Top 10 Best James Bond Sunglasses For Men In India For July 2022

Top 10 Best James Bond Sunglasses For Men Under 1500 Rs. In India For 2022 – Trending Stylish Fashion Accessory

Searching for Best James Bond Sunglasses for men under 1500 Rs. in India? Take a look at our pick of popular and latest wayfarers, aviators, etc. which are trending in 2022.

Sunglasses have evolved significantly over the past few years. From simple eye gears to ones that reflect a person’s status, there are so many to choose from. Here is our pick of Top 10 best James Bond Sunglasses for Men under 1500 Rs. Which includes Aviators, Wayfarers, and other types.

Our Research Methodology includes:

1. Extensive research about product on the Internet

2. Reviews From All Over The Internet (Buyer and Expert)

3. Ratings from various sites

4. In many cases personal experience in using a particular product.

Top 10 Best James Bond Sunglasses For Men Under 1500 Rs. In India 2022

1. Laurels UV Protected Brown Wayfarer

Laurels UV Protected Brown Wayfarer Unisex has topped the list of best James Bond sunglasses for men under 1500 Rs. The sunglass has a frame size of 57x16x140. It comes with a 6 month warranty and in several different shades. The lens is made of polycarbonate material. A lot of buyers admire this Wayfarer for its brown shade.

2. ADDON Polarized Wayfarer Unisex

ADDON Polarized Wayfarer Unisex is another exciting product to invest on. The sunglass is 50mm wide. It is made of plastic and has a rimmed frame. The best-selling model has grey lens. What makes this sunglass special would be its polarized lens.

3. Silver Kartz Metal-Crown Wayfarer

Silver Kartz Metal-Crown Wayfarer is a killer deal for INR 700. The sunglass flaunts Wayfarer style perfectly. The lens and frame are made of polycarbonate. It is completely UV 400 protected. This means, all light rays with wavelengths up to 400nm are blocked. It comes with a hard case, with a half frame and a full frame.

4. Maxxtrend Combo Aviators

Would you say no to 4 Aviator styled men’s sunglasses? This is exactly what Maxxtrend Combo has for you. These are UV protected sunglasses for just INR 1500. The sunglasses are sold with 5 wiping clothes and a cleaner bottle.

5. Silver Kartz Luxury Mercury Clubmaster

Silver Kartz Luxury Mercury Clubmaster is a semi-rimless unisex sunglass for just INR 400! This is a one-of-a-kind deal. The sunglass is made of polycarbonate material and is UV protected. It comes in a genuine leather casing, with 6 months warranty.

6. Silver Kartz Classic combo Wayfarer Aviator

Silver Kartz Classic combo Wayfarer Aviator Unisex Sunglasses is another affordable release from the brand. Once again, the sunglasses are made of polycarbonate and with 6 months warranty. The sunglass offers UV 400 protection.

7. Mark Miller Designer Aviator

Mark Miller Designer Aviator James Bond Sunglasses Blue is a stylish eye gear. As suggested by its name, the sunglass is blue in color. It offers 100% UV protection and is very slim.

8. Fasttrack’s Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Fasttrack is another killer brand for budget James Bond sunglasses, watches and bags. Fasttrack’s Semi-Rimless Sunglasses (M032BK2) is an ideal gear for men. It is not polarized, but is very classy! M032BK2 has a metal frame and is made of composite lens material.

9. CRIBA UV Protection Unisex Wrap-Around

CRIBA UV protection Unisex wrap around sunglass promises 100% UV protection. It is a beautiful, designer eye gear with zero refractive power.

10. ADDON Polarized Wayfarer Unisex

With 50 mm wide lenses and a brown frame, this sunglass is worth every penny you shell. The lens are neatly polarized too!

James Bond Sunglasses

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James Bond Sunglasses are an essential necessity for any guy these days. From driving to giving a stylish look to your personality and look cool, you can certainly use a sunglass on any occasion. If you have a specific budget, then don’t miss to check these amazing, popular, and best sunglasses for men under 1500 Rs. in India which is trending in 2021.

Tips for Wearing Sunglasses

Summer weather is still here for a little while longer, meaning we can still head to the beach and, more importantly, walk around town with the sunshine still making an appearance. But whether it’s summer or the dead of winter, the essential accessory every man needs is a good pair of shades to get him through the day.

As we know, though, not all sunglasses are created equal. Depending on your look, the shape of your face, and a few other intricate details, there are guidelines you should follow to ensure you don’t look like a doofus and waste your hard-earned money.

So here they are; 10 simple rules for finding the right pair of shades:

1. Indoors Or At Night?

If you’re not wearing your shades outside in the daytime, you’ve probably got about a 30-second window before everyone around you discovers that you’re a massive tool. So, no.

2. Size Matters

Big glasses make a statement, but strike a balance between your style and what you can pull off. Otherwise you’ll look like The Fly.

3. Perv Check

Covertly checking the ladies out is one of the great joys of summer. But double-check the opacity of your eyewear beforehand.

4. Round Face

Is your face round? Don square frames to ungulate your features. Square shaped? Circular is your friend. Long face and strong jaw? Aviators. Wayfarers look good on almost everybody.

5. Mirrored Lenses

It’s disconcerting talking to someone in mirrored specs only to see your own mug staring back. Go dark, not reflective.

6. Match Glasses And Clothes

Match the color of your frames with your shoes; keep it subtle and you’ll look like money.

7. On Top Of Your Head?

A proper opinion divider. If you’re wearing them as some sort of weird, posy UV protecting tiara, then no. If it’s because you don’t own pockets, yes.

8. Upside Down?

Don’t ever wear your glasses upside down, you’ll look like a crazy person.

9. On Trend

Retro, as opposed to the techy ’90s styles, are always a safe bet. Tortoiseshell is a winner, as are smaller frames.

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