Top 10 Best Hair Dryer in India September 2020

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Features To Look For While Shopping For A Best Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are vital accessories and every woman should have them in their dressing rooms. There are a variety of brands available and they also keep on launching stylish and full of features.

They are also having improved technologies. Hair dryers help you a lot if you are having fuzzy hair. Hair dryers can quickly   dry your hair especially when you are in huge hurry. They can also quickly retain the natural shine of your hair and also maintains your beauty.

List of Top 10 Best Hair Dryer in India 2020 is given below

Shopping for best hair dryers

There are three categories of hair dryers depending upon the technology. These includes ceramic heating, ionic, tourmaline and advanced. You can choose a hair dryer depending upon your needs.

There are several important things on which you can pay attention. If your first attempt of buying best hair dryer becomes successful, then the hair dryer is going to serve you for a very long period.

You should not only consider the product, but also the brand name of the product. Hair care experts are always going to recommend you to do researches. A good hair dryer is essential for your hair.

A poor quality hair dryer can put too much heat and damage your hair. Advanced hair dryers are having best technologies with which you can keep your hair managed and healthy.

Best Hair Dryer in India

Wattage consideration

The high the voltage is going to be the more powerful the hair dryer is going to be. Today technology is advanced and you can have a powerful hair dryer that runs on low energy consumption.

Speed, durability is other few factors that you need to consider. On the internet there are so many things to look for. You will find ratings, comments, brand reviews and much more. These are few things that can assist you in purchasing right product.

Features of different category hairdryers

Ionic hairdryer

If you need to maintain natural shine in your hair, then this hairdryer is the best. Its negative ions can lock the moisture of hair in. many times people feel dry hair after drying their hair from hair dryers.

This is due to a low quality hair dryer that can suck out all the moisture with extreme heat. People having normal hair are going to find it ideal for their hair.

The tourmaline dryers

These are the most popular hair dryers and its heating components are totally covered with tourmile.

Being a natural material it cannot put any damage. Today there are brands selling hair dryers made with the combination of tourmaline and ceramic.

Ceramic dryers

Ceramic is a good conductor of heat and it also has a heater that is controlled. This way when you are drying your hair it is going to produce less heat, but will benefit similar to a high quality dryer. This type dryer is ideal for people having difficult hair.

There are some advanced best hair dryers also available which are having nano titanium. These hairdryers are used by professional stylist and you will also see them in high class hair salons and beauty parlors.

{Top 10} List of Best Hair Dryer in India

Best Seller Hair Dryer on Amazon >> Philips HP8100/06 Hair Dryer

1. Panasonic EH-ND11-A Hair Dryer

Features of Panasonic EH-ND11-A Hair Dryer:

Tangle-free 1.8 meter cord

1000 Watt Power

Turbo dry and Compact

2 Speed and 2 heat Settings

2. Philips HP8100/06 Hair Dryer

  Features of Philips HP8100/06 Hair Dryer:

1.5 Meter Power Cord (Not Cordless)

2 Flexible Speed

1000 Watts

Advanced concentrator Technology

3. Nova NHP-8200 240 Watts Professional Hair Dryer

Features of Nova NHP-8200 240 Watts Professional Hair Dryer:

Cool Shot Button


Two Speed Settings

Storage Pouch

4. Vega Pro Touch VHDP-02 Hair Dryer

  Features of Vega Pro Touch VHDP-02 Hair Dryer:

2 heat/ 2 Speed Settings

1800-2000W Hair Dryer for Professional Styling

Powerful Airflow

5. Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer

Features of Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer :

2 Speed Settings


2000 Watt

6. Panasonic EH-ND21 Hair Dryer

Features of Panasonic EH-ND21 Hair Dryer :

3 Speed Settings

1200 Watt

Foldable handle

7. Braun HD 180 Hair Dryer

Features of Braun HD 180 Hair Dryer :

Ultra 1800 Watt

2 Combined airflow settings

1.8m Cord for Convenient handling

8. Philips BHC010/70 Dryer

Features of Philips BHC010/70 Dryer :

1200 Watt

3 Flexible pre-selected drying settings

Cool Air Setting

Fast Air Setting for efficient

9. Panasonic EH-ND52V Hair Dryer

Features of Panasonic EH-ND52V Hair Dryer :

Cool Air Selection

Foldable Handlee

3-Level Speed Selection

Silent Operation (49 db)

10. Nova NHD 2806 1200 Watts Foldable Hair Dryer

best hair dryer

Best Hair Dryer

Features of Nova NHD 2806 1200 Watts Foldable Hair Dryer :

1200 Watt

Cool Shot Mode

Ion Function

Hair dryers are fundamental instruments for both men and ladies for their hair styling needs. They enable you to blow dry your hair as quickly as possible when you are out of the shower. They additionally help in styling your hair.

They even take into consideration more grounded hair forming than perpetual waving items. So if you’re hoping to blow dry your hair as quick as could be allowed, or needing to style as you dry, you have to purchase the best hair dryer.

In this best hair dryer purchasing guide, I will educate you regarding what to search for when purchasing a hair dryer and which are the best hair dryer in India you can purchase at this moment from the comfort of your home.

Top 10 Best Hair Dryer in India Comparison Table

Show 102550100 entriesSearch:


Philips HP8100/06

600-8001000 watts4.2

Philips HP8100/46

600-8001000 watts4.1

Panasonic EH-ND11

600-7001000 watts4.3

Philips Essential Care

1000-12001200 watts4.1

Panasonic EH-ND12P

700-10001000 watts4.2

Philips BHD006

1500-17001600 watts4

Nova NHD-2840

300-8001000 watts3.2

Philips HP8643/46

1600-20001000 watts3.8

CHAOBA Professional

700-8002000 watts3.5

Vega Galaxy VHDH-06

800-9001100 watts3.3

 Top 10 Best Hair Dryer Reviews

Following are the best Hair Dryer having very good reviews and rating. View the best Hair Dryer in India below by going through Best Hair Dryer price in India.

#1 Philips HP8100/06 Hair Dryer



Philips HP8100 Dryer has a restricted concentrator that keeps the stream of the hot air concentrated on a specific range for effective drying. This blue hair dryer uses just 1000 Watts of power which gives it a powerful wind stream that rapidly dissipates water or moisture content from your hair. It is one of the energy moderate gadgets that spare you a great deal of cash.

The rubberized hook is situated at the base of the handle and gives another capacity alternative, especially advantageous for use in the home or when remaining at a hotel. Reduced and ergonomic, this hairdryer profits by a sharp present day design.These outcomes in a dryer that is light and simple to deal with yet sufficiently little to store essentially anyplace.

Product Information

 Power1000 watts
 Star Ratings4.2

Pros and cons


  • Advanced concentrator technology with quick-heat head
  • Not cordless, 1.5-meter power cord
  • Compact design for easy handling; easy storage hook for convenient storage
  • 2 flexible speed settings for careful drying


  • Not for professional use.

#2 Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer Review



Drying hair after a give just got simpler the Philips HP8100/46 hair dryer. A productive hair dryer, it sets your hair dry in only a few moments.

This hair dryer is planned ergonomically for the simple taking care of and has a little, conservative design perfect for comfortable storage. It likewise accompanies elastic storage hook. This dryer highlights two adaptable speed settings for redid drying.

It is worked with a propelled capacity concentrator innovation to tenderly blow air onto the specific areas of your hair.

Be it typical drying or styling your wet hair the way you need, this hair dryer can help you do it splendidly. This powerful 1000 watts hair dryer has a 1.5-meter power rope that for without tangle utilize. It accompanies 2-years guarantee from the date of purchase.

Product Information

Power1000 watts
 Stars rating4.1

Pros and cons


  • Advanced concentrator technology with quick-heat head
  • Not cordless, 1.5-meter power cord
  • Compact design for easy handling; easy storage hook for convenient storage
  • 2 flexible speed settings for careful drying
  • 1000 watts and 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase


  • It’s a small sized one. Not more than 8 inches. Not very powerful.

#3 Panasonic EH-ND11-W62B Hair Dryer Review



The Panasonic EHND11 Hair Dryer will help you look your stylish best. This hair dryer enables you to venture out of the house with hair that seems as though it was set at a salon. The hair dryer is anything but difficult to utilize and has a smooth design. You can utilize it to accomplish a scope of looks and styles.

Regardless of whether you need to just dry your tresses or game the most mainstream hair patterns of the season, the Panasonic EHND11 Hair Dryer is the thing that you ought to choose. Not exclusively is the hair dryer productive and advantageous, but likewise, arrives in a shade of white that is sure to add a touch of style to your own care things. After utilizing the dryer, you will get hair that is sparkling, shiny and free of frizz.

 Product Information

Power1000 watts
 Star Ratings4.3

Pros and cons


  • 1.8 m cord
  • 2 Speed Selection
  • Compact design makes it easy for you to handle and carry
  • Subject to the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the product warranty card


  • Burning smell initially as coil gets heat up.

#4 Philips Essential Care Dryer HP8120



Said goodbye to awful hair days with the Philips Hp 8120/00 Hair Dryer White. You can now dry your hair in a quicker and gentler way with this item. The tender drying activity gives you sparkling and smooth hair.

There is three warmth setting alternatives, a cool shot choice, and three-speed settings for your benefit. The 1.5-meter swivel string makes the hair dryer simple to move. White in shading, this Philips hair dryer devours just 1200 W and requires 220 V to work.

It accompanies one spot and it additionally conditions your hair while drying it. The hairdryer has an ergonomic outline and it looks great as well. The shading mix and the print on the body give it an upscale look. It is beautiful as well as easy to use and innovatively progressed. Get the Philips Hp 8120/00 Hair Dryer White today to venture out in style each day.

Product Information

Power1200 watts
 Stars rating4.1

Pros and cons


  • 1200W Gentle drying for beautiful results
  • Concentrator focuses the airflow for a polished, shiny look
  • Thermo Protect temperature setting
  • Cool air setting for extra gentle drying
  • Foldable handle for easy portability


  • The low-speed blower does not throw hot air.
  • The first hot air speed blower is too strong.

#5 Panasonic EH-ND12P Hair Dryer



Get an upscale look with an ND11 hair dryer from Panasonic. The item gives your hair a delicate and a reflexive complete and gives the correct molding to sparkly, without frizzy hair, in giving an exact styling and immaculate touch-ups.

It will give you a chance to dry your locks serenely, even from a separation. The minimized plan makes it simple for you to deal with and convey. Accompanies turbo dry component that radiates powerful yet delicate wind that will set your tresses. Expends 1000 Watt power which gives salon-like styling for your hair.

Product Information

Power1000 watts
Energy Stars rating4.2

Pros and cons


  • Cool Shoot
  • 3 Temperature settings
  • Compact design makes it easy for you to handle and carry
  • Set Nozzle


  • Expensive

#6 Philips BHD006 Hair Dryer Review



Philips Green Products can lessen costs, energy utilization and CO2 emissions.How? They offer a significant ecological change in at least one of the Philips Green Focal Areas – Energy effectiveness, Packaging, Hazardous substances, Weight, Recycling and transfer and Lifetime unwavering quality. This is one of the best hair dryer.

The outline of the air delta barbecue considers expanded wind current while the shape and size of the dryer enhance stream of the air through the dryer. The outcome is quicker, more successful drying power.

The Philips Essential Care 1600W has a 20% sound improvement versus HP4940. Along these lines, you can dry your hair unobtrusively without trading off on execution. The ThermoProtect temperature setting gives the ideal drying temperature and gives extra security from overheating the hair.

Product Information

Brand  Philips
Power1600 watts
 Stars rating4

Pros and cons


  • Designed for quieter drying, Foldable handle for easy storage.
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use, Easy storage hook for convenient storage.
  • 1.8m cord for maximum flexibility, 1600W for gentle drying.
  • ThermoProtect temperature setting, 3 flexible speed settings for gentle drying.
  • Cool Shot sets your style, Quieter drying.


  • It doesn’t gives any cool air, only we get is warm air.

#7 Nova NHD-2840 1000 watts Foldable Hair Dryer Review



The Nova NHD 2840 hair dryer features two adaptable speed and warmth settings. Different settings of this excellent hairdryer enable the clients to get a salon-like search for their hair. The dryer enables its clients to control wind current and temperature. At the point when clients switch between different modes, they get fluctuated wind stream options and changed temperatures also.

This flexible hair dryer additionally includes a well-constructed spout which helps in diverting or entering the stream of air empowering the clients to accomplish awesome hair drying comes about without making any harm their hair.

The two adaptable warmth and speed settings enable the clients to deal with styling and drying their hair. This very innovative hair dryer utilizes around 1000 watts power to work legitimately.

Product Information

Power1000 watts
Stars rating3.2

Pros and cons


  • 1000 Watts Power
  • 2 Heat Settings For Careful Drying
  • With Narrow Concentrator for more Effeciency


  • It may damage hairs if used for long.

#8 Philips HP8643/46 Ms. Fresher Philips Essential Dryer and Straightener



Philips HP8643 combo of Dryer and Hair Straightener is an incredible progressive styling mix that comes prescribed by magnificence specialists and salon experts for its simplicity of utilization, long life and the accommodation it offers to be utilized as a part of conjunction without excellence items.

This valuable hair straightener is a solid item that originates from the brand and is generally utilized as a part of the form business and is a typical name for among its clients. Be it a basic look or a glitz get-up, this straightener compliments everybody and each ordinarily utilized hair items.

 Product Information

 Power1000 watts
 Star Ratings3.8

Pros and cons


  • 210°C professional styling temperature
  • Gentle drying power of 1000W for beautiful results
  • Narrow concentrator for focused airflow
  • Fast heat up time, ready to use in 60 seconds


  • Customer service is not good.

#9 CHAOBA Professional 2800 Hair Dryer 2000W



The Chaoba 2800 Hair Dryer is a carefully outlined and smooth hair preparing contraption which dries your hair viably and in speedy time with next to no vitality use and is the basic item for your hair prepping pack.

This gadget is lightweight, ergonomically outlined and powerful. It gives you superbly dry hair that is durable and safe. Its simple cleaning surface implies that it requires next to no support and can be taken anyplace helpfully. The dryer accompanies a 6-month producer ensure. Check Best Hair Dryer Price today.

The dryer accompanies a 6-month producer ensure. The body of the Chaoba 2800 Hair Dryer is made of a hard solid plastic and a bent against slip hold. Grooves on the handhold are intended to upgrade the grasp feel. The straight fit body shape and hostile to slip bends improve the control of the dryer.

Product Information

 Power2000 watts
Star Ratings3.5

Pros and cons


  • 2 Heat Settings For Careful Drying
  • With Narrow Concentrator for more Efficiency


  • There is no diffuser.

#10 Vega Galaxy VHDH-06 Hair Dryer Review



Your hair will look lovely after you dry it utilizing the Vega Galaxy 1100 watts hair dryer. It is reduced and powerful with an extraordinary element of hot and icy wind current setting which permit flexible styling and finish drying.

It accompanies a concentrator extra connection which will give you a chance to center the let some circulation into the stream for exact drying and styling. If you need to resuscitate your style then Vega Galaxy 1100 is the ideal device for your styling.

Product Information

 BrandVega galaxy
 Power1100 watts
 Star Ratings3.3

Pros and cons


  • Convenient and foldable handle, removable end cap for easy cleaning
  • For ease of use at home and ideal for travel
  • Cord guard with hanging loop for easy storage


  • It is not wireless.

How to select which hair dryers are good for your hair? Are you confused? Consider these facts for comparing hair dryers.

Wattage – It is the fundamental indicator of the power of a hair dryer. The higher the wattage of a hair dryer, the more warmth it produces and the quicker it will dry your hair. But that doesn’t mean you ought to go for higher wattage.

It additionally relies on upon your hair quality. If your hair is thick and solid then you can purchase high wattage dryer generally, lean toward medium wattage (1850 – 1300) dryer. 1000W dryer works useful for men, but It is not adequate for ladies with long hairs. Ladies can go for more than 1700W dryers.

Prefer Ceramic coils for safe and healthy usage – There is two sort of coil dryers available Metallic and Ceramic. The metallic coil is inexpensive, but it generates a lot of positive ions that tend to frizz up your hair and harm the follicles that result in dull hair. We recommend you to buy only ceramic coil (Ionic) dryer for safe and long-term usage.

Speed and Heat Settings – Must make sure the hair dryer you select have good speed and multiple heat settings. It is important to feature nowadays and presents in most of the hair dryers.

Cool Shot – It makes a blast of cold air to set your hair after styling. It can be utilized for drying hair sprays, gels, as well as other products. Most of the dryers have this cool function.

After considering these important factors and customers rating on Amazon, we have prepared a list of best hair dryers for men and women. Which will help you easily select the dryer you need.

Hair dryers come with 2 kinds of coils –[1] Metallic[2] Ceramic.

Metallic coils are much cheaper than ceramic but they generate a lot of positive ions which tend to frizz up the hair and harm the follicles that may result in dull hair. Hence, ionic hair dryers generate negative ions to neutralize such effect.

This saves static and hair remains smooth as well as silky. So, if you use a dryer with a metallic coil, try to use low heat and definitely go for ionic hair dryers. Go Through best hair dryer available in India.

Ceramic and Tourmaline hair Dryers are recommended for long-term use. Ceramic produces “far infrared” heat which heats your hair without damaging it and causes water to evaporate quickly and evenly. But these tend to be expensive. Read more about hair dryer on Wikipedia.

So What We Recommend

I hope you’ll found the best hair dryer which you need. This guide on best hair dryer in India will most likely help you if you read and see precisely. The greater part of the general population adores Philips and their top-notch items. If you are one of them, then you can purchase Philips hair dryer which is on number 3 and 4.

If regardless you have any inquiries left in your psyche, you can ask it in the comment segment below. We will help you pick the correct one as per your utilization. we have looked into and given examination table to the best hair dryer in India, now you have to check which dryer is great and fits in your budget. We would recommend you to go with Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer.

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