Top 3 Best Baby Strollers in India 2022

The Basics: Strollers

When it is time to travel, you need to pack your baby up in the stroller. And similar to how many consumers demand their minivans be safe and fully featured, they also demand that of the strollers that will hold their most precious cargo.

Here are 3 Best Selling Strollers in India

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The best strollers grow with your baby, combining the luxury of a carriage and the practicality of an umbrella stroller. Look for a lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller with removable padded seats and large, durable wheels.

Frames are usually made of plastic, aluminum, steel or a combination of the above — the makeup affects sturdiness and weight.

Most seats have washable fabric, and most strollers include storage bins (watch the cargo weight restrictions, which vary quite a bit even in seemingly same-sized bins).

Umbrella strollers are inexpensive, ultra-convenient, lightweight strollers great for parents on the go.

Named for their umbrella-like handles, umbrella strollers fold for compact storage in a car trunk, overhead bin on an airplane, and even at restaurants.

But for all their convenience, they lack the comforts and amenities of bigger, heavier strollers. Most parents buy a convenience stroller in addition to a sturdier stroller.

Unless it features a recline option (most don’t), an umbrella stroller isn’t appropriate for children under six months. Most have canopies, and some have storage under the seat or in the back.

Travel systems, also known as convertible infant car seat/strollers, are infant car seats, infant and toddler strollers, and infant carriers all in one.

Many parents enjoy the convenience of being able to take the baby from the car to the stroller without undoing and refastening complicated harnesses.

Others find the systems to be overly bulky and prefer to buy an infant car seat and a separate, more lightweight stroller.

Travel system amenities include accessories such as toy bars, roomy storage bins, drink caddies and more.

Hanging anything on the handles of these (or any other) strollers creates a tipping hazard.

How to Shop

Which stroller you choose depends on your lifestyle. Do you need convenient storage space for shopping trips?

Look for a luxury ride with plenty of nooks and crannies. Are you an outdoor adventurer? Opt for a rugged stroller that will withstand the elements and cover rocky terrain.

Will you often be taking the stroller up and down the stairs to your apartment? Look for an especially lightweight, easily collapsible model.

Strollers don’t improve dramatically over the years, so if you’re planning for more than one child, buy a quality stroller that will last through them. Five-point harnesses are best, especially on jogging strollers.

Adjustable handlebars are especially helpful for parents who are unusually short or tall (or couples with one of each).

Parents never have enough free hands — your best bet is a one-touch open and close feature. Don’t forget to take it for a test spin.

Comfort, maneuverability and ease of braking and operation can be highly personal preferences.

Since convenience is the name of the game with umbrella strollers, look for the lightest (all are under 15 pounds), most compact stroller that is easy to open and close.

A small storage bin is an added plus, as is a self-locking mechanism and any seat cushioning (most, however, are pad-free canvas).

A five-point harness is preferable to a three-point. Try your child in the stroller if possible; some seem unusually and uncomfortably far upright. An optional recline feature is ideal.

If you’re shopping for a travel system, first read the introductions for infant car seats and for strollers to make sure the model you’re considering has all the safety and comfort features recommended for a car seat and for a stroller.

In addition, check the fasteners that hold the car seat to the stroller — they should be sturdy and secure — and try it out to see whether conversion from car seat to stroller and back is quick and easy enough to suit your needs.

Look for a five-point harness and, preferably, a single, one-foot-one-time braking system.

How To Choose The Best Double Umbrella Stroller

Why an umbrella stroller? You would need a double stroller If you are either expecting/already have twins or you have a toddler and a baby.

Double strollers that were available earlier were very huge and not user friendly. Now-a-days umbrella strollers are made with high quality material that is light and easy to use when you are just going for a walk or travelling in a car or even in airplane.

They can be folded easily and allows the parents to handle it with comfort. This kind of stroller reduces the hassle of travelling with children but due to the lack of features, it could cause some problems in long trips.

How to choose the best double umbrella stroller? Read further to know more about the best double umbrella stroller.

Points to consider:

With so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult for a new mom or parents to choose a good umbrella stroller. Below are a few points to consider while buying an umbrella stroller:

  1. Be specific about your requirement. For example, will you be travelling a lot? Or you need it for everyday use for a walk along the countryside or to a super market? If you would be travelling a lot, then a light weight stroller would be a good option. And I f you need it for everyday purpose, then buying a stroller that is side by side or in-line style the other will serve the purpose. Else, your purchase will nearly go waste.
  2. The age of the children is also important. If you have twins, then buying a side by side stroller will be a good option. If one is a toddler and the other is a baby, then in-line seat style of stroller will be good, as the seat behind can be extended for the baby to sleep whereas, the front seat can be used by the toddler and will give him space to move and explore as well.
  3. How to choose the best double umbrella stroller? Do note that size and features of the stroller are important to be considered. If the weight is too heavy, it wouldn’t be comfortable to travel with it. And if a light weight stroller is too big, that wouldn’t serve the purpose as well. If the stroller is too small, it would lack on some features. Ensure that the handles are comfortable to be held and pushed.
  4. Also check the structure, fabric and functions of the stroller. Check if the stroller is easy to move as some of them will not feel good when you push them. Generally strollers have two fabrics; one will be the base to protect from heat, dust etc. and the other on top of it which will be contact with the baby. So, check if this fabric is comfortable to the children. About the functions, check if the back rest can be flattened, wheels have reverse function, foot rest adjustment etc. If the stroller is for babies, check for a stroller whose handle can be adjusted to back and front so that you can maintain or keep an eye on the babies.

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