Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020


How diapers came in to existence

Diapers have existed for as long as we can think back. The Inuit (a Red Indian tribe) were perhaps the first ones to come up with the idea of using layers of moss tucked in sealskin to act as a diaper. In some other Native American tribes, mothers packed grass under a diaper cover made of rabbit skin. Diapers have been loosely mentioned in ancient texts of the Egyptians and the Persians.

“Diaper” is originally the term for an overall pattern of small repeated geometric shapes, and then a white cotton or linen fabric with such a pattern. The first diapers were made from diaper fabric, meaning fabric with a repetitive pattern. The first mass made cloth diapers were introduced by Maria Allen in 1887 in the United States.

Marion Donovan, an American housewife, was the first one to come up with the idea of disposable diapers in 1946. She invented what would later be known as the “boater”. The boater was a prototype of a diaper crafted from a shower curtain. She was awarded four different patents, one of which was for the use of plastic snaps.

The first truly disposable diaper branded “Chux” was marketed by Johnson & Johnson in the United States in 1949. The early disposable diapers obviously came with its set of challenges related to diaper rash. This brought in the entry of diaper rash treatment products. Between 1960 and 1980 was perhaps the most active period for the diaper industry wherein diaper adoption rate increased rapidly across the western world. The pace of technological innovations though remained stagnant.

It wasn’t until the early eighties that the stiff competition between Kimberly Clark’s Huggies and Procter & Gamble’s Pampers resulted not only in lower prices, but more importantly in increased innovations including the development of the hourglass shape and most importantly the invention of the SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) which not only improved the absorption rate but also reduced the size of diapers by half.

There’s been very little progress ever since, except for the introduction of gel based diapers and of course, the introduction of organic diapers. Reusable cloth diapers have made a comeback recently, but they can never quite beat the convenience and efficiency of disposable diapers.

We hope that the disposable diapers’ industry progresses rapidly in the coming years and babies and their parents across world can sleep blissfully!


Have you ever wondered how difficult a young parents’ life would be if not for the emergence of disposable diapers? Imagine all those nights you’d have to get up to clean up. Think of all the social events that you’d miss when having your young one potty trained is still a distant dream. One question crops up when you think of Diapers though, Cloth or Disposable?

In the first two years of a baby’s life, parents change anywhere between three to four diapers a day which means approximately 2500 diapers overall. This creates a strong argument for trying to make an environmentally conscious decision on what type of diaper should parents use. However, is making the greener choice as obvious as it seems? While choosing a diapering option that will please your baby as well as Mother Nature, there are many points to contend with. Here are some facts to help you arrive at an informed decision.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers seem to be the natural environmentally friendly choice at first glance. Solid waste produce seems to be a great deal lesser which means lesser non-biodegradable garbage to fill our lands and also their manufacturing and production costs are considerably lower than disposables. However, cloth diapers don’t really come without their own set of environmental concerns.

Cloth diapers in fact contribute to water and air pollution due to the amount of water, energy and detergent used for cleaning. Consider the fact that washing a single cloth diaper once uses up as much as two times the amount of water that one normally needs for flushing. Add to it, most detergents contain harmful phosphates and nitrates, and if that weren’t enough the use of washing machines and dryers result in emission of harmful greenhouse gases depleting our ozone layer further. Moreover, the most important resource that one needs to consider is the parent’s time and energy spent on washing the cloth diaper.

Remember, cloth diapers can never really be the ideal choice outside your home!

Disposable Diapers

When it comes to disposable diapers, the obvious environmental concern lies in the waste disposal. It is believed that each disposable diaper takes several years to decompose, however if parents dispose these diapers responsibly this concern can be handled efficiently. Ideally, all solid waste should be emptied in the toilet before a diaper is put in the garbage. In fact, it is illegal to put human feces in landfills across many nations. Improper disposal poses a number of health risks that can range from virus outbreaks to ground contamination.

Other, perhaps less obvious, environmental factors includes pollution caused by the methods and materials used in manufacturing disposable diapers.

However, disposable diapers are extremely hygienic for the baby and ensure that parents especially the working ones are able to manage diapering efficiently and also catch a few nights of good sleep while the diaper keeps the baby comfortably dry.

As a parent, the choice is yours to make. And yes, please dispose diapers responsibly!


Hello again! I am sure after reading the previous blog on facing the hurdle of changing diapers for infants, you must be eager to learn some effective diaper changing techniques. I would frankly state that there is no perfect technique or method for changing baby diapers. You can try out below listed tips for changing baby diapers and adopt them later with some modifications to formulate your own preferred diaper changing technique.

Useful steps to follow during the diaper changing process

  1. Keep all diaper changing essentials (supplies) within your reach while changing a diaper. This is because you would not want to risk leaving your baby unattended even for a few seconds. You never know when infants come up with surprise moves and rolls.

Supplies (diaper essentials) to be kept handy before changing a baby diaper:

2 diapers (just in case your baby spoils a new one while you’re changing it)
Lukewarm water
Diaper wipes (baby wipes) or a cotton washcloth or cotton balls (for extremely sensitive skin)
Diaper cream / ointment (like Sudocrem) or ghee or petroleum jelly (to heal diaper rashes)
An additional cloth sheet or changing pad (to be placed under your baby while changing diapers)
Some fasteners (in case of cloth pre-fold diapers)

  1. Lift your baby gently by the ankles or feet, place a clean washable sheet on the baby’s blanket / mattress and keep the new diaper (after opening) over it. Make your baby comfortably lie down.
  2. Open the old soiled diaper by gently lifting the baby again and throw it away (or put it to wash depending on the diaper type). Clean the diaper area from front to back using diaper wipes or cotton balls or a cotton washcloth. Now, keep your baby down in such a way that the long strips of the new diaper (already placed on the washable sheet) are at the same level as your baby’s belly button.
  3. Pick the front part of the new diaper by carrying it between your baby’s legs and place it on your baby’s belly. Make sure the adhesive part (if any) does not touch your baby’s skin.
  4. Now, pull the long strips of diaper (lying on either side of your baby), fold them and then fasten them appropriately using the adhesive or safety pin (whatever is applicable). Please do ensure that your two fingers easily fit between your baby’s fastened diaper and her stomach.

The above steps explain a simple process of changing diapers for your baby. You can try these at home and maneuver them as per your baby’s comfort level. Generally, not many things are done differently based on whether it’s a baby boy or a baby girl. But, the diaper changing methods for a baby boy may slightly vary from those for a baby girl. You can refer to the below mentioned tips to handle diaper change differently for a baby boy and a baby girl:

If you have a baby boy, try to push the baby’s genitals downward before you proceed with the fastening of new diaper. This helps to avoid any diaper leakages along your baby’s waistline.
Always clean your baby’s diaper area from front to back and never from back to front. If you clean a baby girl’s diaper area from back to front, you increase of risk of spreading bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.
Due to additional exposure to air when a diaper is removed, a baby boy is more likely to urinate and surprise you. Hence, it is advisable to place a washable cloth over the baby boy’s genital.

I have done my bit in sharing some relevant diaper changing methods with you. Now, it’s up to you to practice them and devise your own preferred method. You may feel a bit awkward to try out these steps initially, but, with time you will get used to it. Good Luck!

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers Monthly Pack, Large (Pack of 96)

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Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020

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From the manufacturer Features and Benefits New MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb with “Crisscross Absorbent Sheet” which absorbs 7 glasses of urine and spreads it equally, so diaper does not look heavy and lasts up to 12 hours.

Stretchable Thigh Support prevents thigh gaps and hence prevents leakage. Navel Care Shape is a special cut in the front, so that the diaper doesn’t cover the umbilical cord and hence it stays protected.

You can enjoy fun designs from Disney. It looks like a baby underwear. Size:Large  |  Style:12 New MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb with “Crisscross Absorbent Sheet” that spreads 7 glasses of urine equally, does not look heavy.

So it prevents leakage whole night till morning.

Therefore, diaper lasts up to 12 hours and keeps baby’s bottom dry so that baby enjoys peaceful sleep till morning.

Pampers New Diaper Pants Super Value Box, Large (Pack of 176

Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020

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Pampers New DiapersKeep your baby dry with these diapers from pampers. It gives your little one comfort without any skin irritation or rashes all thanks to the absorb core pads along with double leak proof 
Ultra Absorb CoreThe diapers features an ultra absorb core which locks in wetness along with a layer of super absorbent wetness which repels any moisture for as long as 12 hours.
Lotion with Aloe Vera The diaper is enriched with Aloe Vera gel to keep the baby’s skin soft and free from any rashes or any form of diaper irritation.

Pampers Baby-Dry pants style diapers are the only pants in India with Ultra Absorb Core, Double Leak Guards and Lotion with Aloe Vera.

Ultra Absorb Core provides your baby a new type of dryness overnight – breathable dryness. Magic gel locks wetness away to provide up to 12 hours of dryness.

Now infused with baby lotion that has Aloe Vera, helps protect your baby’s delicate skin from diaper rash and irritation.

The new and improved product design enables a comfortable fit, closer to the baby’s body and a flexible waist band that adapts to baby’s movements for a comfortable fit.

A top layer with cotton-like soft material ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Our pants with fun exterior graphics, fun designs and characters ensure you enjoy with your baby.

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Huggies Wonder Pants Diapers Monthly Pack, Large (128 Count)

Huggies Diaper Pants with Bubble Bed Technology Introducing next generation diaper pants with Bubble-Bed technology, 1st time in India! As parents, your ultimate objective is the care and comfort of your baby.
Next generation Huggies Wonder Pants with Bubble-Bed ensures that your baby’s delicate skin stays soft and comfortable, while providing up to 12 hours of absorption. With Bubble wala Huggies, your baby’s skin will remain dry and protected, day & night

Your baby spends a good part of their day in a diaper. Therefore, choosing the right diaper for their tender and delicate skin is extremely important.

And this is where, we introduce our next generation product, India’s 1st diaper pants with the unique Bubble-Bed technology.

There are 3 areas where a diaper surrounds the baby’s skin – the baby’s bottom, the baby’s waist, and the baby’s thigh.

The skin of the baby in all these areas is extremely delicate and sensitive.
The next generation Bubble wala Huggies has 3 unique features which provides our best care & comfort in all these 3 areas.

This next generation diaper pant in lined with the super soft 3-D Bubble-Bed in the inside layer of the diaper. This is so soft & fluffy that it feels like a bed against your baby’s bottom, keeping it extremely comfortable.

Moreover, it absorbs the wetness and spreads it out evenly – keeping your little one’s bottom dry.
Bubble wala Huggies also comes with a Cushiony Waist band, which is so soft that it helps prevent the occurrence of red marks around the baby’s waist.

Plus, its super flexible elastic provides the baby with a super comfortable fit.

Bubble wala Huggies also has a Triple Leak-guard, an extra padding on the sides of the diaper, which helps reduce leakage from the sides on to the baby’s thigh & legs.

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Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020
Top 3 Best Baby Diapers India 2020

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Top 3 Best Baby Diaper Bags India 2020

Designers like DKNY, Kate Spade, Burberry, and many more are releasing new diaper bags lately and it’s no wonder with so many celebrities having babies these days.

Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag

There are so many new fashionable diaper bags it’s amazing. These bags are as stylish as they are useful, and they are almost enough to make a girl want to settle down and start a family.

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While doing some research, I’ve discovered that these fashionable bags come in countless patterns and shapes. They are not only being made for new mommies but for fathers too! There’s a company called Diaper Dudes with an awesome selection of bags for sale. They are a simpilar type bag desing with various pockets for things such as diapers, baby bottles, wipes, and so on. They even come with a padded changing pad and these bags are available with a distinct camouflage pattern.

Lately we’re seeing photographs of Timi and Leslie diaper bags all over the place. They have almost become as popular as the celebrities that use them. Some of the celebrities that use the fine products include Jennifer Garner, Hillary Swank, and Faith Hill. There are a number of designs available from Timi and Leslie, ranging from purse like bags to backpack styles. They also come with carrying cases for other items and matching diaper changing pads.

Another brilliant designer is Isabella Fiore. She has been one of our favorite designers for awhile now. There is one diaper bag that is perfect for the hot summer season. It has a bubblish type design on it and is very fun and colorful. It’s measurements are approximately 10 inches high, 16 inches long, and 6 inches deep. It’s no bigger than the average purse yet large enough to accommodate all of your baby’s necessities. The bag has “FUN” written all over it!

Let’s talk about one other company which is Coach. This company is starting to produce some of the most wonderfull products with this demographic in mind. They have even taken things a step further by not designing some of the most wonderfull diaper bags, but they are now selling toys and baby clothes to match the diaper bags.

Baby Bjorn

Baby Bjorn is coming out with many new and stylish diaper bags lately. The variety of colors and styles to choose from is very impressive. Baby Bjorn’s line of baby diaper bag backpacks is large and growing rapidly. Many of the bags are very suitable for
Baby Bjorn Diaper Bag Backpack
both men and women alike. One that I like in particular is the new green sporty diaper backpack. This is one that will fit a mans need as well as a womans, how about that, one diaper bag for the father and mother!

The new sporty black diaper backpack is very nice and fits the needs of both men and women as well. It was designed to match the popular Baby Bjorn baby carrier in both color and design. The price for this bag is around $69 which is very reasonable for a diaper bag this stylish and versatile. Some of it’s features include:

•Two seperate compartments.
•It includes a nice soft changing pad.
•Special pocket for your cell phone.
•Machine washable.
•Practical net pockets.

Diaper Bags for Dads

Diaper bags are such an important part of a baby’s firest years for most parents tht it only makes sense to give fathers thei due.
Diaper Dude Bag
We can’t just expect a man to tote around a little ones belongings in a feminine type diaper bag with dignity and enthusiasm. With that in mind a father would spend more time trying not to been seen than he would taking care of the child.

Most of dad’s today are more hands on than ever before and their involvement is being rewarded with new gear for parenting being designed with men in mind. Diaper bags, strollers, and baby carriers are being made in masculine styles, fabrics, and colors for the dads.

The selection of diaper bags for dads is large and dependant on many levels, but for those new to the game we offer these simple pointers:

•Consider where and when you’ll be using you diaper bag most often – trips to the park, for example, will require a more durable exterior, (water resistant is always a plus), than, say, daily trips to day care or indoor events.

•If in doubt, go for function over form, but get as close to your idea of the perfect marriage of both as possible.

•A changing pad is almost a requirement if you’ll be out and about with baby. One diaper change without one in a public place and you’ll know what we mean.

•Determine the carrying style you are most comfortable with – most men opt for a backpack or messenger style diaper bag, and some diaper bags convert from one to the other. We’ve found that the backpack style bags and messenger bags worn across the body leave hands most free for dealing with baby. Adjustable straps allow you to get the most comfortable fit for your body.

•The number of pockets and compartments you’ll want are dependant on your personal needs, (do you tend to take everything but the kitchen sink or travel light?), but we recommend at least one or two pockets on both the exterior and interior of the bag, and preferable at least one with a zipper or closure.

•Consider the extras. Again, depending on your personal style and needs you may wish to look for these items in a diaper bag: wipe case, wipeable and/or washable bag for soiled items, insulated bottle holder(s), external pockets for baby bottles, sippy cups, or your own water bottle, carbiner clip for keys.

With the growing array of choices on the marketFind Article, isn’t it time the papa in your life got a brand new bag of his own? Designer diaper bags for men run the gamut from basic black messenger style diaper bags for under $55 to sports style diaper bags such as celebrity favorite Timi & Leslie’s Magic diaper bag made from Diaper Dude’s rock and roll guitar diaper bag to authentic basketball leather and everything in between.