Top 3 Best Baby Bath Tub India 2022

Enjoyable Experiences with a Baby Bath Tub

What is an baby Bath Tub pool ?

Infant pools are typically a short diameter pool, perhaps 2 to 4 feet, often made of rubber and plastic, and are relatively inexpensive.

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The typical design usually calls for the perimeter to be a wall of inflated rubber and plastic tubes that serve as the walls to the pool for the baby or infant. Such pools don’t typically hold enough water for the infant or baby to be submerged in completely.

Typically, only a waist high depth of water is recommended in such pools.

Why would I need a Baby Bath Tub ?

Infant pools are great recreational devices for babies. They provide an added dimension of stimuli in which to have a great experience in the outdoors or outside sun for the baby and baby’s caregiver.

Safety, of course, is of paramount concern when dealing with such situations as a pool of

water: concerns and issues to be cognizant of are:

Can my baby drown in such a pool, and how to I prevent this?

Can my baby choke on water in such a situation?

Can my baby slip fall and injure herself while playing in a pool like this?

To prevent drowning, an adult caregiver should be around while the baby is enjoying the pool at all times. Never should the infant or baby be left alone with just another child to watch over the younger baby. To prevent choking, the caregiver should not try to have the baby swim front stroke style, as an adult might.

The baby could digest a fatal volume of water this way, or enough to choke. Though the rubber and plastics are built for safety and with the baby’s wobbly structure in mind, the caregiver should follow these general rules when setting up the pool in order to avoid serious injuries:

Try not to set up the pool on a hard surface, such as concrete. Typically the underbellies of these pools are not padded with air the way the walls of the pool are. And the pools are not deep enough to cushion sudden falls
Don’t fill the pool with water that is too cold or too hot. Plain tap or hose water will suffice for the baby’s enjoyment.

When introducing the baby to the pool, do it gradually. Have the baby, baby step into the water, not placing the baby’s entire bottom into the pool all at once.

Make sure not to add certain additives to the pool like chlorine. This isn’t necessary, as long as the tap water is deemed relatively safe and pure.

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