Top 10 Best Geyser In India July 2020

Top 10 Best Geysers In India 2020 – Most Popular & Best Selling Water Heaters You Should Buy

Searching for Best Geysers to buy online or offline from top brands like Havells, Crompton, Bajaj, etc.? Check our picks based on user reviews, ratings and price range.


Water Heaters and Geysers are one of the most essential home appliances, especially in urban areas. We have picked ten best geysers in India which you can buy in 2020. Best-selling water heaters with capacity ranging from 4L to 50L.

Our Selection Methodology

Extensive research on Internet, In Depth look at various Washing Machines available online, Price and Feature comparison, Various customer reviews and in some cases personal experience in using that product.

Top 10 Best Geysers In India 2020

1. Racold Altro 2 Vertical AN-15

Racold 15L Geyser Altro 2 Vertical AN-15 is a well-known water heater. It is made of special titanium enamel to ensure longer life and better protection. The geyser has a special anode to heat the element and trigger an electrolytic process. This prevents the water heater from corroding.

2. Havells Puro Plus 5S

Havells Puro Plus 5S 25-Litre Storage Water Heater is made using feroglas technology. This water heater has a single weld line design. It is built using a heavy-duty anode that protects the entire tank from corroding. Moreover, there are special energy saving high-density PUF insulations.

3. Singer Fonta

Singer Fonta comes with two years warranty. A lot of people admire Singer’s warranty because it covers many parts of the water heater. The three-liter water heater promises instant heating. Interesting features of Singer Fonta would be durability, durable heating elements, thermal cut out and anti-siphon fusible/age/thermostat.

4. Bajaj Shakti Plus 25 litre

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With 4-star high energy ratings, Bajaj Shakti Plus 25 liter 2000-Watt Storage water heater is a great investment. It is famous for its long lasting heating unit. The water heater is suitable for high rise buildings and places where pressure pumps are required. The water heater has many safety systems too!

5. Bajaj 3-Liter

Bajaj 3 liter 3000-Watt instant water heater is another interesting product for budget conscious buyers. It has a rated water pressure of 8 Bar. The water heater is ideal for both low and high rise buildings. The geyser’s inner tank is made of thick stainless steel. This makes the geyser ideal for both soft and hard water.

6. Crompton IWH01PC1 1-litre

Crompton IWH01PC1 1-litre 3000 Watt Instant Water Heater is a stylish product. It is built using ABS body material. This ensures high durability. The product has a strong vertical orientation that will add more value to your home. It will not look out anywhere in your home.

7. LORENZETTI Top Jet Electric Shower

LORENZETTI Top Jet Electric Shower is a stylish water heater! It is a shower with a quick heating element. The shower allows automatic on/off of uniform hot water.

8. AO Smith HSE SDS 15 litre

AO Smith HSE SDS 15 liter is a vertical water heater. It revolves around an advanced technology and offers maximum protection against corrosion and hard water. The machine works at a water pressure of 8 Bar.

9. Activa 10 Litre Instant 3 KWA Water Heater

Activa 10 Litre Instant 3 KWA Water Heater looks magnificent in ivory. This is an instant geyser with a long lasting Magnesium Anode.

10. AO Smith HSE-SBS- 006 6-Litre

This geyser is famous for its blue diamond glass lined tank. It works at a temperature of 25 to 75-degree centigrade. The design ensures maximum protection against corrosion and hard water.


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Bottom Line

Choosing best Geysers which fulfils your requirement is a tough job and with this guide we tried to help you out and reduce your work load. You can buy any of these amazing water heaters or opt for similar products matching your requirement.

Now winter is on its way, taking  bath with cold water becomes impossible in winter, especially in northern India where a temperature usually goes down almost at 5 degrees. In such situation, taking bath with cold or even sometimes normal water is very difficult. And getting hot water with the help of  Gas heating is impossible or sometimes costly too. AO Smith EWS water geyser is best option for you.

Here is an instant reply for all your hot water requirements! AO Smith brings to you a unique and stylish water heater having a 3-liter capacity, which is perfect appliance for your kitchen and bathroom.

The heating technology of AO Smith EWS water heater is efficient as it always gives you warm water. This water heater usually comes with heating element coated with glass, high rated pressure, cut-out, and rust-proof  body. Fit it and then forget it, get this highly efficient water heater home today.

Product Description

BrandAO Smith
Capacity3 L
Power3000 watts
Dimensions245 x 197 x 384 mm
Tank Warranty5 Years
Model No.EWS3
Corrosion FreeYes

Features Of AO Smith EWS-3 Instant Water Heater

Good Storage Capacity:

This AO Smith instant water geyser has a good capacity of about 3 liters,which is sufficient enough to warm water for the whole family. It helps you in preparing warm water quickly and its storage capacity is good enough to give you a steady flow not only for bathing purposes but also to wash clothes and dishes in order to carry out various other household tasks.

Energy Efficient Water Heater:

This AO Smith geyser consumes 3000 W of power approximately. It consumes a voltage of about 230 V and a frequency of around 50 Hz which makes  it an extremely energy-efficient water heater.This geyser can also withstand water pressure of about 65 N/cm2 which makes it ideal for high buildings.

Compact Geyser:

This Geyser is available in dimension of 24.5 x 19.7 x 38.4 cm approximately, this electric geyser is very compact and can also fit  in your washroom. Its rust-free ABS outer body is responsible for making the geyser last longer and may also generate temperatures that range between 25 to 75 degrees C providing you the flexibility to adjust the temperature you want.

Efficient Heating Unit:

This AO Smith EWS instant geyser is made up of highly efficient glass coated element that reduces sediment or sometimes scale build-up on its surface which increases the longevity of the heating element.This durable geyser contains a thermal cut-out which saves your geyser from overheating in a situation where the temperature rises above the required level. This unique feature makes the appliance safe to use for everyone in the home.


This reliable water geyser has a warranty of 3 Years on the heating element and a warranty of 5 years on the tank. This trusted brand expands its goodwill with the help of this feature to cater the efficient running of the appliance.This geyser is made by adhering to good quality standards and quality of the material is not compromised used in the product.Log into various e-commerce sites and place your order today only to take home this highly efficient product.

Pros & Cons:


  • Temperature Range: 25-75 degree centigrade
  • Working Pressure: 6.5 Bar
  • Reliability
  • Heating technology that will always give you hot water
  • Innovative


  • The 3KW heater would not have coped, requiring repeated adjustments of the hot/cold mixer during a bath.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

“AO Smith EWS one of the best quality geysers, which is sustainable against bore water decaying. Takes only about 4-5 minutes to warm the water at maximum, and thereafter you will get usual warm water just in case the need be. Been a month using it and quite satisfied with the performance.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“smart looking, nice working, well delivered and no complaints so far. Electric consumption could be high.”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are looking for a highly efficient and safe water geyser for your washroom, then AO Smith EWS water geyser is surely a good investment for you. I found 259 customer reviews at the time of writing the article and they had given this water geyser 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall.  

But there were a few negative points raised. One customer said, “If there is any another indication then it might be an issue with geyser or water flow to taps. Get it checked without delay to avoid the perilous situation. You will need to purchase the pipes from outside. Accessories include only screws. ”However, no another customer seems to have experienced the same issues, so perhaps it isn’t a major issue. So overall it is worth a purchase.


You can surely go for this highly efficient Product. Highly reliable, because it uses advanced technology and long durable. AO smith is the well-known brand which has good series of water heaters. AO Smith EWS 3 has a good  3 liter of capacity and consumes 3000 watts of power to give you instant hot water. The company gives warranty and this product looks nice and have decent design as well.

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