Best Fashion Trends for Navratri for Men & Women 2023

Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022 to Make You the Cynosure of Everyone’s Eyes
The most festive season of the year is on its way.

In India festivals are all about colours and celebrations and boy do we Indians know how to enjoy ourselves. Festivals are truly celebrated in our country.

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With overflowing euphoria, enormous feasts with friends and families, gifts and sweets all around there could not be a better time.

Among all the rhapsodic celebrations and festivities of our country Navratri is one of the most prominent ones. We would therefore love to share you the Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022.

Navratri is one of the most prominent among all festivals celebrate in India. Navratri’ means the ‘nine nights’ where ‘Nava’ means ‘nine’, and ‘ratri’ means ‘night’.

All over India, the festival of Navratri also referred to as Durga Puja in some parts is celebrated with great zeal, passion, enthusiasm and fervour.

The celebration marks the victory of good over evil and unites people to share joyous and happy moments together.

Apart from the religious significance, the nine days of Navratri are filled with delicious food, incredible dance moves, festive fashion, and all in all unending fun.

It is an opportunity to be at your stylish best in a traditional way, as you make your way to the dandiya nights or puja pandal.

Festivals in India will always result into you pulling out your alluring ethnic wear for women and elegant ethnic wear for men that have been gratifying your wardrobe for far too long.

Over the years there have a significant number of shifts in trends in the ethnic clothing. A glimpse into the fashion trends that follow the celebrations of Navratri.

Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022 – Navratri Fashion Trends for Women

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Find Out Womens’ Best Apparels For Wedding

Thinking what to wear in your wedding season? There are plenty of options out there. Starting from the bridal lehenga to the suits, you can wear this dress on each of the special occasion. Wedding is full of light, colors and happiness.

As a bride, you always want to look good and charming. As you wait for your whole life for this special day, you should positively want to look gorgeous.

If you want to look totally traditional you can try out the sarees or the lehengas. If you want to blend a little western in your look, you can certainly go for the designer salwar suits.

Now the question is- where you will buy these dresses. You can go for shopping with your friends. But this will take a little time that you do not want to spend.

For solving this problem, there are plenty of online stores that offer traditional as well designer’s dresses for women of various sizes and lengths.

You have to choose the best online destination that offers all type of garments are of reasonable price, even the collection of the store should be unique.

While you are choosing the website that offer female garments, you should check the reputation of the company, the price of the products, the mode of delivery, the payment options and many more.

Here are some of the common yet best type clothes a woman can wear in her wedding-

The lehengas

What to look like a queen? Then you can certainly try out the colorful lehengas. They not only make you beautiful and attractive, they have a slight tinge of elegance in them. You can search bridal lehenga online from the reputed websites. There are various types of designer lehengas available in the online stores. You have to choose the one that fits your body. There is size list already present in the online store, you should have a measurement and buy your favorite lehenga.

Bridal sarees

Sarees are the most loved traditional attire a woman can wear when she is getting married. There are various types of wedding sarees available.

Almost all the women have preference over the sarees. You should buy a wedding dress that suits your culture and taste. Whether you are looking for the wedding chiffon sarees or the tant, you should check the availability and the prices well.

  1. Designer suits

If you are thinking to look a little different from all, it is better to try out the designer suits. There are various designs of salwar suits available. You are a little short; you can go for the Anarkalis. The front cut designer salwar suits are becoming quite popular in these days.

Apart from these attires to wear in the wedding, you can also try the palazzos and long skirts in the occasion like the Sangeet or Mehendi. The wedding season is full of colors and light. Simple Always buy the attire that is bright and have simple yet unique embroidery work.

Along with the best wedding dresses, you should buy the best accessories with them. You can wear the jhumkas, chains and the big dangles with the salwar suits and sarees. Wear the matching footwear to look fashionable. Check out the latest trends online and be the point of attraction at the wedding.

Fashion for Women

Women usually dress in ethnic wear during Navratri celebrations. Most commonly adorned attire is the Chaniya Cholis but their attires can consist of a vast variety of other options. Here are some Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022 for Women.

Chaniya Cholis – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

Chaniya Choli is the traditional attire for Navratri festival, and it’s still the most preferred outfit by women for Garba Nights.

Even though the Chaniya Choli is a classic dress it has to help you look your fashionable best this festive season you can even mix it up in many different styles that flaunt your looks.

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Fusion Lehengas – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

Lehengas can be adorned with many other options not just a choli. Women nowadays are inspiring great new looks by fusing various elements of fashion and also various designs and prints.

Long Skirts – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

Long skirts are a favourite during Navratri. If you are keen on playing garba, a long skirt would really compliment your look. They are the perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

There is a vast array of skirt styles like Jaipuri Bandhej skirts, digital print skirts and skirts embellish with gota patti and tassels.

The way a skirt moves while you dance is quite an appealing sight and bound to mesmerize your onlookers. You can wear it with a crop top or a simple sleeveless waist length top.

Jaipuri Bandhej Dupattas – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

These beautifully print authentic dupattas with Jaipuri Bandhej prints are quite easily the most desire additions to your attire.

These dupattas are designed with extremely beautiful mirror work along with silver beads and shells.

It can be adorned with a chikankari kurta preferably white to look glamorous beyond belief. You can wear these in various different styles and knots to add to the glamour of your dresses.

Koti Jackets – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

Whether you are feeling lazy or just running out of time to get ready for the Navratri night, a short jacket is your saviour.

Carry one of these jackets and simply wear it over your attire when you are heading to the venue. The best part about these jackets is that you can adorn these over both western and Indian outfits.

Jewellery & Necklace Sets – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

Women usually embrace oxidised necklace sets during their fun and frolic over the 9 days. These jewellery sets could comprise of oxidised sets studded with fancy stones or beads or they could have gorgeous danglers all of which will make you look even more stunning. It is thus one of the Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022.

Earrings – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

The usual trend during Navratri is to wear oxidised jhumki earrings. These earrings look distinct and are the perfect means to flaunt your looks.

These designs are rare to find and are fine crafted to suit your personality. Although if you are not fond of those heavy earring sets,

You can opt for something that looks festive but is lightweight at the same time like jhumki style earring in single or dual tone with magnificent gems and stones to add to their beauty.

Footwear – Kolhapuri – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

Footwear also is a must when you are your fashionable best, most women wear colorful Rajasthani Kolhapuris that go perfectly with their traditional outfits. Alternatively, you can wear heels to give a modern look on yourself. It is thus one of the Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022, for women.

Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022 – Navratri Fashion Trends for Men

Fashion for Men

Men also dorne themselves in ethnic wear during these 9 days. However men’s fashion is not simple or predictable anymore either.

A traditional kediyu (traditional Gujarati outfit), or a simple kurta pyjama is not enough nowadays.

Men have started mixing and matching their countless options to look their fashionable best. Have a look at the Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022 for Men.

Jackets – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

Men have start investing in a good ethnic jacket over a kurta pyjama to make it look classy and formal. The jackets are usually in stunning colours chosen from a myriad palette.

Lowers – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

A dhoti, pathani salwar, or Jodhpuri pants with a coat are the best styles to keep the traditional flavour intact. A matching or contrasting scarf or safa is also another great option.

If you are going with your sweetheart, you can coordinate your look in terms of colour that contrast each other, or perhaps even choose a similar element of embroidery for both your outfits.

Footwear – Fashion Trends for Navratri 2022

Gentlemen all across the country also have started divulging in the right pair of Kolhapuris, mojaris and, juttis.

And make your Indian traditional outfit even more ethnic also as a final completion to their wardrobe for Navratri.

So choose look your best throughout the 9 days of absolute euphoria during Navratri by following these trends.

These great fashion trends are to make sure you are the centre for every onlookers envy as you stride down and dance to your hearts’ content.

Tips for Navratri for all Dandiya and Garba Players

Navratri is very famous festival among youth. It is a festival of devotion of Maa Durga. Navratri is almost near about and at that time many questions comes in the all Dandiya and Garba player’s mind.

When we go for Garba we all must know about costume. Many of us get confuse about what to wear and what not to wear. So; here we give the Tips for Navratri for all.

Everyone looks beautiful and gorgeous from others during Navratri. We all enjoy this festival with great joy.

With the help of these tips you can get idea about your costume, hairstyle, jewellery and many other things.So, let’s have a look….

Tips for Navratri for Women:

Tips for Navratri

All women get confuse what to wear during these days. For Garba and Dandiya women can wear three piece dresses like chaniya or skirt, blouse decorated with embroideries and dupatta decorated with mirrior, shells and many other things.

So it is all about costume but what about jewellery? So, you do not worry about it also. You can wear jewellery like, payal, necklace, earrings, chudas, kandora or kamarbandh and other things.

So, select this thing for this Navratri for you this Dandiya or Garba.So, select below given costume for you in this Navratri.

Colourful Ghagra-Choli:

Tips for Navratri

Multi colour Ghagra-Choli is one of the very famous costumes among all women. By wearing this type of costume you look ethnic.

It’s a just like chaniya choli. You can wear jewelleries like, payal, colourful bangles, kamarbandh as well as jhumkas. It is one very good Tips for Navratri.


Tips for Navratri

Lancha is another beautiful traditional costume for this Navratri. By wearing this you are the central attention all on Garba ground or dance floor.


Tips for Navratri

Chaniya-Choli is one of the various famous costumes among women during Navratri. You can wear Chaniya-Choli which is decorated with shells, mirrior and many other things.

It is very appropriate costume for you for this Navratri seasons. You can wear Kamarbandh, Nose ring, kadas; necklace with Chaniya-Choli. This is very good Tips for Navratri for all women.

Tips for Navratri for Men:

Tips for Navratri

After giving tips for women now we give ideas about Men costume. Some of the men get confuse about what to wear in Garba.

So, don’t get confuse. Here we give idea about the Navratri costume for all men.So, follow below Costume Tips for Navratri get handsome and cultural look for Garba and Dandiya.

Kurta and Pyjama:

Tips for Navratri

If you do not want to wear heavy costume then simply wear Kurta and Pyjama for this Navratri. It gives you ethnic and stylish look.


Tips for Navratri

This is very famous costume for among all men as well as traditional costume for Navratri.Kediyu is a just like short Kurta but it is flare at the bottom.

It decorated just like a Chaniya Choli and colourful embroidery as well as mirror.So; it is very good Costume Tips for Navratri for all men.

Kafni and Pyjamas:

Tips for Navratri

If you want to look completely traditional then wear Kafni and Pyjamas in Navratri. Kafni and Pyjamas is very good choice for Dandiya and Garba.So, wear this and looking traditional in this Navratri.


Tips for Navratri

Tattoos are very famous among the youth for this Navratri. Many of us make tattoos according to festivals.

This Navratri you can make tattoo like, feathers of Peacock, flute, floral and many other tattoos. Generally we make this tattoo on neck, hand or back.

Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

Navratri is a festival of joy and worship of Maa Durga. In Navratri we all play Dandiya and Garba. It is very famous festival among the youngster and it is very famous festival of Gujarat.

Garba and Dandiya is traditional dance for Gujarati.Navartri is festival of 9 nights and days. For playing Dandiya and Garba we all require full energy.

For this we all must follow the proper diet in right way.So, follow proper diet for maintain stamina.

In Navratri some of us do fast and also play Garba. So consume proper food which helps you to get energy for your Garba. Here we give Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri.

While choosing foods for Navratri you must take care because some foods consist high calories and fat which make you tired very fast.

So, select proper food which contains low calories and fat as well as very good amount nutrients and fiber.

This type of Food is very helpful to you in days of Navratri.So, include this given below foods in your diet in Navratri Festival.So, let’s have a look….

Navratri Special Foods for getting Energy:


Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

Yogurt is very good Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri. It contains very good amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium as well as vitamins.

It is very helpful to fight against bacteria. Yogurt provides very good amount energy to your body for 9 days of Navratri.

Dry Fruits:

Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

Dry Fruits like, chews, Almonds, nuts and many others which help you get energy in Navratri days.

This dry fruits is very good for your fast also. You can also use this dry fruits in ladoos, halwas and many other items. So, Dry fruits are very good Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri.


Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

Banana is very good Energy boosting foods for this Navratri. It is very source of calcium which helps to make our bone strong.

Potassium in Banana makes our heart function normal as well as keep our BP (Blood Pressure) normal.

Banana also provides glucose, a vitamin which helps you to provide very good amount energy for playing Garba and Dandiya in Navratri Seasons.

Sweet Potatoes:

Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

Sweet Potatoes is very good source of beta carotene and vitamins. This vitamins and beta-carotene provides very good amount of energy.

You can also eat baked or boiled Sweet potatoes in Fast during Navratri.So, consume Sweet Potatoes in your diet Navratri.


Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

Honey is very good food and it can help us in many ways. There are many other beauty and health benefits of honey.

When you very tired at the time of play Garba and Dandiya the do one thing. Take 1 tablespoon of honey or you can also add honey in yogurt.

This will help you to get immediate energy. So, honey is Best Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri.


Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

Oranges have very good amount of fiber, vitamins which provide you energy. Some of use orange juice as an energy booster.

So, do one thing eat oranges or drink orange juice before play Garba or Dandiya. This will definitely provide energy in Navratri.So; consume it in your diet or breakfast.

Peanut Butter:

Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

We all know Peanut is very good source of Omega 3.Peanut helps you reduce pain as well as increase your heart functionality.

Peanut butter is also providing great energy as well as maintains your stamina. Even if peanut butter contain high level of calories and digest very slow, this will give you energy.

So Peanut Butter is Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri and you must include in your diet for Navratri.


Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

It is very good sources of protein, minerals, vitamins as well as fibres. So consume pluses like, red gram, green gram, rajma, chickpeas, etc.

This will provide you very good amount of energy while playing Dandiya or Garba in Navratri.


Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

There are many health benefits of dates because it is very good source of energy. Dates will keep your body sugar level.

So by consuming it you get energy for playing Garba. So it is one the Best Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri.

Cucumber and Carrot:

Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri

Vegetables like cucumber and carrot provide very good amount of potassium. This will helps you in hydrating as well as provide beta-carotene and provide energy.

So in this way this will help you Boost energy in Navratri. You can also consume cucumber and carrot in your diet as a salad or also with yogurt as well as juice also. So; it is one of the Best Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri.

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