9 Best Water Purifiers India 2022

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How Water Can Impact your Health?

Do you know that your body consists of 60% of water? Yes, it is true and everyone knows the importance of water. It is essential for a good health. It keeps you hydrated and helps you maintain a fit life.

Best Water Purifiers India 2022

Being crucial for every cell, it helps to cool your body, fuel your organ, circulate oxygen and even flush out waste products. No doubt the body has 60% of water, but when you breathe, sweat, and even during the process of digestion, your body loses water. So, it is very important that you drink water and keep your body hydrated. Water not only protects your tissues, spinal cord or joints, but it can overall impact your health as well.

Why is Water Important for Health

When you talk about water for health, you think about drinking water and staying hydrated. Lack of water in your body can cause different problems like headaches, constipation, dry skin, tiredness, dry skin and many others. Dehydration can also affect your blood pressure, digestion of food, kidney function and etc. In one sentence, you can say water is essential for the body and it can also count numerous health benefits.

What does water do for the body

Let us know what does water do for your body?


Staying hydrated/drinking water can keep your mood stable and can even you’re your memory sharp. It can keep your motivation intact and this can help you think through problems very easily. If you don’t drink water properly, it can reduce the flow of oxygen to the brain and this can temporarily shrink the neurons.


Water is a vital component of saliva and drinking water can help in creating saliva. The saliva that is created has electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes in it. This helps in breaking down the food that you eat.


Dry mouth can cause bad breath and it can promote cavity. Drinking water can keep your throat moist and this will prevent your mouth from feeling dry.


Staying hydrated means the water helps in lubricating the joints, spinal cords, and even tissues. Drinking water will help in enjoying the physical activities and improving it to a great extent.


Drinking adequate amount of water can keep your skin hydrated. It can also make your skin glow and even reduce the effect of aging.


Kidneys help in flashing out the waste through urination and defecation and in order to process this, you need to drink water and keep yourself hydrated.

The Bottom Line

Water is important for every part of the body and drinking an adequate amount of water would help you stay hydrated. Staying hydrated would keep you healthy and even help your body function properly. The amount of water that you need to drink depends on different aspects but it is always asked that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. So, always remember to stay hydrated so that you can stay healthy.

 Well, I drink 9-10 glasses of water per day. How many glasses of water do you drink? Share your answer in the comment section below

How to Eat Water to Stay Hydrated?

Hate drinking water? You are not alone, there are a lot of people who say, “I hate drinking water” and they often look for alternatives to drinking water.  So, I have come up with some easy and healthy tips on “How to hydrate if you don’t like water”?

Do you know you can eat water? Surprised! Don’t be! Because you can not only drink water but, you can eat as well. It is always said that you should drink eight glasses a day. It is true and everyone should follow it.

But, do you know water not only comes in a glass, but it can be in a plate too? Want to know how? Well, there are many fruits with high water content and it’s a great option for people who don’t like drinking water.

Eating those fruits means consuming water and maintaining water in your body. Fruits like watermelon, orange, peach etc. have rich water content can help you stay hydrated without consuming more water. Below is the list of fruits you can add in your daily diet to keep yourself hydrated:

List of Fruits with rich water content to stay hydrated

  • Watermelon: Watermelon is the best water-rich fruits you can eat. It contains 92% of water and consuming it can let you stay hydrated. Eating this fruit can help in reducing the chance of dehydration. Besides, watermelon is also a good source of vitamins A and C, beta-carotene that can keep your body fit and healthy.
  • Strawberries: When you talk about eating water, there is another fruit in the list and that is Strawberry. Though all the berries are good food for hydration, strawberries contain 92% of water and also has a satiating effect that can keep you full. Strawberries also have another health benefit and that is supporting cardiovascular health.
  • Grapefruit: It is one of the tangy hydrating fruits that comes with 91% water content. The fruit contains important electrolytes that assist in preventing dehydration. Regular consumption of grapefruit can help control your appetite and even help in making your skin beautiful.
  • Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe is another fruit that is rich in water content. It consists of 90% water. Eat it in summer to keep yourself hydrated. Regular intake of this fruit can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease.
  • Pineapple: Pineapple is easily available fruit that consists of 87% of water in it. It is the powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins A and C, thiamin, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, folate and fiber. This fruit can boosts your immune system and even improve digestion. Eating pineapple can even promote eye health.

There are other fruits as well that are rich in water content like peaches, oranges, starfruit, cucumber and many others. As staying hydrated is very important for the proper functioning of your body, it is important that you maintain it either by consuming water or some alternatives to drinking water.

Share your secret mantras for alternatives to drinking water in the comment box below!

Yoga Day 2022: Why Drinking Water During Yoga is Not Recommended?

Yoga is regarded as a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practice that is done in order to keep your body and soul healthy. Practicing yoga can aid in flexibility, strengthen your spinal cord, and provide relief from stress and anxiety and many others.

Yoga is practiced by everyone irrespective of age, gender, and religion. If you are also planning to start yoga asanas from this International Yoga Day, then make sure to understand first things first and that is never drinking water during yoga. Now the question that you might be thinking is “Can I drink water after yoga”?

When to drink water if you are practicing Yoga?

Generally, it is recommended that when you practice yoga, your stomach should be empty. In short, your stomach should be filled with any kind of food. It is said because any food item that you consume would take at least 3 to 4 hours for digestion. Now the question is can I drink water before practicing yoga?

Drinking water during yoga is not at all recommended, but, you can drink water at room temperature before your session starts. The only reason for not drinking water during yoga is that it can disrupt the flow of poses and break your concentration.

Besides, it can act as a hindrance to executing different yoga asanas. So, never drink water before you start practicing yoga. But, if you feel thirsty and you cannot resist it, just take few sips of water.

The next question is when to drink water? Well, as per different experts, it is said that you should not drink water or eat any food within 30 minutes of yoga practice.

During the first 30 minutes, it is recommended that you should avoid cold foods and it is recommended to drink herbal tea. After you complete 30 minutes, make sure to eat a healthy diet and avoid eating food that is heavy in carbohydrates and fats. This will keep you fit and the impact of doing yoga would be fulfilled.

The Bottom Line

Yoga is an intricate practice that opens up energy channels of your body and helps in smooth flow of prana (Vital Life Force)/ energy. It has many benefits starting from lowering the blood pressure to strengthening the spinal cord and from improving oxygenation to the body to solidification immune system.

But, there is just an important thing that you should understand, “Yoga should be practiced in the empty stomach”. Besides, you should not drink water during yoga, instead, you can drink an hour before you start or after half an hour of completing the asanas.

Comparison Between Aquaguard Reviva Nxt and HUL Pureit Classic UV+ Water Purifiers

Do you think tap water or the supplied water is clean and safe for drinking? Think twice! The growing population, industrial development and due to environmental degradation it has become impossible to receive pure and safe drinking water.

The water that is supplied to your home might contain harmful impurities and to drink such water might cause waterborne diseases. So, how to overcome this situation and stay safe from waterborne illness?

Well, using a water purifier can be the best option and this can help in removing all the impurities from supplied water making it safe for consumption. Though there are different brands of water purifier available in the market we would discuss and compare between Aquaguard Reviva Nxt and HUL Pureit Classic UV+ Water Purifiers.

Aquaguard Reviva Nxt UV Water Purifier

When you talk about a good water purifier, you should know that it can remove excess salts, suspended particles and even microbes from the supplied water. In addition to this, it can even retain essential minerals in it thereby making the water fit for consumption.

Under the name of best water purifier, Aquaguard Reviva Nxt UV Water Purifier comes in the list. It comes with patented Mineral Guard technology that delivers not only sweet tasting water but, ensures that all the essential minerals (Calcium & Magnesium) are present in it.

Owing to the presence of the excellent purification technology, the water purifier removes excess TDS and even block dissolved impurities. The removal of all these chemicals ensures that the provided water is 100% healthy, safe and tasty for drinking. You can check the price of this water purifier here.

HUL Pureit Classic UV+ Water Purifier

Looking at the condition of the water that is supplied to the homes, HCL has introduced Pureit Classic UV+ Water Purifier. This water purifier ensures that every drop counts and you can drink fresh water.

The device doesn’t store any water and this means that you can get fresh, safe water to drink every time you want to. It comes with 5 stages of filtration process. This explains that the final drop of water that you consume is free from impurities and harmful pathogens.

Owing to the high-intensity UV lamp the purifier removes micro-organisms from the raw water and make it fit for consumption. Check the price of this UV water purifier here.

Comparing the Features of Aquaguard Reviva Nxt and HUL Pureit Classic UV+ Water Purifiers

SpecificationsAquaguard Reviva NxtHUL Pureit Classic UV+
Purification TechnologyRO+UVUV
Retains Essential MineralsYes
Storage Capacity8.5 LitersNIL
Installation TypeWall MountedWall Mounted
Taste Enhancer CartridgeYes
Recommended ForMunicipal water, Borewell water, Water from tankersMunicipal water, Borewell water, Water from tankers
Water Flow Rate15L/Hr1-2 L/Min
Membrane TypeThin Flim Composite RO
UV Lamp11 Watt11 Watt
Power Consumption45 Watts26 Watt 
Rating2.5 Star3 Star


After you go through all the details and the technical specifications of Aquaguard Reviva Nxt and HUL Pureit Classic UV+ Water Purifiers you can find that both are best in all the prospects.

If you want water purifier with storage tank you can pick Aquaguard Reviva Nxt or else you can opt for HUL Pureit Classic UV+ Water Purifier. Both the water purifiers are affordable and both have UV purification technology that ensures that the supplied water is free from harmful pathogens.

Considering the fact that the model has RO+UV purification there is another trusted brand KENT that offers KENT Maxx, you can also check the model. This way you have three options apart from the above-mentioned UV water purifiers. Bring home the best water purifier and drink filtered water to stay safe from waterborne diseases.

Water Purifier Comparison: Pureit Marvella & Aquaguard Enhance

The importance of drinking pure water cannot be understated as it is the basic need for every human being to live a healthy life. Thanks to the water purifying technology that we can use to filter the supplied water and drink pure water every time we want to.

There are many reputed brands available in the market like Kent, Aquaguard, Tata Swach and Pureit, which you can opt for. As we all know, selecting water purifier for our home is a humungous task. It requires so much consideration that you need to look for.

There are many important things to keep in mind while purchasing a water purifier. But above all you need to understand various features and specification that are mentioned in the below table, which shows a brief comparison between Pureit Marvella & Aquaguard Enhance water purifier:

Comparison of Pureit Marvella Vs Aquagaurd Enhance RO+UV Water Purifier

Aquaguard Enhancer

Aquaguard Enhancer features with advanced RO and UV technology that ensures you to drink pure, germ-free water. It also comes with TDS regulator that helps in controlling the taste of drinking water.

The water purifier also has a mineral guard that maintains an optimum level of minerals in water and helps in preventing scaling formation on the membrane. It can also store 7 liters of purified water this means that you can dispense water from this purifier even when there’s no power.

This water purifier is also designed with ABS body that makes it corrosion-free and this ensures that it lasts for a long time. In addition to this, the water purifier also has better efficiency as it comes with Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer.

This works in preventing scaling of dissolved salts like Calcium and Magnesium from the water and make it safe for consumption.

Pureit Marvella

Pureit Marvella water purifier comes with RO and UV purification technology that can filter out all the impurities from supplied water and make it safe for consumption.

The inlet water goes through six different stages of filtration that remove particulate impurities, chlorine, pesticides, dirt, dissolved salts, cysts, protozoa, and metals like arsenic, mercury, lead.

The processes also absorb all foul odor-causing compounds and even improve the taste of water. The water purifier also comes with an advanced alert system that will alert you 15 days before the Germkill kit gets. It also comes with auto start-stop and shut-off features that would ensure trouble-free operation.

The Difference

Since both the water purifiers have similar features and specifications, the purification process is also very similar in these water purifiers. So which one you should select for your home? To make it simple for you, by analyzing the all the important features and specification we came to following conclusions:

  • Both the water purifiers use same technology for purification but the purification capacity of Aquaguard Enhance RO-UV is higher than Pureit Marvella. This implies that Aquaguard Enhance RO water purifier takes less time to purify water than Pureit Marvella RO+UV.
  • Pureit Marvella RO UV requires more power than Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV Water Purifier.
  • UV lamp is an important role to all the microorganisms present in the water. It power wattage also plays an important role. Pureit Marvella RO-UV does not mention its wattage.
  • Having almost the same range of price Pureit Marvella have storage capacity higher than Aquaguard Enhance. This features will allow a user to store more pure water when there are power cut issues. If you are living in such area than Pureit Marvella is a good choice to make.

Find here Comparison between: Aquaguard Geneus Vs Kent Grand Plus 

Online Reviews & Ratings

On an average, the ratings for Pureit Marvella on different online stores is 3.7 which is little low. Many people also complain about poor after-sales service from the company. On the other hand, Aquaguard Enhance has an overall rating of 4.3 in different online stores. Most of the people liked this product.

If you want to choose between these two products I will advise you to pick Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV Water Purifier for your home. If you don’t find the suggested products to be good enough for your home, you can also review some other best water purifier model like Kent Maxx or Kent Ultra Storage. These models come with RO +UV purification process and are effective enough to remove all the harmful pathogens. You can check the price online.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

Livpure Envy Plus 2000 RO Water Purifier Detailed Review with Specifications

What would be more important than drinking clean and fresh water? Drinking purified water would let you stay healthy, help your body function properly and even keep you safe from waterborne diseases.

This is why everyone should keep in mind to filter their water before drinking. Your supplied water might look clean, but it may contain thousands of pathogens in it, which can make you ill.

So, the easiest solution is to bring home an RO water and filter the supplied water before consumption. Talking about RO water purifier, today we would have a detailed review of Livpure Envy Plus 2000. It is a water purifier that uses RO+UV+UF purification process to deliver pure drinking water.

What makes Livpure Envy Plus 2000 water purifier widely preferred?

If you want to add style to your modern kitchen and add purity to your life using Livpure Envy Plus 2000 is a good choice. The purifier has several advanced features, which you can study below:

Livpure Envy Plus 2000 RO Review

Read the complete Livpure Envy Plus review.

  • 7 Stage Advanced Purification System: Livpure Envy Plus 2000 RO water purifier comes with 7 stage advanced purification process to filter out impurities from the supplied water. The purifier has purification cartridges like Pre Filter, Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon Filter Cum Adsorber, RO Membrane, UV Disinfection Column, UF Cartridge and Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Cartridge. Owing to these stages of water purification, the final output that comes to you is 100% pure and clean water.
  • 8 Litres Water Storing Capacity: Livpure Envy Plus 2000 comes with 8 liters of water storing capacity and this is sufficient enough for a family with 4 to 5 people. The high storage capacity helps in providing purified water at a faster rate thereby making it easily available for all.
  • Construction Material: The water purifier is designed to perfection by using food grade material that would ensure the durability of the product. Owing to this, you and your family would enjoy the essence of pure water for a longer period of time.
  • Installation: If you are looking for a purifier that can be installed as both table-top and wall mounting, Livpure Envy Plus 2000 can be the best choice. The compact design makes it suitable to be installed in any place you want to as per your preferences.

Some Other Technical Features:

  • Type: Electrical & Storage
  • Purifying Technology: RO+UV+UF
  • Total Capacity: 8 Liters
  • Installation: Table-top & Wall Mounting
  • Purification Capacity: 15L/hr
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 75L/Day
  • Membrane Type: Thin Film Composite
  • Operating Voltage: 24 V DC
  • TDS Levels: Up to 2000 ppm
  • Filter Replacement Cycle: Up to 6000 Liters

The Bottom Line

Reading out all the mentioned details would ensure that Livpure Envy Plus 2000 is the best water purifier for home. It has 7 stage purification process, 8 Ltrs storage capacity, and easy operation.

The model uses RO+UV+UF purification process to filter out the impurities from water. It is available at online stores like Flipkart and Amazon, where you can check the price and purchase it if it suits your budget.

Though this water purifier has all the essential features, it is a bit expensive. If you are looking for a similar purifier at a lower range, you can choose Kent Grand RO water purifier.

It has 8 liters of water storage unit, RO+UV+UF purification process with TDS controller and many other technical features. Moreover, the price of this water purifier is also less compared to Livpure Envy Plus 2000. Check the RO buying guide before purchasing any RO water purifier so that you can pick the right model for your home.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb UV+UF Water Purifier Review

Our body consists of 70% of water and to live healthy, clean accessible water is very essential. Though there is only 2.5% of fresh water available for consumption, and that is sufficient on the planet to meet all our needs. But, it is all due to the bad economics and the poor infrastructure that millions of people die from waterborne diseases because of the consumption of impure water.

Poor water quality not only impacts the food security but the livelihood choices as well. So, why to take health risk when you can get the water purified before drinking using a water purifier. Though there are different brands of water purifier available in the market, we would study about Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb.

Read the detailed Aquaguard Superb review to understand the model.

Aquaguard Superb UV+UF Water Purifier

To ensure that you drink 100% safe and clean water, Eureka Forbes has introduced Aquaguard Superb. The purifier uses UV and UF filtration process to filter out all the impurities from the supplied water.

Besides this, the model also has an aesthetically appealing design that would make the model excellent in appearance. You can place it on your kitchen counter or even mount it on the wall without any hassles. It has different features and these are mentioned below:

Mineral GuardTM

The water purifier comes added with Mineral GuardTM technology. This can help in retaining all the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, giving you to drink healthy water.

UV Technology

Aquaguard Superb water purifier comes with innovative UV technology that internally works wonders in making your water as safe and pure as the water boiled for over 20 minutes. The e-boiling technique kills bacteria and viruses, ensuring you get safe drinking water.

LED Indicators

The LED display added in this water purifier acts as a smart indicator that can help you in hassle-free operations. It is the LED indicator that can help you identify different modes namely Power On/Off, Purification Process, Service and Filters replacement.

Silver Surety

It also comes with silver impregnated carbon cartridge that helps removes all the residual organic impurities and revive the original taste of water.

6.5 Litres Storage Capacity

Aquaguard Superb UV+UF water purifier comes with 6.5 liters water storage capacity that would let you get instant access to purified drinking water whenever you want to.

Flexible Installation

The water purifier comes with flexible installation features and this means that it can be easily installed as wall mounted and can also be placed on the counter according to the taste and preferences.

Check the price of Aquaguard Superb at Flipkart and Amazon

Some Technical Specifications

  • Water Flow Rate: 15 Liters/Hour
  • Life of UV Lamp: 5000 burning hours
  • UV Lamp: 11 watts
  • Power Consumption: 20 watts
  • Storage Capacity: 6.5 Liters
  • Installation Type: Table Top and Wall Mounting
  • Biotron Cartridges Added: Yes

The Bottom Line

Drinking safe water is very much needed for a healthy life and installing right water purifier can assist you in this. Aquaguard Superb UV+UF water purifier is no doubt a good water purifier that can be installed at home, but the price seems to be a bit high and that is Rs. 13,999.

With just UV and UF purification technology, there are many other brands of water purifier like KENT, HUL and etc. that offers the same purification technology and the price is also quite less compared to Aquaguard Superb.

Kent Pearl Review: 8 Litre RO-UV-UF With TDS Controller Water Purifier

Water is equated with life. There are numerous health ailments that can enter your home with impure drinking water. Therefore the purity of the drinking water should be accorded high priority.

Nowadays, as we are entering into the new era of advanced high technology, in every home there are smart appliances that are splendidly equipped for doing a large portion of the work without including any manual intervention. Talking about smart appliances, water purifiers also comes into this list.

When it comes to the best water purifier, Kent pearl RO water purifier is the one that you can completely trust. This water purifier is fully automatic and computer controlled and also comes with a detachable storage tank which makes easy on-site cleaning on regular basis. In this article, we will discuss Kent Pearl review along with its features and specification that makes it the best water purifier for home

Features of Kent Pearl Water Purifier

Detachable Transparent Storage Tank

Kent pearl comes with storage capacity of 8 litres, which stands in top range when contrasted with comparable estimated models. The cleaning of the storage tank is very simple since it can be detached from the purifier.

Therefore, you can clean the storage tank on regular basis without any help of a technician. The transparent body of storage tank looks alluring and also allows you to monitor internal state of the storage tank. This purifier perfectly suits your kitchen as it gives you the convenience of installing in either on the wall or table top.

Check the latest price of Kent Pearl online at

 Double Purification by RO-UV-UF with TDS Controller

The patented Mineral RO technology of Kent Pearl provides double purification of RO-UV-UF gives you pure healthy drinking water. TDS controller of this water purifier makes distinctive from other RO water purifier as it retains the natural essential minerals. The double purification by RO-UV-UF removes all the possible impurities present in water such as chemicals, dissolved salts, bacteria, viruses, pesticides etc.

Advanced Alert System

To make sure you always drink pure water, all the function of Kent Pearl RO water purifier are computer controlled with a UV fail and filter change alarm. These alarms will let you know if there is a need to replace them.

After a pre-set time the alarm will be audible. To avoid any chances of getting impure water, the machine will stop functioning till the filters are not replaced. Fully automatic operation with auto start and auto off functionality detect itself when to start and stop the purification of water according to the water level of the storage tank.

NSF and WQA Certification

Kent pearl has been certified to meet all the testing parameters from the worldwide renowned laboratories for the confirmation of quality and safe drinking water. Kent pearl has received the certification from the NSF and WQA Gold Seal, both are prestigious labs of USA. In fact, Kent is the only company in India to receive certification from NSF. Kent pearl has been also certified by CE and ISI.

Other Specifications of Kent Pearl RO Water Purifier

  • Suitable for any source of water
  • Inbuilt auto flushing system
  • Spin-welded RO membrane to prevent tampering
  • High voltage UV lamp of 11 watt
  • Food grade non-breakable ABS Plastic body
  • Leak proof performance by push-fit components
  • In-built SMPS to handle voltage fluctuation

Kent Pearl Review- The Best Water Purifier

There is no doubt about it that Kent Pearl has received highest positive reviews among all the RO water purifier. People are loving this product as it uses the most innovative technology of water purification. Not only this, Kent offers excellent after sales services since it has a huge network of service centers in India.


Kent pearl is a smartly designed water purifier with a transparent body making it more appealing and exquisite. If you are looking for the best water purifier that offers excellent purification of water along with hi-tech features then this water purifier would be the best choice for you. So, bring this amazing water purifier to your home and enjoy healthy drinking water.

Comparing The Best Water Purifiers: Kent Grand Plus Vs Aquaguard Geneus

Water purifier has turned out to be the most important appliance in every home and this is because of the presence of contamination in water, which can make you sick. Most of the cities are highly dependent upon water tankers or bore well water which has abnormal amounts of chemicals and harmful contamination in it. According to WHO around 894 million people do not have access to improved water sources.

In order to drink pure filtered water, people opt for water purifier. Many people usually pick any modest model and then blame that the filters are not working properly and regret their decision.

That is why it is very important to choose the right purifier for your family. In this post, I am going to compare two best water purifiers from the top water purifier brands in India i.e. Kent Grand Plus Vs Aquaguard Geneus. But before comparing the water purifiers, here are some important things you should know:

Compare water purifier Before Buying

Before selecting any water purifier it is significant to know about the nature of water that is supplied to your home. You should also check the purification processes of the selected water purifier. Beside this, you should also check technical specifications, consumables life in view of utilization, filter quality, maintenance cost, usability etc.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing any water purifier:

Water Supply

You must check the quality of water supplied to your home. The selection of water purifier depends upon what is the nature of the supplied water. If the water has high TDS then RO water purifier will be the best option for you and if it is low TDS than you can use UV or UF water purifier.

Storage Capacity

Most of the reputed brands generally provide water purifiers with good storage capacity. The storage capacity of 7-8 liters will be ideal for a small family. With this standard of water storing capacity you and your family will never run short of water.

Purification Capacity

You should also check the purification capacity of the water purifier. When you are looking at best water purifier make sure that it can filter water at least 15 liters/hour.  Better the purification capacity better would be the water purifier.

Maintenance and After Sales Service

Maintenance also plays a significant role in the selection of a water purifier. Always choose a reputed brand which offers excellent after sales service, as most of the customers complain about the poor customer support from the brands. The customer support should be active enough to register your complaint and even should ensure that your query gets resolved soon.

Reviews and Ratings

Checking reviews of the product is very important as it will ensure that you choose the right water purifier. Before purchasing any water purifier you must read the reviews from the actual customers who have already used that product. You can also visit some online stores like Amazon and Flipkart for customer reviews.

Aquaguard Geneus vs Kent Grand Plus: Water Purifier Comparison

The table below shows two best water purifier in India, compared next to each other. This set of specifications will make you easy to compare the water purifiers of the leading brands like Kent vs Aquaguard and select the best one.

KENT Grand Plus RO+UV/UF Water Purifier

KENT Grand Plus is the best RO water purifier in India with many hi-tech features and advanced purification technologies. This water purifier works on the purification technologies of RO+UV/UF to deliver 100% safe and pure drinking water.

The combination of RO, UV, and UF is considered as the best purification process as it can effectively remove all the dissolved impurity in drinking water. The purification capacity of Kent Grand Plus is 15 litres/hour.

It works on Save Water Technology that employs a computer controlled process which recovers more than 50% of water as purified water. The storage capacity of this amazing water purifier is 8 litres.

Besides, to avoid any wastage of water, Kent Grand Plus now comes with a separate rejected water storage tank as shown in the image above. This tank collects the rejected water of RO, which you can utilize for different household cleaning purpose such as washing, mopping and etc. Kent Grand Plus is a fully automatic RO water purifier with auto-on and auto off features.

All the operations in this water purifier are computer controlled and do not require any manual intervention. All you need to do is to switch on the machine. It’s UV fail and filter change alarms allows you get notified when there is a need to replace the filters or any fault in the UV lamp.

Features of Kent Grand Plus

  • Double purification by RO+UV/UF
  • TDS Controller
  • High purification production rate 15litres/hour
  • 8 litres storage tank capacity
  • Separate storage tank for rejected water
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • High recovery rate up to 50%
  • Advanced alert system
  • Auto-On and auto-off functionality

Aquaguard Geneus RO Water Purifier

Aquaguard Geneus is an RO water purifier from Eureka Forbes which is equipped with RO+UV/UF purification to remove harmful contaminants from the drinking water. This water purifier comes with a storage capacity of 7 litres. However, the purification is lower than Kent Grand Plus.

Aquaguard Geneus comes with a compact and sleek wall mounted design. It has a LED indicator that displays water level, maintenance warning, and any other faults in the machine.

This machine has auto start and auto off functions that automatically detects when to start and stop the purification. Its auto mineral guard technology allows you to adjust minerals in water according to your preferences and enhance the taste of the water.

With its reserve mode, the life the filter cartridge can be extended for 20 hours which is done by pressing a button on the front panel. It automatically detects the quality of the water and does the purification accordingly.  The flow rate of water in Aquaguard Geneus is 15 litres/hour.

The price of Aquaguard Geneus is very high in this category you can easily buy water purifier with similar features and technologies within the lower price. The water recovery rate of this water purifier is very low typically 25%. Low water recovery rate means very less amount of water will be recovered as purified water and the rest of the water will be rejected and gets wasted.

Features of Aquaguard Geneus RO+UV+UF water Purifier

  • Biotron Cartridge
  • 7 litres water storage Capacity
  • Flow rate 15 litres/hour
  • Auto-on and auto- off features
  • Advanced alert system
  • Wall mounted/ table top installation
  • Low recovery rate typically 25%

Conclusion: Which is better Kent Grand Plus or Aquaguard Geneus

By analyzing the features and technical specifications of both the water purifiers, we came to a conclusion that Kent and Aquaguard are both the leading water purifier brands in India, but if you look at Aquaguard Geneus it has all the important features but its price is little on a higher side.

However Kent Grand Plus also comes with all necessary features along with some special features like UV fail alarm and filter change alarm which will notify you when the filters need replacement and the price is also comparatively lower.

Kent Grand Plus also have TDS Controller which helps to retain the natural essential minerals of the water. This water purifier also has amazing after sales service which indicates how Kent keeps up its fame in the market.

So, finally after reading all the benefits, specification, features, reviews, ratings, and price of these two water purifiers i.e. Aquaguard Geneus Vs Kent Grand Plus you can definitely choose the best water purifier as per your requirement. Let us know your thoughts on the comment box below about which water purifier did you choose and how it is working?