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if you are looking for best steam iron for your home, you have come to the right place. If you ask around, you will find that the Rowenta steam iron is often named as the best steam iron in the market, but if you have different needs and budget, I have a few other great steam iron recommendations for you here.

Best Iron – Best Steam Iron Reviews

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How To Pick The Best Steam Iron?

The prices of steam irons can range from about $20 to more than $150, so choose carefully. Many of the less expensive ones do an excellent job, but they may not have all the fancy features or sleek styling,

But if you are just looking for a steam iron for getting a job done, there are few outstanding steam irons out in the market that you might want to check it out as I have reviewed and recommended them at above.

Anyway, my favorite new feature is automatic shut-off. Although most new steam iron models have an automatic shut-off, double-check to make sure you select one with that feature, it’s great!

This shuts off the power to the iron if it is motionless in the upright rest or the in-use horizontal position. Well, enough about my preference for a steam iron, but really, how to pick the best steam iron?

Well, here are a few important factors that will determine whether a steam iron will do a good job or not.

Volume and force of steam output

The pattern of the steam holes

The drag design

Volume and force of steam output – The volume and force of steam output is important, particularly if you iron mostly natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and thick denim.

The extra steam will reduce the ironing time and reduce the total electricity usage. This feature is often called “burst of steam” or something similar on the packaging.

A water spray button feature also can help on stubborn areas.

The pattern of the steam holes – The pattern of the steam holes in the soleplate impacts the effectiveness of the iron more than the number of holes.

Rowenta, which makes the most expensive irons, uses a unique hole pattern. The center holes are the ones used for the burst of steam.

This is also effective for long horizontal shots of steam to eliminate wrinkles on a garment hanging on a clothes hanger.

The drag design – If you generally use steam when ironing, the drag on most models is similar. When ironing without steam, there is more variation in the drag.

A non-stick coating or a very highly polished one may be better than just a standard stainless-steel soleplate and it will be easier to clean off residue.

Best Steam Iron – Guides

Besides that, you must have a few questions about the steam iron, so let me try to answer some questions people usually ask about steam iron:

Is Heavier Steam Iron Better?

Some of the best steam iron features and requirements

How to Clean and Care for Your Steam Iron

Best Steam Irons – Quick Pick

Well, I’m always looking forward to write more steam iron reviews based on the 3 factors to determine the best steam iron in my blog here, but for now,

Here I recommend several of the best steam irons in the market based on consumer report, consumer search, online user feedback and my own personal experience.

Best Steam Iron
Ironing Machine : Best Steam Iron in India 2020

Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron – My favorite steam iron. Learn More on Amazon

Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Steam Iron

Personally I love this Black & Decker’s D2030 auto-off digital advantage steam iron! It is affordable, easy to use and definitely best of its class in 1,500 watts of heating power steam iron.

Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Steam Iron Review

Black & Decker D2030 steam iron – What I love about this steam iron

Of course, what a must or truly love for me is the auto-shutoff feature! The motion sensitive auto-off mechanism from Black & Decker D2030 will keeps my place safe and offers peace of mind when I know my Black & Decker steam iron will shut off automatically even though I might forget to shut it off sometime.

Besides that, Black & Decker D2030 holds more water than others, which is nice for avoiding the trouble to add water all the time.

This steam iron is very basic and easy to use. Just press the button for the right textile setting or temperature setting and go. You can iron wide variety of material using this steam iron.

The sole plate is smooth (stainless steel, non-stick ) and steam is very powerful ( which is important! ). Besides that, I love the mini digital display design from D2030 for easy viewing.

Many Other Great Features & Benefits:

There are many great features or benefits that I might not have time to write and mention here such as : 1 year warranty, audible temperature-ready alerts, auto cleaning, spray mist, plus vertical/variable and surge steaming and more.

Anyway, you can definitely check out more information about this Black & Decker D2030 at the link below.

Ironing Machine : Best Steam Iron in India 2020
Ironing Machine : Best Steam Iron in India 2020

T-Fal Ultraglide Easycord Iron – Very powerful, easy to use. Learn More on Amazon

T-Fal Ultraglide F4379 Easycord Iron

T-Fal Ultraglide F4379 Easycord Iron boasts a powerful steam output that can take out the wrinkles in a blink.

Indeed I’ve been so curious that I went to get this for myself to try it out (it’s so affordable, anyway). There is really a lot of steam! Probably it’s the 1700 watts power that does it.

T-Fal Ultraglide Easycord Iron

Powerful Iron

“Mrs. Spudman raves about the powerful steam and the awesome ability of this iron to make wrinkles disappear.

My quilter wife pressed some pieces of material that had been folded since the Iron Age. Those wrinkles weren’t even a challenge for this T-fal.” – Spudman, at

But what I really love is the cord. I’ve always thought sadly to myself that nowadays manufacturers don’t make long cords anymore because they try to cut costs by cutting short the cords.

This iron has a nine-foot cord! And it keeps well out of the way whether you’re a right hander or a left hander.

Sputter? Not if you care for it

The T-Fal Ultraglide F4379 Easycord Iron recommends the use of tap water instead of distilled water, which is pretty convenient, but according to some reviews I’ve read, this iron will sputter over a few months use.

That is because of the mineral buildup, of course! It’s a wonder nobody made the connection. So the solution is either to use only distilled water, or clean your iron regularly.

This steam iron has a clear tank (if your eyesight is not hundred percent good, the blue one is clearer) that is easy to refill.

I find it convenient to place a bottle beside me while I iron, and if the water level runs low I’ll just refill right there.

Though you’ll probably need a good iron board cover that won’t scorch while you’re doing this, since refilling can only be done when the iron is placed horizontally.

The T-Fal Ultraglide F4379 Easycord Iron glides over fabrics easily and the non stick soleplate even carries a limited lifetime warranty. I’m so in love with this steam iron that I’m giving away my old B&D to my nephew!

Ironing Machine : Best Steam Iron in India 2020
Ironing Machine : Best Steam Iron in India 2020

Rowenta Advancer DZ9080 – One of the higher end steam irons. Learn More on Amazon

Rowenta DZ9080 Advancer Iron Review

Great news for all mother and housewives!! A completely new design and new construction technique of Advancer Iron – Rowenta DZ9080 is in the market.

The Rowenta DZ9080’s soleplate features a silicate-coated stainless steel core, with 400 microstream holes for even steam distribution, and the advanced steam system delivers high pressure steam for thicker fabrics and tough wrinkle for fast, effective crease removal.

What’s more? Is the LED indicators that deliver different colours to indicate over heat, cold and correct temperature in an easy-to-use-system. Well, as you know maintaining correct temperature is key to good ironing and proper garment care.

Rowenta DZ9080 Advancer Steam Iron Review – Best Steam Iron

Further to the above comments, Rowenta DZ9080 has 3 smart auto-off features where it will off in 8 minutes, if put in it vertically and 30 seconds if put it horizontally or tipped over.

Sound nice huh? It could be an annoyance sometime. For your information, it cannot shut off manually while it is plugged off!

Rowenta DZ9080 is the best iron in the market as the steam is concentrated at the tip to remove hard-to reach wrinkles, provide comfort and control, and extra stability when iron is on its heel.

It also helps prevent spilling of water and spotting clothes. It is durable and certainly makes your life easier when you have lots of ironing to do.

Another bad news is Rowenta DZ9080 advancer iron is the most expensive iron in its industry. To make it sound more comfortable, the price shows its quality!! Worth to have one.

Learn More on Amazon

Sunbeam Professional – Good value for the money.

Sunbeam 4238 Professional Steam Iron Review

Want to find a good quality of iron with long durable time and is able to produce excellent ironing?

Forget to switch off the iron after ironing and left ‘mark’ on your garment? Iron for several times on the same place but still find wrinkles on it, seem annoying?

Well well, Sunbeam 4238 professional steam iron will do the good deed and help you to solve most of your problems!!

Sunbeam 4238 Professional Steam Iron Review

Firstly, Sunbeam 4238 is sold in reasonable price and you sure want to make this iron part of your most important household with its many features which I will explain further.

It can spray mist to remove creases and shot of steam feature to remove stubborn wrinkles. Many owners actually highly recommend Sunbeam 4238 as it is a good blend of price and performance.

You no longer need to iron garment horizontally, in fact, Sunbeam 4238 has vertical steam to remove wrinkles from hung garments, which mean you can iron your cloths vertically, when they are hung!!!

Sunbeam 4238 Professional Steam Iron Review

This digital electronic product controls for meticulousness and ease of use. Its non-stick soleplate adds the benefit to its features for smooth gliding. Meanwhile, there is complimentary water cup come along with this iron for ease of use in filling the water hole.

Another interesting fact of Sunbeam 4238 steam iron is its self cleaning function which helps to maintain longer lasting steam performance. And for those housewives who are busy and doing multi-task in house might forget to off the iron after ironing, well,

Sunbeam 4238 will give you a hand with its 3-way motion smart auto off safely turns off the iron if left unattended. Sound nice?

Any disadvantage for this iron? Hmm…can’t think of one for the moment.

What else you want from an iron? Sunbeam 4238 professional steam iron gives you all you need!!

best steam iron
best steam iron

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Proctor-Silex 17610 Iron – Simple and basic at an affordable price.

Proctor Silex 17610 Mid-size Iron Review

This is a good and light weight product as compared to other products of different brands. Well, I can say it’s the best basic steam iron. You must be thinking, how? Because its features make it stand out from other irons. It has got six features that make it luxury as well as durable.

Best Basic Steam Iron – Proctor Silex 17610 Mid-size Iron Review

Proctor-Silex 17610 Mid-size Iron – Best Basic Steam Iron:

It has got a “retractable cord” which makes it easy to store away.

It has a “non-stick soleplate” which stops iron to stick with the clothes when it’s fully heated and prevents damage to clothes.

It is a “mid-sized design”. This feature enables it easy to use and handle.

It has “spray & blast feature ” which makes it easy to press your clothes and it is tough against wrinkles.

It has also got top mount controls for easy use of iron.

Proctor Silex 17610 steam iron is very durable it can serve up to 5 good years. Even having all these features in it is not heavy at all. Its weight is about 4 pounds.

When it is filled with water for steaming spray even then very light weighted and easy to use. So by looking at all these features I can say that it can be the best bargain in the market available right now.

You get the comfort of pressing your clothes with an easy way to get rid of wrinkles. And talk about the looks of this iron, I’ve just one word for it ‘Stylish’.

I am mostly found of shopping over the internet I saw this and bought it its shipping period is very good when they say they deliver it on time.

And after using it I am very satisfied and I would also recommend this brand to you for easy and durable use. I hope it will be helpful to you in making your right decision for an iron.

best steam iron
best steam iron

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Panasonic Cordless NI-L46NR Steam Iron – No more cords getting in the way.

Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron Review

May I have all your attention please, I have a really big deal for your all!! The Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron is going to rock the market and the iron industry!

With its name you see, it is understandable that you are going to experience the freedom of cordless ironing.

All mother and housewives, are you here with me? This cordless iron will help to hassle out ironing and makes ironing quick and easy.

Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron Review

Want to know other best features? Well, Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron has non stick coated soleplate which helps iron glide more smoothly and effortlessly over the garments,

It is controlled by a microprocessor to maintains the selected ironing temperature accurately, which explain further is an electronic temperature control.

Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron also helps to remove stubborn wrinkles when ironing with its powerful burst of steam and also helps to clean the steam vents on the soleplate when you are done. Worrying on your forgetfulness?

Well no worry when you choose to use Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron as it has 3 way auto shut-off feature, as it will automatically shut off after 10 minutes if it is left in the upright position and 60 seconds off if it is tipped over on its side or left unused the soleplate.

More Features Of Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron

Another amenity of this cordless iron is its retractable cord reel on the charging base which allows you to use the length you want and will automatically rewinds with a simple tug for easy storage.

What’s more, it comes along with heat resistant carrying case for extra portability. Enough information for you to get one of this cordless iron?

Well there is another big plus for this Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron. It has see-through and detachable water tank for easy filling and emptying and alert you when it’s time to refill!!

Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron Review – Summary

I strongly recommend this great innovation and for your great convenience when ironing. Remind you the name of this bravura product – Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron.

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SteamFast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron – Take it anywhere you go.

SteamFast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron Review

This has got to be the cutest iron ever. The handle is designed for a firm grip and fits perfectly in my palm.

My work requires me to travel extensively around the country and most of the time I don’t have the luxury of staying in a hotel with dry-cleaning facilities.

The SteamFast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron gets the wrinkles out and doesn’t require a lot of space since it’s only about 1/3 the size of a normal iron.

SteamFast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron Review

I mainly use it to iron dress shirts so I can’t say if it’ll work on heavy-duty fabrics. But you’re probably better off with a heavy-duty iron for those jobs anyway.

As for this, it’s fantastic for smaller ironing jobs and has three temperature settings controlled through a dial.

Some may find the cord to be too long, but I think it’s a lot more convenient to have a longer cord than one that’s too short. There’s more freedom for movement and a lesser chance of getting the iron tangled with the cord.

It’s got a non-stick soleplate that slides effortlessly across the garment. And given its small size, it can go into pockets as well without causing potential tear.

It comes with dual voltage, though I can’t comment on how well that works since I haven’t used it overseas (yet). There’s also a nifty heat-resistant travel bag that’s included.

The bottom line: cute little steam iron that fits in a handbag and is great for ironing touch-ups and travelling.

Don’t expect it to replace a conventional iron; that’s not what it’s made for. Great price as well for some added convenience. Highly recommended.

Black & Decker Steam Iron

Black & Decker steam irons are known for their sleek, futuristic look. Of course, all look and no substance is a no-go for many.

Thankfully, they will smooth out your clothing while looking good. They are also known for their solidness — hefty enough to take out the wrinkles in your clothes but light enough to not stress you up.

Here is the Black & Decker steam iron that I strongly recommend:

Best Steam Iron – Black & Decker D2030

The Black and Decker D2030 is definite worth every penny you spent on it. Easy ironing for all types of fabric is just a press of a button away.

With the right settings, you can practically glide the steam iron across any fabric without worrying that you’ll damage it.

So, if you’re doing heavy duty ironing (a whole stack of assortments of fabrics from silk to wool), this will assists you well.

The greatest thing about Black & Decker Digital Advantage D2030 is its auto-off feature that is motion sensitive. So, if you forget to shut off the iron, it will automatically shut off because it doesn’t sense any motions.

Black & Decker D2030 – Review

Black and Decker Steam Iron Top Picks

This Black & Decker steam iron is perfect for those who are tired of always getting water dripping out of the iron while you’re trying to smooth out your clothes.

This is because this Black & Decker F1000 Steam Iron has an anti-drip feature that will say goodbye to water spotting while ironing.

The anti-drip feature prevents the water from entering the steam chamber before it reaches the optimal temperature.

This Black & Decker steam iron also features other functions, such as smart steam and mist capabilities, ‘non-stick’ soleplate, LED indicator lights to show that it has reached the desired temperature and a multi-purpose auto-off to ensure a peace of mind.

Black & Decker F1000 Review

Black & Decker D6000 Digital All-Temp Steam Iron

Black & Decker D6000 All-Temp Steam Iron with Stainless-Steel Soleplate

Black & Decker D6000 All-Temp Steam Iron with Stainless-Steel Soleplate

This Black & Decker steam iron is for those who like to feel a solid, sturdy, heavy iron in their hands, just like my mom.

My mom believes that only with a heavy iron will she get the perfectly pressed clothes. And like any other Black and Decker steam iron, this is easy to use and steams out the wrinkles quickly.

Of course, there are minor drawbacks like the heaviness and it’s small water tank (which will cause you to frequently fill the tank). Other than that, it is highly recommended.

How to Clean and Care for Your Steam Iron

The best steam iron should be self cleaning and doesn’t need you to look after it, right? No! If anybody ever found a steam iron that can be used with tap water, doesn’t require cleaning at all, and still works marvelously after a year of regular use with no sputtering or dripping, please tell me about it!

Taking care of your steam iron is not difficult at all. You’d just have to what causes problems and avoid them.

Clogging up/sputtering/spitting/dripping water

Most steam irons works best with distilled water, especially those that doesn’t have a self cleaning system. But even those that has an anti scale valve and recommends you to use tap water will clog up some day.

How do you know your steam iron has clogged up? It starts to sputter, spit or drip water. There are two solutions to this problem, one is to use distilled water only, and one is to clean the steam iron regularly.

First, make sure the iron is unplugged and cooled down, then clean the steam holes using a cotton swab or toothpick. Don’t use a sharp tool that might scratch the soleplate.

When you’re done with this, fill the water tank with vinegar solution (one part vinegar one part water) and turn on the iron. Turn on the steam iron and use the continuous steam or spray the vinegar solution out of the vents. Do this for about five minutes, then turn off the steam iron and drain the rest of the solution.

Repeat the steaming process with plain water (distilled water is best) to get rid of any remaining vinegar.

Burnt substance on soleplate

Sometimes you get fabrics that burnt (usually because you used the wrong heat setting in the first place) and get stuck on the soleplate.

Always make sure the steam iron is unplugged and cooled down before you start cleaning!

Wet a piece of cloth with vinegar and wipe the soleplate clean of any buildup. Stubborn substances can be removed with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Remember not to use a harsh scrubby to avoid scratching the soleplate. Use a soft cloth only.

Burnt starch can come off by rubbing it with a wet melamine foam or dirt eraser such as the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser or 3M Scotch Brite Erasing Pad.

Important Features: Steam irons

Here’s what reviews say to look for in a steam iron. The products in ConsumerSearch Fast Answers have most, if not all, of these features.

  • Non-stick soleplates are easy to clean; starch buildup wipes right off. Despite manufacturer claims, Consumer Reports says that soleplate material does not affect glide.
  • Variable steam automatically adjusts the amount of steam for the heat setting, ensuring that you do not get high steam on fabrics that are more delicate.
  • Vertical steam allows you to use the iron like a steamer to remove wrinkles on hanging garments or curtains.
  • Burst of steam gives you an extra steam surge, allowing you to tackle particularly nasty wrinkles. This is by far the favorite feature of reviewers.
  • Auto shut-off is a must for most consumers. However, you can still find irons without this feature, since people who do a lot of sewing prefer the iron to be on all the time. Be sure to read the box to know what you’re getting.
  • A self-cleaning feature enables you to shoot air through the steam vents to clear mineral buildup, which prevents eventual clogging and leaks from plugged-up steam holes.
  • An anti-calcium feature helps prevent mineral buildup, which can clog steam vents. Higher-end models, such as the Rowenta Advancer, generally have this feature.
  • Weight of the iron may not affect performance, but it can make a huge difference in how comfortable the iron is to use. Managing a heavy iron can be difficult for those with less arm/hand strength or for anyone who needs to do a lot of ironing. Try out the handle as well to make sure that it fits the size of your hand.

Almost all irons have flexible cords, a spray or mist button, five or more temperature settings and at least a one-year warranty. Some models offer power cords that pivot out of the way, while others are retractable. In addition, today’s irons are meant to be used with ordinary tap water. With few exceptions, distilled water is no longer necessary, and in some cases it may even damage your iron. Be sure to check the box and owner’s manual to determine whether or not to use distilled water.

Is Heavier Steam Iron Better?

I have noticed that there is an endless debate on whether you should buy a heavier steam iron or a lightweight one. In fact, if you read as many steam iron user reviews as I did, you would probably notice that even for one single steam iron, there are contradicting opinions on whether it is a heavy or a lightweight steam iron!

Heavy Steam Irons
All the traditional irons are much heavier than the irons nowadays, the earlier ones called “sadirons” which literally means “heavy irons”. Weight is an important factor for the iron’s efficiency to get creases out.

But ever since the invention of the steam iron, the weight of an iron is becoming less important because hot steam helps a lot in the way of getting out the wrinkles.

Lightweight Steam Irons
Manufacturers try to make lighter steam irons for relieving the stress on the user’s hand and back while trying to make the steam powerful to substitute for the weight in efficiency. After all the steam iron will be heavier when it is filled with water.

Lightweight and compact steam irons are also good for traveling with. Sometimes my husband goes for a conference somewhere and needs his shirts pressed; he is happy that a compact steam iron can do the job in a few minutes rather than paying for the service.

I guess the choice between a heavy and a lightweight steam iron is purely personal, as long as you know what you like, and the best bet is to get one that has a balance between both advantages!

Best full-sized garment steamer – Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Residential Series

With ironing, less is more – the less time I spend on it, the more I don’t mind doing it. The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Residential Series Garment Steamer, though a little pricey, is well worth it simply because it exceeds expectations and saves a ton on dry cleaning.

Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Residential Series 1300-Watt Garment Steamer

Learn More on Amazon

I believe that a steamer, no matter how upmarket, cannot replace an iron when it comes to pressed collars and cuffs. But for everything else, my Jiffy J-2000 Steamer is almost a godsend. Now I can steam a week’s worth of clothes in less than half the time it would’ve taken me to iron.

I usually give it about two minutes to steam up properly. When I first got it, I excitedly started steaming away after 45 seconds, but the steam just came out in spurts. By giving it time to ‘power up’, I get a strong, steady gush of steam that won’t slow me down. However, this also makes the hose hot so I never use it with children around.

The 1-gallon water tank means less interruption for refills and the hose is light yet sturdy. This enhances the overall steaming experience, making it a pleasure to use. I’ve found that water drips if the nozzle faces downwards, so I always remind myself to keep it at an upright position.

This has also saved me a fortune on getting my drapes professionally cleaned. Now I just toss the curtains in the washing machine and dryer, hang it up again in all its wrinkled glory, and the Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Residential Series Garment Steamer gives me wonderfully smooth curtains in under half an hour. I get some exercise while I’m at it, too so there’s another bonus.

The steamer comes with a rod for hanging garments but that made the job more tedious once the steamer starts blowing it away. Now I steam clothes behind a door for added support.

Rowenta Steam Iron Reviews

Rowenta Steam Iron – Why They are Good

It has been said that Rowenta steam irons is one of the most efficient steam irons available in the market now. The design of the Rowenta steam iron is made so that the steam can reach even the most toughest wrinkles — you know, like the ones around the buttons? Oh how it gets on my nerves when I see the wrinkles there even though I know no one can see it.

For those who wears cotton and linens (two of the most stubborn fabrics to get them wrinkle free in the world), you can rejoice with Rowenta steam iron as they are able to smooth out any wrinkles and kinks easily in one swipe. This is because there are about 400 micro steam holes that helps distribute the surge of steam evenly in one go.

The makers of the Rowenta steam iron also makes sure that the safety feature is spot on. So much so that some people are complaining on how sensitive the auto-off function on the Rowenta irons are as they keep on shutting off even before you’d finish with your ironing.

Rowenta Steam Iron – Top Picks

Best Rowenta Steam Iron – Rowenta DZ9080 Advancer Iron

The best thing about this Rowenta steam iron is that the steam is also concentrated at the tip so that you can smooth out your clothes even at the very tip of the seam. This also ensure that there is no water leaking out of the iron while ironing. This make ironing much, much easier.

Rowenta DZ9080 Advancer Iron Learn More on Amazon

The new design and construction of this steam iron makes ironing easier. The steam is evenly distribution and non-stick base making it easy to iron. This is best for moms and laundry ladies — I bet my late grandma wish that they made this during her time.

The only drawback is that it’s really expensive.

Rowenta DZ5080 Focus Stainless Steel

This iron is perfect for busy working young executives. Like my sister who is just plain busy (and to be honest, lazy), she’s just too busy to spend more time on ironing her work clothes even though she likes the crisp. This Rowenta steam iron was the best purchase she ever made since she started working.

Rowenta DZ5080 Focus Stainless-Steel 1700-Watt Iron Learn More on Amazon

This Rowenta steam iron works like a dream and at an affordable price. You get easily pressed clothes without going over the surface of the clothes over and over again because of the precision of the iron in smoothing put the wrinkles.

Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Iron

Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Iron

For a low priced appliance, this Rowenta steam iron works just as good as the most expensive. You can use this vertically as well, but with the amount of steam it produce, it is hardly needed. It is also solid to the touch and has the stability to stand on its base without toppling over the ironing board.

Panasonic Steam Iron Reviews

I would recommend Panasonic steam irons if you’re looking for electric irons that are affordable and reliable, and I would say that the Panasonic cordless steam irons are the best cordless steam irons out there.

Personally, I like that all the Panasonic steam irons are cordless or at least it comes with retractable cords. This definitely give more ‘freedom’ while ironing. No more fussy cords tangling with the ironed clothes (that will create more wrinkles) or the ironing board’s frame. Panasonic cordless steam irons also store easily.

They’re also lightweight and would not stress the user. However, it is solid and heavy enough to efficiently smooth out the wrinkles on your clothes.

Another point is that although Panasonic steam irons heat up quickly, users are able to control the ironing heat effectively well. This will ensure that you don’t need to wait long for the iron to heat up and that you don’t end up with melted fabric every time you iron your clothes.

Best Panasonic Steam Iron

Panasonic NI-L70SR

Panasonic NI-L70SR Steam Iron Learn More on Amazon

Of all the Panasonic steam irons, I personally think the best one is the Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam Iron. As a left-hander, having this steam iron makes ironing less of a troublesome chore. No more recurring crinkles, tangled cords and tripping over dangerously.

This iron is built for convenience. The removable feature of the water tank makes it easy to refill water every time without the possible leakage. Even though the tank is small, it produces a strong enough steam and precisely squirts out water on the intended spot.

The Panasonic cordless steam iron is lightweight yet it smooths out wrinkles effortlessly with its stainless steel sole plate. If you’re the impatient kind, don’t worry. You don’t need to wait for the iron to cool down first before storing it, thanks to the heat resistant case.

Panasonic Steam Iron – My Other Recommendations

Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron – Best Panasonic Steam Iron For Busy Moms

If you need to iron out those wrinkles on your child’s school uniform in a jiffy, this steam iron will be your best friend. The combination of the non stick coated soleplate and the powerful burst steam makes ironing quick and easy.

Panasonic NI-L46NR Cordless Steam Iron Learn More on Amazon

Moms out there, you need not worry for your children’s safety with this around. It has a 3 way auto shuf off function (so no worries of any scalding or burning) and an auto retractable cord reel for the base (so that no accidental tripping will happen).

Panasonic NI-C78SR – Best Heavy Panasonic Steam Iron

If you’re like my mom and like the feel of a heavy iron (even though she’s small and I bet the iron weighs 1/3 of her body weight), this is the best steam iron for you.

Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron with Stainless-Steel Soleplate Learn More on Amazon

I highly recommend this only for right-handed people though as it would be tough for left-handers to operate the iron — the cord comes out on the right side and would get in the way. Other than the little limitation, this iron is well worth buying for it’s ability to smooth out your clothes and safety features.

Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron – Best Budget Panasonic Steam Iron

Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron with Curved Titanium-Coated Soleplate Learn More on Amazon

If you like the NI-C78SR but can’t afford it, why don’t you try its more affordable sibling the NI-S300TR. It has all the same features with a slight difference. The NI-S300TR’s soleplate is titanium coated while the NI-C78SR’s is made from stainless steel. The NI-S300TR’s water tank is not removable but hey, it’s not much of a big deal, is it?

Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam/Dry Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate

I can’t decide which of Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam/Dry Iron’s features I love more – that it doesn’t have an annoying cord that gets in the way; or that it comes with a charging base that keeps it hot while I’m ironing.

Having used irons with cords all these years, to go cordless with the Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam/Dry Iron is like experiencing newfound freedom. I’ve said goodbye to maneuvering around a cord, stepping over it, getting tangled in it, etc. Now I have so much space to work with. This is every left-hander’s dream!

The other feature I can’t get enough of with the Panasonic NI-L70SR is the reheating base for the iron. It heats up very quickly and after a few swipes when I’m adjusting the garment on the board, I just dock it back in its base to maintain the heat.

The people at Panasonic must’ve put a lot of thought into the details of this iron, because I’m impressed with how every little thing has become a huge convenience.

For instance, the water tank is easy to fill, removable and doesn’t leak when replaced. Granted, it’s not a big reservoir so if you’re ironing in bulk, you may have to refill the tank a few times. The steam output is very strong though and the water spritz is precise and hits the spot each time.

Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam/Dry Iron is also surprisingly solid despite being lightweight. The stainless steel sole plate practically floats over the garment. And the storage case is very chic for an iron, with a neat retractable cord for traveling. The heat resistant case also lets me put it away immediately after use, without having to let it cool down first.

I’ve always hated ironing but this Panasonic unit might actually convert me into an enthusiast.

Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate

If you’re a right hander and like a reasonably heavy iron, then you might like this Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron.

Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron with Stainless-Steel Soleplate Learn More on Amazon

I really like the features of this steam iron. The auto shut off is a must for me, and that’s because I’m so forgetful! This steam iron shuts off when it is put upright for 10 minutes, or unmoved for 60 seconds on its soleplate, or when tipped over on its side. That means I don’t have to worry about burning the ironing board and damaging the iron as well.

I like the removable tank too, though apparently from the reviews for the Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron not all people like this feature. Some people don’t see the point of removing and reattaching the water tank, but I prefer to bring the tank to fill up at the sink instead of bringing water to the iron, where I can spill it on the way.

One drawback is that you can’t refill the water tank while still ironing; there is no option of filling it directly when it is in the iron. You can shut off the iron and take out the tank to refill, though I suppose one must be more careful that way.

While not as convenient as a cordless steam iron, this iron nevertheless has a retractable cord for easy storage. I know it’s one more thing to worry about breaking after some time, but it’s nice not to have the cord lying around.

Speaking of the cord, this steam iron is not for left handers, because the cord comes out on the right side and will get in the way!

Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron has a good hold, heavy enough but not too heavy, the steam works well, and the stainless steel soleplate gives a smooth glide over fabrics. Highly recommended for right handers!

Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron with Curved Titanium-Coated Soleplate

For those of you who prefer a coated soleplate instead of a stainless steel one, the Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron is a decent steam iron at a decent price.

Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron with Curved Titanium-Coated Soleplate Learn More on Amazon

“Love the soleplate. It just seems to glide over things.” – Someone

If you work with fusibles, the titanium coated soleplate will win hands down over a stainless steel one for easy cleaning.

The Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron feels good in the hand, not too light to be efficient and not to heavy to stress the user. The base feels substantial for such an affordable iron and this means it won’t tip over on your ironing board.

Like its stainless steel sibling the Panasonic NI-C78SR, this steam iron has a retractable cord that makes it so convenient to store away and bring about. But what’s different is that it doesn’t have a removable water tank. Since some people prefer to fill the tank directly with a water bottle, this is their better option.

I think it’s nice to have the switch between dry, some steam and lots of steam, although even with some steam the iron works fairly well to get the creases out.

The Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron has automatic shut off too, and it reheats very quickly if you want to continue with ironing. It stays on for 10 minutes when put upright, which is good enough for small sewing projects, like when you need to flatten down the hems and crease the corners for modifying a piece of garment.

“Great for someone who doesn’t want to pay a lot for an iron, but doesn’t want to sacrifice on quality . Definitely recommend this! “ – Somebody

For less than $30, there’s hardly anything to complain about this steam iron. Get the Panasonic NI-S300TR 1200-Watt Steam Iron with free shipping now.

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