Top 10 Best Safe Lockers In India 2022

Top 10 Best Safe Lockers In India 2022 – Top Rated Lockers For Home & Office

Having a digital locker at home is somewhat necessary and we have done some research to make a list of 10 best Safe lockers in India to buy in 2022.

To keep your documents, Golds, Cash, safe you need locker which is hard to unlock by intruders. Digital lockers are best option to opt for and therefore take a look at our list of Best safe lockers in India beore option for other options. It includes top rated lockers from popular brands and budget ranges from 2500 to 50000 Rs.

Top 10 Best Safe Lockers In India 2022

1. Armour Mechanical Safe

This is a precision simple key lock which is made up of the metal material. It is pry-resistant and has concealed hinges. It has a removable shelve and has twin bolt locking. The removable shelve can be fixed as there are holes at the bottom and the back.

2. Electronic/Digital Safe by Ozone

This electronic safe is from ozone, and it has a user code which can be between 3 and eight digit. If there are three wrong continuous inputs, then the safe is kept in secure mode, and the keypad will stop for 3 minutes. It has a low battery indicator as well.

3. Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060)

This Godrej safe is available in the ivory color and has a powder coated finish. It has the middle steel material used in it. This safe has a six digit alphanumeric LED display which makes viewing easy. They have a non-volatile memory which means that the password remains even if the battery is removed.

4. SToK ST- SLB01 Electronic Safe

This secure locker is made of cold rolled steel sheet which has the digital locking mechanism. There are two emergency override keys, and the security lockout occurs when four wrong attempts are made.

5. Godrej Goldilocks Personal Locker

Godrej is the most popular manufacturers in this category and no doubt there is more than one model of the brand in this list of best safe lockers in India 2020. It is most suitable for storing your valuables like jewelry, money, wallet, keys, etc. it has tamper alert which has a sensor, and it starts buzzing when someone tries to carry and break it. It is portable and can be moved from one room to another.

6. Dure Safe Digital Locker

This digital locker has an SMS alert mechanism installed. Moreover, it also has the cutter, drill and burglary alert. It can be opened and closed using the keypad and also with the mobile phone.

7. ACCURA Electronic Safety Locker

This safe locker has been tried and tested by more than 30000 customers. It has single sheet molding, and the body is powder coated. It has electronic dual password and secret lock.

8. Ozone Portable money bank safe locker for savings-Pack of 2

This ozone money bank is portable to use, and it is the best gift for the kids. They can store their valuables in it. It is made of Heavy Duty Metal with powder coated and with lock and key.

9. Small Digital Electronic Safe Box Keypad Lock

This is a high security box for jewelry, money and small pistols as well. It has safety key override and the timeout period is three incorrect attempts. It has 1-year warranty.

10. Yale Electronic Safe & Digital Safe Lockers for Home and Office Safe Box


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This Yale electronic safe is able to store 8.6 liters, and the safe gets locked after three wrong attempts.

These are our picks of Top 10 Best Safe Lockers in India which you can buy to keep your valuables safe at home or office. Use this list as a quick buying guide and we do recommend to take a look at these lockers before looking for other options in the market.

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