Best Room Heater in India 2022

Different Types Of Best Room Heaters In India

  1. Radiant Heaters: In these type of electric heaters heat is produced using infrared technology. In quartz tube, electricity will run so that resultant heat gets transferred to surrounding people. Hence these best room heater in India do not heat surrounding electric heater. Hence these room heaters warm small spaces really well. Due to the latest technology, they get heated up quickly but the heat gets dissipated after the unit is shut-off.
  2. Convection Heaters–These room heaters are specially designed to warm entire rooms. Some convection room heaters are fan assisted also. Hence you can use those room heaters as the fan too in summers.  For warming the entire room, these best room heater in India blowers are the best option. Also if there are many people in your room, you can go for Convection Heater. After the unit is shut-off, warm air stays for some time. check room heater price

Room Heater

Heaters are a necessity for people who live in an area where the weather is cold. You need heaters not only in your room but also in your bathroom.

Usually the temperature in most bathrooms is lower that your room temperature and it is in your interest to install bathroom heaters. Most people are unable to bear the cold after they have their bath.

However, when you use bathroom heaters you will not feel uncomfortable after having your bath.

There are various types of bathroom heaters available in the market. You can install electric heaters in your bathroom which uses the convection process to heat your bathroom.

If you prefer non-electric heaters, you can choose wood burning heaters, kerosene heaters and natural gas heaters.

The most commonly used and the most ideal bathroom heater are electric heaters. Most bathroom heaters are either standard overhead models or wall mounted heaters.

Since these heaters are not exposed to water, the risk of damage to the heater is minimal. Electric bathroom heaters are efficient as they convert electricity into heat.

Also, these heaters are safe and don’t cause any health hazard. If there is a problem in the board or if excessive current passes through the heater; only the fuse of the heater will be damaged.

When you use electric bathroom heaters the chances of fire breaking out or the heater exploding is minimal.

However, it is important that you buy heaters that are made by reputed manufacturers. Also, make sure the heater is certified by a recognized testing lab.

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If you buy a wall mounted bathroom heater make sure you get professional help to install the heater. If the heater is mounted strongly, the changes of heating falling will be minimal.

Many people opt for wall mounted bathroom heaters as they require less space. You can also use radiant electric heaters in your bathroom as they have most features that you want from a bathroom heater.

These heaters are stylish and sleek and can be easily wall mounted to improve the decor of your bathroom.

These heaters can be easily be installed anywhere on your bathroom wall depending on the space available and the decor of the bathroom.

If you are looking to install heaters that have both light and fan, you can install standard overhead heater.

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Regardless of the heater you try to install, it is important that you follow safety standards during installation.

If you don’t follow safety procedures you can injure yourself when you use the heater. For instance, if the new heater has an electric plug that has 3 prongs, make sure you have a socket that can accommodate these pongs.

Don’t try to fix the heater in the socket that has only two holes. Also, make sure you read all the safety instruction before you install the heater.

Apart from heating your bathroom, there are several other benefits of bathroom heater. Bathroom heaters can help in reducing the humidity in the bathroom. Moisture in the atmosphere can led to growth of molds in the bathroom.

Also, the likelihood of mildew growing in your bathroom is reduced as the humidity levels are low in your bathroom. The windows and mirror of the bathroom will also become clearer if you use heaters.

Room heaters, also called as space heaters are usually used to warm up all kind of small spaces. They are also portable heaters which can also be carried along wherever you want to go.

Maharaja presents to you the Maharaja Whiteline Quato Room Heater, which is also called a radiative heater. It is a very smart as well as compact room heater which works with the help of Quartz tubes.

Therefore, they are also known as  Quartz heater. If you’re searching for a smart as well as easily affordable and cheap room heater, this Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater is a good investment for you. The heater is available in gray color on different e-commerce sites.

Winter season is approaching fastly and now it’s time to get ready for this season. Other than buying extra woolen blankets, a better choice would be to get a room heater.

So bring home this quartz room heater by Maharaja Whiteline and heat different rooms accordingly and fight the freezing cold this year. Because this room heater comes with quartz tubes, you definitely require to turn it on to get its full benefit.

The temperature of such quartz tubes is much higher as compared to other heaters, hence making it a durable option.This room heater will not only heat the room but also helps to regulate energy consumption. Go through Maharaja Whiteline room heater price in India.

Product Description

BrandMaharaja Whiteline
Item Weight1.5 Kg
Power800 watts
Operating Voltage230 volts
warranty1 year
Heat Settingsyes

Features Of Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater (RH-109 Blaze Quartz) 


This Maharaja Whiteline Quato-rh106  Room Heater does not have any capacity since it is a room heater that gives heat using Quartz tubes. It has two heat settings also to enable consumers to heat accordingly.

Incoloy Heating Element

The heating element which is used in this powerful Room Heater is Quartz tubes. The radiator produces heat with coiled heating wires inside the Quartz tubes. It does not even have a blower. It also has two heating elements with a fan.

Tank Coating

The Maharaja Whiteline Quato-rh106 800watt Room Heater also has a metal housing as well as a metal reflector. Also, the outer tank is corrosion free.

Preset Thermal Cut-Out

This efficient Room Heater does not contain a  Preset Thermal Cut-Out feature. So you have to turn the heater on and turn the heater off according to your requirement and make sure that it is not overheated.

Rated Water Pressure

There is no water pressure involved with the Maharaja Whiteline Quato-rh106 Room Heater. This heater works on the metal coiled quartz tubes as well as the metal reflector. It provides much-needed warmth.

Heat Retention

This  Room Heater also has heat retention feature. The room heater gives high temperature so it is left with warm for a while even after the switch is turned off. This saves a lot of energy and cost of electricity.

Power Consumption

The Maharaja Whiteline Quato-rh106 Room Heater generally comes with two heat settings that enable you to adjust the power consumption. These two settings also involve power consumption of 400W and 800W. It comes with a power voltage of 230V.

Other Important Features

This power-saving Room Heater is also a low budget room heater to be used during the winters. It is specifically designed for low power consumption and has two heat settings. It also provides safety with tip over switch Quartz tubes. The product is also ISI marked.

Pros & Cons:


  • Elegant design
  • 2 heat settings: 400/800 watts
  • Easy to carry and safe tip over switch
  • Quartz tubes
  • Designed for low power consumption
  • ISI marked
  • Power: 800 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts


  • Heat capacity is also so low

Customer Reviews And Ratings

“I placed an order for the Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater for my medium-size bedroom (15’x15′). The heater itself is very compact and an all plastic affair. The power cord has a 15A plug and it is recommended to use a 15A socket to ensure that up-to 2KW power can be provided to the heater.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“This is more like a room warmer. If you have a 12×15 room it warns it up comfortably in an hour or so. If you plan on using it your hall or open living room then this might not work that great, it can provide sufficient warmth for 2-3 ppl sitting near it. I highly recommend it ”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are searching for the best room heater for your home without much hassle, this Maharaja Whiteline Room heater is obviously a very good investment for you.

I found 35 customer reviews at the time of reviewing this product and they had awarded this room heater 3.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews are positive overall.  But there were a few negative points that came in front of me. One customer also said that “.A Little bit noisy.Noise is higher than that of a normal fan which can disturb your sleep slightly.

The plug will not fit into the normal socket.”However, no another customer seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isn’t a very major problem. So overall it is worth buying.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an efficient heater for the medium room that comes under budget this is one of the best options. Considering its safety levels and power consumption I will award 4 stars.Be smart, if you are confused about which room heater to purchase,

Try out Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater to choose appropriate room heater as per your family needs.It’s one of the smartest ways to choose the products without going through buying guides.

guides. It is appropriate to say that Maharaja Whiteline room heater is worth buying this winter.This smart and compact room heater warm up an entire room, making it the most versatile heating choice. It is certified by ISO, so you can be sure of its durability.

Bathroom Ceiling Heater

Most contemporary bathrooms are equipped with a heating vent and an exhaust fan. The problem with having a vent and exhaust fan is that your bathroom becomes overly cold in winter. To deal with this problem it is important that you install bathroom ceiling heater.

If you don’t use a bathroom ceiling heater, you may have to increase the thermostat level of the common heater that you use for your entire home or you have use a space heater.

The problem with increasing the thermostat level of the common heater is that it will raise the temperature of the entire house which will increase your heating expenses.

It is difficult to fix a space heater in a bathroom as they require huge installation space and are ideal for hall or dining room.

When you install bathroom ceiling fan you can keep your bathroom warm with causing any substantial increase in electric bills.

Also, these heaters require minimal space and can be easily installed in the bathroom. You can install bathroom ceiling heaters as a part of your vent system or separately.

These heaters come with a switch that you need to turn on when you use them. Since these heaters are usually used to heat a small area they do not increase your home’s heating expenses.

Also, they are safer than traditional heaters as the chances or clothing brushing against the heater is minimal.

Today, there are many well-known manufacturers that make bathroom ceiling heaters. These heaters are available in different styles, colors and heating capabilities.

Some heater will turn on automatically and will heat up your bathroom to a preset temperature. Others have to be manually operated and will require the user to manually adjust the temperature.

Most heaters will automatically cut-off when the bathroom is warm and the desired temperature is reached.

Another benefit of using bathroom ceiling heater is that they eliminate the need of a bathroom vent. Since the heat generated by the ceiling heater evaporates the moisture in the bathroom, you no longer need a vent to remove the moisture from the bathroom.

There are many vendors that sell bathroom ceiling heaters. It is a good idea to check a few stores before you make a purchase.

Bathroom Wall Heaters

In winter, it becomes difficult to get out of your bed to have your bath. The temperature in the bathroom is usually below your room temperature and you find it difficult to adjust to this change in temperature.

To reduce the difference between your room temperature and bathroom temperature, it is a good idea to install a bathroom wall heater.

When you install bathroom wall heater, you can your family can enjoy your bath without feeling the effects of the freezing cold temperature.

Today, there are many manufacturers that have come out with bathroom heaters that have features like thermostat regulated controls, easy temperature control measures and electric panel heaters.

If you are planning to buy bathroom wall heater, make sure you remember a few points before you buy a heater. Here are a few tips that will help you buy the right heater.

Before you buy a heater, make sure you check the size of the bathroom. If you buy a small heater, it may not generate enough heat and your bathroom may not be warm even after you install the heater.

Another important point that you remember when buying a bathroom wall heater, is the space available in your bathroom. If you buy a large heater, you may not be able to install it in your bathroom.

Most buildings have regulations that you must follow before you install a heater. Make sure you follow all the regulations when you install a bathroom wall heater.

It is important that you get professional help when you install a bathroom wall heater. Incorrect installation will not only damage the machine but can endanger the lives of people using the heater.

Don’t be hasty when you buy a wall heater for your bathroom. Doing a little research will help you in taking the right decision.

You can also get help from friends and colleagues that have wall heaters in their bathroom. Also, it is in your interest to check the reviews given by people who have used a particular brand.

This will make it easy for you to buy the right bathroom wall heater at a reasonable price

Extra Innings : Here are top 10 Best Room Heater in India 2020

Top 10 Best Room Heater In India For Winter 2020 – Most Popular & Highest Selling Brand

Best Room Heater In India 2020 – Most Selling Heater For Winter

New list of Top 10 Best Room Heater, Hot Fan and Radiator in India for 2020. Find which is Highest selling Room Heater of the year for Winter season.

Best Rated, Positively Reviewed and Most Popular Heater to warm your room. Various brand and model that You should look at before buying a room heater for Winter 2020.

A quick guide to find out which one to buy and which one is best brand.

This list includes heaters for Small and Large Room including Table Top and Wheel Based portable Heaters.

Our Selection Methodology

Extensive research on Internet, In Depth look on various Room Heaters whose details are available online, Price and Feature comparison, Various customer reviews and in some cases personal experience in using that product.

Top 10 Best Room Heater In India 2020

1. Usha OFR3209 Oil Filled Radiator

Usha is a trustworthy brand name and their OFR Oil Filled Radiator is a great option for this winter 2020. You will get overheat protection in this model. Maximum Power Consumption is 2400 W and you will get 1 Year Company Warranty.

Usha OFR3209 Oil Filled Radiator

2. Bajaj Blow Hot Fan Room Heater

Budget Friendly Hot Fan Room Heater which you can use at any place in your home. Best feature of this brilliant room heater is Automatic Thermal Cut-out for Safety. Its compact design and Low rate makes it one of the hot favorite room heater in market. Brand name of Bajaj gives sense of trust as well.

Bajaj Blow Hot Fan Room Heater

3. Orpat 600/1200 OCH-1420 Room Heater Golden

With Auto-revolving Heater and Maximum Power Consumption of 1200 W This cool looking room heater from Orpat comes next in this list.

Orpat 600/1200 OCH-1420 Room Heater Golden

4. Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Room Heater

When it comes to Buying Room Heater You won’t get any thing better than this under 1000 Rs. It has some good features for safety assistance like Tip-over Switch and Overheat Protection. Orpat OEH 1220 comes with one year warranty.

Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Room Heater

5. Orient 9 FIN Oil Heater

Orient is a popular brand especially among Fans, Coolers and Room Heaters. It Includes 1 Oil Filled Radiator with Fan and 400 watts PTC heater. Positively reviewed long lasting Room Heater for Winter.

Orient 9 FIN Oil Heater

6. Usha 3002-QH Halogen Room Heater

Usha’s Low Budget Halogen Room Heater which will fulfill all your need this winter. You get high, normal, low heat modes and it gives noiseless performance.

Usha 3002-QH Halogen Room Heater

7. KSN I Heat Convector-I Fan Room Heater

A Multinational company whose I Heat Convector I Fan Room Heater is definitely one of the best option to buy this year. It will cover a room of upto 150 Square Ft and warm it quickly.

KSN I Heat Convector-I Fan Room Heater

8. Khaitan Twin Turbo – KRH1100 Halogen Room Heater

One of the oldest Electronic Appliance Company of India brings Twin Turbo – KRH1100 which consumes 2000 W Power Consumption at max. It also has Overheat Protection and Tip-Over Switch as safety measures.

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Khaitan Twin Turbo – KRH1100 Halogen Room Heater

9. Maharaja Whiteline RH-109 Blaze Quartz Room Heater

Good Looking Room Heater from Indian Appliance Maker Maharaja. All Basic Safety Features are there in this one as well, and maximum power consumption is 800 W.

Maharaja Whiteline RH-109 Blaze Quartz Room Heater

10. Bajaj Majesty RFX 2 Majesty RFX 2 Fan Room Heater

Nice design, Light Weight, Plastic and Metal Body and Multiple Safety Features makes it one of the best Room Heater In India you should buy for this Winter 2020.

Bajaj Majesty RFX 2 Majesty RFX 2 Fan Room Heater

These are our pick of 10 best Room Heater in India for Winter 2020. Are You Using any of these Room Heater at your office or home? If Yes then do share this list on your facebook wall.

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