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Finally your daughter’s hard work has paid off and she has completed her graduation. It’s time for you to take pride and make the moment memorable. Gifting her graduation gift is an awesome idea to make the moment memorable. But gifts for graduation are not so popular, due to this most of the parents’ face a real hard time in deciding what is the best graduation gifts for her. Here are some helpful suggestions that can really help you in deciding the best graduation gift.

You must have seen the most often gift many of the daughters receive on completing graduation is either money or a cheque for her higher studies. But this is so old fashioned, and it’s time for us to think something new, practical and some “real life” gifts.

Best Gifts

Unique Graduation gift for her ideas!

• How about gifting your daughter a caricature painting of her? You can simply bring a cartoonist or a painter at your home who can transform your daughter’s picture into a portrait. You can add some cool heading to the portrait such as “I lasted high school”.

• How about sending your daughter to a vacation? After all the hard work she did, it’s time for her to spend some real good time with her friends and enjoy. She totally deserves it. Gift her tickets and make arrangements for the vacation. She will definitely like it.

• Another cool and unique graduation gift for her would be a personalized portfolio. After graduation, the only thing left is getting hooked up with a job, if she is not opting for higher studies that is. All she needs is a good portfolio for participating in interviews. A high quality leather portfolio would be of great use to her.

Best Gifts for Her on Graduation India 2020

• Travel accessories– She might have to travel places in search of better jobs. Consider some accessories which can make travelling quiteeasier – anything from travel bag to travel pillow would be a great choice.

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Best Gifts for Her on Graduation India 2020

• Laptop and iPad – Of course, your daughter needs to make some presentation and study some 

• interview questions before going for an  interview. What can be a better gift than a portable device? It will really help her moving forward in her professional career.

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Best Gifts for Her on Graduation India 2020

• Jewellery– Buying jewellery for her is one of the safest and elegant graduation gifts for her ideas. Majority of the young teenagers, especially girls like to wear jewellery in order to look good and cool. Consider buying some metal body watches, bracelets, necklace and earrings.

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Best Gifts for Her on Graduation India 2020

• Survival kit – Remember the days, when you were in college and things you needed the most in your daily life? Survival kit includes all those stuffs such as laundry supplies, cafeteria meal coupons and snack attack supplies.

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Best Gifts for Her on Graduation India 2020

• Books:  If your girl is into books and likes to read novel and stories. Consider gifting her some great authors’ books. You might know some of her favourite authors.

What you gift to your daughter is not the real question, what matters is her happiness. You are proud of this moment. Gifting her would definitely bring smile and joy on her face. It will let her know how proud and happy you are by seeing her getting graduated.

Or you might try something really extra, like dad over here 

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Best Graduation Presents for Her

If you have a daughter, niece or granddaughter you are probably thinking of how to purchase some graduation gifts for her. More probable, is the ability to find something special, that is attractive, affordable and something she will value for a long, long time.

Graduation Gifts for Her

The art of gift giving is often thought about as the language of love. Some people instantly know what to gift and are welcomed with tears of joy and smiles as big as the Eiffel tower. Finding college graduation gifts that will give the recipient a great feeling is not so hard if you gather a few ideas. In this article we will discuss some of those graduation presents for her and you can decide which one you prefer.

Best Gifts for Her on Graduation India 2020

Diploma Frame

You can get very special and attractive Diploma Frames. Your daughter, niece or granddaughter can frame their certificate and be able to hang this on their wall in their future office or bedroom wall. The frames come in a variety of different styles so you can either pick her favorite color or get one that is silver studded etc. You can get a Diploma Frame to suit her décor or taste.

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Best Gifts for Her on Graduation India 2020

 Shadow Box

A shadow box is usually made of wood or metal and has one side that is made of glass. Inside she can put memorabilia and items she has left over from college which she can frame inside the box. You can hang the shadow box on a wall and it is really quite a novel present. If she is a collector of any sorts these sorts of college graduation gifts could go down a treat.

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Best Gifts for Her on Graduation India 2020

Compact Digital Frame

Digital Frames make great college graduation gifts. She has probably picked up a ton of digital photos from her college days and this unique gadget could help her organize them and show them off. They are attractive and very affordable.

College Memorabilia

During the last few weeks of college, there is usually a place to buy college memorabilia on campus such as workout gear, duffel bags, sweatshirts, bumper stickers and all sorts of minuscule things.

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New Apartment Gift

Your daughter, niece or granddaughter could be moving into a new apartment so why not get a gift to help her out. This could be something practical like bedding and towels to more sophisticated graduation gifts like a painting or picture.

Classic Book

Does she have any childhood books that she loved when she was a child? These are the kinds of graduation gifts for her that last a lifetime and are very sentimental. It is perfect for those girls who love reading.


Another awesome graduation gift that can be very sentimental and practical is gifting a briefcase. If she is preparing for work she will need something to use in her daily work life. There are many good looking briefcases on offer these days so you will be spoilt for choice.

Engraved Pen

These are superb college graduation gifts. You can engrave your personal message and she can use it or keep it as a sentimental value. They never go out of fashion and are very easily attainable.

If you still feel the lack of inspiration, you might find this video helpful.

Still unsure? Continue here.

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