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Health & Lifestyle : We all know sex is common activity all human being is doing in their life. And of course pregnancy is golden period of every woman.

Pregnancy is time during which one or more children develop inside a woman. Pregnancy is occurs by sexual intercourse. We any woman became pregnant there are many thing running in her mind. One of that is Pregnancy Sex.

Most of us believe that Sex during Pregnancy is not safe. So is it safe or not?

This question is arising in everyone’s mind. So the answer is yes. You can do sex in pregnancy but you can take care while sex and use proper sex position during sex.So which sex position is best for pregnant women.?

So here we give the information about Best pregnancy sex position. These positions may help you need to be little more imaginative to find sexual positions which are more comfortable. So let’s have a look…

The Best Pregnancy Sex Positions:


Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

The spoons position or spooning is a form of a rear-entry position. This sex position is comfortable while having sex during pregnancy.

This position is very similar to doggy style position. It is more of 2 in 1 position because it includes both hug and dispersion.

This is Great Pregnancy Sex Positions because it requires little efforts. This is particularly good for the late stage of pregnancy. So pop a pillow under your bump for extra support.

Woman on Top:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This is a great sex position for Pregnant woman .According to name in this position the women is top on the men.

This Sex Positions is helpful to you when you are in driver’s seat. This Pregnancy Sex Positions is very good because you can set the rate while your partner enjoys the view.

It is also help for those women whose nipples are more sensitive during pregnancy. This position is difficult in the 3rd trimester.

Doggy Style:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This is very famous Pregnancy Sex Positions .We all are human being though we sometimes follow Doggy Style sex postion.

This Sex Positions is not very popular among couple and not everyone’s cup of tea. In this position a person generally woman bend over, crouches on legs and hands for sexual intercourse.

This position is very good for pregnant woman because this is great for taking the pressure off your back and pelvis and is good if you have back pain or pelvic pain.

If you feeling less energetic than relax on cushions and pillows and just enjoy the experience. For better comfortableness you can put pillow between your bottom and his lower tummy to prevent him pushing too far inside you.


Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This is best sex positions of pregnant women in first trimester and second trimester. In this position woman lying face to face can feel really close and warm.

You can kiss, cuddle and maintain eye contact during this sex position. You can use a cushion under your bump to help support it during sex.

This is also very good for sex position for pregnant woman.

Edge of bed:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This is perfect sex position during pregnancy. In this position you shift your bottom side or foot of the bed and lie back with your knees bent.

You can wrap your legs around your partner’s waist, bringing him in controlling his thrusts and how deep he goes.

If you feel faint lying flat, use a few pillows behind your upper back and head to prop yourself up.

Reverse cowgirl:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This position is like by all, but it is also great Pregnancy Sex Positions. In this position your partner lies flat on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge. You climb on top of him but face away from him and lean forward with your slightly and let him enter you. It is a fun, feel-good position for you both. You can get yourself comfortable and control the pace. It makes your backside look wonderful.

From behind:

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

This position usually involves shallower penetration than a face to face position, but tolerate in the mind you cannot control the movement as much, especially as your bump grow bigger it will be heavier.

You can relax yourself on pillows or try on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed with your partner standing behind you.

You can also lower yourself onto forearms. This best Pregnancy Sex Positions.

Signs of Pregnancy – Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is most beautiful time for every woman in their life. Pregnancy is time during which one or more children develop inside a woman. Multiple Pregnancies engage more than one child.

Pregnancy is occurs by sexual intercourse. Woman becomes pregnant when she misses her period. Before miss her period some of the Signs of Early Pregnancy she don’t know about it. This Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy is not considerably interfering with daily activities.

Before you test for pregnancy you sure about you are pregnant or not. But without any surety how can you know about pregnancy. Some the Signs of Pregnancy is we all know. But here we give some other Pre Signs of Pregnancy. So let’s have look……

Most Common Early Signs of Pregnancy:

Sore Breasts:

As pregnancy hormones increase the blood supply to your breasts, you may feel a irritation sensation around your nipples. This can be one of the Earliest Signs of Pregnancy and is sometimes it is noticeable within a week or so of beginning.

Spotting and Cramping:

It is common to have spotting at the time when you had usually had your period. You may observe a slight pink or brown coloured stain in your knickers or when you wee or feel slight pain.

According to expert they are not sure why spotting in very early pregnancy happens but it is thought to either be caused by the egg implanting in your uterus or more likely the hormones that control your period kicking in.

Feeling Sickness and Nausea:

Morning Sickness is a very Common Symptom of Early Pregnancy. It frequently starts when you are six weeks pregnant, though it can start as early as four weeks.

You may feel sick and nauseous or even vomit. Despite the name, morning sickness can affect you at any time of the day or night.

Frequent Urination:

If you suddenly find yourself unable to sleep through the night without going to washroom it may be Sign of Pregnancy. 

During pregnancy your body produce extra blood in your system and your kidney working extra hard. So because of this Frequent Urination is occurs during or before pregnancy.


More Early Signs of Pregnancy contain headache. Many women who get hormonal migraine headache find when they get more of them during early in pregnancy.

Find out which painkiller is safe to take in pregnancy to combat headache and take it and free from headache.

Feeling Tired:

You may find yourself pitching for your duvet as your body cranks up to support your baby, right from the early stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones in your body are to blame as these can make you feel tired, upset and emotional. Though tiredness is not a sure fire Symptom on its own.

It is a common pregnancy symptom. You may find that tiredness wipes you out the most in your first trimester and 3rd trimester.

Backache/Back Pain:

Back Pain/Backache is most common problem of all now a day. But it is also consider as a Early Signs of Pregnancy when you feel pain in your lower back.

Although you don’t have knock at this early stage. The pain can be caused by hormones that relax ligaments in your back which make it ache.

Darker Nipples:

Skin changes are common during pregnancy. One of the 1st changes you may notice is the circle of skin around your nipples getting darker.

This can happen from about 8 weeks. You may also find that the bumps around your nipples become more obvious and your nipples more rigid.

Missed Period:

One of the Most Oblivious signs of Pregnancy is a Missed Period but a missed period doesn’t mean that a baby is on the way.

It is one of the surest sign of pregnancy. But if your period is usually irregular you may not realise that your period is late. In this case you notice other Early Signs of Pregnancy.

Smell Sensitivity and Food craving:

Food craving can be also Sign of Pregnacy.You may go off some foods but develop a craving for others.

This can be happen very early for some women even before they have missed period. Many women have a sensitive of smell during pregnancy.

This symptom is one of the Most common Early Signs that you could be pregnant. Your Sense of smell may changes as well and you find that you are more sensitive to aromas from food or cooking.

Health & Lifestyle – After Delivery – Please Take Care

After Delivery – Please Take CareGiving birth is one of the most painful but is the most beautiful thing that a woman can experience which is valueless.

The moment the baby arrives, there is a certain degree of happiness for the mother which other event cannot capture.

And the happiness keep going until to certain extent the mother ignore what are they should do after delivery process.

For mother, it is important or essential to concern about their personal health care so that they and their baby will be safe from any disease or illness.

While it is made known that we should give one hundred precent attention to the newborn baby but you should not neglect your health while in the process of recovery after delivery.

Here, I would like to share some tips on how you should take care after you have been discharged from the delivery room or hospital.

Relax and Rest

It is exhausted giving birth due to stretch long hour . You must rest, deep rest to regain your energy and revitalised your body system.

Limit visitors as big crowd will add up to exhaustion . I am sure it is difficult to do this as your families and community are eager too , to welcome you and your newborn baby.

While your baby is asleep , that the best time for you to rest and relax. Any chores, let your husband to do it while you are in confinement of delivery.

Limit your Lifting

Do not perform any lifting except your baby. You should not lift anyhting that is heavier than your baby’s weight.

Any pressure due to lifting movement may cause injuries especially if you just came home from hospital or having surgical cut at your perineum or abdomen.

Get assistance..

Your family , relatives and friends will be glad to help you during your process of confinement. They understand your situation as they ( the ladies) has gone through the process before ( delivery).

Let them know that you need their help especially when your husband start working back .They will help you in doing simple chores such as cooking, laundry , cleaning and babysitting too.

Be Hygienical

Always wash your hands after doing something to decrease the risk of infection that can be passed on to your baby. Do this very often especially after visiting the John, feeding your baby or changing his diapers.

Health & Lifestyle – Keep Taking Your Vitamins

You need vitamins to regain your health and your doctor will never forget the prescription before you leave the hospital. Unless doctor say so, never discontinue it but to finish it.

Pre-natal vitamins are very important especially the ones containing supplementary iron.

Healthy diet

Eat healthily by taking the right food after delivery. Any bad habits that you have before, please let it go.

Avoid taking foods or drinking that rich in alcohol and caffeine. Your diet is important for your baby’s health especially if you’re breastfeeding.


As every know it is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. You can also include milk and juice in your meals.


Start a simple and moderate exercise. Start with a simple walk around your neighborhood will do. Exercise can strengthen your body’s performance and keep you physically fit.

Visit your physician

This should be done right after a week of delivery. Always make an appointment to visit your obstetrician to know your present condition and what are the things that your still need to do or not to do.

Remember, never neglect your personal health care after pregnancy for the sake of you and your child .

Health & Lifestyle – How to look wow during pregnancy!

It has come to my attention that most ladies tend to lose their sense of style during pregnancy. Yes your body changes and your belly grows bigger by the day, but who said that you should stop being fashionable?

Always remember that a lady needs to look perfect throughout despite the situation.

When pregnant your wardrobe has to change, but who said it changes for the worst? Here are a few maternity shopping tips for ladies that are expectant.

Always maintain your style. If flowly tops and jeans are your thing then keep to that and all you have to change is the size.

If you change this to tailor made maternity dresses then people will end up saying that you look shoddier. This could not be the truth though with the change of style you could be looking different.

Try and purchase maternity dresses in time. This way you will avoid having to wear tight clothes that are not well fitting since your body will keep changing by the day.

Purchase your maternity attires periodically as your body changes. It’s not good to buy them all at once but instead observe how your body keeps developing and then get the clothes that will suit it best.

Shapeless dresses that are tent shaped just look awful. Try and wear tops that fit your growing tummy.

You can try tops that have ruching, ties or even gathered hem bellow the tummy since they are always more flattering.

Maternity must-haves

  1. Jeans – jeans are the best for achieving a casual look but being expectant requires you to pick a pair of jeans that best your body features and makes you comfortable. When selecting a pair make sure it has stretch material, adjustable waist band and also a cut that’s flattering. These features need to be considered since it’s likely that you will need to wear the jeans for some time after delivering the baby.
  2. Cargo Pants – These you can wear everywhere, just combines them with nice empire waist or fitted tee top.
  3. Skirt – A plain coloured dark skirt that has a stretching waist band is a must have.
  4. Dress– You can try a wrap jersey dress or even a maxi dress when having an evening out with either your husband or your friends
  5. Tops – When it comes to tops try those that are figure hugging and have a cute neckline. you can also wear a feminine shirt with an empire waist or even wear a fitted tee since it can never let you down
  6. Belt – Wear a belt at the top or bottom of your growing belly with a long top.
  7. Floral pattern – Floral patterns look wonderful on pregnant ladies. You can choose to do a floral dress, pants, top or bag.
  8. Leggings – Leggings look amazing on expectant ladies and also help keep you warm especially during winter.
  9. Little black dress – This does not necessarily mean you wear a short dress, but go for one that is a bit long with an empire waist.
  10. Flat shoes – It’s healthy and comfortable for expectant ladies to wear flat shoes at all times.

With these tips, maternity should not be a fashion nightmare any more but instead a chance to re-invent fashion.

Health & Lifestyle – The way to cultivate bonding during kids parenting

What is your feeling about your Kids parenting? Can you call yourself a complete parent? Well, these are tough questions that requires sometime to figure out considering that no one is 100% in anything.

That’s right! All parents have always wanted to be the best ever and that’s why they can do anything to be very close to that mark. Do they really attain it?

The answer is ‘yes” and ‘no”. These depend on the bonding between the parents and their kids. You can only have perfect kids parenting through being very close to your kids. Let’s look at the various ways through which you can cultivate this bonding;

The meal times are always the best especially the dinner. In order for the parents to be able to understand their kids and help them accordingly, they need some time together.

The major kids parenting problem with many parents is basically lack of these precious moments. Most parents are usually preoccupied by their work up to dinner times.

Its either they are late from work or they have carried their work home. No time for the kids and hence the children can only learn from the television. Such kids feel isolated and not loved.

Parents should therefore cultivate proper kids parenting by being available for the kids at least three times a week during meal times to ensure the bonding is cultivated.

During such a time, the kids are the parents should communicate and exchange ideas on different aspects.

Kids can talk of events that took place at school while parents can talk issues from their place of work. By so doing, a relationship is created that helps kids to open up and express themselves.

This helps the parents to solve kids’ issues and understand what irritates or makes them happy. It build affection that kids require during growth and helps parents to mold their kids appropriately.

Bonding can also be created through games. We have different games that are appropriate for the whole family especially board games.

Depending on the financial stability of the family, there is always a game for any category. It’s through such games that parents are able to learn the nature of their kids.

It’s possible to know the reasoning of your kids through the moves taken during such games.

You can also try the outdoor games that not only help your kids grow mentally and physically but also help in determining the health of your kids. This is the only way that your kids parenting can be complete.

Health & Lifestyle – How To Deal With Your Angry Children

What shall I do with Angry Children

Our moods always change which is prone to many factors. There are times we feel happy and vice versa we get angry . This is life and the effect of moods against surrounding us is to balance our nature of biology.

What happen if we feel happy or laughing when the area surrounding us is in sad condition. You got the answer , right…. Some of us get angry easily while some rarely lose their temper.

Our children also could not escape from getting angry and the main factor is when they did not get what they want while the other factor is someone else disturb them . Being angry is a natural emotion.

Parents duty is to prevent their children from getting angry easily . While they being a child, we must try our best to accomodate their anger. We must educate them how to handle their anger properly.

Here are five simple tips that we can do to ease their anger :-

  1. Show some good example. Manage your emotions in a amicable manner each time you are getting angry . We do not want our children having the habit of getting violent when they get angry such as yelling or screaming so we must also avoid the yelling or screaming when we are in anger too. From now you should stay relax when you are in mad situation as your children will learn from your behaviour and will eventually calm down when they are in anger. Our children will usually emulate our actions.
  2. Have some communication with your children about their feeling. Make them telling you why they get angry. There are times that their reason is for small causes which by the time they finish explaining, they will realize that nothing that can make them angry. However, if they feel that there are reason for them to being angry, discuss the issue with them and this will assist in calming them down and offer them a solution to the issue raised.
  3. Motivate your child to release their anger in a more acceptable manner. Whether we are really mad or under stress, we need to release some of the negative things so that we can move on with our life. Give a pillow to them and ask them to hit it as many as they want until they get tired or ask them to joint you take some laps around the house or accompany them to do anything that they like you to do .
  4. If your children are old enough whom can write, ask them to setup a journal for them to write about their feelings whether they are in mad or under pressure or under stress . This can be helpful. Such alternative is easier to work them out as both of you and your children can see more clearly .
  5. Can you get your children to sing when they are mad or angry ? That is possible to diffuse the rage but is not that easy to ask them. But singing can be the last thing to do .

We will feel worry or uneasy each time our children get angry as it is difficult to calm them down.

But we have to do it and we must also teach them how to deal with their anger and if they can overcome the anger , then they should be able to handle it as they grown up.

Health & Lifestyle – Why Kids Fight

It is unusual if kids do not fight

“ Stop hitting me !! Mom .. help me…” If you have kids, these are usual things that you will hear and it cause you a headache.

The more kids you have , the more such sound you will hear. You might be wondering “ why my kids fight”. You are not alone as many other parents face the same situation.

It is a norm for kids fight and quarrel. But what if they don’t fight.. this matter for you to wonder. Anyway, here are some common points why kids quarrel and fight :-

Health & Lifestyle – The feeling of rivalry between kids

The feeling of rival is always the starting point for causing fight between brothers and sisters. This feeling will normally start when you get pregnant.

The older child will feel that their place will be taken by the new child when it is born to the world. Why they fight ? This is because they feel that they need to secure your attention from the newly-born child.

There are up to the extent that they do not want to share your attention with their little brother/sister. Fighting will continue as they grow up but rest assured that the feeling of love between them will start to grow.

Temperaments differs

Human being are never the same . Even twins, your children will have different temperaments and this is one of the reason why they fight.

One may like to relax while the other one become hyperactive. You may have one who will never apart from you while the other may ahead independently and want to try everything.

Resentment may resulted from the differences in their temperaments. For example if one child get more attention from the parent , for sure there will be disagreement on the other child.

Personalities Differ

Different children will have different personalities . Their hobbies, their interest , their character , and all these differences will make them fight as they can suit to each other interest.

One child might like to play around while the other one like to play alone and this will cause clashes between them. Try to convince your children to do activities together and enjoy together.

Being Jealous

Being jealous has always been the biggest issue why children fight. One always feel that he/she slack of parent’s attention and thus instill the need to fight for attention to get affection .

Parents always tell their children that they don’t has any favourite but it is difficult for children to overcome their emotion for being jealous.

Is there any way that we as parent do if our children keep fighting ?

Set ground rules about disagreements long before you’re faced with children fighting. Be sure they know hitting and calling names is not allowed; anyone doing these things will face pre-determined consequences.

If possible, don’t get involved when you know they start fighting. Keep observe to prevent any body injuries . Wait and monitor how they can resolve their problems on their own. You might be surprised at the solutions they come up with.

Conflicts between children will never ends . Fighting and quarreling are part of their growing up process. They’re learning to stand up for themselves, express themselves, and further develop their personalities.

Health & Lifestyle – How to Look Fit and Fabulous After 40

Want to look great after 40 ?

There are all sorts of aphorisms about turning 40. If you’re around that age, you’ve probably heard them all. “Life begins at 40,” “40 is the new 20,” and so on. Still, few of us look forward to our fortieth birthdays.

But these days, turning 40 doesn’t mean you’re “over the hill.” It can actually be the beginning of some of the greatest years of your life.

Looking and feeling our best might require a little more effort than it did twenty years ago, but it’s certainly attainable. Here are ten tips to help you look great at 40 and beyond.

  1. You must get enough sleep. Irrespective of your age, you must have enough sleep and this is very important . When you reach thirties and above, the problem of lack of sleep will become more apparent as this is where you are in the phase where you are dealing with your jobs, family and financial warrants. Each person will have different requirement for the right sleep that they need but in general most adults needs between six to ten hours . Find the amount of sleep where when you wake-up you will feel well rested and stick to it.
  2. Keep your body hydrated. Our skin and hair especially will easily dry out when we start aging. You can moisturize them with maintaining sufficient hydration from inside your body . It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day.
  3. Take healthy and balanced diet. As we aged , we tend to gain weight much easier . It is especially important to avoid junk food, soda and other calorie-packed foods and drinks. Take more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and stick with lean meats.
  4. Don’t simply put any treatment on your skin. There are various of anti-aging treatments over the counter, but what work well on others may not suitable for your skin and body. If you want to try any treatment , use a small portion first and observe any signs of dryness or irritation. Your skin may not respond faster and easily as it did ten years ago .
  5. Don’t smoke. You will age faster if you are a smoker. It’s best to never start in the first place, but quitting now will prove to be very beneficial.
  6. Keep a good attitude. If you have a poor outlook on life, it will show, and it will make you appear older. Staying positive and wearing a smile will make you feel and look better.
  7. Do cardio exercise regularly. Frequent physical activity keeps us looking and feeling young. It helps keep us toned, keeps our hearts healthier and helps our bodies fight off disease. There’s no time like the present to join a gym or start your own exercise routine.
  8. Lift some weights. Weight-training provides special benefits for women over 40. It firms the muscles and keeps them from looking flabby. Getting toned also helps to prevent the development of osteoporosis in later years.
  9. When drinking alcohol, practice moderation. Heavy drinking is yet another thing that can accelerate aging of the mind and body. Most experts agree that women of any age should have no more than one drink per day.
  10. Protect yourself from the sun. A little sun each day is good for us, because it helps the body produce vitamin D. But too much sun causes wrinkles and increases the risk of skin cancer. So if you’re going to be outdoors for very long, slather on some sunscreen.

Health & Lifestyle – Whу Do Women Live Longer Than Men

Women аrе known tо age faster thаn men, but have уоu noticed how thеу аrе аblе tо live longer thаn men?

Pеrhарѕ, thеу still manage tо remain healthy іn thеіr оld age. Thіѕ rеаllу perplexes mе. No, уоu саn’t blame thеіr nagging fоr shortening thе lives оf thеіr sons, boyfriends аnd husbands. Thеrе іѕ more tо іt.

Eѕресіаllу іn developed countries, women live аlmоѕt 5 tо 10 years longer thаn men! Dіd уоu know? Of people living fоr more thаn 100 years оn Earth, 85% аrе women.

Men have high levels оf testosterone levels early іn life аnd tend tо exhibit risky behavior whіlе women choose tо remain safe bу taking precautions ѕuсh аѕ driving slow (fоr whісh men оbvіоuѕlу hate uѕ), wearing seat-belts, keeping а check оn thеіr health аѕ wеll аѕ thаt оf оthеr family members.

Cоuld thаt bе whу women tend tо live longer thаn men? Aссоrdіng tо new statistics published bу thе United Nations (2005 – 2010), thе average life expectancy оf а woman іn thе United States іѕ 80.8 years whіlе thаt оf а man іѕ 75.6 years!

In fact, іn аlmоѕt еvеrу country аrоund thе world, thе average life expectancy оf women іѕ more thаn thаt оf men.

Women Live Longer, Men Die Sooner

Death іn Prime Years: Men аrе more prone tо death іn thеіr younger years (bеtwееn 12-30 years) bу engaging іn aggressive аnd violent behavior ѕuсh аѕ suicides frоm stress аnd depression, homicides, automobile accidents frоm rash driving оr drinking аnd driving.

Alѕо, occupational hazards аrе а contributing factor ѕuсh аѕ death аmоng men whо join thе army, police departments аnd оthеr high-risk jobs.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits: Men аrе exposed tо smoking, drinking аnd doping very early іn thеіr life.

Thеу аlѕо tend tо indulge іn thеѕе habits more thаn women whо do іt іn lesser numbers. Lаtеr оn іn life, ѕuсh habits mar down thе immune system, exposing thе body tо various health risks аnd diseases.

Eating а Lot: It іѕ а known fact thаt men consume food іn muсh larger quantities аnd more frequently thаn women.

Alѕо, thеу consume а lot more meats аnd thіѕ contributes tо high cholesterol levels іn thеm. Thіѕ іѕ аlѕо whу women experience cardiovascular related problems а lot lаtеr іn life thаn оur male counterparts.

Sex Hormones: Sоmе scientists believe thаt thе genetic makeup оf women gives thеm added protection against early death аѕ compared tо men.

Women experience menopause аnd thе production оf estrogen аnd оthеr sex hormones іn thе body declines.

But, men continue tо have testosterone being produced іn thеіr bodies, whісh іѕ unfavorable tо thеіr health іn оld age.

Second X Chromosome: Women have two X chromosomes thаt help thеm make fоr disease genes, іf thеу lack longevity enabling genes, whісh helps thеm keep thе good genes active оn thе X chromosomes.

Suсh variation оn thе same оr different set оf genes contributes tо thеіr longer life. Althоugh, thіѕ explanation іѕ а little difficult tо understand, but іt plays а vital role іn thеіr life expectancy.

Evolution оf Species: Since women give birth tо thе offspring аnd аrе primary caregivers tо thеіr children,

Thеу аrе genetically designed tо have bodies thаt саn withstand ѕuсh extreme physical changes аnd thuѕ, remain stronger аnd healthier thаn men.

In most mammals, thе females tend tо live longer thаn males. Thе role оf males іѕ limited tо sowing thе seeds оf procreation оnlу.

Iron Deficiency: Women tend tо bе more deficient іn iron іn thеіr bodies due tо monthly blood loss during menstruation.

Iron, found largely іn red meat, contributes tо thе production оf free radicals thаt speed-uр aging аnd clog arteries, raising thе risk оf а heart stroke. Men naturally have more iron іn thеіr blood, thаn women.

Delaying Health Checkups: Just like most men refuse tо take directions, thеу refuse tо go fоr health checkups believing thеу аrе hale аnd hearty.

Call іt thеіr ego оr оvеr-confidence, thеу dоn’t rеаllу visit thе doctor unlеѕѕ ѕоmеthіng major hарреnѕ tо thеіr health. And, thеn women аrе blamed fоr nagging tо go fоr regular check-ups… huh?

Medical Boom: Aраrt frоm just being careful аbоut thеіr health, lesser women die during childbirth. A high mortality rate due tо thе same wаѕ common аmоng оur ancestors.

Hоwеvеr, now lesser аnd lesser women die due tо childbirth, vitamin deficiencies аnd оthеr diseases.

Hоwеvеr, а point tо bе noted here іѕ thаt іn thе раѕt decade thеrе has bееn а declining trend іn thе life expectancy ratios оf men аnd women.

Aѕ women, tоо, аrе increasingly indulging іn unhealthy lifestyle habits ѕuсh аѕ drinking, smoking, taking drugs, nоt eating nutritious meals аnd getting competitive wіth women leading tо increased levels оf stress аѕ wеll engaging іn violent behavior tоо іn thеіr younger years,

Thе life expectancy оf women іѕ аlѕо expected tо decline, shortening thе life expectancy gap bеtwееn thеm аnd men.

Alѕо, thе crime against women ѕuсh аѕ homicide аnd rapes аrе оn thе rise. Whether уоu аrе а man оr а woman, wе muѕt аll start living а holistic lifestyle tо enjoy thе gift оf life fоr longer time аnd wіth а healthy body.