Best Food Processor in India 2021

Best Food Processor in India


Searching for the Best Food Processor in India? Here we have listed Top 5 Best Food Processor in India.

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Are you looking for the Best Food Processor in India? And searching the internet to find what are the Best Food

Processor Brands in India? And what is the Food Processor Price in India? After reading this review you will positively

find the answer to these questions.

Best Food Processors in India

Food Processor – Your Friend in the Kitchen

Food processors are really helpful home appliances that will make your life in the kitchen easy and enjoyable. Our

earlier generations had more time to spend on food preparations. Our grandmas (to some extend our moms too) had

spent a lot of time in the kitchen doing hard labor preparing food for us.

Times have changed.

Today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t give us that much time to spend on food preparation. We have to cook the food as quick as

possible so that the time saved can be better utilized elsewhere doing some productive work. Moreover, there isn’t any

need to put in a lot of effort to do something that can easily be done by a machine.

Thanks to the technological achievement we have a helping hand in the form of food processors. Don’t get it wrong! You

still have to prepare the food yourself, but you can save a lot of time by employing a food processor to do repetitive chores

like chopping, mincing, grinding, pureeing, slicing and shredding. Thus, a food processor is a great time saver and can

really be your companion in the kitchen.

How we have picked the best food processor for you
There are at least 30 food processor brands in the Indian market. And there are at least 100 models available for you to

choose from. Choosing the best food processor that will suit your budget at the same time fulfill your kitchen needs is a

tiring job.

This is where we come in.

We have done a lot of research for you. The criteria we have set for determining the best among 100s of models is the

customer satisfaction and ratings. Who will give you the right feedback about how well a product performs? Isn’t it the

people who have already purchased and used the product? This is exactly what we have done to zero in on the best food


We have meticulously gone through the customer reviews and ratings from different online shopping sites available in

the Indian market. And we have taken into account all the pros and cons of each model before telling you what is the

best food processor model that you can buy without any hesitation.

How to choose the best food processor?

While selecting a food processor, you should have a close look at the following features:

Capacity – This is nothing but the size or capacity of the bowl or the jar. Selecting the capacity normally depends on the

number of people you have to cook for. If you have to typically cook for a small family (of say three or four people) then you

can go for a food processor which has, at least, 2L bowl capacity and 1L blender jar capacity. You should also keep in

mind the fact that the liquid capacity of the food processor is less than solid food capacity. In any case, select a food

processor which has, at least, 2L bowl capacity and 1L blender jar capacity.

Size of feed tube – The feed tube, as the name suggests, allows you to feed food items into the processor. Every food

processor comes with a feed tube and paying attention to its size is very important. Large, wide feed tubes allow you to

feed in large pieces of vegetables and large foods without having to chop them before hand. So you don’t have to prepare

the food before processing. Also, large feed tubes help keep your fingers safe. So select a food processor which has larger

feed tube.

Power – Choose a food processor which is powerful enough to process food quickly and consistently. Basically, food

processors have a tough task at hand. For instance, chopping raw carrots or shredding a hard cheese needs more power.

If your chosen food processor is not powerful enough then it may not do the intended work. In the worst case, the

processor may get jammed or the motor may burn out. Go for a food processor which runs on 650 watts of power and an

operating voltage of 220-240 voltage.

Speed Settings – Basically food processors come with an ON/OFF feature and a pulse option. In most of the cases, it is

just sufficient. However, there are a few functions that you may want your food processor to do which may then require

more speed control. For example, a different type of dough may require different mixing speeds. So your chosen processor

should cater the needs of different speed control. Select a food processor that has, at least, 2-speed settings.

Attachments and Accessories – All most all food processors come with S-shaped stainless steel blades, plastic dough

blade and slicer discs. It is nice to have other attachments but you should make sure whether they are essential. These

include different size bowls and blades, discs which could slice and grate foods to different thicknesses. Before you put

your hard earned money in buying any extra attachment, be doubly sure whether you would actually use them.

Ease of cleaning – Make sure the moving parts like blades, bowls or any other attachments are dishwasher safe.

Otherwise, you have to manually clean the food processor after every use. If possible choose a processor which has a flat

control panel that prevents food from getting stuck hard accessible cavities. In this case, it would be difficult even for a

dishwasher to reach these places. You may have to do manual cleaning. So consider ease of cleaning as one of the

features before selecting a processor.

Stability – Stability is also an important factor to consider because heavy loads could cause strong vibrations. Choose a

food processor that has a solid-build body and wider base. The Wider base will support stability and prevent the food

processor moving on the kitchen table when it is put into use. You may not like your food processor dancing
Safety – Give meticulous attention to the safety features. Make sure that the bowl locks onto the base of the food

processor properly and the top locks onto the bowl. To avoid any accidents the processor should only start after the unit

is locked together securely.

Price – This is the last but not the least important factor to consider. Decide well in advance what price range you can

afford. Then look at the various features that will fulfill your requirements. Finally have a balance between the two. One

small advice is not to try saving on a food processor too much. It is a one-time purchase item and you don’t usually buy it

too often. So go for a better quality product that will not only serve you better but also provide long-lasting service.


We hope this page would have helped you to find the best food processor for you home. Go ahead and buy the food

processor of your choice.

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