TOP 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India 2022

We have tried to create a list of the best washing machines brands in India.

This article should be helpful for users who are thinking about buying a new washing machine for their home.

We have tried to check many brands of washing machines quickly, but it is up to each user to decide whether they are the best brand or not.

  • Before you buy washing machine know your needs.

We have also given a brief description of the technologies and design aspects of each company and the specifics of each brand.

This list contains brands of washing machines in India that are trusted and appreciated by consumers.

India is already one of the largest washing machine markets in the world in terms of production, consumption, and sales.

The Indian washing machine market will continue to grow, and the major Indian washing machine brands will also generate more sales in the near future.

  • Different consumers have different needs when it comes to shopping at the top washing machine brands in India.

Some may be looking for a top loader some front loader machine while others are looking for a semi-automatic machine

Now is the key time to connect with the best washing machine brands in India Here is the list

1. IFB

IFB has proven itself in the race and remains one of the country’s leading brands.

Washing machines of this brand are known for their German technology and modern features that have been integrated into the product design.

IFB washing machines have functions such as Aqua Energy, which make it easier to use detergents and soften clothes.

  • These machines are energy efficient and consume less water and electricity.
  • An intelligent sensor detects any unbalance during rotation.
  • The shower and water jet in the paddle ensure that your clothes are completely wet.

IFB is supplied exclusively with fully automatic washing machines and can be selected in the version with top or front loading as desired by the user.

The latest technology used by IFB Aqua Energy for longer life and intelligent sensors to detect imbalances in the system.

The durability of the IFB machine is at the highest level, and other advanced brand features include steam cleaning, 3D technologyAqua Spa water therapy audio or LED displays.

2.  Samsung

Samsung quality and reliability are what give Samsung its outstanding brand value.

Samsung is known as one of the best washing machines brands in India.

Thanks to the latest technology, Samsung has a complete range of washing machines to meet the different needs of customers.

Samsung has thoroughly researched the market and brought about gradual changes in the washing machine sector.

  • It remains one of the world’s largest companies in consumer electronics, semiconductors, and household appliances.

Samsung’s washing machines are market leaders with advanced innovative features and high energy efficiency, which is why they have gained great popularity in India

Samsung has some good options if you are looking for a washing machine at a reasonable price with a brand name.

The options are excellent for fully and semi-automatic washing machines, from which you can choose and which are available in top and front loader versions.

Samsung machines are both gentle and effective, and the functions it contains are innovative and useful.

The brand’s best-selling models are characterized by their quiet drive motor, Eco-Bubble technology, and water regulation function.

The brand is also known for its 10-year warranty on the engines of its machines.

In addition to an affordable price and high energy efficiency, the brand’s models feature useful tools such as intensive stain removal, intelligent heating control, and sock washing technology.

3. LG

LG is a huge player in the field of home appliances.

It offers television/home entertainment products, portable devices, household appliances, computer accessories, and other related products.

LG one of the best company of washing machines in India offers a wide range of fully automatic, semi-automatic, front loader and top load washing machines.

There are various cycle options for high-strength and large-volume products; additional options for cold water temperature.

  • LG washers are easy to use and have proven to be durable several times over.
  • It is easy to load clothes gently, retain little water, which can result in shorter drying times.

LG is one of the most trusted consumer brands in India, and the manufacturer also has some smaller bonuses in the washing machine segment.

Cheap prices and easy availability of LG products have made it a popular choice among Indian consumers.

LG brand washing machines are offered because of their trendy designs and bright colors.

A wide range of brand options would fit into any budget and the load capacity of the models ranges from 6 kg to 21 kg.

All the necessary functions such as digital display, steam dryer, and turbo mode are included in most LG washing machines.

Technology advanced features include 6-motion DD technology, direct drive technology, stain removal, wrinkle-free cleaning, and additional safety features.

4. Bosch

Bosch is the largest supplier of consumer goods in European countries.

Bosch market share in India is not so bad either.

Bosch washing machines are valued for their German engineering skills and European technology in production.

The brand’s washing machines are solidly built and have a modern design with frequent updating of the technology used.

  • The price is slightly higher, but these models are characterized by the highest quality and unique features.
  • There is a choice for each family size, as the load capacity of the models ranges from 5.5 kg to 9 kg.

The washing machine is efficient and hygienic and convinces with its functions such as intelligent sensors and temperature control. Other unique tools are the 140-degree opening door and the asymmetrical load sensor.

5. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to household appliances.

This one of the best brands of washing machines in India offers a wide range of electronics, especially washing machines.

Some of the latest technologies integrated into the whirlpool washing machine are water jet washing, gentle drum cleaning, and sensor-based load detection.

Whirlpool has both fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines and you can choose the top or front load depending on your needs.

  • The price is reasonable in all segments and the offered load capacity is between 6 kg and 12 kg.

Whirlpool washing machines are particularly appreciated for their intelligent, intelligent 6-sense technology and tumble care function, which allows aseptic washing. 3D scrubbing, hot washing, automatic load sensor, and built-in heating are other advanced features.

6. Haier

Haier is known for its production of high-quality household care products, including garment laundry, air coolers, environmental control structures and more in general.

Haier is a Chinese consumer electronics and home appliance company.

Haier has focused on innovative, high-quality products that offer modern design, reliability, and quality.

Today, the company has become the world’s largest manufacturer of household appliances in terms of market share.

The Haier washing machine is a new addition to the Indian scene, but the brand has done very well to compete with such established brands in the industry.

The load capacity of the models ranges from 5.5 kg for bachelors to 24 kg for large washing machines.

  • The brand’s wide range of models offers users exciting features at very competitive prices.
  • The 20-year warranty on some of its fully automatic models is certainly the best among the brands sold in the country.

Haier’s ingenious technology includes useful features such as platinum drum, Smart DD motor, and even wireless connectivity.

The body and drum of the machine are corrosion resistant and the double balancing ring improves the stability of the machine.

7. Godrej

Godrej has a long history of success in the Indian market with its security solutions and refrigerators.

The latest brand development in the washing machine sector has also been well received by the Indian population.

The semi and fully automatic washing machines of this brand are praised for their functionality, which fits well with the modern lifestyle.

The washing machines of this brand feature the latest technology in this field and are reliable contract partners.

In addition to the mixing drums used in most models, the brand also uses its own drum designs that fit into the Indian environment.

The brand’s popular models are equipped with a digital display, built-in washing programs, water heater, and water jet pulsator.

Cascading waterfall design and load gauge are other innovative features of the renowned Indian brand.

  • Godrej washing machines are also known for their robust durability and low maintenance costs.
  • Godrej was a pioneer in the field of inclined washing machines with front-loading of the drum.

The company offers a complete range of washing machines, from top loaders to front loaders.

The unique direct drive technology used in most front loader machines has made it one of the best brands of washing machines in India.

  • This technology ensures efficient washing at a minimum noise level.

Another feature of cutting the edges of washing machines of the best Indian washing machine brand is the U-Sonic stain remover, which can remove even the most stubborn stains.

8. Panasonic

Panasonic has a strong position in the Indian household appliance market and its washing machines have been consistently included in the country’s bestseller charts.

The Panasonic washing machines will convince you with their performance and comfortable functions.

Front and top load models are available in the brand’s range, and prices for semi-automatic and fully automatic models are very close to the portfolio.

  • The brand’s options fit any family size, with load capacity between 5.5 kg and 14 kg.
  • Energy efficiency is good and the unit has functions to prevent water loss.
  • The stainless steel housing and waterproof panels increase the life of the machines.

Panasonic washing machines are also equipped with innovative functions such as programmed washing cycles, automatic restart, and a 3D washing sensor. Aqua Beat technology is a remarkable addition to some washing machine models.

9. Videocon

Videocon is known as one of the best washing machines in India.

Videocon after-sales service makes it one of the best brands of washing machines in India.

  • Videocon is known as one of the first companies to launch the first fully automatic, direct drive, fully automatic washing machines in India.

Videocon’s core business is front loader washing machines, semi-automatic washing machines, and top load washing machines.

Videocon is a pioneer in the Indian appliance market and is also known for its entry into the mobile phone and DTH market in India.

  • Videocon is also the first brand in India to introduce a fully automatic inclined washing machine.

The load capacity of the models ranges from 5.5 kg to 10 kg and the price is reasonable in all segments.

However, the most attractive feature of the Videocon washing machines must be significantly lower maintenance and repair costs.

The machines of this brand are equipped with the expected functions such as pre-soak mode and anti-aging filter.

Videocon washing machines are also appreciated for their fast washing mode, child safety, fuzzy logic, and variable speeds. Remarkable is also the memory backup and drying function.

10. Onida

Onida as built-in brushes so that the clothes are washed completely like a hand wash.

Powerful motors make them one of the best washing machine brands in India.

Onida semi-automatic washing machines are competent enough to meet regular washing needs and have a unique integrated brush.

The king of the Indian television market in the 90s succeeded in entering other segments of the appliance market.

The trusted brand has an excellent selection of semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines and offers consumers both top-loader and front-loader models.

  • The price is affordable and the load capacity ranges from 5.5 kg to 9.5 kg.

The strength of Onida washing machines their corrosion-resistant fiber housing and inner stainless steel tube.

A long list of comfort features of the brand includes tools such as air drying system, automatic unbalance detector, the digital status indicator for the washing cycle and the possibility to select the type of fabric.