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Top 10 Best Electric Guitars In India Under 20000 July 2020

Top 10 Best Electric Guitars In India

If you have started learning guitars recently and planning to buy one then take a look at our pick of 10 best Electric Guitars in India for 2020, with price under 20000 Rs.


These guitars are perfect for beginners. They are inexpensive without compromising on quality. The List includes brands like Yamaha, Fender etc. Checkout 10 of the best Electric Guitars in India under 20000 Rs. with stylish look and quality sound.

Top 10 Best Electric Guitars In India 2020

1. Yamaha PACIFICA012 Electric Guitar

This is the entry level model of Yamaha, and it has a comprehensive specification to offer. As far as quality is concerned, it could be considered as the best guitar in this budget. It is the Agathis and NATO type guitar and has five position levers.

2. Fender Squier 0310001506 Bullet Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar

This is the guitar which makes it easy to bend string easily with the C-shaped neck. You can express by creating the flat pitch and sharp pitch with the synchronized tremolo. There are a number of string gauges which allow maximum playability. It has the gloss finish which protects the body of guitar for years.

3. Cort X-1 RD, 6 Strings Electric Guitar

This guitar has 24 frets, and the size is jumbo. The neck of this guitar is made of Canadian hard maple, and the Fretboard is of rosewood. The tuner is cap covered, and the hardware is of chrome material.

4. Gewa Music GmbH Tenson E-Guitars

This guitar is unique regarding its body as it has the basswood body which has a 2-way truss rod. The maple neck has bolt on. The fingerboard is rosewood, and it has 22 frets. A value for money product and worth being in the list of Best Electric Guitars in India to buy in 2017.

5. Juarez JRZ-ST01 6-String Electric Guitar

This guitar is famous because of its great looks. It has the innovative design which can produce good quality sound. The fingerboard is made up of linden wood material, and the Fretboard is made of ebony wood. The guitar is very popular amongst the beginners, and it has the gloss finish to make it look stylish. It has a chrome die-cast machine head as well. A value for money product.

6. Cort X1 Electric Guitar

Cort X1 Electric Guitar guitar has the Agathis body and also has the maple neck. The neck is of modern U-shape. The Fretboard is of rosewood material and the construction is bolt on. It does have whammy bar and it is not a bass guitar.

7. Ibanez GRX55B Electric Guitar

This electric guitar by Ibanez has GRX maple neck. The poplar body of this guitar has a stylish look. The Fretboard is made of rosewood material and it has white dots inlay. The bridge is of standard tremolo bridge.

8. Vault RG1RW Soloist Electric Guitar

Electric guitar by Vault under 10000 Rs. is a bargain buy. For beginners it is a good option. The guitar has basewood body, maple neck and has whammy bar. Size and dimensions are pretty good to hold for a long time and sound quality is more than satisfactory.

9. ESP LTD EC Series EC-10 Electric Guitar, Black

The guitar has a rosewood fingerboard, and maple neck. It has the bolt on, and a thin U neck. There are various controls available which are Vol/Tone w/Toggle.

10. Givson GS 1000, 6-Strings, Electric Guitar

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The guitar comes with adjustable bridge, and it has Rosewood Fretboard. The sunburst color and has the gloss finishing which makes it stylish and designer. This package of the guitar contains the electric guitar, pickup chord, cushion bag and has straps.

So this was Top 10 Best Electric Guitars In India of our Choice.

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