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A Mixer Grinder is a general term which evolved in India for the Indian kitchen blenders. The origin of the term ‘Grinder’ in the ‘Mixer Grinder’ combination has to do with the grinding of masalas, which were earlier done on a stone grinder. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide.

Why Should You Buy A Juicer Mixer Grinder? Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

Ginger-garlic paste, red and green chili paste, dry ground flavors, chutneys, and masalas frame a fundamental part of Indian cooking.This is the thing that makes a mixer grinder an imperative apparatus to an Indian kitchen.

As in past times when all the masalas were ground physically on a granulating stone, in today’s hectic circumstances, it is difficult to contribute so much time and energy on the task of mixing and grinding.

Therefore, a mixer grinder that can crush food into a considerably better paste in a matter of minutes by a press of a button has turned into a necessity. You require a mixer grinder for such bother free grinding and pureeing.

What Are The Different Types Of Mixer Grinders?

There are two fundamental kinds of mixer grinders accessible in the market today. One is a juicer mixer grinder and the other is a mixer grinder. You can purchase a juicer mixer grinder for its additional advantage of a juicer alongside the typical mixer grinder. That way you don’t need to purchase a different juicer for making new squeezes. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide.

What Features To Consider While Buying The Best Mixer Grinder?

Price And Budget

Obviously, this is the most vital factor that one considers. The cost for the best juicer mixer grinder ranges anything between Rs.1000 to Rs.4000. The size and components affect the cost. Besides it is likely that you’d as of now have a budget at the top of the priority list to stick to. So this actually turns into an imperative angle that needs thought.

Type Of Machine

You can ether go for a mixer grinder or a juicer mixer grinder. A mixer grinder can only be used for beating, mixing, whipping or reducing food to smaller size, but if you want to derive the benefits of a juicer as well, it will be best to have a Juicer Mixer Grinder.


A mixer grinder that can work well in more than one speed option will provide you better control while using various ingredients.

Over Load Protection Function

Regularly, individuals tend to grind more material in the jug than as far as possible. This may prompt over-burdening of engine lastly, wearing out. Henceforth, an uncommon relay called as electrical switch is available that works like a typical wire in the house. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

Number Of Jars

Various numbers of jars are available in different sizes and capacities with various models of juicer mixer grinders in India. More the quantity of jars, more functions you’ll be able to carry out with your grinder.

Locking System

Consider buying a grinder in which the machine does not start until the jar is securely locked with the unit. This is an important feature that you must look out for, considering it to be a safety option. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

Safety Tips

  • Ensure the power button and further more the primary power supply catch are killed when you are stacking ingredients into the JMG
  • Ensure the attachment is all around earthed to diminish shocks
  • Guarantee the cover of the jug is firmly shut when you begin the machine
  • The machine base is typically given slip-verification feet, however for wellbeing and steadiness, put the apparatus on a level stage
  • Try not to leave the machine unattended when it’s working
  • Run the machine with satisfactory water while making purees
  • Try not to add hot fixings to the jugs, as it might harm the sharp edges and the container walls

Final Words

I have put my earnest attempts to help you locate the best mixer grinder in India for your kitchen. Hope this post would help you discover one.

Mixer grinder is an unquestionable requirement machine for the kitchen as a result of day by day uses and its multi-reason usefulness makes it an important thing for housewives.

You can choose any brand or model of your decision yet search for client reviews and ratings which will help you in settling on a superior choice. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide and buy the best mixer grinder.

A balanced diet contains nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Many moms think that giving their kids orange juice from concentrate is enough.

But many of these juices contain more sugars and flavorings than real fruit juice. They simply end up giving their kids too much sugar.

One way to remedy this is to provide them with freshly squeezed orange juices or lemonades. It was so hard to get juice from fruits before because of all the squeezing you would have to do.

Thankfully, there are new appliances, such as electric citrus juicer, that can do the job for you.

Health Benefits of Blending

Smoothies are more filling than pure juice because the body has to process the plant fiber as well as the juice. This means your body will stay full longer than with juicing. The body is also much less likely to experience spikes in blood sugar levels because nutrients are released slowly and evenly into the blood stream.

juicing vs blending health benefits

Your body gets much needed fiber from smoothies, where juicing removes the fiber. This means you will need to get your fiber from other food sources or supplements.

There is also little cleanup with smoothies. Juicing results in fiber that needs to be cleaned from the juicer but there is no such waste when you blend because you are drinking all of the fruits and vegetables.

Whether you decide to juice or blend, you should consider using organic fruits and vegetables if your budget allows.

When it comes to comparing juicing Vs blending health benefits, only you can deciding which is better for your nutritional needs. And regardless of which one you choose, both are great options for a healthy lifestyle.

With the use of small kitchen appliances like this, enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice can be as easy as 1-2-3.

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Juicing for Weight Loss – How to Juice Effectively

Losing weight is never easy. And if you are one of the millions of people who are overweight and want to shed excess pounds then you may have heard about juicing for weight loss. But is juicing a healthy way to lose weight? It can be, but it depends on just what and how you juice.

Juicing is the process of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. The pulp is discarded so that what you are left with is just the juice, which is a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact, up to 99% of these nutrients can be absorbed from freshly made juice, which is a great way to nourish your body.

Juicing for Weight Loss

It sounds simple enough, but juicing for weight loss does require a bit of planning. The first step is figuring out what fruits and vegetables you want to juice. Not all fruits and vegetables are made equal and some have more health benefits than others. Vegetables are pretty low in calories for the most part but when it comes to fruit, some are lower in calories and carbs than others.

There are plenty of good juicing recipe books that include the nutritional value with each recipe. If you fruit juice fruits and veggies together you will cut down on the calories, while still adding some sweetness. Juicing all fruits will give you plenty of nutrition, but it will also give you more calories and sugars.

Calories and Juicing

Calories need to be considered when juicing for weight loss. When counting calories people tend to forget that liquid calories count as well. And while there is nothing wrong with drinking your calories in the form of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, as opposed to getting empty calories from sugary soft drinks you still need to keep the extra calories in mind. Juicing all vegetables would give you a juice that is extremely low in calories. Adding just a little fruit with the vegetables that you are juicing will give you a better tasting juice while still keeping calories fairly low.

Things to Consider Before Juicing

You have probably heard of juice fasts where you drink nothing but juice for several days, juicing for weight lossweeks or even months. Wellness advocate Joe Cross did a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead where he helped many people change their lives (including his own) by following a juice fast for 60 days. However, this type of diet is very extreme and should never be attempted without consulting with your health care provider first.

Instead of going on an extreme juice fast, think of juicing as part of a healthy way to round out your diet. If you juice once or twice a day, in addition to eating a balanced diet, it is a great way to flood your body with nutrition.

So go ahead and give juicing a go, but make sure you use a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables (organic is best) including healthy greens such as spinach and kale. You will also want to compare juicers as well to see what works right for your budget. And as an added bonus to juicing, you may find that juicing even once a day gives you a nice energy boost!

Of course, there are other factors to consider as well, such as exercise and the quantity and quality of foods eaten when not juicing. But if you are committed to, and educate yourself about healthy juicing then losing weight by juicing can be accomplished.

Lose Stubborn Tummy Fat

Here are few easy and pain-free ways on how to lose weight – and keep it out of the window.

1.) Hydrate to Lose Weight
Drinking a glass of water before each and every meal can quell your appetite, making you feel not famished. Water can also help increase your body’s metabolism. Studies have shown that the more you drink water, the lesser is your fat deposits, and the lesser you drink water, the more is your fats deposits. So, do you have a good relationship with water every day? If not, better start doing so today.

2.) Grumble and Rumble
Ever grabbed a bag of chocolates or a bottle of wine after knowing that your greatest crush is already in a relationship? Or even a gallon of ice cream after the protagonist of your all-time favorite drama or movie is abducted, tortured or dying – you get the picture. Many people eat their self out of boredom, happiness, frustrations and stress, just like the scenarios aforementioned. But craving for food when you’re not hungry, biologically hungry, is a big N and O, NO. Learn to recognize the signals of hunger– like grumbling and rumbling of your stomach, and satisfy them. Make sure that you only eat when you are hungry.

3.) No to White, Yes to Wheat
A slice of white bread looks so innocent you can hardly think it is bad for your diet. But eating carbohydrates mixed with white flour and sugar not to mention is more than enough to cause a rise on your sugar level and can add a digit or two on your weight. So opt for foods with high fiber content like cereals, oatmeals, and whole wheat breads. Eating more than two servings of whole wheat breads can keep you away from hunger longer, and will less likely wreak havoc on your diet.

4.) Ordinary Coffee is Healthy
2013 U.S. statistics shows that 83 percent of adults drink coffee, making 587 million cups in that year alone. A living testimonial that coffee is inevitable. But did you know that the fancier your coffee gets, the higher your diet is at risk? Fancy coffee drinks are bulk with several hundred calories. How so? Thanks to the added whole milk, sugar, whipped cream and many other things. But, ordinary coffee, on the other hand, has just a small amount of calories. You not only get the nutritional benefits of coffee, you can also keep your diet safe. So remember, simplicity is healthy.

5.) Natural is Supernatural
Losing weight is the Achilles’ heel of many people. Even the most conscientious methods of losing weight are likely to induce frustrating results, only few succeed. Such frustration is why others go and should go for naturals, like fruits, vegetables and herbal plants. One of the most prominent herbs is the Forskolin plant. Also known as Coleus forskohlii or labeled as fat burning plant. It is believed to be used even in ancient times because of its amazing and unique benefits like treating asthma and lowering blood pressure. Today, according to studies, it can help to aid the breakdown of stored human fats. Thus, resulting to unbelievable weight loss.

Finding the Best Diet and Nutrition Plan for You

There are so many different types of diet and nutrition plans out there – some are great, some are okay, and some are unsafe fad diets that you should not follow long term, if at all. You can find a diet for just about anything – whether you want to drop weight at an incredibly fast rate, stick to eating one particular type of food, or just a general diet that cuts out unhealthy options. Either way, there’s an immense number of options out there.

Is There a Perfect Diet Plan?

Those who construct diets for people to use as a guideline (or lifestyle) to lose weight and get in shape usually have the best motives, but there’s one question. Why do so many diets contradict each other? The thing is, if you research a new diet plan, you will probably hear that it’s the latest craze backed by research. You will also probably hear that it’s perfect for you. But how can every diet work for each and every individual person in the world?diet and nutrition blog

Choosing the Right Diet for You

Some people swear by a low fat diet which emphasis healthy whole grains while others feel that a low carb diet that is high in protein and higher in fat is the way to go. These are just two examples of the many weight loss plans out there that contradict each other. Not every diet will cater to the individual needs of every person.

When looking for a particular diet plan to improve our health it is crucial that we find the diet that best suits our individual needs. Not every diet is created equal. If you have any particular concerns when it comes to your health, you have to make sure that your diet correlates with those needs.

The Diet and Nutrition Blog contains information on various diet plans. Ultimately, you should seek advice from your health care provider before starting any weight loss plan. My goal here is not to rate each diet from best to worse, but instead share information about various plans to help you find the right diet to fit your nutritional needs.

Philips HL 1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder is a complete unit for the kitchen. If you are in need of juicer and mixer grinder as well, rather than purchasing an additional device, you can purchase this combination device that can work as juicer and mixer grinder both, without any compromise.

Philips which is the most trustworthy brand name in kitchen unit has the best juicer mixer grinder that has all specific and up-to-the-minute features. Do go through our detail evaluation of Philips HL 1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder.

The Philips HL1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder characteristic an all-in-one juicing, mixing as well as grinding mixture that delivers maximum output with outstanding processing performance. This juicer mixer grinder with 500 watts of power grinds fruits and vegetables in no time, making your task to prepare a healthy and delicious meal super easy.

If you are pressed for time, this juicer mixer grinder is one of the handiest appliances to have at your disposition. You can now preserve a lot of time due to its effortless operations and functionality. Enjoy a cool homemade drink with your loved ones with Philips range of products.

Whenever you are in short of time, this juicer mixer grinder will be a helpful device to prolong your hunger pangs.

You can now come up with heart-healthy fruit juices and healthy salads by shredding and cutting the contents in this grinder. With the 3 speed setting, you can cut vegetables to the craved size and shape.

The 500 Watts juicer mixer grinder gives a warranty of 24 months and has a blender jar, spatula, chutney jar as well as multi-purpose jar in its accessories. All these things from Philips make sure that your juicing, mixing and grinding requirements are fulfilled as per your needs.

Product Description

 ModelPhilips HL1632
Weight4.9 Kg
Power500 Watts
ColorWhite and Blue
Warranty2 Years

Features Of Philips hl 1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder

Design and Dimension:

The Philips HL1632 3 Jar Juicer Mixer Grinder usually comes with a juice jar along with a fruit filter, a 1.5 liter capacity of jar along with a filter, and a chutney jar and a liter multi-purpose jar.

Now you can except the supreme juices as well as purees with the help of the spiral sieve as well as squeeze out the maximum fruit mush with the specific micro mesh filter that lets you excerpt maximal juice in just a single cycle.

It is a sleek unit which occupies very few space. It usually comes with the outward-developing juicer for hard fruits.

The speed of Operation:

The Philips HL1632 3 Jar Juicer Mixer Grinder speed knob usually has 3-speed settings as well as a pulse. The extrinsic overloading of vegetables, as well as other food items, can be obviated with auto shut-off function that saves the appliance from any sort of damage. The non-slip feet saves the motility of grinder while it is in action.

Power Consumption:

The Philips HL1632 3 Jar juicer mixer grinder generally comes with 500 watts of power ingestion and with the power input voltage of 230 V. This unit is made with an auto shut-off safety function which cuts the procedure during any failure or overheating of the gadget.

Zero wastage, maximum extraction

These hi-tech mixer grinders enable least wastage and maximum extraction with two most necessary functions. The existence of a reverse spiral sieve as well as the specific micro filter aid in full juice extraction which is then poured down and kept in an isolated chamber that has a fruit filter for the skin as well as seed separation.

Pros & Cons:


  • Philips HL 1632 Juicer has 3 various jars, you can utilize them for mixing, juicing, chutney making purposes and for a lot more things.
  • Juicer of Philips HL 1632 has fruit filter which separates seeds and skin of fruits. And it’s a centrifugal juicer which means if you want to juice hard fruits; it can be done in minutes.
  • It can easy to operate. if you watch the demo or use the user manual. You can easily know which jar to use for what and how to use it. Quite easy to use.
  • Carrot, Beetroot, orange, apple, pineapple, carrot, cucumber are easily got cut and juiced in this juicer mixer grinder.


  • Plastic quality of the product is not up to the mark. The blades used in the product are made of stainless steel but not up to the mark sharp. Though, Philips claims it can cut any hard fruit.
  • Some customers have complained that motor of the juicer grinder shakes up when you operate the machine.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

“Great Juicer and Good mixer at this Price.Grinding is fine. The lid is made of Plastic but its fine can be taken care of if you are not a rough user.

There was the slight smell of motor for some time while using maybe because it is new. I hope it’s just that and doesn’t give any trouble in future.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“Installation and cleaning are very easy. I fixed a particular place for this Mixer in my Kitchen so I don’t have to move it.At this Price, its a great buy!“– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are looking for low budget mixer grinders without much agitation, the Philips hl 1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder is a great quality for you.

I found 956 customer reviews at the time of reviewing this product and they had awarded this air fryer 3.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews are positive overall.  But there were a few negative points that are raised. One customer said, “This is not at all silent, but perhaps makes less noise for a 750-watt motor.

I checked at a local store before buying and this made almost the same noise as another brand’s 600W motor and definitely more than most 500W motor mixer grinders.

Philips NEEDS TO drop the ‘Super Silent’ verbiage from the product name.”However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isn’t a serious problem. So overall it is worth buying.


Now you can have fresh fruit and vegetable juice anytime you want with the help of Philips multi-purpose Juicer, Mixer, & Grinder. Philips  Juicer, Mixer, Grinder -HL1632 is an all-in-one result for mixing  grinding,  juicing all sorts of fruits as well as vegetables.  

This 3-in-one juicer, mixer, and grinder has the compact design so that it is easy to suit it in little space and also it has jars from which it is easy to move any liquid and puree. 

This appliance providesmaximal juice output as it has superior processing performance. It also has the reverse spiral sieve that lets the user extract the extremum amount of juices from the products.

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