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Are Lightweight Juniors Stroller Better For Travel Than Travel System Strollers?

Lightweight strollers or travel system strollers? Which stroller is better for travelling with your child? There’s no such thing as a stroller that’s ideal for all travel.

Which stroller to use depends on the circumstances. There are some instances when a travel stroller is better than a lightweight stroller. There are some situations where a lightweight stroller would be more suitable.

Lightweight Strollers Versus Travel System Strollers

The main advantage of lightweight strollers over travels strollers is their size. Lightweight strollers are usually more compact, smaller, and lighter than a travel stroller. You can easily manoeuvre a lightweight stroller around narrow city streets and you can carry this stroller with hardly any effort.

Travel system strollers may be bulky but they’re quite rugged. They’re built to withstand any environmental condition and they can grow with your child. Plus, travel stroller usually comes with more features than a lightweight stroller like extra storage, rain covers, cup holders, etc.

Lightweight strollers are ideal for walking around the city with an older baby. The construction and features of most lightweight strollers are pretty basic,

So your child has be at least 6 months old before you can use one. And because lightweight strollers are so easy to carry, you can travel easily with your baby even without another adult companion.

But if you’re travelling with an infant or younger, it’s recommended that you use a travel stroller. If you’re travelling through the countryside, or going through the beach, or going through any rugged terrain, the travel stroller would also be more suitable than a lightweight stroller.

Using a lightweight stroller outside regular city streets would damage its simple construction. A travel stroller would also be suitable if you’re travelling with another adult companion or you need a stroller with lots of extra storage.

It would be best for most parents to have one lightweight stroller and one travel stroller. You can use the lightweight stroller for trips where you move around a lot and you can do without the extra bulk.

You can use the travel stroller for trips where your child needs extra protection, you have another person to help with the stroller, and you need the space and features that a travel stroller provides.

Travel Stroller – What You Should Look For

A travel stroller is specially made to make going out easier for parents and children. Travels strollers are more expensive because of the extra features.

They can cost from as little as $100 to as much as $500, depending on the brand and quality. But the great thing about these strollers is that they can grow with your baby.

You can usually use a travel stroller from babyhood until they’re toddlers. They’re lightweight, compact, and easy to load and unload from your car.

When shopping for a travel stroller, you should look for features that would keep your child safe and comfortable.

Travel Stroller Features

  • Infant Seat. The infant seats in a travel stroller usually double as infant car seats. Make sure that the infant seat is durable and locks securely into the stroller. The infant seat also has to be padded at all sides with restraints to prevent your baby from sliding or falling off the seat.
  • Reclining Seat. As your baby gets older, he or she will eventually move to the reclining seat. The reclining seat must have safety restraints to prevent your child from slipping. In order to provide your child additional comfort, look for a travel stroller with leg supports and foam supports at all sides.
  • Canopy. The canopy provides shade for your baby while travelling outdoors and privacy while sleeping. Make sure the canopy of you travel stroller folds back and can be removed easily for storage. Also make sure that your canopy has mosquito netting to prevent bugs and insects from getting to your baby.
  • Safety Features. Safety features are an important component in any type of stroller. For a travel stroller, there should be locking mechanisms for both from and back wheels to prevent the stroller from rolling away. Look for belt restraints that fit well so they will secure your child and prevent an accident.
  • Storage Compartment. When travelling with your baby, it’s likely you’ll be bringing a diaper bag in addition to your own bag. Look for storage space in a travel stroller that can easily accommodate your diaper bag and whatever extra items you need when going out with your child.

The Travel Stroller And Air Travel

The travel stroller was invented to make travelling with your infant or toddler a lot easier. Even though these strollers are made for travel, they’re still hard to transport especially when you travel by plane.

Airports and airplanes have a lot of restrictions with regards to what you can carry and what should go with the check-in baggage.

A lot of people are confused about the rules regarding travelling with children on strollers. Here are some of the things you should know about travelling by plane with a stroller. Knowing these rules can help you prepare for your upcoming trip and anticipate problems that may arise.

Travel Stroller Tips

  • Check with the airline what their policies are with regards to travelling with strollers. Some airlines are more family-friendly than others. By knowing what their policies are ahead of time, you’ll be able to plan what you can bring and avoid any hassle.
  • Check your travel stroller at the gate. You actually have the option of checking you stroller at the gate so you wouldn’t have to carry your child and your luggage. They’ll even let you have your stroller back as you get off the plane. The point is you have to ask the airline staff politely and more often than not they’ll be sensitive to your needs.
  • Use the baby carrier of your travel stroller. Travel strollers usually have a detachable baby carrier/car seat. If your baby is small enough and you’ve bought a seat for your baby, consider checking in your stroller and use the baby carrier instead. That way you can strap your baby on the seat and you can easily carry your baby as you get on and off the plane.
  • Consider buying an umbrella travel stroller for air travel. Umbrella strollers are lightweight, easy to fold, and small enough to fit in the overhead bin. Consider using an umbrella stroller instead when flying so you don’t have to check in your stroller at all.
  • Don’t forget to label your travel stroller. Luggage often gets lost in airports, including travel strollers. Make sure you label your stroller clearly with your name and contact information.

Karoo Lightweight Strollers – Quality And Safety At An Affordable Price

Lightweight strollers are essential for every parent. It allows you to travel with your baby easily and conveniently.

However, most lightweight strollers have several disadvantages. In order to be lighter, most lightweight strollers are really simple umbrella strollers that are not very comfortable and not as safe as a regular stroller.

To make lightweight strollers easy to carry, several features have to be sacrificed. The cushions and leg rests that make the seat comfortable have to go.

Most keep the chair in a fixed position and remove the under seat storage compartment in order to make the stroller easy to fold. Wheel locks and adjustable sun covers are removed to make the stroller more compact.

Features of Karoo Lightweight Strollers

Usually, if you want to get amazing features on a lightweight umbrella stroller, you’d have to get a McLaren Techno which could cost you around $400. But with Karoo lightweight strollers, you get these features and more for under $200.

For a lightweight stroller, the Karoo stroller is remarkably comfortable. It has a 4 position reclining backrest so your child can nap or travel in comfort. It also has a 2 position leg rests, so his legs will never tire or strain while travelling.

The foldable and removable suncover protects your child from the sun. The stroller also has a padded headrest and padded 5-point harness to keep your child secure while being comfortable.

This stroller is comfortable for parents too. The 42” handle height is ideal even for tall parents. You don’t have to bend over when pushing this lightweight stroller.

Karoo lightweight strollers also have a large storage basket underneath the seat, enough for a large diaper bag and mommy’s purse.

The safety features of this stroller are unparalleled. The all-wheel suspension prevents your child from being hurt by bumpy roads and ensures your child has a smooth ride.

It has a dual touch brake for the rear wheels and a lock-out feature for the front wheels, something you don’t normally see in most lightweight strollers. These wheel brakes will prevent your stroller from rolling off accidently and so help your child stay secure.

With these amazing features and this amazing price, there is every reason to consider Karoo lightweight strollers when you need the best stroller for the job.

Top Baby Essentials Every Mother Should Have

Top Baby Essentials Every Mother Should Have

When you predict, it will be tough to predict specifically what you may like once your baby arrives. buying a baby will be quite overwhelming as a result of there’s plenty of engaging baby instrumentality out there and you’re tempted to merely get everything.

However, there are many things that are simply AN indulgence and you will not use in the slightest degree. Therefore, it’s best for you to remember the necessities to confirm you’re not throwing your cash away. What are they? Listed below are the highest baby necessities each mater ought to have:


First, begin with the nursery. Yes, for the initial months, can|you’ll|you may} in all probability keep the baby with you and for that, you just will like a cradle or crib for his or her 1st bed. As for the nursery, you would like to induce an honest cot that may accommodate the baby once they begin growing. you furthermore might get an honest pad as cots sometimes do not go with one.

A confirmative pad is significant as a result of it’ll keep the baby comfy and that they are ready to sleep higher. An ever-changing unit is additionally one thing to induce because it can keep everything in one place and create the nappy amendment as stress-free as potential.

Sleep and Safety

No list of baby necessities would be complete while not a baby monitor thereon. once your baby is asleep, can|you’ll|you may} clearly move around and a baby monitor will assist you to keep a watch on your infant.

Another issue you would like to own for your child’s safety may be a measuring instrument for checking their temperature. Even a coffee fever may be a symbol of infection or health problem in babies. it’s conjointly best to induce a space measuring instrument for the nursery because it can tell you if space is cool or heat enough for your kid.


Small babies will be implausibly slippery and wriggling, therefore, you ought to build tub time simple and fun by obtaining a baby tub or investment in a very tub support, which may match into the massive tub with ease.

Breast Feeding

You need to urge a manual pump that is discreet and conjointly moveable. it’s suggested that you simply get a double or single pump for quick and effective pumping.

A vessel is another essential you would like to urge as a result of sterilizing the pump, bottles and the other feeding accent will keep bacterium off from your toddler. cowl ups also {are|are} value wanting into as a result of they will provide you with privacy after you are breastfeeding publically.


Babies have terribly sensitive skin and that they square measure terribly delicate, which suggests that you simply ought to get cotton cloth because it works for them.

each wear item ought to be 100% cotton. you may want a minimum of vi to eight bodysuits and sleepsuits, many try of socks and scratch mittens and you may conjointly want a hat, some cardigans and a winter coat for the cold season.

Carriers and Pushchairs

Obviously, you may take your baby outside with you and it’s merely not possible to hold them in your arms. you would like a carriage, buggy or pushchair that lies flat for newborns and has each sunshade and rain cowl.

Another nice choice you’ll be able to use could be a baby sling or a baby carrier, that enables you to take your baby on and offers you the liberty of moving and doing different things with none trouble. you’ll be able to additionally get a carriage that may double as a seat.

Car Seat

Last, however positively not the smallest amount, you furthermore may invest in a very sensible seat if you propose to require your kid together with you after you square measure driving. you have got to possess a rear-facing seat, particularly for taking your baby home from the hospital.

A spread of automobile seats is found within the market and totally different ones square measure obtainable, looking on the age and weight of the baby. you must make sure that the one you purchase is appropriate for your kid and meets all the security standards, therefore, your baby gets most protection once traveling with you.

Get these baby necessities and you may be ready for your baby’s arrival and watch out of them with efficiency.