Best Mattress in India 2022

What is the Best Mattress for a better sleep?

Well before I get to that I think you need to know that I am no expert when it comes to anything, not mattresses, not what causes your lack of sleep. You really need to see a doctor if this has been chronic for any length of time at all. Now onto the mattress, there is a new mattress out now that has been through some pretty amazing results. Some of these tests have been with people that have severe burns and have been bed ridden for years. This is the only mattress that relieves them of the pain caused by pressure points. And the reason for this is in the design of the mattress. To see the mattress check on

What Cause Lack of Sleep?

This can be a long list. Lack of sleep can come from pressure points, tossing and turning, pain, a sleep disorder, health reasons, medical problems, your partners discomfort, or their health reasons.

Do you have a lot of stress in your life? If so then the easiest way to work on stress relief is with a good exercise program and by learning how to relax and quiet your mind. Maybe a good massage will help you once a week. I found for me I learned how to meditate and I switched to a better mattress.

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Do you know what pressure points are? Not the kind martial artists use to knock out their opponents, but the kind that will keep you awake at night? This is when your hips or shoulders become painful because the coils and springs in a normal mattress push up towards the hips or shoulders. A good mattress will relieve you of this.

Mattress for Back Pain

Can a mattress for back pain solve your back pain problems? It can! Depending on where your back pain comes from you will no longer have back pain when changing your mattress.

I have friends that have used memory foam to get rid of their back pain, but after only 1-2 years the foam is not doing what it should anymore and the back pain comes back.

The best way to find out if a mattress can relive your back pain is to go into a sleep analysis lab and check to see where and how many pressure points you have. The more the worse off you are.

The solution is a gel foam mattress that is used by burn victims to reduce their pressure points. And if it helps them it will help you as well. The way this works as compared to other mattresses is that the gel collapses where it needs to and supports where it needs to.

Thus giving you complete support throughout your body. Not only relieving back pain, but giving you a better sleep, and giving you a better life.


How to Get a Better Night Sleep

Tossing and turning the whole night? Can’t get comfortable? Wake up with back pain? Want to know the secret to getting a better night’s sleep? It’s your mattress!

Hard to believe? I have found through some extensive research that if you can not sleep at night, most likely it is because of your mattress. You see if you are not comfortable you will need to move during the night to get more comfortable. Each time you move you come out of your much needed sleep and wake just slightly. But even though this is very slightly it is enough to disrupt you during the day.

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What Causes this?

You may be experiencing some pain while you sleep, this pain comes from the compression of the mattress then pushing back on you. These are called pressure points.

The pressure points are in the upper and lower back, the shoulders, the neck, and the hips. You could have pain in other areas that could be from your mattress, but these are the most common.

Pressure Points

The reason you have pressure points is because of the exertion of our body weight against the compression of the mattress. The mattress pushing back with the same pressure we exert on the mattress, remember physics 10?

Either did I, I had to look it up lol. The greater the pressure we push the greater it pushes back, and the greater the pain. The greater the pain the more often you will toss and turn. And every time you toss and turn the more your sleep is disrupted.

Your Partner

Maybe you have no problem with pressure points, but your partner does. Then every time they toss and turn you wake up as well. Well, if they did not toss and turn how much better night sleep would you get?

So again it comes back to your mattress. Their discomfort becomes your discomfort. By now you must be thinking that the solution for this is that mattress you see on TV where the girl jumps up and down and does not spill the wine.

This might help you in this case, but if your partner is still tossing and turning is it helping them? Or if the role is reversed, you may help your partner with that kind of bed if you are tossing and turning, but you are still tossing and turning. That is no solution.

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Sleep Deprivation

What are the causes of sleep deprivation? Well, there can be quite a few. Some are medical side effects, stress in your life, lifestyle, health concerns, clinical disorders, poor mattress.

In many cases you can help yourself by seeing your doctor, learning how to meditate, and getting a better mattress.

Seeing Your Doctor

Depending on the amount of sleep you are getting and how much it is effecting you, you should see a doctor. Your doctor is the only person that can give you a diagnosis of what ails you. Then he/she can give you some form of treatment.


By learning how to meditate you can increase your chances for a good night sleep. I am not talking about having to meditate like a monk, but more just a calming of the mind. A simple way is to just count backward from 100-1 every night then tell yourself you are relaxed and ready for a good night sleep. This may not work for the first week or two, but give it a good month and you should see some results.

Better, Best Mattress

One of the main causes of mild sleep deprivation could very well be your mattress. Days of the coil springs are long gone, welcome to the age of comfort. Why put yourself through the agony of tossing and turning every night when you could get a deep restful sleep just by having the best mattress on the market.

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Water Bed Mattress

These come in two styles, one style has the waterbed inside of a liner. This causes a lot of movement when you get in and out of the bed. Also when you or your partner move in the middle of the night the water will create a wave and move the other person quite a bit.

I know when I used to sleep on a water bed my girlfriend would damn near fly out of bed every time I moved. I thought it was funny, but she sure did not lol. The other type of water bed uses a mattress.

You still use water in the bed, but now everything is more contained within the mattress instead of just inside the bed frame.

Much more comfortable then the first type I mentioned. Still was not my mattress of choice, I found that both of these mattresses would leave me waking up sore the next day. And why would anyone want to wake up sore?

There is a new mattress on the market that will help you sleep better, without tossing and turning all night, and will help you wake up in the morning without back pain and joint pain. To check out this new mattress see

Gel Foam Mattress

A gel foam mattress is just a gel mattress that has foam around the edges. The purpose of the foam is to give the gel support. Without the support the gel may not want to stay in one place.

Even though the gel in a gel foam mattress is solid, because of the space between the gel pockets, the gel is weaker from side to side as compared with top to bottom.

A perimeter of foam around the gel foam mattress will solve this problem. Another type of gel foam mattress is a mattress that uses foam under the gel for support.

This is the most comfortable foam on the market. This lays underneath the gel in a gel foam mattress.

Gel Mattress

A Gel Mattress is the newest and best mattress on the market today. Have you seen the Gel used in foot support with your shoes?

Same kind of thing except the gel mattress uses larger, and thicker gel. What you get with a gel mattress is a mattress that gives you equal support throughout your body when you sleep at night.

The reason this works is when we sleep, the heavier parts and the bonier parts will collapse and the rest of the gel mattress stays in place to support you. Compared with any other mattress a gel mattress can give you the best night sleep you have ever had.

You see, any other mattress compared with a gel mattress will have counter pressure. This counter pressure will cause you to have joint pain and back pain.

The counter pressure in a regular mattress is because as you compress the foam, coil, air in other mattresses that foam, coil or air wants to go back to its original place and therefore creates a counter pressure from the pressure you exert. Something you will not receive with a gel mattress.

Wake Up With Lower Back Pain

I used to wake up with lower back pain everyday. I thought it was from sleeping on my stomach. So I tried to sleep on my back or on my side. I would still wake up with lower back pain.

Then I remembered I used to wake up with lower back pain when I slept on a waterbed. Could the result of me waking up with lower back pain come from this mattress?

I know I would get a lot of lower back pain from my job, but in that case I would feel better when I woke up. Funny, the lower back pain was so great from my job that when I woke up with lower back pain I felt better, if that makes any sense.

So, I had to do a couple of things. One thing I did was take better care of myself at work to relieve me of my lower back pain. The next thing I did was to start researching mattresses to see which one’s would help me not wake up with lower back pain.

Wow, what a chore this started to become. Do you have any idea how many mattresses there is that claim to help you not wake up with lower back pain? There is a lot of them out there. So, like the nerd I am I started to really get into my research.

Here is what I found. When you wake up with lower back pain this is normally caused by pressure points. These pressure points are applied to your hips and joints and cause you to wake up with lower back pain. But a there is one kind of mattress that does not do this. Check here for back pain relief.

Back Pain and Sleep

Back Pain and Sleep go hand in hand a lot of times. Ever wake up in the morning from a deep sleep, but have a lot of back pain? Or maybe you toss and turn all night from back pain while you sleep.

Quite often this is because of your mattress. A mattress is designed to give you a comfortable sleep, but as you get older you need more then just a regular mattress.

You need something that will support you through the night. Without support your body is not aligned properly giving you pains in your back, neck or shoulders, and hips.

This is caused by pressure points. And the pressure points come from a standard mattress that builds pressure as weight is put onto it. If you go into a sleep analysis lab, you would see how this works on many different types of mattresses.

By changing your mattress you will in most cases not have back pain and sleep problems.

Lower Back Pain When I Sleep on My Back

I get lower back pain when I sleep on my back and I believe for me it is because of years of straining myself.

I have had a bad back for quite some time, mostly from the work I do and the strains I get from there. Recently though I discovered that when you sleep on your back your body comes out of alignment.

The reason for this is because of different areas that we carry our weight. Most of the time our shoulders and hips will have the most weight on them. When laying on your back this causes the mattress to sink in those areas, but sink so much that you end up with no support under your back.

The only mattress I could find to relieve this pressure is called a gel foam mattress. A gel foam mattress in a little more expensive then a regular high end mattress, but with the life span you actually save money and save your back.

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Cure For Lower Back Pain

What kind of cure for lower back pain are you looking for? If you have lower back pain from your work then a cure might be exercise or a back brace.

I know my lower back pain comes from my job. I am a Designer and do things I probably should not be doing. The cure for my lower back pain was to go to the gym and strengthen my stomach muscles and back muscles.

Then whenever I am working on something that is strenuous then I where a back brace. The back brace is not really a cure for my lower back pain, and in most cases there is no cure for lower back pain, just relief. For me though relief certainly feels like a cure for lower back pain.

Another cure for lower back pain

Morning Aches and Pains

As we get older it is common to wake up in the morning with aches and pains. Morning aches and pains almost always come from your mattress.

Why would morning aches and pains come from a mattress? The reason is because your mattress is made up of a material that when you lay down you put pressure on the mattress, and in turn the mattress puts a counter pressure on you.

These are called pressure points. Some people experience pressure points through the night and toss and turn all night, while others can sleep, but have morning aches and pains when they wake up.

Morning Leg Pain

How often do you wake up with morning leg pain? Every morning? Most mornings? Morning leg pain can be caused by your leg falling asleep and not having proper circulation.

Or you could be having morning leg pain do to a medical condition. Before doing anything else you need to see you medical doctor.

After he/she gives you the Ok, then you can go onto learning what might be the cause of your morning leg pain.

If you have morning leg pain you are either experiencing pressure on your leg from your mattress, or from the way you sleep on your mattress.

In both cases your morning leg pain is caused by your mattress. The best thing to do is to find a mattress that does not create counter pressure the way a normal mattress does. What kind of mattress does not create counter pressure like a normal mattress?

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Morning Lower Back Pain

Is there anything worse than morning lower back pain? My morning lower back pain does not go away until about noon. I use to wake up to morning lower back pain everyday. And the longer I slept the more morning lower back pain I would have.

I tired everything. I have slept on waterbeds, these gave me more morning back pain then any other mattress. I tried foam, this worked for awhile, but then my morning back pain would be back after only a few short months.

Of course I have slept on different kinds of coil spring mattresses, these gave me morning back pain right from the beginning. Do you want to know what helped my morning back pain?

The only mattress that I have found to relieve my morning back pain is a gel mattress, and not any kind of gel mattress either. See best gel mattress to find out exactly what I use to get rid of my morning back pain.

Shoulder Pain While Sleeping

What can shoulder pain while sleeping do for your sleep? You can have a poor sleep, which will cause you difficulties while awake.

Do you experience shoulder pain while sleeping every night? Have you done something different lately?

How long ago did you start to experience shoulder pain while you slept?

Do you have shoulder pain while awake? If you only have shoulder pain while you sleep and this is not a medical problem of some sort then the most likely cause would be what you are sleeping on.

Is you mattress firm or soft? Are you getting the proper support while you sleep? Is the shoulder pain while sleeping continue when you turn over? If it does then you may have caused your shoulder to fall asleep.

If you does not then maybe you wake up before your shoulder falls asleep. In either case your mattress is causing pressure to be exerting on your arm.

From this you eventually get pain, then you wake up and either just toss over until the other shoulder hurts and repeat, or you wake up and stay awake until the pain goes away.

There is new mattresses on the market that will help you feel better. No more shoulder pain, or back pain, or tossing and turning.

Morning Foot Pain

Ever get foot pain, or morning foot pain? When we lose circulation through the night we can get morning foot pain. The pain in one or both feet is often caused by pressure points.

The pressure point is exerted on our legs and causes us to wake in the morning with foot pain. Pressure points come from the mattress creating a counter pressure to our own weight.

This counter pressure does many things. You can toss and turn all night because of a lack of comfort from pressure points. Or you can wake in the morning with back pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, leg pain, or foot pain. So to get rid of morning foot pain you need to get a new mattress.

Yes, even if your current mattress is fairly new you can still be getting morning foot pain from your mattress. The only mattress that does not create counter pressure, therefore will not give you morning foot pain is a gel mattress, but not any gel mattress will do.

The only one that works and is guaranteed to work is gel mattress solutions.

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Morning Back Pain

Morning back pain is the worst back pain you can have. Well not as bad as throwing your back out that kind of back pain is very painful. But morning back pain is definitely the most inconvenient back pain that there is. What causes morning back pain?

There is a couple of causes to morning back pain. One cause to morning back pain is the way you sleep during the night.

If you sleep during the night on your side or on your stomach you may not be supporting your back properly. And even if you are sleeping on your back you may be waking up to morning back pain simply because you do not have proper support.

The best way to get proper support so you do not wake up with morning back pain is to have a proper mattress. There is different mattresses on the market, and most say that you will be relieved on morning back pain.

But in actual fact from my research you can still get morning back pain. And maybe now your new mattress will also give your spouse morning back pain.

So what is the best review I have seen? Check it out to relieve your morning back pain.

Solution to Morning Aches and Pains

The best solution to morning aches and pains is to first see a doctor and make sure you are healthy. Then you need to find a mattress that does not give you pressure.

The only one that I am aware of, and works so well on relieving pressure that burn victims that need to lie down for 24 hours of the day use, is a gel mattress. But not any kind of gel mattress,

Again there is no cure for lower back pain, just relief. So you might want to try a new mattress to cure your lower back pain.

A new mattress can relieve you of painful pressure points on your lower back, as well as on your neck and shoulders and hips. Is this a cure for your lower back pain?

You need to try it and find out for yourself. But not just any mattress will cure your lower back pain. The only mattress that I know of that will relieve and maybe cure your lower back pain is a gel mattress.

Leg Pain Of Morning

Leg pain in the morning is normally caused by pressure on your leg. The pressure comes from your mattress.

As your body exerts pressure on the mattress the mattress exerts a counter pressure on you. This counter pressure is what causes your leg pain in the morning.

You wake up and you have leg pain that is a result of poor circulation. Simply changing to a much better mattress should resolve this problem of leg pain in the morning.

As you can well imagine when you have let a limb fall asleep you can get a tremendous amount of tingling.

And if you were asleep you would not notice this until you wake up in the morning.

By then you would have more then just let your leg fall asleep, and you would have a fair amount of pain.

To get rid of the pain get rid of the mattress. The only mattress that I know of that will do this is a gel type of mattress. Not any gel mattress will allow this, so to find out which one works best check gel mattress.

Leg Pain While Sleeping

If you get leg pain while sleeping then there is a very good chance you are not sleeping as well as you should be. The leg pain while sleeping can be caused by a few things.

I cannot go into the medical side of leg pain, but you can see your doctor and make sure that there is no medical condition that is causing your leg pain while sleeping.

Your doctor is always the person to turn to in the case of a medical problem.

From there you can decide what might be causing your leg pain while sleeping. More often then not your leg pain while sleeping is caused by the mattress you are sleeping on.

If your mattress is not supporting you in the way the mattress should be you can be getting leg pain while sleeping. Or your mattress may be causing you pain from pressure points.

Pressure points are points on your body that are having pressure pushed against you from your mattress. This is the most common problem with mattresses.

The pressure points can give you back pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, and leg pain while sleeping.

To see the only mattress in the world with such low pressure points that burn victims use them to sleep on 24 hours a day

Leg Pain When Sleeping

Many people get leg pain whn sleeping. And most people get leg pain whn sleeping every night. If you get leg pain whn sleeping you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

How long has this been occurring? Is this from a medical problem? Do you have a heart condition? Have you seen your medical doctor?

After answering these questions you need to then take a look at the possibilities. If you have not seen your doctor then you need to. Then outside of that the major cause of leg pain whn sleeping is your mattress.

How can a mattress cause leg pain when sleeping?

This is a common question. The answer being quite simple as well. Leg pain whn sleeping can be caused by your mattress simply by the lack of support your mattress is giving you, or the pressure you are having exerted on you by your mattress.

This is called pressure points and can be very painful, causing leg pain when sleeping and other pains as well. To discover a mattress that is being used by burn victims to reduce their pain and will solve your leg pain when sleeping problems

Lower Back and hip pain

Are you experiencing lower back and hip pain? Where is the cause of this lower back and hip pain coming from? Your job? Your mattress? While you sleep? Working out?

If you have lower back and hip pain from your job then you may be able to get a massage paid for from your employer.

This is becoming the new trend for employers to give their employees some relaxation time and help relieve the lower back and hip pain some people get from their job.

Lower back and hip pain from your mattress

Many people get lower back and hip pain from their mattresses. The major cause of this is from the pressure points that come from the mattress. What are pressure points.

Pressure points come from mattresses that push back up at you with the same pressure that your body exerts on the mattress. And since the mattress is tougher then our skin we feel pain.

That pain can be on any joint or can be lower back and hip pain. Of course as we get older and our joints get arthritic then we get more lower back and hip pain.

There is a new mattress on the market for the past decade now, and this mattress is guaranteed to relieve your lower back and hip pain.

Lower Back Pain When Sleeping

Often lower back pain when sleeping will wake us up and cause us to turn over to try and get comfortable.

Even if this happens once each night, our sleep is disrupted and we will be more tired the next day. But if this happens throughout the night we will not be able to go through all the proper sleep patterns that are required for us to lead a productive life.

And then it can be even worse. The lower back pain when sleeping can cause some to wake up and then not be able to go back to sleep.

When this happens our lives are disrupted and mostly we are not happy about our backs. When in actual fact most lower back pain when sleeping is caused by the mattress we are sleeping on.

If the mattress we are sleeping on is not a good mattress then there will be counter pressure on our bodies from the mattress.

This counter pressure comes from our own body weight pressing down on the mattress. The harder we press the higher the counter pressure is.

And the higher the counter pressure the more painful the pressure points are on our bodies. Causing lower back pain when sleeping, or morning lower back pain, or maybe even neck and shoulder pain.

Foot Pain During Sleep

Do you get foot pain during sleep? This is mainly caused by losing circulation in your foot while you are asleep.

The reason you lose circulation in your foot while you sleep is because of pressure points you get from sleeping on a mattress that is not supporting you the way you need it to be supporting you.

A pressure point is something that is caused from your mattress pushing back on you while you push on it with your weight. The heavier you are the more the mattress will push back on you.

Some people feel pain from pressure points and others have limbs fall asleep, while others still will wake up and toss and turn through the night. Do you sleep in one position all night long then wake up with foot pain?

Or do you wake up with foot pain then move into another position? In either case it is probably your mattress.

Check with your doctor to make sure you do not have medical problem. And after he gives you the all clear then check out a gel foam mattress.

Painful Pressure Points

Painful pressure points come from sleeping on a bad mattress. As you lay on your mattress your body weight exerts a force. Which in turn in pushed back onto you by the mattress.

This causes very painful pressure points that may result in you waking and rolling over, or waking with pain in your neck, back, hips, shoulders, feet, or other joint.

The painful pressure points will most often disappear after sleeping on a mattress that will fully support your body through out the night no matter how you like to sleep.

I have talked with people that have tried out different mattresses to relieve them of their painful pressure points. In some cases this worked, but for only a short period of time.

There is a newer technology out now that causes you to sleep without any pressure points. Works so well that burn victims have been using this type of mattress for years laying on the mattress 24 hours per day 7 days a week for the last 8+ years. That is like 24 years of us sleeping on the mattress.

Neck And Shoulder Pain

Do you have neck and shoulder pain? Do you know the cause of your neck and shoulder pain? Have you seen a doctor about your neck and shoulder pain?

If your symptoms are not serious then maybe your neck and shoulder pain is coming from your mattress. Yes, I said from your mattress.

The reason I say this is because many times a mattress will give us painful pressure points that press up against us. And in the process make us toss and turn, limbs fall asleep, or give us neck and shoulder pain, or back pain as well.

Some of us can sleep on a concrete floor and not get any neck and shoulder pain, others of us seem to have neck and shoulder pain all the time.

There are many mattresses out there that are good for supporting your body while you sleep. But most will not stand up over time.

And the warranties are based on defects not that you are unhappy about the product. One mattress that gives a great guarantee is the gel foam mattress from

See their sleep analysis lab and find out if your neck and shoulder pain will be relieved through their mattress.

Waterbed Back Pain

Is your waterbed causing you back pain? This is a common problem for many waterbed users.

The reason for this problem is that waterbeds are all at different levels of support. The more water you have in the waterbed the harder the waterbed is.

And if you take water out of the waterbed you end up with even worse results.

Waterbed Back Pain Solutions

In most cases the only solution to waterbed back pain is to buy a better bed and / or mattress.

We have clients that have waterbed back pain from the mattress style waterbed, and from the bladder style waterbed.

When waterbeds first came onto the market everybody thought these would be the most comfortable new bed around.

I slept on one for about 2 months and that was enough for me. Never again will I sleep on a waterbed, and never again have I had waterbed back pain.

I get slight back pain from my mattress, but nothing like the waterbed back pain I used to get. And now there is a gel mattress that does even better.

Memory Foam Mattresses For Back Pains

Human Body

Sleeping on the wrong mattress is one of the culprits of lower back pains. Getting one that doesn’t totally support your back causes poor sleeping posture, strains your muscles, and misaligns your spine, all of which adds to your morning-after misery.

Therefore, choosing the right mattress – where you spend approximately 220,000 hours of your lifetime lying on it – is important apparently because your health and wellbeing could depend on it.

Memory Foam Mattress

Amid the vast variety of mattresses available in the market that generally claim to provide back support and relieve your chronic back pains, there’s one that stands out from the pack: memory foam mattress.

So What Exactly Are Memory Foam Mattresses?
Engineered by NASA space program in the mid-1960s, memory foams were intended to protect astronauts from the harmful effects of tremendous gravitational forces, ensuring them absolute comfort all throughout the space launch.

They are made from low density foam, topped with layers of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic materials that contain large air pockets. Soft and highly absorbent, they allow air to circulate easier within the regions in the foam, thus allowing a person to sink back more quickly.

Following the invention, memory foam made a foray into other applications such as cushioning in helmets, shoes, prosthetics, seating pads, and eventually found its way into the bed manufacturing industry.

How They Help Alleviate and Prevent Back Pains

Memory foams are best known for their unique ability to absorb a person’s full weight. Consequently, memory foam mattresses, which are a product of a cutting edge technology, give your spine maximum support and ventilation.

The low-density foam materials that they’re built with enable them to align according to the body’s natural contour, giving your spine just the right amount of support in all its crucial areas.

In effect, they cushion your body, allowing you to sleep in the same comfortable position for long periods of time. They are specifically designed to minimize your fidgeting when you’re asleep.

Furthermore, memory foam mattresses relieve the pressure on painful joints.

The memory foam removes irritating pressure points that interfere with a restful sleep and helps ease aches and pains that can accumulate in your body throughout the working day.

Other Remarkable Features

Temperature-sensitive, memory foam mattresses have unique cellular structures that become softer when the room gets warmer and remains firm when it gets cooler.

As a result, memory foam mattresses can change and shift based on a person’s body temperature, creating an excellent environment for sleep.

There is definitely no other mattress quite like the memory foam. No other material can provide sleepers with comfort as well protection from back pains and allergies all at the same time.

People all over the world are learning today what NASA understood decades ago: the human body needs comfort and protection in order to stay fully functional.

Bringing that same high level of protection to a good night’s sleep can mean the difference between a productive day and an exhausting one.

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