Top 10 Best Pollution Mask to Protect from Corona Virus India 2020

What Are Pollution Face Mask ?

A Pollution face Mask is a safety device for respiratory health. Most masks work to control the flow of smoke and dust to protect people from lung irritation and other hazards. They are also important in allowing people to see, hear, and breathe.

A Pollution Mask can be used for a variety of purposes, such as in schools, factories, offices, and at home.

They help prevent the entry of harmful particles into the respiratory system and protect people from exposure to contaminants.

These face masks are effective in reducing particles such as dust, smoke, and vapor. They also provide protection from dust and fog that could enter the eyes.

There are many different types of Pollution face Masks available. There are facial models, lab models, safety models, gas masks, and hydrochloric acid masks. The type of mask you choose depends on your needs.

The face mask is one of the most common masks, and is the most commonly used by workers.

It is the type of mask that the worker wears during his or her job. In fact, the face mask is the most common type of mask because it is easily visible, safe, and is easy to use.

The face mask filters the air around the wearer’s face, which decreases the danger of eye irritations.

People who use a respirator need to wear a face mask to protect their face and eyes from harmful gases.

They should use the best mask available. The best face masks can filter out vapor and contain ozone to help keep breathing easier and safer.

There are many types of face masks. The lab and facial masks protect the wearer’s eyes and throat.

There are hydrochloric acid masks and hydrochloric acid gas masks that protect the wearer’s nose, mouth, and throat.

For example, a hydrochloric acid gas mask can protect the user from inhaling the fumes when a building is being burned, but can cause skin irritation of the eyes if the chemical vapors enter the eyes.

These masks are made from materials such as vinyl and rubber. These materials are not very thick, but they do not obscure the user’s vision. There are many different brands available, as well as types of masks.

Respirators that are worn under a garment can also be called Pollution face Masks.

They protect the wearer from pollutants when the garment is on the body. Respirators are intended to cover the user’s entire body, including the head and shoulders.

When the garment is not on the body, there is a loss of protection. It is sometimes useful to have a garment to cover the arms, too.

A face mask, also known as a face mask, is designed for respirators. They are also called mask covers or face masks.

These masks are used when a person is wearing a respirator. They are designed to protect the eyes and face from smoke and other pollutants.

The most recent type of pollution mask is the gas masks. The gas masks are designed to be used by anyone who is exposed to dangerous levels of chemicals, fumes, or gases.

These face masks are generally available only through certain manufacturers, such as Dynex.

Air purifiers that remove pollutants are also popular, and are one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from harmful gases. These air purifiers filter harmful gases and eliminate particles, allowing the user to breathe easier.

Pollution face masks are one of the most effective tools for protecting your health, as well as the safety of others.

They can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, but there are many stores that sell them, and they can also be purchased through a variety of sources, such as online stores, which make it easy to buy these items from around the world.

Pollution problems and solutions

Today, man has developed so much that he has become more powerful than the powers of Gods. Man has achieved this development and importance through science.

By inventing science, man has taken the step of defeating nature from all four sides.

Looking at the problem of pollution, nature is slowly becoming the maid of man.

Today, nature has become subservient to humans. In this way we can say that man has decided to leave no stone unturned to make the nature favorable to him.

Just as humans have been exploiting man and nation-nation, similarly man has also been exploiting nature.

Scientists say that there is no dirt in nature. In nature, only living organisms and plant world live together in equilibrium.

Each has its own specific function, so that the state of rotting substances can change rapidly and then it can become the food of the world and through it, that is, the work of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in nature keeps on going in its natural form.

There is neither dirt nor disease until human intervention occurs. When man interferes with the work of nature, then the balance of nature deteriorates and this worsens the health of the whole world.

Today’s era is industrial era. Air pollution is increasing very fast as a result of industrialization. Plants that produce energy and heat generate heat. The larger these industries are, the more they will increase the heat.

In addition, the fuel that is used to generate energy often does not burn completely. Its side effect is that a large amount of carbon monoxide is released in the smoke.

Today the traffic of motor vehicles is increasing rapidly. In a journey of 960 kilometers, a motor vehicle uses as much oxygen as a man needs in a year.

The pollution of motor vehicles is being spread in every region of the world. Railway traffic is also increasing in anticipation. The practice of airplanes has also taken place in all countries.

Oil refining, sugar mills, leather, paper, rubber factories are growing rapidly.

Paint, varnish, plastic, pottery sugar factories are increasing. Factories are growing for making these types of machines,

All of which burn fuel in one way or another to produce energy and pollute the entire atmosphere with their smoke. Where this pollution originates. It does not remain the same.

In the flow of air, it spreads throughout the world. Red dust started falling in Britain in 1968, it had flown through the Sahara Desert and reached the Caribbean Sea.

Nowadays people are indiscriminately transporting contaminants in air, soil and water through their homes, factories, motors and planes.

In the course of development, nature creates for itself the conditions that are necessary for it, so human intervention in these systems is fatal for all beings.

Pollution problem

The main danger of pollution is because of this that the circumstances put pressure on the institution.

In densely populated areas, carbon monoxide reduces oxygen in the blood circulation by five to ten percent.

Earth’s oxygen percentage in pollution problem

Body tissues require 25 percent oxygen. Carbon monoxide combines more with red blood cells than oxygen, leading to the loss that these cells are unable to retain their full amount of oxygen.

In London, a policeman who works for traffic for four hours gets so much poison in his lungs as if he smoked five cigarettes.

Man needs ten liters of air in resting condition. Ten times more than that is required on hard work, but in one day a brain needs as much oxygen as it produces in 17000 hectares of forest.

Constant depletion of vegetation due to increasing poison in the soil, pollution of oceans etc., has resulted in a decrease in the origin of oxygen. In addition, every year we dump eighty billion tons of dust in the atmosphere.

Contaminated gas comes out of cars and aircraft. The carbon dioxide that comes out of the breath of humans and beings.

It spreads different pollution. Some scientists believe that due to pollution of the environment, in the current stage of life, the life board on which life and vegetation depend will be eliminated.

Animals, plants and humans will not exist. The climate of the whole earth will change, it is possible that the ice age will come again. We will not be able to do anything after 30 years.

By that time, the Earth’s rivers and Mahasamudra will become poisonous.

Laws of nature in pollution problem

If man understands the laws of nature and considers nature to be a master and cooperates with it and then returns to the nature of residuals, then creation and humans can remain healthy,

If not longer, in the work of nature than the danger of atomic explosion Human intervention is no less dangerous.

Therefore, we have to reduce the exploitation of nature. Otherwise our life will end unnecessarily like a bubble of water and all our development work will remain as it is.

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  • Metallurgical industries, fertilizer, foundries, power generation, sanding

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  • High quality filter media which blocks bacteria, influenza viruses, Even heat dissipation over the mask surface reducing stuffiness.
  • NIOSH certified masks II N95 Face Mask
  • Adjustable nose clip made of high-strength composite materials with higher resistance to breakage than metal nose clips
  • Smart valve fitted on the inside of the mask provides seamless outflow of exhaled air providing better comfort

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WHY SHOULD WE NEED THE DUSTPROOF FACE MASK? Are you now troubled by dust chemicals, smoke, particles, virus and bacteria? Do you want to enjoy safe life? Are you live in haze days, dust, vehicle exhaust, air pollution? Our environment are full of dust, haze, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, and the dust face mask can keep you from 98% dust ,dirt, pollen, allergens, fumes or particulates that effect you breath in the air. Product Features: ☛ Breathing easily ☛ Skin cared and comfortable in wearing ☛ Adjustable fitness between face mask and nose with nose clip and earloop ☛ Health and environmental protection materials ☛ Moisture-proof ☛ Dust mask with valve ☛ Anti dust, n95 PM2.5, bacteria, fog and other harmful grain Specification: 1. Materials: High quality Non-woven fabric and cotton 2. Product weight: 25 grams 3. Uses: Running, cycling, riding, motorcycle, woodworking, lawn mowing and other outdoor activities. 4. Face Masks are Not Washable but they are Reusable. 5. Filters are inbuilt in the mask. No need separate filters. Color may vary as per stock.

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Urbangabru N99 Anti Pollution Face Mask with 4 layer protective filters PM 2.5 system (Product/valve colour, no. of valve & material may vary)

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3M 9004GV Anti Pollution Face Mask (Pack of 3, Grey)

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Pattern Name: Pollution Mask

  • 3M face mask
  • Self closing valve
  • Anti-pollution exhalation valve
  • Nose clip for sealed nose and mouth area
  • Light weight soft grey color

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3M 9000ING Anti Pollution Face Mask, Pack of 10 by Rajvir International

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  • High filteration of the respirators protects you from harmful pollutants and dust
  • Can be folded when not in use & slipped easily into the pocket.
  • The maintenance free respirators are not only economical, but easy to use as well,Comfortable, the respirator fits snugly around your face and helps avoid your glasses from fogging
  • AS/NZ Approval, P1 Class of Filtering Efficiency, CLI tested
  • Filtering efficiency ranging 80% when tested against 0.3-micron sodium chloride particle

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VENUS V-4400 Flat Fold Respirator with NIOSH N95 Certification which Protects against Airborne Viruses, Pack of 1 (Strap color may vary)

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  • Venus V-4400 is NIOSH approved N95 face mask
  • Added protection from airborne viruses
  • Superior Micro Fine Filter technology which protects against RSPM upto 0.3micron

Finishing Anti-Pollution Activated Carbon Face Mask with Breathing Valve (Multi,Pack of 1)

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  • HIGH-GRADE ACTIVATED CARBON: Multi micro particulate layer features of N95 filter and added activated carbon layer provide extra respiratory protection, absorb & remove potentially harmful molecules. It will protect you activity and make your outdoor experience safe and enjoyable.
  • MULTI LAYER PROTECTION: Surpasses PM 2.5 specifications and meets N95 testing criteria. Performs tremendously more effectively than the nearest competitor which uses replaceable filter or activated carbon cloth filter. Because of its unique shape and filters occupy and covers 100% of area within the entire face mask.
  • HIGH QUALITY N95 PARTICULATE PROTECTION: High quality filter media which blocks PM 2.5 dust, haze, bacteria, influenza viruses, filtration rate up to 95 percent.c
  • COMFORT FIT AND CONVENIENT: Superior fit and greater comfort. Every mask fits most type of faces comfortably. It has convenient over ear straps for easy on and off and adjustable soft nose pad with 3D face-fit design for the Asian face. If you need additional assistance, contact our grin brands support team.

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