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Leaves Of Grass: Simplicity In Poetry

How To Write A Poetry Book That Sells?

One of the best ways to express yourself and your feeling is by writing poetry. This is one of the best ways to entertain your readers and to indulge them on the subject. You can easily make the readers lag or move them deeply into your poetic worlds. It is not an easy job to write poems and to release a hot selling poetry book collection. The main problem that poets face is that they are not able to create poems that can be easily marketed. You might get a great deal of satisfaction and excitement writing a poetry, but it is of no use if no one is ready to buy your published poetry collection. The following are some of the tips to make a marketable poetry book.
Best Poetry Books India 2020

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Write theme-based poems

There are many poets who write poems on whatever that comes to their mind at a given moment. They will make fifty of hundred such poems based on certain moments that they feel and then compile them together to make a poetry book. This type of book cannot be marketed as it does not have a specific subject. This might not be able to impress the poem fans. There is no way you are going to sell your poetry book if you have many unrelated poems in one book. It is better off to think of a theme and write poems related to that theme. You can choose any general theme like spring or movies or sorrow, but make sure that eat and every poem in the book contains the same theme. With a theme, a poetry book can be easily sold to the poem frantic.
Best Poetry Books India 2020

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Proper organization of the poems

Even if you are writing poems based on a theme, you need to organize the poems in such a way that they impress the readers. It should not be in an order that you had written in or just like how it went for printing. You should organize the poems in specific sections according to their content. If your poem book is about yourself and your life, then arranging the poems in chronological order right from your childhood to the old age is the best option. The readers can easily forget a short and simple poem. But, if it is a series of poems that is correlated to the other then they will not be forgotten that easily.
Best Poetry Books India 2020

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Want To Read Good Collection Of Poems? Read Poetry Books
In life, at some point in time; we all feel like reading some books that can relate us to the life. The poetry books, story books, literature books are some of the books that do this work very efficiently.
Some people have an interest in reading this book all the time, and some want to read it at certain point of time, whatever your readers desire is, if you want to read poems written by some of the renowned poets in the world, then reading the poetry books that contain collections of different poets is the option you can go with.
In these books, you will find the poems of different writers that are renowned and known for their beautiful creation. Some books contain the poems of writers from all over the world, welcome some carries the collection of poems taken from the writers only from a particular nation. In addition to that, their poem books also present that contains the creative work of a young generation.
Best Poetry Books India 2020

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How to read these books or buy these books?

If your wish is only to read the various collections of poems written by different poets, then the library is the place where you can find such books. Usually, the big libraries maintain a decent collection of such books. But, if you are looking to buy these books, the library won’t solve the purpose. It can give you books to read, but you cannot buy it. To buy this book you can visit good bookstores that keep the collection of poetry books.
Best Poetry Books India 2020

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What if you are unable to find it in bookstores?

Don’t be surprised if you do not get such books in even the biggest Bookstore near to your place. These days people do not like reading poetry books or listen to poetry much. And this is why most of the bookstore owners do not maintain the collection of such books.
If you are unable to find the poetry book collection in any bookstore, then online bookstore is the one place where you will surely get the book you want to read. You can find the name of a book that contains a good collection of poetry from different writers on the internet, and then search the same book at the online
William Wordsworth can be defined to be one of the best romantic poets from England. Among the many poems made famous by him, Daffodils has been part of the most English literature curriculum throughout the world. His poems have been lyrical ballads as well, which have brought about an importance of romanticism, especially that with nature. The prelude is the best part of the poem, but the rest of the poem delves into nature and love for the same.
The poem is also known as a lyrical poem called “I wandered lonely as a cloud” which is the first line of the poem. It is said that Wordsworth had been inspired by a long belt of daffodils that he and his sister Dorothy came across while on a walk, 15th April 1802. This poem was published among others in the subsequent years. At the time when the poem was composed, he had been living with his sister and wife in Glencoyne Bay in Ullswater in Lake District. The walk is described as an entry in the Grasmere Journal that Dorothy maintained.
Wordsworth was called a poet of nature and his poems have given new meaning to man’s appreciation of nature. He defines the time that he spends in nature as “source of joy of purest passion”. It is said that the poet used to take frequent walks in Glencoyne Park and this gave inspiration to many of the poems that he composed. He is also the celebrated poet of the scenic Lake District, a place that is rich in natural beauty in many ways.
If we delve into the poem, where he talks about himself, comparing himself to a cloud. Though the central theme of the poem is about daffodils, his need to roam free and explore is showcased here. As a cloud, he views a group of daffodils from above and showcases the brilliance of their golden color as it dazzles him. He then imagines them dancing and fluttering in the breeze and his ideas, they seem to flow on their own.
He even compares them to twinkling stars in the sky and how they can be imagined to be young children’s heads nodding in the breeze. He describes the flowers by a lake and the , the ripples on it caused by the breeze is not left unmentioned in the poem.
This poem, composed centuries ago, is a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of poetry. Wordsworth and his love for the simplistic world of nature showcase themselves in most of his work and remain a favorite of many. They are easy to comprehend and identify with and help men and women appreciate the works of nature that are all around us.

Find The Best Collection Of Poetry Books Online

Either you are an emerging poetry writer, and want to read poetry books to take inspiration from, or you are just a reader of poetry books and looking for some amazing collection. Your search for some of the best collection of books can end at the online stores that shelf a good collection of poetry books.
These stores used to have a massive collection of books written by different authors from different corners of the world. And if you are able to hit the right store, you can find the handpicked collection of renowned poets as well as poetry lovers, who have some extra love for reading poetry books.
In these stores, you can have books not just in the English language, but in almost all the languages that exist worldwide. You can also find here
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  •         Books at an affordable cost.
  •         You can find here, even those books that are not available in the market.

It is a platform for young talent showcases their work.

In addition to providing the best of the best collection of poetry books here, these online stores also give an opportunity to young talent to showcase their creative work to the world. This they do by publishing the poetries of young poets coming from all over the world.
There are two benefits of this initiative; first, the young poets get the motivation to work more and come-up with more polished and creative work. The second benefit is readers get a fresh collection to read and enjoy.
At the store, you can easily find numbers of wonderful poetry collection composed by young writers, and you will be mesmerized by reading their creation. These young and fresh talents need stimulation and they get this when readers like you, read their creation and like it.
Poetry writing is an art, which is inherited and comes to only those who are gifted with this talent. If you are a lover of poetry books and want to some unique, classy, timeless and interesting collection, then the online store is the right platform for you. And if you are a young writer, then also this platform is very much yours.

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Best Poetry Books India 2020

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