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The Office Chair in India Buyers Guide

Welcome!  Our goal is to help you find the best office chair by offering tips and reviews on the latest chairs in India.

People sit at their office desks for more than eight hours every day and having the right office chairs is almost mandatory for efficient operations in the office.

Choosing the right chair for the office is not an easy task because you must ensure that it is the most appropriate to ensure that employees are comfortable throughout the long working hours.

Sitting positions and the material used to make chairs have a significant effect on the health of those using them. There are myriad of factors to consider and from different angles. This article will shed light on what you need to look at before purchasing the chairs.

Cheap Office Chairs in India

When buying office chairs ensure that it will enable a relaxed sitting, a good backrest and adequate lumbar support to increase work efficiency and avoid back problems. It is important to consider the price of the chair depending on its quality.

Therefore more focus should be on quality as opposed to price. Expensive chairs do not always imply quality and it is also possible to find cheap office chairs that are of good quality.

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Compare the price of the chair to the quality expected for the office. Quality is determined by effectiveness, comfort, fabric and durability. Also check the effectiveness of the chair in terms of comfort and required office functions.

It is also important to factor in the visual appeal of the chair. In this case the color or design should be compatible with the interior design and the furniture in the office. For instance, if the interior of the office is wooden, it will be advisable to have wooden chairs too.

There are various options to choose from when it comes to the interior such as leather chairs, mesh chairs or just simple fabric chairs. Whichever fabric is chosen for the chairs, it is important to check the durability of the fabric to ensure that it is long lasting, comfortable and does not rub against the skin.

Best Office Chairs India

Which is the best office chair in India?

The best office chairs are those that highlight the mundane of the office by brightening the environment. They are also designed with a lot of flexibility. These chairs are meant to serve the needs of different people in the office such as staff and visitors.

These chairs should be constructed in a way that allows modification to accommodate individual requirements of different office users. The chairs should have a flexible arm rest, recline and if possible allow height adjustments so that the office will not have to look for small and big chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

What is the best chair for office?

For offices that need to solve neck and back problems among the employees once and for all may opt for ergonomic office chairs. When buying the ergonomic chairs the size, height and the width of the seat are important factors to consider.

The choice of whether to have a big or a small office seats depends on the size of the users. For instance, the ergonomic seat should allow the person using it to place their feet on the floor while at the same time the hands are at level height with the desk.

The width of a seat has a lot to do with the flexibility and effectiveness of the seat. The best office chairs will have a width of between 17 inches and 20 inches. However, the depth of the seats varies in spite of the standard width. A good chair allows the person sitting on it to have a posture in a way that the back leans against the chair while leaving a space of about 2 to 4 inches between the front part of the chair and the back of the knees.

Big and Tall Office Chairs

Big and tall office chairs are more preferable over small and short ones due to their ability to offer flexibility in terms of height and width of the chair so that it can accommodate many users. Big and tall seats also satisfy the requirements of best seats as discussed before.

When looking for tall and big seats ensure that they have cylinders that allow adjustments, the height of the backrest and depth of between 19″ and 21″. Generally, these types of chairs should be in ergonomic design, strong, simple assembly, of leather material, big back and seat, lumbar support, waterfall seat edge and pneumatic height adjustment.

Why office chairs so expensive?

As much as cost is important, ensure that whatever the cost, the above features are present in the office chair. It is also good to visit different furniture stores to compare prices and designs to get the best deals in the market for a comfortable and visual appeal of the office.

What Is The Best Office Chair?

Styles of office chairs for better posture and comfort 

Choosing the right ergonomic office chair is an important decision. We have taken the time to post what others are saying about the office chair they purchased to help you make an informed decision.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

The right ergonomic chair for your office is a vital decision. It could mean the difference between putting in a full days work, then returning home still energized, and coming home exhausted. Here, you will find what others have said about the office chairs they’ve purchased for themselves or for their office. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision on the ergonomic office chair that’s right for you.

If you work from an office at home, or if you commute to an office, you spend a great deal of time sitting. An ergonomic chair will help maintain proper posture and support to your lower back. Sitting in a comfortable chair, gives you hours of productive work not hours of wasted time squirming.

Which office chair is right for you, depends on several factors. By browsing this site, we hope to answer most if not all of your questions and give you a few tips that will aid you in making this decision.

The purpose of this website is to examine traditional office chairs, and alternative office chairs, which may be preferable by a few people who suffer from back problems.

Some of the things this site will help you with:

If you have purchased an office chair, which isn’t comfortable when you sit in it, then view our buying guide.

If you are in charge of buying office chairs for your home office or business, we’ve listed a few ideas to help you with your decision.

We have listed major manufacturers for you to choose the right chair for your home office, or you company.

If you have you purchased a chair and would like to tell the Internet world what you like or don’t like about your chair, email us. We want to hear from you.

Some office chair buying tips  

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

Some questions to ask before buying the chairs. If buying your office chair online, then we would recommend you call to get these questions answered

How to Buy Office Chairs that Will Last

Heavy-duty office chairs may be the most cost-effective option for your office and employees, but it can be difficult to determine the quality and durability of a chair.

Important Furniture Pieces for Your Office

Clients receive their first impression of you and your business within the first few minutes of stepping into your office.

Take Your Office Ergonomic

Today many companies are focusing on making their offices ergonomic because of an increasing number of medical problems with employees.

Massage Chairs in the Office Ease Work Related Tensions

Some office managers are finding offering a perk like a massage chair in the employee lounge can make for happy employees.

Design and Quality are at Top of List When Searching for Office Chairs

The modern computer desk and chair have evolved to cater to many different tastes and situations.

How to Choose Quality Leather Office Chairs

Now that you’ve been promoted, you want an impressive leather chair to go with your new status.

Why You Should Consider Ergonomic Office Chairs

What is the value of ergonomic office chairs? Why should you fork over money for a chair when you already have one?

4 buying tips for office chairs – If buying your office chair online, then we would recommend you call to get these questions answered.

Finding the right chair for you – If the person using the office chair often leans back, make sure that doing so does not result in any neck tension

Office chair average costs – What would be the average cost for an office chair.

The advantages and disadvantages when buying from a dealer – Most companies purchasing mid- to high-end furniture will go through a dealer to furnish their office.

The advantages and disadvantages when buying from a manufacturer – Buying office chairs direct is an option for companies interested in purchasing budget to mid-market office chairs.

How to buy multiple office chairs for a large company – If you are outfitting the entire company with office chairs, it is not practical to provide each person with a custom-fitted chair. You can’t have all 300 people come to the showroom and have each one sit in a chair to decide which is best for them.

The many manufactures of office chairs – A list of the many manufacturers of office chairs.

Important Questions 

What to ask about when purchasing office chairs:


When purchasing an office chair, or group of chairs it is always best to ask if whether parts can be replaced, by you or someone on your staff when repairs are needed, or if the chair must be shipped. If the chair must be shipping then, inquire who is responsible for shipping fees.


Competitive discounting is widespread with wholesalers. If you purchase one piece of furniture, you can anticipate about a 30 percent discount off the suggested retail price, if you compare prices. The amount you save can increase as you increase your order. Some discounts can be nearly half the original list price.

In-house trials:

When you purchase numerous chairs at a time, it is reasonable to request samples to be delivered to your office for an in-house trial. Employees can try the chairs, and then decide which they prefer. The standard chair may be adequate for most of your employees, however, for your very short or tall employees it may be necessary to purchase special chairs or chair accessories to support their needs.

Industry standards:

Chairs that meet or exceed Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association and the American national Standards Institute (BIFMA/ANSI) standards are subjected to a series of tests for durability. BIFMA/ANSI rating is an excellent indicator of construction quality.

Office Chair Safety tips

You normally do not associate safety and office chairs. The truth is, office chairs can be safety hazards. They are expected to hold our weight. Most injuries that occur are frequently minor and easily treated.

Some basic precautions:

1. If you assemble a new chair, follow the instructions. It may not be as easy as it seems.

2. Take particular care with the casters / wheels. The wheels / casters must fit properly into the base. If possible, purchase only 5-legged based chairs. These are more stable and durable.

3. Every six-month check the components of your chair, closely inspect the adjustable parts. You want to ensure that they are properly tightened, and that there are no missing parts.

4. If you must rock in your chair, then purchase a chair that has a tilt function.  As your parents or teacher said, keep all of your chair feet, in this case casters, on the floor. Your office chair casters are easily damaged and are designed to work at a certain angle.

5. Make sure the type of casters on your chair is made for the floor surface of your office space. Casters that come standard on your chair are usually intended for carpeted surfaces. If your office space is tile, then you should use softer casters. Casters are made for carpet, hard surfaces and for the combination of both.

 Office Chair Reviews: Helping you find the perfect Chair

Which office chair is best for back India?

If there is one thing that you learn spending 40 plus hours a week in an office it’s that everyone is different. Whether they enjoy starkly differing foods, engage in contrasting work styles, or are simply dissimilar ages, everyone is different. People’s preference in office chairs is no exception.

The very first thing you do each day is sit down, you get comfortable. You wiggle around in your chair, stare at the screen, prepare for the day. So isn’t it important you perfect this ritual? We certainly believe so. That’s why we’ve created our website, with the goal of helping everybody get the perfect start to their day.

Dating back hundreds of years, the office chair (or the swivel chair), has been used to maximize our efficiency. Getting up and moving the chair to a different part of the work station was proving to be remarkably inefficient, and quite simply tiring. This revolution soon became universal, especially during the 19th century as companies shifted from family style businesses to more administrative environments.

As the decades passed and companies became more inventive, so did the very office chairs keeping them up right. Comfort increased, as well as the functional capabilities of the chairs. Soon enough they could be lowered and raised, coming with headrests and armrests. Point being, let’s all be glad for a second we didn’t have to deal with the original office chairs.

So here we are now, 2020, with more options in terms of office chairs than ever before. This puts even more of an importance on finding the one that fits your personal needs. With the plethora of options out there, it’s unnecessary and unfair for you to have to be dealing with a chair that makes the work day even more of a burden.

Outside of comfort, there is another enormous reason to seek out the perfect chair: your health. It doesn’t take a medically-trained doctor to tell you spending eight hours a day in a chair isn’t great for your back or posture, in fact you could probably put together it’s down-right awful. That’s why it’s ever-so important to do your due diligence in finding your office chair, one that allows for you to maintain good posture as well as  helping you avoid any future damage to your long-term health.

Choosing a Good Quality Office Chair

Given that you spend most part of your day on an office chair, you need proper back support. The best means to achieve this is to spend on a chair that supports your body correctly. Lacking it you’ll possibly have back pain, muscle pain, headaches or several other ailments. There are a few vital features that you should look for in a good-quality ergonomic office chair and how you should maintain it, with this article we will emphasize on a few of them.

A good quality ergonomic office chair’s backrest should have a size of approximately 12 to 19 inches. Besides, if the backrest is not fixed to the seat, its height and angle should be adjustable. It should correctly support the spine’s natural curve, focusing on to good support for the lumbar area. If the seat and backrest are fixed in that case the backrest’s forward as well as backward angles should be adjustable. It should as well have a locking system that can lock it after the user decides the right angle for the backrest.

The fabric used for the ergonomic chair’s seat should be comfortable and include enough padding that will offer comfort to anyone sitting on it for an extensive time. You should as well choose a chair made with breathable cloth mesh fabric rather than one that has a rigid one. The armrests should be easily adjustable and should allow the arms of the user rest at ease and for the user’s shoulders comfortable. The lower arms as well as elbows should be able to rest evenly. A good quality ergonomic office chair should swivel easily with the intention that the user would be able to reach any part of his desk without any stress.

Besides, as soon as someone walks into your office, you almost certainly would like the person to walk out on a positive note. Several people will spend on a first-class executive office chair as a means of serving this thought. It definitely would be a better idea to buy a good quality desk chair rather than a less than high caliber swivel chair. However, do not take for granted that the chair you buy will be imperishable, this only denotes you should take appropriate care of it otherwise it will lose greatly the significance it is intended to present.

Even if the majority of people will take proper care of their good quality office chair and keep away from moving it in such a way it might get smashed, there are people that can end up doing just that. As you would expect, this would not be a good thing in so far as the durability of the chair is concerned. Therefore, be careful with the chair as you move or slide it. You would not like to degrade the quality of the chair because of recklessness. Good quality chairs will last for an extended time if you take appropriate care of them. Of course, these little things can go a long way in preserving these good quality office chairs and to impress others.

What Is The Ultimate Ergonomic Office Chair in India

You can find the ultimate ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, armrests, height adjustments and a cushioned seat that will provide all the comfort you need. You will receive all this support and comfort from the ergonomic chairs.

You will find many ergonomic chairs for an affordable price, after all, the price does not add up to the medical bills you could rack up from backache, tension headache, knee pain and overall body pains. Poor posture comes from having an improper chair with inadequate support. In the 90’s, a mesh kind of material was used to form the backrest on the chair and has allowed for the ultimate ergonomic office chair. With this new type of material came with it a comfortable chair with the ultimate in comfort chairs.

Many of the ergonomic chairs appear to be the same, but with different prices on them. The reason is the looks appear the same, but the chairs are actually different for one reason or another.

Ultimate Ergonomic Office Chair With Mesh

The mesh helps to distribute the weight while giving a slight give that is needed when you sit down. It might look a little out of sorts, but it actually makes a comfortable chair. We all know about hammocks, well the ergonomic chairs are the luxury hammocks so to speak. Because of using this mesh material, the ultimate ergonomic office chair conforms to any body size, shape and form.

The features we all know and love about the ergonomic chairs has been kept in place. The ultimate ergonomic office chair still comes with armrests, height adjustment, headrest and a comfort seat with a design that supports the knees and thighs. The mesh material just enhances the ergonomic chair and as they continue to improve with each design, you will find a very comfortable chair.

The Ultimate Ergonomic Office Chair Has An Awesome Price

They tent to be more pricy then a regular computer chair, but when you consider the money you are saving for doctor visits and pain pills not to mention the fatigue that comes from being uncomfortable, you will find the price affordable. The mesh chairs may run up to one thousand dollars, but the rewards are well worth it. You can find cheaper imitations for a lower price, if you take the time to look and compare. You can always find a comfort chair for any computer desk you might have.

Humanscale, Allsteel, and Herman Miller are Office Chair Leaders in Ergonomic Design

There are several leaders in the race for the perfect design, function and appearance of an ergonomic chair. The top designers of ergonomic chairs such as Humanscale, Allsteel and Herman Miller are at the top of their game now that ergonomics have become so important to both the workers and the employers.

High end ergonomic office chairs are similar in appearance but each has design features and unique elements to add to the ergonomic functionality. Each designer has added several mechanisms to help the body with better positioning and set it aside from the others.

The Humanscale Freedom Chair, Allsteel’s #19 Mesh Chair and the Herman Miller Aeron Chair are terrific examples of good ergonomic design and style. These chairs all move with your body while also helping to promote healthy body positioning. They have won countless design awards and can also be found online with custom ordering options, making shopping for ergonomic chairs a breeze.

According to the search engine analyzers, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the most specifically searched for Office Chair model. With both mesh style seating and ergonomics gaining such poularity in the last few years, the Aeron chair is having tremendous amounts of success.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair features breathable mesh material for the free flow of air to the skin, similar to how lace or window screens allow the air flow to move, keeping the body at a comfortable temperature. The Aeron model also features PostureFit, providing lower back support below the beltline for amazingly healthy posture and body position.

Humanscale is most well know for it’s Freedom Chair product line, winning several design and functionality awards. Offering a wide variety of customized features such as fabric color and type, frame color, headrest and gel cushioning, the Freedom chair is suited exactly to the user’s tastes.

The Freedom Chair model features an intelligent counter balance mechanism to provide support through the full reclining motion specific to the user’s size and weight. With one time adjustment and no further need for manual controls, the Freedom chair maximizes the natural movement of your body, promoting a healthy body posture and is the author’s pick for most comfortable chair.

The Allsteel #19 has not only a unique name for an office chair but also many completely original features in ergonomic design. Using mostly recycled materials in the making of this chair, Allsteel is looking out for the environment as well.

The #19 features a back-to-seat ratio that maximizes blood circulation and prevents muscle strain to add to the user’s comfortability. It also has a foam, technogel and tria compliant upholstery that creates a breathable seat and real comfort ability cushioning.

These chairs are all custom ordered from the manufacturer with your own choice of features making these chairs truly fit to your body type and style needs. Each of these manufacturers makes an outstanding ergonomic chair, now is the time to choose which one is right for you.

Amy Lieberfarb has been in the office furniture and interiors industry for 11 years and currently operates two office furniture websites providing information on how to pick ergonomic chairs and a large online catalog with hundreds of choices.

6 Ways to Maintain Your Office Chair

Sitting in an office chair is pretty much inevitable for most of us that spend the majority of our days sitting and working in front of the computer. Most office chairs get put to good use, with some spending hours of overtime regularly as well as more time sitting in a chair than sleeping in a bed at night.

If you are anything like me, you do not take time to consider just how much use you get out of your office chair, especially if you are sitting 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Those countless hours of use can add up and eventually wear down your chair. For most, this will happen sooner than expected especially if your chair is not properly taken care of.

Cleaning and maintaining your office chair are key components to prolonging the life of your chair but it takes more than just a wipe down with a rag to keep your chair looking new. If you want to extend your office chair’s life, save your money and the hassle of having to continuously purchase new chairs there are certain necessary steps to take to get more out of your chair.

Purchase a Chair That is Built to Last – The easiest way to ensure that a chair will be designed to withstand years of use is to purchase a chair that is built to last. This is simple, if you are looking for a bargain chair at your nearest Staples or Office Depot, perhaps you will get a great price but in turn you will also be receiving a chair that is made of bargain components. In other words,

it will not last you as long as you might expect and you will most likely need to purchase another new chair a year or two down the line. It actually makes more sense in the long run to spend more on a chair that will last ten years then to have to continuously purchase new chairs every year, and is less of a hassle.

Look at the Manufacturer Warranty – Almost every office chair comes with a manufacturer warranty, and if they do not it is probably not worth your investment. It is crucial to read each manufacturer’s warranty to determine if the chair of interest will be a worthwhile purchase. Find out what parts are warranted and for how long each component of the chair is warranted for.

You can tell a lot by a manufacturer’s warranty; if their parts are warranted for 10 years or have a lifetime warranty, this shows they are that confident in their product and construction of their chair that they are willing to take the risk of extending the warranty for multiple years.

Remember when a part breaks on your office chair, that comes out of the manufacturer’s funds to have to replace it which is why some warranties are very limited. It is important to keep in mind that all manufacturer’s will warrant their seat fabrics for less time than their components, which is standard with everyone because this is the first part of all chairs to fade with time due to how often it gets rubbed/used.

If you want to make certain that the fabric on your chair will not fade over time, try looking for a chair that has a higher grade fabric as an option or opt for a vinyl/leather chair that tolerate a bit more use and abuse than fabric chairs.

Clean Your Chair Regularly – Spills and stains are bound to happen as well as unpleasant order, which is why it is important to be proactive in cleaning your office chair regularly. A good upholstery cleaner will do the trick and keep your chair looking new for years. Keep your upholstery cleaner and a clean rag in a convenient location in case a spill happens.

As soon as something is spilled, quickly use your upholstery cleaner blotting the stain with a clean rag before the stain has time to spread and set in the fabric. It is also possible to make your own fabric cleaner with warm water and a little detergent. Be careful to clean gently in order to avoid ruining or damaging the fabric. If you are accident prone, there is also the option to opt for a vinyl or leather office chair which would be much simpler to clean.

Inspect the Chair Every 6 Months – Just like any other piece of machinery that gets used often, screws and bolts can become loose as time progresses. In order to avoid accidents, such as a chair collapsing or a part giving out, you should inspect your chair at least once every 6 months to make sure all parts and components of the chair are tightened.

Look for defective casters/wheels, loose securing bolts, loose arms, broken mechanism, and evidence of cracks on the base of the chair from stress. If any of these parts are broken, contact your furniture dealer to see if these parts are under warranty. As aforementioned, if your chair has a good warranty, you should be able to get these replacement parts shipped to you for free.

Do Not Lean Too Far Forward or Too Far Back – Be wary to not lean too far back in your chair so that the wheels or legs lift up from the floor. Leaning too far back can cause the chair to give from under you and cause structural damage, or loosen key components that can cause the chair to break or fall apart. Not only that, but you can hurt yourself as well! On the contrary, you also need to make sure not to lean too far forward by putting all your weight on the front of your chair. The chair can tip over leading to your chair getting damaged or even worse you getting hurt by falling onto your desk.

Determine the Weight Rating – Standard office chairs are designed to hold up to 250 pounds. With the exception of specialty big and tall office chairs, with some that can hold up to 550 pounds, most office chairs you will find online can only hold a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

If your weight requires a specialty chair, it is best to pay the extra money to get one otherwise your chair will not be under warranty and will exponentially increase the chances of it breaking much quicker.

Big and tall office chairs are constructed with heavy-duty components, sometimes this even includes and all indestructible steel frame, and are specifically designed for tough environments. Every good office chair website will have a place on their product pages that explains the maximum capacity for each chair and if you are unable to find that information do not be afraid to ask

Best Office Chairs For 2022

Oftentimes, visitors and potential customers look around an office suite and their very first impression of a company is influenced by furnishings.

An office chair will mirror the company’s image, so your choice ought to bring out your values, which might be refinement as well as elegance.

In addition to projecting an elegant impression among prospective customers or visitors, stylish and professional chairs always create an appealing work ambiance which increases your employees’ morale and workflow.

Keeping your employees comfortable while they carry out their duties is important for health as well as safety.

Here Are Some of The Best Office Chairs For 2022

Miliboo Office Chair

Miliboo office chairs are one of the most upscale of our office chair collection. This brand of chair will bring you extreme comfort. Its exposed seams, arms and aluminium legs give it a designer appearance ideal for contemporary offices. The seat height is adjustable through pneumatic cylinder, the application might hang upright with 2 way system, and the cover back and seat leather has a pleasant touch. Comfort is insured fully through the file’s rocker function. This chair will comfort people who spend a full day in the office!

Herman Miller Aeron

This office chair is probably one of the world’s most famous office chairs. Aeron chairs set the new standard for comfort and ergonomics when it was released. The design is famous that companies the world over order them by hundreds. Aeron chair accommodates both the sitters as well as the environment. The chair has a large fan base, is extremely comfortable, adapts naturally to almost anybody who sits in it, it is customizable, offers up foam as well as padding for woven mesh, and it’s 94 percent recyclable.

Via Genie Chair

If you’re given 3 wishes for the best chair to show in your office, Via Genie Chair ought to be one of them. This office chair is one of the best chairs on the market today, and the most comfy. Add to this the fact that it’s inexpensive in a mid-range for top quality office chairs. The chair is available in 8 different mesh colors. Also, it fits in every corner you place it -in the meeting room or at the desk or even at home office.

Steelcase Leap

This chair is one of the world’s most popular ergonomic chairs. At first glimpse, it appears to be a typical office chair, nothing dazzling about it when you compare it with the similarly priced office chairs. However, once you plant yourself in the seat, you realize how comfy this chair really is as well numerous ergonomic features it offers. It possesses all the ergonomic features one can look for in the office chair, from comfortable seat cushion down to the silky rolling casters. The award-winning office chair provides intuitive adjustments and contemporary, timeless style.

Raynor Ergohuman

This office chair was primarily designed for those who sit in their chairs for long haul. The design has customizable components, headrest, arm height, as well as rocker tension. Also, the Ergohuman features a wider seat pan than many office chairs. This is what sets this chair apart from the rest. The series is not only for the wider among us though, it’s also ideal for taller people who need decent back support. Video Review.

Humanscale World Chair

If you’re looking for a comfortable chair, then look no further. This chair is among the most comfortable and highest quality office chairs. Its mesh seat is just like the pillows for the thighs. Also, owing to its meshy goodness, one can sit in it the whole day without getting that unpleasant sticking. It boasts an automatic recline feature. This means that it supports both the back and legs of the user at an angle at which he opt to sit, without requiring adjustment. Its hands-free recline is just as comfortable as it’s supportive, and with the mid-range list cost, it squarely hits in a more inexpensive mark for high end office furniture. Video Review.

There a number of best office chairs on the market that did not make this list, but before you choose one for your office, make sure you conduct your research, always keep in mind that purchasing quality chairs will save you a lot of cash in the long run

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