) of receptors capable of labeling (for subsequent destruction) all antigens, including own, and even synthetic. The number of these receptors is astronomical (10 to 14-16 degrees).
Excessive activity of innate immunity, induced, most often by an excess of intestinal endotoxin (endotoxin aggression), causes a hyperergic variant of the adaptive and, as a result, the development of autoimmune and allergic diseases. Moreover, endotoxin aggression, the most common cause of which is depression and other types of chronic stress, may be the only cause of the induction of any inflammatory disease.
Thus, immunity is our Friend and our Enemy in one person ….

Immunity News

At the end of last year, for the discovery (in 1997) of the most important innate immunity receptor (TLR4), the Nobel Committee awarded its prize to two scientists – Butler and Hoffman. Using this receptor, endotoxin regulates the activity of the immune system.

Thus, studies of these brilliant genetic scientists confirmed the validity of the endotoxin theory of physiology and human pathology, which was formulated by Professor Yakovlev back in 1988 and is based on two discoveries made by domestic scientists:

  • intestinal endotoxin is always present in the general bloodstream of healthy people and is an obligate (mandatory) immunity factor. This biological phenomenon is called “systemic endotoxinemia.”
  • an excess of intestinal endotoxin, called “endotoxin aggression”, is a pre-disease or a universal pathogenesis factor for diseases of humans and animals, which is transformed into one or another nosological form due to a genetic and / or acquired predisposition to a particular disease.

The use of this theory, recognized in 1995 by the Session of the RAMS as the most important achievement of medical science, in practical public health (since 1990) has made it possible to achieve significant success in the field of early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of major human diseases.

How Immune Stytem Works

Your immune system is a powerful, miraculous and complicated network of cells and bio-chemicals that act as a defense system for our bodies, however, all does not always go well.

Chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies, trauma, chronic infections and exposure to toxins can all suppress our NK (natural killer) cells leaving us vulnerable to infection, cancer and a host of other immune system related diseases.

The immune systems job is to seek-and-destroy all foreign invaders. If your immune system is weakened, it won’t be able to fend off the destructive effects of invasive viruses, organisms or poisons.

If your immune system is overworking, it can result in auto immune disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, ulcerative colitis, allergies, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s disease Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus.

Autoimmune illnesses result when the immune system reacts to normal components of the body as if they were foreign substances and produces antibodies against them.

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