Best Vertical Blinds in India 2022

Best Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are “in”. But in order to hang your vertical blinds properly, you must make an accurate measurement! Are you going to be installing your vertical blinds inside, or outside? This makes a difference.

When installing your vertical blinds indoors, it is important to install them within the window frame, so your vertical blinds have a nice clean finish.

However, when installing your vertical blinds on the outside of your home, you can get away with “cheating” and make the vertical blinds larger than the window you are covering, thereby giving your window a bigger look!

Remember, when installing your vertical blinds within your window frame, it is important that you measure the depth. Pay special attention to your window opening, and even before installing vertical blinds, ensure that your locking mechanisms in your windows will accommodate your vertical blind solution.

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The best way to take your measurements of your inside vertical blinds is by using a measuring tape and round off your measurements to the nearest 1/8th of an inch (0.3 cm). To make a statement with your vertical blinds, all measurements must be accurate and precise!

Installation of your vertical blinds on an outside window frame should be measured with a 1-1/2 inch (3.8 cm) on either side of the frame. This way your vertical blinds will be wide enough to hide your window frame, and to ensure your privacy.

Installing your Vertical Blinds on the inside is a different story. When you measure your inside width for the vertical blinds, you must subtract ¼ of an inch (0.6 cm). Then measure the inside height in three different ways. Note that some manufactures prefer to do their own calculations on vertical blinds.

Ensure that you take the proper measurements for your vertical blinds, as this will ensure that you will prevent any nasty surprises. Vertical Blinds are a neat and attractive window covering, so it is important to get the measurements correct!

The great thing about Vertical Blinds is that they come in many different collections. You can get wood vertical blinds; fabric vertical blinds, or even vinyl vertical blinds. There is a wide array of colors and patters of vertical blinds on the market. These colours include pastels as well as luxurious tones. Vertical Blinds are designed to enhance your home or business.

Vertical blinds come in not only vinyl vertical blinds, but also fabric. Why not match your throw pillows with your vertical blinds? Bring the room together with fabulous fabrics.

Vertical blinds can add privacy to your home or office. And the great thing about vertical blinds is that they last for years!

As mentioned earlier, Vertical Blinds can come in many different modes, fabric vertical blinds; wood Venetian vertical blinds; PVC vertical blinds and don’t forget the vertical blind components!

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What are vertical blinds components? You can get magnetic; cord drive; bottom weight vertical blinds and more. There are so many choices out there for you to investigate in the vertical blind market!

The great thing about vertical blinds is that they offer a sleek and modern design for either your home or office. Vertical blinds can be stacked to the right, the left or the center to set the incoming light and ambiance of your room!

Vertical Blinds can give you the choice of colours, fabrics and mode of operation. You have a range of vertical blinds to choose from, along with over 100 available colors. Vertical blinds have many uses, and one of the major uses is as a sunscreen.

Most vertical blinds use the latest vertical blind track system which gives your vertical blinds a smooth operation using a chain control system

Silk Curtains

Silk has been around for a long time, silk was first developed in ancient China. Silk is produced from silkworms, these creators have glands that produce the thread by making a liquid that is forced through an opening, the liquid hardens and produces the thread that is later possessed into silk.

Silk Drapes with quality craftsmanship, fine hand-woven silk drapes (dye-lots may vary), and long-lasting silk drape linings to protect your investment, will give you Silk Drapes that make a statement in your home. Add a layer of luxury with Silk Drapes to any window in your home.

When you are investigating silk to find the best one to use for your Silk Drapes, you are more than likely going to run into dupioni. Dupioni silk is the best of all silks, especially for Silk Drapes. This silk is the most expensive that there is, and you will find that there is none more luxurious anywhere to make your Silk Drapes from. Dupioni Silk Drapes add a simple elegance to any room décor. There’s simply nothing like silk drapes for providing a lustrous sheen and texture to your window treatments. Dupioni silk drapes have a unique type of sheen that is only found with this truly one of a kind silk.

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Chiffon silk fabric is another one that you are likely to come across. While this type of silk fabric is elegant is gorgeous, you will find that it is also affordable for your new Silk Drapes. This is good news if you are looking into getting into a huge project with silk drapes, and the kind that you are to use for the project is up to you. You will find when using chiffon for your silk drapes what ever it is, that it is the easiest to work with, and you will have no problems getting this fabric to cooperate when hanging your Silk Drapes.

From La Scala Silk Drapes to Tafetta Silk Drapes to imported Thai Silk Drapes to Chenille and Silk Drapes to Faux Silk Drapes, give your home that elegant look. Make a bold statement with your Silk Drapes by choosing either a solid colour silk drape or a stripped silk drape.

Give any room in your house some flair with 100% taffeta silk drapes in fun shades of seafoam blue, celery green, and chocolate! Windows not only determine how you look out into the world; they also set the mood for how you feel within a room, and Silk Drapes can really set a fabulous mood.

Faux Silk Drapes – the look and feel of pure silk, can make a statement as well, but it is cheaper and more user friendly. But when the time comes, you can throw your faux Silk Drapes into the wash and it comes out looking gorgeous. Fully lined, affordable faux silk drapes have what designers call “great drapability.”

Silk Drapes can make or break a window. The style and color that you choose for yoru Silk Drapes when you are hanging curtains made of silk on any window is crucial. You will need a great selection to choose from when you are shopping, so that you can get the most out of your silk drapes.

Silk Drapes – exclusive sophistication for style that turns heads. Silk drapes set off a presence in your room that can make you and your guests feel good every time you enter it. Silk Drapes can be purchased to fit any size window you might have, and silk drapes can also be found to match even the wildest décor.

Thermal Curtains

How important are Thermal Curtains? Do thermal curtains really prevent the cold from getting in and the heat from thermal curtains getting out? Just what is it that sets computer-controlled environments apart from those controlled by other means? One thing is Thermal Curtains.

In many building regulations and simplified analysis methods, solar effects on buildings are characterized only by the exposed apperture area and the average solar transmittance of the glazing and thermal curtains used. However, the true impact of solar radiation on the internal conditions within a space are often much more complex than this simple relationship would suggest. How can thermal curtains make a difference?

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If you are living in a colder climate, it makes you recognize how important thermal curtains can be used for insulating a house. Thermal Curtains are a cost efficient option, to most additional heating solutions. Thermal Curtains can keep your house comfortable and warm all through the cruel winter months without sending your heating bill through the top! Thermal Curtains keep the temperature more constant in the house, whether you want it cool or warm. Thermal Curtains can save on energy costs since cool or warm air is not lost out through the window.

There are many types of thermal curtains and thermal drapes to choose from. There are different types of thermal curtains which you can choose to match your personality and decorative theme in your home. One of the most common of the thermal curtains is the box pleated thermal curtain or drape. These thermal curtains are pre-gathered into pleats at the top of the thermal curtain so that they always have a neat, tailored look. These thermal curtains can be a little more expensive than just a plain thermal curtain, but the extra fullness can add a nice touch to your window treatment and improve energy efficiency.

Thermal curtains and blackout curtains can also be good sources for noise blockage. If you live on a noisy street or have to sleep during the day, sometimes outside noise can be disturbing. Thermal curtains can help reduce the noise level as well as the light level.

When choosing your thermal curtains the popular tab top thermal curtains in an attractive and easy care poly/cotton blend, are beautiful in sage, burgundy, hunter green, linen, burgundy floral, light blue, natural, natural floral, and sage floral.

These thermal curtains are easy to install – just slide the wide tabs onto your choice of curtain rods and hang them. Ensure that your thermal curtains are lined with white acrylic foam to help banish both cold drafts and intense sunlight. The thermal curtains come in pairs; each panel measures 40 inches in width.

Coordinate your tab design thermal curtains with insulated roman shades. These thermal curtains are incredibly easy to install inside or over the window frame, the thermal curtains are sewn in sage, natural, or linen from the same cloth and thermal backing as your tab top curtains, and will stave off drafts and harsh sunlight.

These thermal curtains can be used alone or to add insulating properties to your other drapes. To conserve energy, add these thermal curtains to your tab top curtains to help keep the heat in and the cold out.

Add an extra layer of insulation to your drapes with energy-saving Insulated Curtain Liners. Simply tie the liners to the tabs, hooks, or rings of your drapes and re-hang. Constructed of cotton/polyester fabric backed with suede acrylic, these liners are washable for easy care with your thermal curtains. Try velvet for a contrast to your elegant tab top thermal curtains.

Thermal curtains are often a longer term investment since you don’t usually change your thermal curtains out every year, so find the thermal curtains that you like, and hopefully you will soon have a lovely window area to enjoy.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are designed to bring the natural beauty of wood into your home. Wood blinds bring exciting design solutions for any decorating plan or budget and bring the luxurious beauty of wood into your home.

With all the different types of wood blinds in the market, how do you choose which wood blinds are right for you? Nothing beats the beauty of natural hardwood wood blinds. The average size for wood blind slats is 1″, however you can get designer wood blinds at different sizes. Most of the wood blinds on the market today are made from 100% grade kiln-dried basswood. Basswood is regarded as the premier wood for wood blinds. Basswood is a stable hardwood, that is light-weight, is easy to clean, and can resist warping. The 1″ wood blinds are perfect for any home.

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Like fine furniture wood blinds can bring warmth and class to any home. Most wood blinds come with the crown mold valances.

Wood blinds also come in other fine woods, including oak, cherry and ash. Wood blinds can also be stained in many colours to match your home. There are many fine manufacturers out there for wood blinds, including some of the top manufacturers like Hunter Douglas, Country Woods, Chalet Woods, Levolor, Bali, Kirsh, Graber, and more.

Horizontal wood blinds are perfect for windows that are taller than they are wide. Vertical wood blinds are perfect for windows that are wider than tall! Wood blinds can be easy to install, as long as you took your measurements correctly. Measuring wooden blinds is easy, but it must be accurate. Here are five important steps in measuring for your wooden blinds:

Use a STEEL measuring tape;

When measuring for your wood blinds, measure to the nearest 1/8th of an inch. It’s important when measuring for your wood blinds not to round out your measurements;

With wood blinds, it is best to measure the width first, then the height.

When measuring for the inside mount on your wood blinds, you need to measure your exact window size opening;

When measuring for the outside mount on your wood blinds, measure the exact overall wood blind size.

Wood blinds can have a cleaner look with the inside mount measurements, however, if you want your window to look larger, measure the outside mount for your wood blinds.

Not only have we talked about the beauty of wood blinds, but they are also strong enough to last heavy wear and tear of everyday life. We didn’t talk about the alternative wood blinds that are on the market. Some of these alternative wood blinds are a combination of real wood and man-made materials. Alternative wood blinds are good for rooms with high humidity or high heat, as the wood blinds do not warp, chip or fade easily. Then you have your faux wood blinds. These wood blinds provide functionality, versatility and amazing style. With the faux wood blinds, you can create a look of the traditional wood blinds, but at a fraction of the cost of real wood blinds.

Faux wood blinds are great in the kitchen or the bathroom, where you have heat and humidity.

Then you have your composite wood blinds, which are built through a process that integrates real wood and vinyl, which offers the same look as real wood blinds. These wood blinds are both durable and still distinctive. Composite wood blinds give the same look as real wood blinds.

The great thing about wood blinds, is that they can be shaped into specialty shapes and sizes. So you can see, from elegant, to traditional to budget conscious – there is a wood blind to fit every window in your home or office.

Window Curtains

Window curtains come in many styles, colours, ideas, toppings, etc. We will be describing some great window curtains in this article.

Some window curtains ideas can include:

Tab Top Window Curtains which are the perfect window curtains treatment to show off your decorative curtain rods. This luxurious window curtains look is easily accomplished with any decorative hardware. Tab Tops Window Curtains use a heading treatment called a Tab Top rather than the standard rod pocket to insert your curtain rod into. These window curtains hang from loops and tabs on the curtain rod. These window curtains look fabulous when displayed alone or with a coordinating Tab Top Valance top treatment between the tab top panels to accommodate wider window curtains widths. This is the perfect item for those long windows you have been wanting to cover with window curtains. Tab Tops Window Curtains are easy to hang and create an elegant designer look

Other window curtains include swag window curtains. Swag Window Curtains offer unique styling, great value, and versatility! Sometimes referred to as Swags Window Curtains or a Swag Window Curtain, Swags Window Curtains are a pair (2 pieces) of somewhat triangle shaped window curtains that are placed on the left and right sides of a window, and allow sunlight to pass through the center of the window curtains. Window Toppers offers Swags in a great selection of solid colors and print fabrics to help compliment your home window curtains decorating needs. Swags Window Curtains can be used with coordinating Valances or privacy Tiers to create Beautiful Looking Window Curtains in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room windows!

Yet more window curtains ideas include Tier Curtains. A pair of Ruffled or Tailored Tiers window curtains is the perfect way to dress up your window and provide you with a little privacy! Sometimes referred to as Privacy Tiers Window Curtains or Café Wndow Curtains, Tiers Window Curtains are often used in the bottom half of windows to provide privacy. There is a large selection of this type of window curtains, including ruffled tier window curtains and tailored tier window curtains from a variety of solid colors, floral prints, plaids, country print fabrics, gingham check fabrics, and more… to coordinate with almost all of your window curtain styles. Tiers window curtains are commonly used in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom windows, as well as any small window curtains decorating need you might have.Tier Window Curtains are sold as a pair – 2 pieces.

Lace Window Curtains have been around for centuries, and are still very popular window curtains today. Choose from Lace Panel Window Curtains, Lace Swags Window Curtains, Lace Valances, Lace Tiers, and Lace Window Scarf window curtains. Lace window curtains have been used for generations to decorate homes around the world. Their timeless elegance and simple beauty assures that they will be around for many more.

And don’t forget about window curtains for your doors. Window curtains can be beautiful and affordable window curtains solutions for covering your home Door Windows, French Door windows, and Patio Doors. Window Curtain Door Panels are the perfect window curtains to place in your door windows and provide you with a little privacy. These Window Curtains door panels can be used as French Door Window Curtains, Single Door Window Curtains, and even 15″ – 20″ wide Sidelight Window Curtains.

Shower Curtains

Find the right look for your bathroom with custom Shower Curtains. If you are planning to spruce up your bathrooms appearance with new shower curtains then take a look at the huge selection of fabric shower curtains online. You will be surprised at the variety of different styles of shower curtains there are to choose from. Whether you are after a designer shower curtain, hookless shower curtain or novelty shower curtain you are sure to find a massive selection of shower curtains offered by the online and retail stores in the city.

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Think about what kind of shower curtain would look good with your existing decor and color scheme. Fabric shower curtains come in many different patterns and colors of shower curtains, so it helps if you have some idea of the shower curtain look you are after. For example, are you looking for a country style shower curtain look, a beach theme or something nautical for your shower curtains?

Modern fabric shower curtains are designed to be easy to install and can be easily removed when necessary to be washed. Buying stall or bath shower curtains is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom a fresh new look with your new shower curtains, as well as being a practical means to prevent water spray escaping out of the shower area because of your shower curtains. Whatever your budget and whatever your ideas regarding your bathrooms makeover with new shower curtains you should find this article to be a useful resource to help you in your planning.

Shower Curtains can add that perfect touch to any bathroom. Whether you like simple shower curtains with pastel colors or more elegant designs, be sure to choose the shower curtains that compliments the look of the rest of the bathroom. Fortunately, there are many shower curtain designs to choose from. Shower Curtains patterns of almost all kinds and a full spectrum of colors are available, so be sure to hunt around till you find the shower curtain that is just right for your bathroom.

When shopping for shower curtains you will find bathroom supplies and bathroom accessories which are also very important to the way a bathroom looks, your shower curtains will more often than not be the focal point in your bathroom. Fortunately, most shower curtains are very inexpensive, though some of the higher quality shower curtains do tend to cost a little more. Keep on looking till you find the right shower curtains which are precisely right for your bathroom.

And when replacing your new shower curtains, don’t discard your old shower curtains. Don’t we all have them? Those plastic shower curtains with holes for the rings that get ripped out beyond repair, even with duct tape? Hang on to these shower curtains! There are some really good uses for these shower curtains.

Be environmentally friendly with your old shower curtains. Here are the uses for your old shower curtains:

· Drop cloths. Cover furniture and floor with them when you paint or wash walls.

· One piece bib: Cut an elongated semi circle, with “strings.” Just cut it all in one piece so there’s no sewing needed. It may not last long, but how many can you make from one set of shower curtains?

· Cut your shower curtains into strips and knit, crochet or weave into a bath mat.

· Fold one of your shower curtains over several times until you have a nice thick mat for holding wet shoes or boots at the door.

· Line a cardboard box or wicker basket with your old shower curtains to keep it waterproof for carrying wet laundry.

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