Top 3 Best Coffee Machine in India 2022

Best Selling Coffee Machine

Nespresso Espresso Machine

First thing you have to understand is that Nespresso espresso machines takes the learning curve away in the art of coffee making. So, if you have some level of barista experience or appreciate the grind-and-brew experience, this may not be for you.

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However, if you’re a newbie at coffee making at home and like your coffee fast and taste the same ALL the time,

or if you need that speedy shot of espresso in the middle of work and can’t be bothered to clean up anything afterward,

Nespresso espresso machines are your best choice. The makers of these espresso machines designed them so that making a satisfying cup of joe every morning is as easy as possible with minimal cleaning up.

If you don’t have the time in the morning but need that caffeine jolt, get one of the many Nespresso coffee machines. Start up and brewing time is great for people on the go.

You don’t have to grind any coffee beans, set water temperature or do any cleaning as the Nespresso espresso maker will do everything for you!

The only thing you need to do is fill the water reservoir, pop in the Nespresso capsule, place a cup or mug and press the start button. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll get a great steaming cup of coffee!

If you don’t have much space on your kitchen top, this compact Nespresso espresso maker will be the one for you as it only takes about one sq. ft. of space.

Plus, it would fit in great with any interior look because even though it has a modern design, this Nespresso espresso machine has a retro aesthetic to it.

On top of that, you can pick which color you fancy most: steel gray, 60’s white or fire engine red.

With two default settings, you can get a straight espresso of up to 40ml or a 110ml lungo coffee that is comparable to (or dare I say, even better than) Starbucks in no time with this espresso machine.

The simple system of water perforating the capsules and soaking all the coffee grind to extract the best coffee flavor within seconds gives you good coffee on the go.

The first time I tasted an espresso made from Nespresso pods, all my doubts cleared away.

They can make good espresso, even if in pods, and there are many flavors to choose from, so anyone can find their favorite taste.

This modern looking Nespresso espresso maker allows you to brew outstanding espresso every morning without much effort – it even auto-ejects the capsule after it has finish brewing you the perfect cup of espresso.

The 19-bar pump extracts all the taste and aroma from the grounded coffee beans in the Nespresso capsules with high pressure that develops into a smooth crema in the coffee cup.

You will never have to go through the trouble and confusion of grinding the beans and setting the espresso machine ever again with this modern beauty!

Breville Espresso Machine

If I had to use one word to describe all Breville espresso machines, I’d say “classy”.

Whether they are stainless steel or die cast, commercial or home espresso makers, these machines give the impression that their owners are people of style.

But that is only one of the reasons why Breville espresso machines are popular with the coffee enthusiasts. The elegant metal exterior also denotes durability over the other espresso machines that have plastic housings.

A Breville espresso maker may not be the best choice for newbies in espresso making due to its learning curve, but those that I have reviewed here do make a great cup of espresso after you get familiar with them.

If you’re one for stainless steel appliances, this Breville 800ESXL will make your kitchen look all the more professional and elegant than it already is.

This Breville espresso maker is not all looks either, it makes a lovely cup of espresso, once you’ve gotten used to its ways. Not really for the beginners, unless you don’t mind the learning curve.

This Breville espresso maker is an excellent semi automatic to get if more than one person is making the espresso in the house.

The Breville Barista Express BES860XL is versatile so that whether you’re a skilled barista or a novice, you’ll enjoy making good espressos with this espresso machine.

Often when I go to someone else’s office late in the afternoon and am offered a cup of coffee, I’d take a look at their coffee maker and if it’s a glass carafe I’d refuse as politely as I can.

Coffee in a glass carafe simply will taste burnt at that hour as it continues to cook on the warming plate. If you like to keep your coffee for a whole day, do yourself a favor and get this thermal carafe coffee maker.

This Cuisinart coffee maker stands out above the rest because it has a large 12-cup thermal pot, a good size to last through the day and the coffee is actually kept as hot as you had just made it at the end of the day.

If you drink a lot of coffee or share it with others, you’ll like this coffee maker because most other thermal carafe coffee makers have only a 10-cup or 8-cup pot.

But certainly if you want to brew a smaller amount sometimes, you’ll be able to do so too; just measure the water and grounds accordingly.

This coffee maker looks great with a simple black design and stainless steel carafe, and feels good and solid in its construction. I like appliances without a plasticky feel.

The stainless steel carafe collects fingerprints like any other stainless steel stuff, and you’d want to avoid leaving it in a wet sink because stainless steel actually stains in water. Just wipe dry after rinsing.

If it is already stained, rubbing it down with a little baking soda will return it to its former glory.

It is also very easy to use with a legible indicator line to show you where to fill water up to. Then you can start the brewing or program it to start anytime in the day.

The secret of its effectiveness in keeping the coffee hot all the time is probably its lid. The lid is designed to be always closed except when you clean the pot.

Yes, that means the coffee maker brews and pours through the lid! Speaking of the lid, it has its precise position and you must always put it on correctly.

It isn’t difficult as such, but if you are the kind of person who tends to become clumsy in a rush, it might be something to find fault with.

It is just as well that this coffee maker is programmable and has a brew pause feature, because it does brew rather slowly and takes a good 15 minutes to make a whole pot.

It also pours slowly due to the design of the lid. All that said, it simply begs for more patience.

Once the coffee is finished brewing, the coffee maker shuts off automatically, so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. It also gives out a very loud beep to let you know it has done its job.

For the espresso lovers who have hardly any room left in their kitchens, this stainless steel Breville espresso machine with a sleek body and compact footprint should be a favorite.

The Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma is a good model to upgrade to once your barista skills have outgrown your first espresso machine, but I wouldn’t recommend it to the newbies in espresso making.

Tassimo Coffee Maker

How would I describe the Tassimo coffee maker? It is an intelligent single-serve brewer that makes any of your favorite hot beverages just the way they are supposed to be.

Do you like espresso, cappuccino, latte, tea or even chocolate? The Tassimo can make them all; one cup per brew.

If you fall into one of these categories, then the Tassimo coffee maker is just what you need:

You like to have something different to go with breakfast each time;
Members of your family have different preferences in hot drinks;

You want something better than a one-taste-fits-everyone coffee brewer in the office;

You want to serve your customers their preferred drink within seconds;
You are not particular about drinking real espresso (for that you must get an espresso machine, not a coffee maker).

Tassimo Coffee Maker: How it Works

The Tassimo coffee maker brews your choice drink by using Tassimo discs or T-discs.

They are not simply Tassimo coffee discs, but a variety of beverage types from brands like Maxwell House and Starbucks. The discs contain not just the ingredients for your drink,

But also a barcode that the Tassimo coffee maker scans to determine the correct method for brewing your drink.

It sounds all rather high tech and exciting, but basically it means that Tassimo coffee maker is smart enough to make a latte that tastes differently from a cappuccino.

Cleaning up is as easy as running the coffee maker with a cleaning T-disc that is included. For chocolate drink lovers, you will have to wipe the barcode scanner clean after each use because chocolate sticks.

Tassimo Coffee Maker Compared

As a single serve coffee maker, the Tassimo coffee maker is often compared to the other prominent brand Keurig.

Keurig uses their own patented K-cups, which admittedly have a larger range of flavors to choose from and higher accessibility at local stores.

Tassimo wins when it comes to quality and taste of the brew, especially for latte and cappuccino lovers, since the Tassimo coffee maker makes real frothed milk instead of using milk powder like Keurig. Tassimo also heats up and brews faster, with less noise in the operation.

Whether you live alone or have a family, a single serve coffee maker that also makes many other kinds of hot beverages is a good idea.

You may like coffee and your wife likes tea, or the kids would only drink chocolate; it doesn’t matter because the Tassimo coffee maker serves everyone a cup of anything they choose.

Tassimo T65 is a smart coffee maker that reads the barcode of the disc you put in it, decides the amount of water and the correct temperature needed,

and then makes you the drink exactly as it should be, so that latte tastes like latte, and tea does not have a hint of the coffee that was made before it.

Tasty Drinks Within Seconds

If you are familiar with Keurig, then I should tell you that the Tassimo makes a much better tasting drink than the Keurig does.

It probably has more to do with the design and programming than the ingredients of the beverage, but the Tassimo also uses real milk compared to Keurig which uses milk powder.

Although Tassimo has fewer choices of flavors, it is still coming out with new flavors and the discs are becoming more accessible at local stores by the day. Incidentally, the T discs are available for order online.

One drink costs about the same as it would at a coffee shop, and if you register your Tassimo coffee maker online you’ll get two complimentary packs of T discs.

Tassimo T65 heats up within seconds, works easily and quietly, and is simple to clean by running an included cleaning disc which is stored at the back of the machine.

This is a great coffee maker to have if you don’t want a regular coffee maker that brews a whole pot.

It’s excellent to be able to make any drink whenever guests drop in, and even better when you realize there’s no mess to clean up afterwards.

Tassimo Coffee Maker

Here is the range of Tassimo coffee makers available, with my notes on each model.

Tassimo T65

The latest model of the Tassimo coffee maker has all the best features including a multilingual LCD display and cup stand light.

When it is not in use, the coffee maker goes into stand-by mode in which little energy is used but heats up within seconds as soon as you want to make another drink.

Tassimo T10

This is the basic Tassimo coffee maker at a very affordable price. What I like about it is that it has the largest water tank among all the Tassimo coffee makers,

Meaning fewer refills. Although the plastic housing is not as attractive as some people would like it, this is not a big downside.

Tassimo T20

This model is slightly better-looking than the T10, more compact but comes with a smaller water tank.

You can get different color kits to spice up the appearance and match with your kitchen décor. The color kits are available in red, green, brown and blue.

Tassimo T45

The improved Tassimo coffee maker with LCD display, stainless steel cup stand and chrome finished buttons.

This is certainly a beautiful coffee maker to have in any kitchen or lounge. The quiet brewing also adds to the image of a professional coffee maker!

A Tassimo coffee maker is not just a coffee maker, it is practically a whole coffee shop in one appliance (perhaps minus your favorite waitress)

And it is the best coffee maker if you’re talking single serve quality brew. Get your Tassimo coffee maker now and prove that for yourself!

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