Top 3 Best Electric Bikes in India 2022

Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

Electric bikes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and have been a very useful driver in economic growth in the bicycle sector, but in real sense what is an electric bike?

electric bike can simply be said to be a motor assist ride. In most cases, these electric bikes are arrived at by combining a conventional bike with a motor and a battery.

And this helps to take out some of the efforts normally used in pedaling. Not only this, but everything you need to know about electric bikes is right here and don’t blame us if you are tempted to buy one because it is just so cool.

Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

But we cannot rule out that there are no other funny and weird inventions out there on the market for those who are looking for an electric bike because of maybe some specific style of riding.

The electric bikes that come with electric assist motors have enabled the market to come up with new engineering and technology impulses. Many industry insiders believe that the sales of electric bikes are likely to remain high.

Even in the cases where weather conditions are unfavorable. Therefore, it is of no surprise that electric bike manufacturers and component suppliers have invested a lot of energy so as to produce more innovative and advanced bikes.

An example of where these new technology has been used is in the production of sporty electric bike models, the overall sales of these sporty electric bike has grown tremendously over the last three years.

Things to consider before choosing an electric bike

Testing the Ride Before You Buy
Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes
Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes
One of the best ways on how you can be able to choose a good electric bike is to first take it for a road-test. Large cities have electric bike stores and you can rent one for a road test for some little cash. This is worthy it before finally settling on one.

You need to understand the Weight and Placement of the Motor

The weight of the electric bike plays a major role. Whether the electric bike will be able to fit into your life or not. Heavy bikes are a times a nuisance as they can be hard to lift and can hurt more if they fall on you or a child or a friend.

This becomes a reality if your happen to get a flat tire or if your battery runs out of charge. Some electric bikes can be too heavy to even put on your traditional racks like the ones on the front of buses and can also be much heavier for the mounted rack on your car’s roof-top.

Therefore, you need to consider the issue of weight before you settles on the electric bike of your choice.

Considering Your Weight and the Bike’s Power
Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes
Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

Another thing you need to consider is your own weight. If you’re a heavier rider, then you need to buy an electric bike with a higher voltage battery and a higher Watt motor.

The two measures are the ones that determine how powerful the motor will be and the amount of energy that will go into driving the motors strength.

Thus, to buy the best electric bike that will suit you best, you need first to assess your own weight and the power of the bike.


Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

This is another big consideration to put in mind when buying an electric bike, the way you intend to store and maintain. You shouldn’t forget these two factors whenever you want to buy an electric bike.

You will always need to park you bike in safe places and keep it inside. And in case you do so, you’ll be better with a fancier computing system, in-built lights, bells and whistles.

If you are planning on leaving your bike out in the rain, then it is likely that it will be prone to vandalism and theft, and generally; it wear and tear much earlier.


Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

The last thing you need to consider is your own lifestyle. Do you want a bike which will still leave you dry at the end of the day?

Do you want to avoid noise and rattling? After answering these questions, then you can go ahead and buy an electric bike of your choice.

You can choose to buy an electric bike that uses a hub motor since it will make your bike balanced and more durable. The computer system and the motor placement will help in keeping away unwanted attention.

All You Need To Know About electric bikes:

Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

And being eager to also experience on what it means to ride an electric bike, and having put in mind all the consideration above, I finally settled on Dyu Smart Bike D1 as my choice since it had all the factors stated above.

I took this Dyu Smart Bike D1 for a road test and it surely didn’t disappoint. This bike is one of the latest introductions into the market by the F-Wheel Modern Technology Company, a company known best at producing high advanced vehicles.

This high innovatively design and precision-engineer bike was recently unveil in Hong Kong. The bike is very stylish, has front & back light and comes with a constant speed cruising function.

It’s very light-weight and a good commuting tool. Riding on this Dyu bike symbolizes a relaxed, rich and good life.

Just like other electric bikes, Dyu Smart Bike D1 has very great features. One of such features is that it very light and can be lifted up by just one hand (it’s around 12kgs),

And has a maximum filling capacity of up to 120 kilograms. This is a feature that is common with most electric bikes. They are very portable and hence very convenient.

I also realized that this Dyu Smart bike D1 has a very comfortable handle that has an arc design. This is the same with other innovatively designed electric bikes.

Its handle is comfortably design to give you easier time when carrying it around, and there is no need of rotating the handle bar as this bike works at a constant speed. Thus your hand will be safe from scratches or any other type of harm.

Know these things about electric bikes:

Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

Just like other electric bikes, this bike is small, around 1 meter, hence very space effective. Its developer’s say that it is a 12-inch bike and is also collapsible, this would enable its users to keep the bike in a cramped form in parking lots.

Its makers also used aviation grade aluminum alloy to make this product. This bike has a 36V 350 watt motor and is powered by a 4.4. Ah G lithium battery.

Its maximum riding rate approximates to about 20km per hour. This bike can go up to a range of 50km at a speed of 34km per hour.

The bike has been made with IP54 waterproof material hence it can be used in all kind of weather conditions and has a damping tire that is suitable for all kinds of roads.

Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

The makers of this bike have also fitted it with front sensor light as well as also the rear light. However, this bike’s back disc brakes the only set of brakes in this lightweight electric bike.

Though its manufacturers have stated that they are planning on adding more brakes to their future products. Another feature that I found interesting is the smart BMS feature.

This feature comes in any type of an app and offers an automatic cruise. Like other electric bikes, this bike has opened a new avenue.

In terms of energy saving when it comes to city commuting. Apart from having very excellent features, this bike is also ideal for entertainment bikers. This is without forgetting bicycle riders who are only interested in making a trip to some non-urban routes.

Why it is a good thing to own an electric bike?

There are various reasons as to why one may want pedaling assistance in his life.

Maybe, you would like to travel with a lot of cargo. And you feel that the added power will not have energy difference if you’re to use a car or if you just decide to spin using your two legs.

Then in such a case, if you own an electric bike, it can be of help in such a situation.

Everything You Need To Know About electric bikes

Another thing is maybe you want to begin commuting to your place of work. And the chances are you try to look for the best method.

When I say the “best method”, I simply mean the one which is not expensive. Also, is more convenient and is also safe. In such a case, an electric bike will be most effective.

When there is a traffic snarl up, you can maneuver through it and reach your place of work on time. You won’t be in a sweaty state, unlike people who would have opted to use their cars have had to content with large traffic build ups.

How it has changed the daily lives of people in big and small cities?

Another situation is whereby you may be recovering from an illness or injury. In this case, a boost of motor can help you to get out there.

Or it can simply mean that you are not as young as you were once before. In either of the ways, there are a lot of good reasons of your prefer choice in the electric bike industry.

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And therefore, there are big chances that you’ll be able to find an option which will best suit your desires.

And generally, you’ll just love riding a bike which has been amplified with a motor, this can essentially recreate that single moment in your life as a kid when you got to ride your first ever two-wheeler.

When I rode Dyu Smart Bike D1, it was really simple to be easily carried away with the assist of the electric motor; therefore, I just got myself checking the speed as I sped through the traffic. It was a great experience!

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