Top 3 Best Gaming Laptop in India 2022

A wonderful gaming experience with laptops and accessories perfected in performance

Searching online you will find a range of laptops with accessories to give you a unique experience in gaming. Perfected in performance and design, these laptops are among he best in the market and are the ultimate ones to help you unleash your dominance in gaming.

These are the best gaming laptops that come with premium quality accessories that make the laptop a complete one with the right peripherals that you will need to have that unique experience.

Breakthrough technology and design make these powerful and sleek gaming rigs the ultimate ones, adding a new dimension to your gaming experience. You can opt for the Asus EOG GX series e ones from Acer or from the laptops from the HP series, which are designed to provide you with a better graphics performance and does not compromise on power.

There are the gaming laptops that belong to different categories that can satisfy your gaming needs at frame rates that are stable and rated according to awards and reviews received.

The gaming laptops that come from Asus are incorporated with features like 16 GB RAM, quiet and innovative cooling, 512 GB storage and wide view anti glare panel that provides you a feast to your eyes. The Razer Blade Mac Book with intel core 2.6 GHZ CPU, 14 inch full HD screen and long battery life is yet another gaming laptop that has 4K display option.

To add to the list of the top 10 laptops which come with accessories for gaming, is the Alienware gaming laptop with OLED touch screen, 180 to 512 GB storage and 8 to 16 GB RAM and designed to have an unmatched beauty, making it one of the most wanted laptops for gaming.

Coming to accessories for gaming laptops, you will find those which will help you to have a dream setup, perfect for your gaming needs.

These premium quality accessories include the X Box controllers from Microsoft, USB Death Stalker Razer USB gaming keyboard, professional and large 9HD Steel Series gaming mouse pad and 27 inch LED lit monitor from Asus to give you the best combination when searching for a never before gaming experience.

Best Gaming Laptop

Let’s Find The Best Gaming Laptop Together

I’ve been a mad gamer since the first time I laid eyes on a computer, so I think I can give you some advice in this matter.

Of course, when I started out, there were no such things as laptops, not even the guys from Star Trek anticipated them (and that’s almost weird, seeing how many inventions appeared thanks to this epic TV series).

I started out on a good old Commodore 64, and I spent hours and hours on it playing all games I could get my hands on. Games like RoboCop, Elite, Dizzy,GTA, Seymour at the Movies and others sometimes kept me up way past my bed time.

Back then, even in our wildest dreams we couldn’t have imagined computers would become so fast, and games would become so damn cool in just 20 years, Mass Effect, Far Cry, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Halo, Half Life, Call of Duty…

They (and many others) are so good and we enjoy them so much that nobody was surprised when the gaming industry surpassed the movie industry a few years ago.

But if you are a gamer, you need some computing power if you want to play the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

This means you want to use high graphic modes and you don’t want the game to look like a photo slide show when you play it. Also, you probably want to get rid of the annoying “alt tabbing” time intervals when you have to wait and wait some more until the CPU decides to let you use the other applications.

Why a laptop and not a desktop? The answer is easy: these days the difference of power between gaming laptops and normal desktops is getting smaller and smaller.

And these potent portables are just what you need if you travel, or you would like to change the scenery and game or work from a local coffee bar or something. You take your laptop wherever you go – that’s why it’s better than a desktop.

This is probably why you came here, and I hope together we’ll find you the best gaming laptop for you. Now…

What You Want To Pay Attention To When Buying A Gaming Laptop:

Processor speed: the faster it is, the better your game will run. For now, high quality gaming laptops use dual core processors, but they are slowly introducing quad core power to the market, which is even better.

RAM: the Random Access Memory capacity is of the utmost importance. Beware that if you don’t have DDR, you are probably looking at a soon-to-be ancient laptop

Powerful graphic boards: they can dramatically influence the feel of the game, because playing a game with the lowest graphics settings is just not the same as playing it with maxed settings.

Actually, the difference is sometimes so great that you feel you are playing different games altogether. Radeon and GeForce are the most important names here.

Screen size: of course, the larger the screen is, the better the scenes when you chop off the limbs of those dead space zombies.

But the size of the display is not a rule: if you travel a lot it can get difficult to carry along a monster laptop with a 20” screen. The best screen size is, in my opinion, the 17”. Not too big, not too small.

These are the four main things to look for. There are other ones, of course, but they are less important.

I’ll mention them anyway: you want a good hard drive, and “good” means it can do more than 7000 rpm (rotations per minute) and it’s larger than 1 TB. The more free space you have on your hard drive, the better the games run.

Also, keep in mind that the longer the warranty, the better the laptop. Stuff that breaks down quickly will have a shorter warranty period.

Now let me break it to you…

There Is No Such Thing As The Absolute Best Gaming Laptop!

…because it depends on what your interest is. Some people are only interested in performance, others look for the cheapest gaming laptops, and others are interested in the best quality/cost ratio. I have made a careful analysis of each category, and I bet you’ll love the results.

Things to Avoid when Buying Cheap Laptops

We all love finding a great bargain, but with cheap laptops its quite tricky to make sure you are getting value for your money.

There are a number of things manufactures will do to try and keep their costs down which ultimately mean that you will get an inferior laptop. The following are their tricks revealed so you dont fall for their trap.

One of the most common tricks the manufacturers pull is to sell you old technology. As technology advances so quickly manufactures are often left with large stocks of old technology when new hardware is released.

To prevent wastage, they will package this last generation hardware into their cheap line offering.

The problem is that they don’t price this old hardware low enough so you may think you are saving 20 or 30 pounds but in reality you are buying inferior hardware which have you known about you would have never bought.

Finding out if a prospective laptop has old technology will require a bit of investigation.

The easiest method is to look at the detailed specification and identify what chip set the laptop is using as any new generation of hardware will use a new chip set.

Slow hard drives are another technique that is used incredibly often. While they may boast high capacities of hard drive such as 1 TB or even 2 of more Terabytes, these hard drives may be operating at 5200rpm or lower.

Try and look for 7200rpm hard drives as this will greatly help loading time of windows and programs as well as allow you to transfer data and install programs faster.

This results in spending less time waiting for your laptop to process data, something that many of us find rather frustrating.

The standard warranty for a laptop is 1 year which is a legal requirement. However there are different types or warranties and with varying durations.

The cheapest laptops will have the basic 1 year with what is called a return to base (RTB) warranty. This type of warranty makes you responsible for sending the laptop back to the manufacturer for repairs should it need it.

This includes postage costs and sending a laptop may cost you anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds if you include insurance. Some manufactures will demand you send the laptop back to them to another country making the postage cost even more pricy.

You can check where you might need to send your laptop for repairs on the manufacturers website before you buy it.

If offered, buy a laptop with a on site warranty as this means that that will repair or replace the laptop at your home without requiring you to post the laptop anywhere.

As you can see there are quite a few pitfalls to look out for some of which can be quite technical.

If you dont have the time or patience to investigate these points yourself you can rest assured that we do all the checks for you when we are researching our laptop recommendations.

What Is The Best Laptop Memory (RAM)

The tricky thing about memory is that if you do not have enough in your laptop your notebook will seem very sluggish and slow, however once you do have enough RAM then adding more will have no effect on performance what so ever.

Most laptop manufacturers boast about their laptops having 4GBs or more of ram but in truth you will struggle to find a laptop user that uses more than 2GBs.

As a result the additional 2GBs that they have paid for never get used. Therefore as a general rule when buying a new laptop is to aim for one that has 2GBs. If it has more then fine, but do not spend extra money to upgrade the memory.

The exception to this rule would be for laptop gamers as games tend to use vast amount of RAM.

That does not mean that 2GBs wont be plenty, but for added peace of mind and to play the latest games on their highest settings go for 4GBs.

Most users will not need to pay much attention to the speed of the memory which is measured in MHz i.e.

800MHz. Gamers however should aim for 800MHz RAM or faster to get that little performance boost in games keeping in mind that the performance gain will be little, around 2-3% increase in overall computer speed.

Some readers ask if 1GB is enough memory and the simple answer is usually yes.

Office or internet laptops that are used for office applications, surfing the internet and email will not require more than 1GB of RAM.

However, if you are one of those users that has a lot of programs running at the same time, you might want to consider 2GBs.

The great thing about laptop RAM is that it is the single easiest component to upgrade or replace leaving you the option of upgrading it in the future when buying more RAM is always cheaper.

What Is The Best Laptop Processor

By far the most frequently asked question by our readers is which is the best laptop processor. T

he answer depends on a variety of factors mainly what you wish to use your laptop for.

These days there are only two major processor manufacturers: AMD and Intel. Both make good processors and there is usually little to choose between the two brands in terms of performance so do not get caught up on choosing between the two brands.

Instead, you will need to compare performance levels of individual processors to determine which is the most powerful.

This can be done fairly easily by searching for processor benchmarks and reviews showing you performance results in nice little charts

Best Gaming Laptop By Performance:

ASUS ROG G703GI-E5148T 17.3-inch FHD 144Hz/3ms Gaming Laptop (8th Gen Intel Core i9-8950HK/64GB/2TB SSHD + 1.5TB NVMe SSD/Windows 10/GTX 1080 8GB Graphics/4.70 Kg), Aluminum

best Gaming laptop
Top 3 Best Gaming Laptop in India June 2020

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The Origin EON17-S Custom Gaming Laptop

If you desire state of the art performance, there is one laptop that can surely be a perfect choice. 

The Origin EON17-S EON17-SCustom Gaming Laptop is the best available on the market today. Its processor can surpass the boundaries of a regular laptop and reach a staggering 4.8 GHz.

And if you think that is all, this laptop has 8 GB of SDRAM memory and a huge 1 TB hard-drive (7200 rpm), making it ideal to play even the games that will come out in the future two to four years.

Do to the fact that over-clocking the CPU of a laptop is quite rare, the EON17-S is quite expensive but if performance is what you need, there is no better alternative for a gaming laptop.

HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion If  looking for a good low-cost laptop, the HP Pavilion is considered to be a great deal for its cost . 

With its i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 1 TB hard drive (going at a surprising 7200 rpm), it is better than most products from the same price range.

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This particular model is in the front of the list for recommended ultra-portable laptops, and its overall performance is certainly the reason for it.

Even is usually considered a portable (even business) model, the truth is that it can sustain a lot of your favorite games at low or even medium settings but, without any doubt, it remains a budget laptop, even if its technical specifications surpass most of its competitors.

HP Spectre  13

For those who like a little more insight and search for real deals in the field of laptop acquisition, the HP Spectre 13 is a HP Spectre 13model that offers the same quality as its market competitors which is quite a deal for its 13.3 inch screen, 3.3 pound weight and some high-tech technical specifications (i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, a 500 GB hard drive and long lasting battery life).

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Other perks include Bluetooth connectivity and one USB 3.0 port (it also has two other USB 2.0 ports) and one of the smallest annual consumption costs. It can be used for anything from gaming to audio processing and is also a favorite for business use due to its design.

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That’s About It

I hope this review is going to be useful for you, my gaming friends, and I trust you’ll choose the best gaming laptop.

In closing, I would like to give you some tips on how to make your battery last longer, because I know very well that when you play a game the battery is consumed way more quickly than with other applications.

reduce your screen’s brightness and contrast: if you didn’t know already, the brighter the screen is, the more power your laptop gobbles up

use power saving mode whenever you are not using your laptop, even if it’s for 5 minutes

if the games you are playing are not very demanding, use your on-board video card instead of your state of the art Radeon or Nvidia or what have you. It saves a lot of power.

Limit the use external memory sticks or any “external stuff”, because they need power to work, and that power comes from your laptop’s battery

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