Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020

Dresses for Diwali – Make A Statement This Diwali

Dresses for Diwali – Fashion trends for Diwali Dress Collections 2020 , Diwali 2020 is just around the corner.


And as everybody wants, you would also want to make a fashion statement of your own. I bet, you want to look as trendy as possible.

So, here we bring you the most awesome fashion trends for men and women, this festive season that are traditional and have a tint of fashion to it. Let’s look here some diwali dress Collections ideas for women and men .

Fashion Tips for Men and Women to dress smart this diwali


Sarees have always been considered to bring out the best in an Indian woman. Be it curvy or lean,

A saree looks graceful and fashionable if you choose the right material that just flows with your body. You can choose from Kanjivaram silk to Banarasi silk sarees, georgette, chiffon, net and many more styles and materials to choose from.

dresses for diwali
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Although a bit heavy, but lehenga cholis are considered to be the utmost thing for a festival. But then too, lehenga cholis come in so many different styles, variety , colours and materials.

Instead of going for a full fledged bridal lehenga, you can choose the lighter version and make yourself comfortable throughout the evening. You can look very pretty in a lehenga choli.

Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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  1. Anarkali Dress

Anarkali  suits are back in  fashion. They are usually anywhere between the knee length and the floor length.

They look exceptionally graceful on anyone who wears it. Even plus size women can rock an anarkali in the most fashionable manner.

Anarkalis can come in nets, silk or even cotton. You can choose according to your preference. Also, anarkalis can be worn with leggings, cigarette pants or even skirts these days. So mix and match your anarkali to rock this Diwali.

Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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Wide legged shararas were a part of the Mughal era and are back for the fashion parade again from the 16th century.

These are usually worn with heavy embroidered short kurtas and dupattas. Shararas look superb if paired with the right accessories and jewellery.

These can give you a change from everything everybody wears and you can steal the glitter off everyone in the event.

Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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  1. Kurta Pyjama Dress Up In Style – Make A Statement This Diwali

A dark or bright coloured kurta paired with a light coloured pyjama looks absolutely graceful and awesome. It is also easy to carry.

Kurta Pyjamas are usually not heavy and are very lightweight and has less of work on it. You can easily chill the whole day and celebrate your Diwali with ease and comfort while looking traditional.

Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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  1. Churidaar Churidaar Dress Up In Style – Make A Statement This Diwali

If you are looking forward to posing a more ethnic look, then you might want to pair up your silk kurta with a churidaar. Going with the right footwear and a cool hairstyle, you can look nothing less than Ranvir Singh.

Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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  1. Denim and Kurta Denim and Kurta Dress Up In Style – Make A Statement This Diwali –

If you do not like to get out of your comfort zone, yet want to make a statement, kurta along with denim jeans is the thing for you.

You can pair up your simple and plain, yet colourful kurta with a nice pair of denims. You can get that guy next door look. Also, you would be sporting something ethnic with a pinch of trend.

Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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A pathni suit consists of a kurta paired along with a salwar which has many folds and posses a heavy look. It looks very similar to a patiala salwar for women.

You can wear round neck kurtas or kurtas with standing collars. You can also pair up your pathani suit along with a waistcoat for a more sophisticated look.

Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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Dresses For Diwali | Diwali Dress Collections 2020
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Dress Up In Style this Diwali: Hence, here are just a few suggestions of what you can wear this Diwali. But I would not discourage you from trying out something new.

Let your imagination turn wild and mix and match those fabrics and patterns. Create something unique.

Diwali Festival

Diwali Festival is also known as Deepavali and it is very famous Hindu Festival.It is near about and almost all of you will be well prepare for celebrating this Diwali with great joy and enthusiasm.

It is a festival of celebration, lights as well as full of happiness. It is religiously the success of lights over dark, hope over desire, knowledge over ignorance as well as good over bad and truth over lie.

In Diwali we buy new clothes and crackers. In this we also decorate houses, offices, street with colourful lights and lamps. So,in this festival we also prepare various sweets and namkeen.

What is Diwali Festival?

Deepavali or Diwali is the 5 day festival of light and it is specially celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and also Sikhs.

As we know it’s a famous festival among Indians and also some Indian believes that Diwali honours Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth.

Diwali Festival 2020 calendar:

Day 1: Ekadashi

2nd Day: Dwadashi

Day 3: Dhanteras

Diwali Festival

4th Day: Kali Chaudas

Diwali Festival

Day 5: Diwali as well as Deepavali

Diwali Festival

6th Day: New Year

Diwali Festival

Day 7: Bhai Dooj

Diwali Festival

Diwali Safety Tips for all

Deepavali or Diwali is very famous Hindu Festival. Diwali is near about and almost all of you will be well prepare for celebrating this Diwali with great joy and enthusiasm.

It is a festival of celebration, lights as well as full of happiness. It is religiously the success of lights over dark, hope over desire, knowledge over ignorance as well as good over bad and truth over lie.

In Diwali we buy new clothes and crackers. In this festival we also prepare various sweets and namkeen. But in this festival we must take care of something.

There are many things which spoil your Diwali as well as harm you in Diwali. So; here we give the information about the Diwali Safety Tips for all. With the help of these safety tips you can leave safe in Diwali.

Follow the Diwali safety tips and avoids accident occurs by crackers and other things. So, let’s have a look…..

Diwali Safety Tips for all for stay safe and secure:

Guidance for Children:

Diwali Safety Tips

It is one of the best and important Diwali Safety Tips for your Children. So, before your children going to outside for burst crackers give some important guidance to your children.

Give the guidance like, burst crackers in open space, must wear shoes, proper use of crackers, do not burst cracker on your hand,

Do not put crackers in your pocket and most important stay with your children while burst crackers many more.

Safety regarding Clothes:

Diwali Safety Tips

Clothing is one of the main important safety tips. At the time of bursting crackers you must avoid synthetic material and you must wear cotton. So, it is very good safety tips regarding clothes in Diwali.

Diyas and candles:

Diwali Safety Tips

We all know Diwali is festival of lights and happiness. In Diwali we light Diyas as well as Candles.

Do not light the candles and Diyas near to curtains as well as make sure any flammable material or clothes are not close to them. So, follow this one the very helpful Diwali Safety Tips.

Wear Earplug:

Diwali Safety Tips

Must wear earplugs at the time of burst crackers. With the help of earplugs the unnecessary noise might not be harm your ears as well as not run this sound for a long time.

First aid kit:

Diwali Safety Tips

A first aid kit is very important and helpful Diwali Safety Tips. Keep first aid kit handy. If any case of injury by crackers it is easily curable at home.

Avoid excessive Sweets:

Diwali Safety Tips

We all know in Diwali we all eat and make lots of sweets. And of course sweets are difficult to resists in Diwali.

So, especially diabetes patients must take care while eating sweets in Diwali. That’s why people who suffer from diabetes eat fewer sweets or should eat sugar-free sweet.

Safety of your Pet:

Diwali Safety Tips

We all know pets are one of the important parts of our family. However Diwali can be a painful for all animals because of so much noise around.

And also pets are very afraid of crackers or fireworks.So, for your pet safety do not leave your pet alone and keep them away from crackers.

Check Quality of Crackers:

Diwali Safety Tips

In Diwali we all purchase many crackers but do you check the quality of your crackers. We must buy crackers from authorized producers and must follow the given instructions before fire it. So, it is one of the best Diwali Safety Tips.

Dispose used crackers:

Diwali Safety Tips

After fire crackers where you place disposable used crackers. You must dispose the used crackers at safe place very carefully.

You can put all the dispose used crackers in the bucket which is full of water or you can also put them on sand.So, do this and safe in Diwali.

How To Look Great Wearing A Pashmina This Diwali

There was a definite nip in the air this morning and it’s about time to be thinking of something stylish to wear that will also keep Jack Frost at bay. However, there is nothing more stylish than a pashmina, which can be worn in so many different ways. They are also pretty affordable so it’s quite easy to build up a selection of different colours and even patterns and they can make the simplest outfit look amazing.

The Most Popular Ways To Wear A Pashmina

  • Tie your pashmina into a Parisian Knot. This is easy to do – you just double the pashmina in half creating a loop half way along, pull the pashmina around your neck, and push the ends though the loop, letting them hang down at the front – very chic, looks great over a more formal coat or jacket and is also very cosy.
  • Simply wrap your pashmina loosely around your neck leaving the ends hanging down at the front, rather like in the photograph, this is a more bohemian style, and looks great with t-shirt and jeans.
  • This next one is great for evenings when you are wearing a strappy top or dress and need something to keep the chill off. Drape your pashmina around your shoulders shawl style and tie it at the front in a once-around knot (rather like when you begin the knot on a shoe-lace).
  • Wear your pashmina in the way you would wear a simple scarf – by leaving one end hanging down at the front, wrapping it once around your neck and letting the other end hang down at the back on the same side as the front end.
  • Wear two contrasting pashminas together – first of all twist them together. I think this looks great when tied into a Parisian knot.

Storing Sterling Silver Jewellery This Diwali

The important thing to control with silver jewellery is tarnishing. This darkens the ring and occurs when the non silver elements (usually copper) of the jewellery react with the air or any other substance it comes into contact with. This process is also magnified depending on humidity; the more warm and humid the faster the process.

We would recommend you store your jewellery in a specially made box. You can also put jewellery in tarnish prevention cloths and bags. These items all stop the silver rubbing on any hard surface or other items that could dent or scratch it. Keep your silver in a cool dry place if possible.

Cleaning silver jewellery.

Although it can take months for jewellery to tarnish, you should clean it once or twice a month at least to keep it in tip top condition. Use a low abrasive cleaner, always a good option. Some people believe toothpaste can be used but this is not advised by experts as they it dulls the sterling silver and leaves tiny scratches.

There are many special cleaning cloths and potions available to combat the tarnishing of silver jewellery. However, many of the items that we stock have rhodium or anti-tarnish finishes, which are especially good at keeping your jewellery sparkling. Your items can still benefit from a polish with a jeweller’s silver cleaning cloth which is available for just a few pounds.

What is silver patina?

Over time and constant use your silver jewellery should develop a gorgeous “patina”. This is a combination of minute light and dark areas. If you like it then leave it, otherwise use a polish to restore its original shiny silver appearance.

Cleaning cubic zirconia jewellery.

Cleaning cubic zirconia jewellery is very easy and like diamond the cubic zirconia gem needs to be cleaned to maintain its brilliance. Contact with hand cream, perfume and hairspray can cause your brilliant gem to dull. However, with a small soft brush (like a toothbrush) and a mild detergent and warm water any build up of beauty products and such can be easily removed.

Today gemologists agree that cubic zirconia comes closer than any other gem to matching the characteristics of a diamond so it’s important to care for it in the same way.

Why do we wear rings on Diwali ? Why is the ring finger so called? Best Rings for Diwali ,Find out here.

In all ancient cultures the circle was considered to be the symbol of perfection; it is perfect unity, without beginning or end. It is the symbol of the sun, earth and universe, and represents holiness, perfection and peace.

Why do we wear rings?

Rings are worn for many reasons: simple adornment, those given as a reward, to represent commitment as in engagements and marriages. They can be plain and simple or they can be adorned with jewels or gemstones, as in the case of birthstone rings. Whatever the reason you have for owning and wearing a ring, it should always make you feel special. It is a decorative item after all!

What are rings made from?

Rings can be made of almost any material now. They can be made from plastic, silver, gold, glass or copper, sometimes even wood. They can also be made of ceramics. There are thousands of design styles, from classic designs to intricate filigrees, glass and love hearts.

The early years.

“Look how my ring encompasseth thy finger, Even so thy breast encloseth my poor heart; Wear both of them, for both of them are thine.”

Richard the Second: William Shakespeare, 1593

It’s generally accepted that rings became popular during the medieval period (c. 475-1450AD). Many people wore rings – the type of ring you owned was, as usual, linked to your wealth! Rings were typically made of iron, copper, silver, and gold. It wasn’t until around the 14th century that rings containing faceted jewels appeared.

The hand of marriage and the ring finger.

The ancient peoples believed that the third finger (on the left hand), had a special vein; the vein of “love” running directly to the heart. Considering this has no basis in scientific anatomy, it’s all the more impressive that the romantic custom still stands. King Edward VI of England designated the third finger of the left hand as the ring finger. In 1549 the Book of Common Prayer designated the left hand as the marriage hand.

The cultures of rings.

Many cultures typically have rings associated with them, for example early Christians used the Greek “fish” symbol, the Ichtus. The Irish Claddagh is another symbol which most people are aware of. You may not know that Native American tribes often use silver and turquoise in their rings.

Choosing The Best Nail Polish Colours For Diwali

There are some great shades of nail polish which are just fantastic for summer and I have some great tips about colours which are just made to be worn with a tan (whether it comes from your Mediterranean holidays or from your summer glow body lotion). Wearing these shades will certainly brighten up your summer days, whether the sun shines or the rain comes down and will enhance your outfits – be careful of clashing colours though!

Here are some great nail polish colours:

  • Tangerine – this is brilliant with bright summer clothes, bikinis and a tan – it looks great with lots of different colours so its pretty versatile to mix and match holiday outfits with.
  • True red – nothing looks more classic than pillar-box red painted nails peeping out from the latest sandals – just make sure your nails are neatly manicured as nothing looks more nasty than ragged or long toenails painted in a bright colour.
  • Hot Pink – this “look at me” shade has regained popularity this season with many of the stars in Hollywood sporting the colour.
  • Coral – always a favourite, again this shade looks fabulous with a tan, especially on the toes.
  • Baby Pink – always delicate and cute, again worn with a tan, highlights the nails and gives a very flattering appearance to shorter nails.
  • Bronze – this is a great summer colour, especially for toes which are clad in fashionable, gladiator style sandals.
  • Blue – brighter shades of the darker blues worn for winter can look fantastic with the right outfit – I would suggest on toes with silver sandals.
  • Fuschia – brilliant as it makes a statement but its also girly and looks fantastic on shorter, square nails.

Whichever shade you choose just follow these simple rules for success:

  • Make sure your nails are neat, filed and smooth before applying any polish and preferably apply a nail polish base to avoid staining your nails.
  • Check the colour doesn’t clash with the outfit you are wearing.
  • If possible use a top coat as well over your nail polish as this will help avoid chips and cracks.

How To Pick Out The Best Style Of Glasses For You This Diwali

I recently went for a bi-yearly eye test at one of our more popular opticians and was amazed to find out when chatting with the optician that almost two-thirds of the adult population wear glasses or contact lenses – in the main glasses! Having a look at some of the designer ranges they stocked, I was actually just that little, tiny bit disappointed when the optician confirmed that my eyes were healthy and my eyesight satisfactory without the addition of some great designer accessory that now passes as the ordinary and everyday pair of glasses. Picking glasses out from the amazing array of styles available is not always an easy choice though and here are some great tips that will help you choose the right style for you.

Different Face Shapes Suit Different Styles of Glasses

  • Oval faces – You may have the perfect, symmetrical oval face and if this the case you may be a model and practically every style should suit you.
  • Round faces – Although smaller glasses are trendy at the moment, look for glasses which are slightly larger and square in design, which will not accentuate the roundness of your face and which will add profile and angles.
  • Long thin faces – If you have a longer face again, don’t opt for narrow slim frame styles, but look for bolder frames which will accentuate and draw attention to your eyes.
  • Heart shaped faces – you are the opposite and should avoid wide and heavy frames as they will accentuate the wideness of your cheekbones – look for some frameless or more delicate styles which will balance out your face.

How You Wear Your Hair Will Change Which Glasses You Choose

  • If you have long hair which you normally wear loose, or that is a major feature around your face you should look for lighter frames which will not draw attention away from your hair and create too “busy” a look.
  • If you have a short hairstyle, or wear your hair tied up away from your face most of the time, you can carry off much heavier or brighter frames as your glasses can be an great accessory and look really stylish.

What Colour Of Frames Will Match Your Skin Tone And Eyes?

  • If you have pale skin then stay away from black frames which can look quite austere and opt for frames in tortoiseshell which still looks trendy.
  • Pale skins can also be drained by silver coloured frames so opt for golden, or darker metal frames.
  • Darker skin and dark eyes can look fantastic in black or silver frames.
  • Choosing frames which match the colour of your eyes can look surprisingly great – see the picture of Cate Blanchett above.
  • If you are lucky enough to have tanned skin along with blond hair or highlights try some black framed glasses – this can look stunning.

Above all you should be comfortable in your glasses, they should suit your personality, and make sure they fit your properly – the optician should ensure that they fit straight on your head and are not too tight which can be uncomfortable and cause headaches.

How To Use Jewellery and Other Accessories To Brighten Up Your Outfits

In these serious times of the global credit crunch and the giant carbon footprint it’s a great idea to recycle some of our older outfits and revamp them with some new accessories to bring them straight up to date without breaking the bank or creating a whole heap of waste. Here are some tips on how this can easily be done.


  • One plain cotton top on it’s own can look pretty boring, but wearing a white top underneath a black or red top, which accentuates the white at the neck and cuffs can look really cute. Choose your own colour combinations to suit you.
  • Wearing a lacy vest top under a partially undone blouse looks a little cheeky and very pretty.
  • Dress like you’re in the USA, with a white or plain long-sleeved t-shirt underneath a short sleeved coloured one.

Designer … Or Handmade By You

  • If you’ve got any jeans which have no designer brand – make them into your own designer jeans, by adding a motif to the back pocket, sewing sequins along the tops of the pockets or distress them by cutting appropriate holes and rubbing them with a pumice stone or sandpaper. Pop them in the washing machine after and this will help to fray your handiwork even more.
  • If you really want to save some money and get your own style – try knitting yourself a funky woolly hat and scarf – there are free patterns all over the internet – try www.Amazon.in for some cool ideas.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

  • Yup, diamonds really are, but they also cost heaps of money and only jewellers can tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a genuine diamond, and to accessorise an outfit there are so many colourful alternatives.
  • A chunky, colourful pendant or necklace can instantly add style to a plain outfit and for a great casual look they can be hung on coloured, silk cords which look up-to-the-minute and totally stylish.

How To Dress For The Office But Still Look Stylish

The days of “power dressing” for the office has long gone along with those big square shoulderpads thank goodness and most offices today offer the “business casual” option. This certainly operates in many of the offices I have been in, but in a way its almost a shame as a lot of office workers use it as an excuse to be slightly… well scruffy almost. I like to think that part of the “fun” of working in an office where maybe day-to-day life isn’t that exciting is that at least you can dress for the part. Here are some tips for brightening up that office day existance.

The Bag (No not your boss!)

  • Many of us cart around a large array of items day-to-day including items such as umbrellas, books, iPods, phones, makeup, lunches, purses, notepads etc etc, which means either a substantial hand or shoulder bag or at worst two separate bags. I recommend opting for the larger hand or shoulder bag – which should be smartly styled and in winter be of leather or similar and for summer a lighter design in fabrics of your favourite summer colours. A great bag can make any outfit – if you go to work in a plain skirt and sweater – a smart and stylish bag over your shoulder can definitely brighten up your day.


  • Trousers are definately one of the most popular items of clothing for the office for many women now. Nothing looks smarter than a trouser suit with a stylish cut – for which my favourite colour is black. This can be matched with a feminine blouse (very in for the latest season), or even just a plain t-shirt which can be accessorised with a colourful pendant or necklace. A suit like this looks super stylish with a set of heels.
  • If you are a fan of above the knee skirts, unless you are lucky enough to have gorgeous legs like Cameron Diaz then I recommend tights as its not so nice to sit and look at a colleague’s white and pudgy knees. Seriously, a great pair of tights can make legs super shapely, and there are some great opaque tights both plain and patterned which look great with shoes like Mary-Janes. If you don’t like wearing tights, a skirt suit with leather knee boots with heels also looks very smart for winter.

…And Tops

  • I’m not a great fan of tight lycra tops in the office, mostly because offices can be quite warm or alternatively quite cold if air-conditioned and both of these climates have their disadvantages in a tight top – I’ll leave that to your imagination. Also sitting at a desk all day is not great for your posture, and unless you have a supermodel slim figure a tight top is probably not the most flattering garment and I’d save it for a night out.


  • The office is not generally the place for piles of diamante or sparkly jewellery, but I recently had a meeting with one of our European colleagues, she was actually Italian. She was dressed all in black – tailored black trousers and a fine knit black round neck sweater. What made her outfit super stylish but still formal enough for the meeting was the chunky silver jewellery she had teamed with her outfit, including a large silver ring, watch and bold silver pendant.

I’m still a fan of dressing for the office – if you feel and look good, your day will be much brighter in my opinion. You may or may not agree or you might not be able to wear what you want to work – so let us hear about it.

Enjoy this Diwali and be safe. Happy Diwali!

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