Best Dishwasher in India 2022

Best Dishwasher in India

History of Dishwasher

The first documented evidence of a working dishwasher dates back to 1850 with a patent given to Joel Houghton who made a crude splashing device attached to a wooden tub and operated by hand. Another patent in 1965 given to L.A.

Alexander involved placing dishes within a rack submerged in water which was spun through gears linked to a handle. Both device’s were completely wooden, unreliable and not very efficient but did pave the way for future machines.

John Fitch found fame for inventing the steamboat and had a grandaughter called Josephine Cochrane who held many social gatherings at her home.

Her entertaining however came at a cost in expensive crockery which she liked to use but was often broken while the servants cleaned up and washed the dishes.

Upset with this and with no alternative available she decided to design and build a dishwasher machine to wash her dishes without damaging them.

Having studied engineering through her grandfather she set about this task and came up with dishwasher where a wheel containing the dishes in a wire mesh frame sat in a boiler of hot soapy water.

Using gears which could be hand or power driven through a pulley system the wheel could be spun within the boiler while at the same time water was pumped from the boiler to shower down onto the dishes as well.This worked well and she decided to show it off.

Chicago hosted the 1893 world fair and Josephine Cochrane entered her machine where it easily won the first prize and more importantly got noticed by people in the catering and hotel business.

A factory was built to produce these machines as soon as Josephine got it patented as many orders had come in from restaurants and hotels for her dishwasher. This factory was to be the start off Kitchenaid which grew into a major appliance manufacturer and still is today.

Many other companies sprung up making their own version of a dishwasher some successful and others not. It was not until permanent indoor plumbling was introduced in the 1920′s that any major change took place when manufacturers decided to try to build a machine that could be used in a normal home.

Until now only the wealthy and businesses could afford the asking price for these appliances which were large and unsuitable for most home sized kitchens.

William Howard Livens built the first home sized dishwasher in 1937 which was similar to what we use today with a front loading metal device and a wire mesh basket loading basket.

In 1940 the last key element was introduced which was an internal heating element which now meant the machine was completely self contained. Over the decades till today the dishwasher has grown smaller, cheaper and more efficient and can now be found in homes across the world as a normal feature in a modern kitchen.

A large range is available today with many big name manufacturers like Whirlpool, Bosch Maytag, GE , bosch dishwasher & many other creating a very competitive market.

Here are Some of the Best Selling Dishwashers on Amazon India :

Whirlpool Dishwasher India

When shopping for a dishwasher, we tried our hardest to find an American made product. Discovered that was almost impossible.

This one had components made in the US and Canada, which was acceptable. We have had the dishwasher for six months, it is used at least once per day and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

The utensil basket is in the door, which frees up the entire bottom basket for large pots, pans, lids and dishes. I wash all of my plastics in the dishwasher as well and have never had them shrink or melt in this particular dishwasher.

I have inserted items with dried, stuck on food and ran the high temperature cycle. I did not really expect it to get the dishes spotless, but was rather surprised at the results. The dishwasher is also as quiet as promised.

Before I bought the dishwasher, I read reviews that listed negatives and will agree there are issues that might be considered unfavorable. This dishwasher does take a VERY long time to run through a cycle; I am talking hours. I have not noticed a difference on the electric bill though. It also uses a lot of Jet Dry which I am not sure I like all that stuff on my dishes.”

“My Viewpoint:  The Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher is an amazingly effective, efficient and reasonably priced dishwasher.  My favorite features about this dishwasher are the: high energy star rating (only lower by a little compared to dishwashers with much higher prices) quiet wash function (it is so quiet that sometimes I don’t even know I have turned it on!

the ability to choose from different cycles

the fill signal for the rinsing agent:  there is a measure that shows you if your rinsing agent is full or empty, and you can actually see it move down as it is used. Every few days I can see a difference. Now I don’t have to wonder if it is time to put more rinsing agent in.

Sparkling clean dishes:  I mean really really clean. Even on those nights when I am lazy and don’t rinse them so well. I simply choose a higher setting and they come out beautifully. No food sticking to the dishes, the glasses shine and I have yet to have to wash something all over again.

What I don’t like about the Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher is such a small matter. It is the utensil tray.  It can be placed in two positions.  If I place it on the bottom rack of the dishwasher it takes up too much of my wash space.  The other position is to lie it flat as it fits in and attaches to the door. This makes loading and unloading awkward, but not enough to cause me to even take a star away.  I have simply starting pulling the entire tray out to put the utensils away  nd it actually goes much faster this way.

I have been very pleased with the Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher, and with all the people and entertaining we do in our household it has definitely held up to the challenges of clean and sparkling dishes as well as being quiet and energy efficient, and by a name brand I trust.  One last mention, it isn’t as expensive as many other that have the same features — so what’s not to like?”

“If you want a simple dishwasher that works well, is quiet and cleans your dishes without a lot of fuss, the Quiet Partner II is the one for you.  The cost associated with this dishwasher is reasonable and it does the job of washing dishes without a lot of effort (pre-washing).  If you don’t need a lot of features or a stainless steel front, the Quiet Partner II provides what you need without breaking the bank.”

“I have a whirlpool dishwasher with the quiet partner II package.  This machine is so quiet I have to check it to make sure it is working.  Our last dishwasher had to run at night or when no one was home because it was so noisy.  This Whirlpool dishwasher is awesome.  It does a great job (as long as you don’t over load it,LoL).”

whirlpool gold dishwasher

Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner III

“The Whirlpool Gold Quiet partner is a very good dishwasher.  I have to say that I like the way that the compartments are arranged inside.  It has a stylish looking exterior that only enhances the look of the kitchen. 

I can’t say that i know the horse power of the unit, although it is a energy star product, which I am pleased about.  I feel that the Whirlppol Gold has the power to give your dishes a good cleaning.  I have yet to have a problem of any finding any residue on anything that I have put in the dishwasher.

That was a problem I had with my previous dishwasher. The Whirlpool Gold Quiet partner is just that..quiet.  I was suprised at just how quiet the dishwasher runs.  Its nice to have the dishwasher running and be able to do other things without any annoying noise coming from the dishwasher. 

I would have no problem recommending the Whirpool Gold Quiet Partner to anyone looking for a great dishwasher.  I do not think that you will be disapointed.”

“I love my Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner III dishwasher.  Immediately after installation (which by the way my handy husband was able to do with ease) I was impressed by the quiet – the noise I didn’t hear when the dishwasher was running.  The name is definitely indicative of the product!

There are many great benefits to this dish washer.  First of all, the dish holders can be laid down, allowing room for large items such as mixing bowls or casserole dishes!  I love this feature which makes the dish washing machine very versatile.  This same feature is also present on the top rack, although I do not use it as frequently.

When I purchased this machine, I looked at many other products that had stainless steel tubs, but the salesperson actually recommended against those tubs because they really didn’t add as much benefit to the product as they did dollars to the cost!  Therefore, I chose the machine that has a grey tub and have been very happy with it.  It doesn’t stain, like my old white tub did so my dishwasher doesn’t look dingy on the inside!

Something else that I like about this dishwasher is that the utensil holder is in the door, which maximizes the usable space for the drawers!  However, the one drawback to this is that sometimes food gets trapped in the utensil holder, if the plates aren’t scraped well.

Speaking of scraping, if I use this machine on the Pots & Pans Cycle, I don’t have to scrape or rinse at all and everything comes perfectly clean.

This dishwasher also has a sani-wash cycle that I like to use when someone in the home is ill!  I don’t really know that it makes the washed dishes anymore sanitary than when used in a regular cyce, but it reassures my mind a little to hope that I am not spreading germs among my family!

Another thing that impresses me about this particular dishwasher is the large capacity it can handle.  I have had other dishwashers that claimed to be able to handle twelve place settings, but this one really will!  I love that I can have a house full of visitors and wash all the dishes at once, rather than having to wash some by hand while the dishwasher finishes the others!

Also, I have never had a problem with dishes clanging together and chipping or breaking in this machine as I have had with other dishwashers, and everything comes out sparkling clean!

Another great benefit of this machine is the fact that it conserves water!  My water bill actually dropped several dollars after installing this dishwasher!  As a consumer who is trying to be eco-friendly, I am impressed by the little amount of water this machine uses!  Also, the fact that I can tailor my wash cycle to a specific need (i.e. just glass ware or pots and pans, etc.) means that I can control the amount of water and electricity used!  A benefit that I am proud to use frequently!

This dishwasher is definitely worthy of recommending to others!  I have had my dishwasher for almost a year and have no complaints at all with it!

whirlpool dishwasher review

Model: DU945PWSQ

“Here are the specs:  Extra large capacity tub, Power cleanTM wash system Hard food disposer, no pre-rinsing Quiet Wash III sound package, 5 cycles, Pots & pans cycle, Quick wash cycle, 4 options High temp wash option, and AnywareTM silverware basket.

The delay wash is only 4 hour, and the top rack always pulls out the bottom rack too which is annoying. However I went from having no dishwasher for a family of 6 to having one. It gets my dishes clean, is fairly quiet, and even though it is not energy star compliant it has saved me at least $10 a month in my water bill. I have not seen any changes in my electric bill. So I would recommend this to any friend.”

Whirlpool Dishwasher UK Model Ranges

Whirlpool ADP5740

Whirlpool ADP range

Available in white, black and stainless steel with prices from 250 to 420pounds

“A shock to my regular readers, I know, but as comes with growing up, I decided to change my lifetime habits and clean up my act a little.

For well over 13 years I have been a heavy duty, hardcore scrubber, and upon reaching the ripe old age of 29 last December (and now approaching the big 3.0.with much speed!), decided it was time for change.

And, as in all usual tales of lifestyle changes, I have not looked back since.

The Philips Whirlpool Dishwasher has become one of the most relied upon and useful appliances in my house, never mind the kitchen.

The price I paid for this drawer dishwasher (£350) was way above its usual selling price (£199) as I purchased it from an unscrupulous ‘we give credit to those with no/bad credit history’ stores that I won’t bother naming – to do so would give them free advertising they simply don’t deserve!

To say that having a dishwasher makes an improvement to your lifestyle is an understatement – especially if you like to cook/entertain a lot or have kids at home.

A normal kitchen clean up including getting the dishes done is reduced from approximately 1/2 hour minimum to 10 minutes maximum!

But enough of the virtues of having a dishwasher, any dishwasher, here are the real selling points of why I would wholeheartedly recommend a Whirlpool Dishwasher…


The Whirlpool Dishwasher slots nice and snugly into a 20 inch wide kitchen space, and is the same height as standard size kitchen units (the usual white formica ones that come as standard in most council/local authority owned housing!)


The Dishwasher is plain white, and has no other colour options. The top of the dishwasher has a smooth easy wipe surface similar to kitchen surface tops, and if you have white kitchen units, blends in nicely. As the dishwasher is the same height as most kitchen units, this makes the appearance of the dishwasher unobtrusive and will not break up the worksurface space.

The front of the dishwasher has rounded curves at the top and bottom, with no sharp edges which gives it a modern appearance. There is a handle hollowed out of the top of the front (door) which is invisible from view.

At the top left of the front (door) is a knob about the size of a round 50 pence piece which is to select the wash programs with. Alongside the knob is a clear grey plastic button that has been set into the door (so it’s not sticking out but lies flat). This is the on/off button.


This dishwasher officially holds 12 place settings, but I have managed to fit in more (roughly 14) with a bit of jigging around! The top and bottom dish racks have a facility to lower or heighten them so that awkward sized/shaped items can be fitted in easily and securely.

A removable double cutlery rack is included on the lower rack which holds at least 10 of each piece of cutlery (10 forks, 10 spoons etc).

Along both sides of the top rack are glass holders which can be folded away along the side of the dishwasher should they not be needed. These are ideal for holding delicate lightweight glasses in place during a wash cycle.


There are four different wash options on this machine, dependant on your particular needs.

1. Pre Wash. This is used for really heavily soiled dishes before a main wash, such as those used for a Sunday Roast or really greasy/baked on food dishes. The Pre Wash is also ideal for quickly rinsing out really lightly soiled stuff, like a whole load of glasses/drinks beakers.

2. Quick 30. This is a 30 minute rapid wash, suitable for lightly soiled dishes or small loads only. When I first got the dishwasher I made the mistake of putting in a full load of dishes, pots etc only to find food left on after the wash had finished.

3. Eco 50. This is a 50 degrees wash designed for normal to heavy soiling but without using a really hot temperature. This wash will handle most everyday loads but may struggle to manage really baked on foods.

4. Everyday 60. This wash is most often used in my home. It is a 60 degree thorough, long wash that will clean any and everything, no matter how many dished are loaded inside the dishwasher!


This dishwasher has two inside compartments for dishwashing detergents, both of which are flat against the inside of the door. One is for detergent, and the other is for rinse aid.

As well as there being a rinse aid indicator on its compartment, if the detergent or rinse aid becomes depleted, the flap of its compartment will flap open so that you know!

There is a salt container inside the dishwasher on its floor. This also contains an indicator to show you when salt needs to be added.

However, many modern dishwashing detergents contain all three necessary ingredients in one so only one compartment may need to be used (the detergent compartment).

This Dishwasher comes a cold water fill only washer, this means the dishwasher itself heats the water it needs, which is cheaper and more economical than using hot water from your own supply.

There is an easy clean/removable filter located on the floor of the dishwasher which simply unscrews and can be rinsed out and replaced easily. It is not tight or fiddly.

When this dishwasher is in operation, the door will not open until it has drained itself. There is no risk of a child pulling it open mid cycle.

The on off switch also lights up once a wash has finished so that you know when it is ready to open.

As a general dishwashing rule, it is always wiser to wait for a full load unless using a light programme. Dishwashers can be quite draining on your electricity supply compared to say a kettle or washing machine.

However I for one am fully prepared to pay a little more and have an extra 20 minutes of non-kitchen cleaning time.

The features on this dishwasher are perfectly adequate to suit all domestic users needs, as is its capacity. The buttons and changeable features are all smooth and easy to use – nothing is too tight to budge or fiddly to operate. My children can now load and use this machine with ease!

(Even less cleaning time for me there folks!!..)”

ADG series

Whirlpool ADP Range

“We bought this dishwasher in October 2006. We were looking for a very quiet integrated machine, and many were a lot more expensive. I had some reservations about the brand as they haven’t had the best customer service ratings in the past, but it has been fine.

We had some problems installing it as the fixings shown in the instructions were not obvious on the machine, but the helpline were greast, took the details and a service engineer called back promptly and explained that the fixing points had changed and where to locate them.

The controls are simple, and easy to use, and generally cleaning results are excellent. The range of wash programs is good too – though the economy setting is a VERY slow cycle – 3 hours!

So far it has worked perfectly, it is very quiet, and generally I have no complaints about it, so for the money it was a bargain. My only niggle is that the layout of the baskets is not as good as some models, and the cutlery basket is huge.. often I wish it was a bit smaller so I could get extra pans in, or perhaps in 2 sections so you could use just part of it.”

Bosch Dishwasher

First and foremost, a dishwasher needs to get your dishes clean. Really clean. Bosch dishwasher is engineered to perform at the highest levels, to spotlessly remove even the toughest soiling.

Learn More on Amazon

Think baked-in spinach. At the same time, smart technologies ensure that Bosch power is directed in a way that smartly manages energy and water consumption, and protects delicate items, preserving their brilliant shine wash after wash, year after year.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Electronic

Number of Wash Cycles: 3 Cycles

Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying

Place Settings: 14

Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer

Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation

Other Features

Noise Level: 57 DB

Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device

Door Integration: Semi Integrated

Adjustable Rack Height: Without Adjustable Rack Height

Performance Features

Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star

ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes


Depth: 22.44 in.

Height: 33.88 in.

Width: 23.56 in

“No one could ever accuse me of being a perfect little housewife. I am somehow too “on to the next” to pay attention to the details and intensity that is required to have everything flawless.

So that is why people like myself use paper plates, plastic utensils and cups to tone down the reflection of our non-domestic habits, and why we invest in awesome appliances that cut the dreaded chores by 2/3 the time and energy. Such as, having the Bosch Evolution 300 built in dishwasher, to do the man-power, slave-driven, horse-work for us! Every peeny counts when you have more time to do the things that make you smile!

OK. Enough about that, I want to tell you what you are in for if you choose this dishwasher over another when trying to pick one that is right for you. Over the years, I have had what I like to call the average-dishwasher. Nothing above and beyond, nothing that lasted. This happened to be built in to the apartment I am renting at the moment, so, it is not as if I had a choice in the matter. However, this is by far the most quiet, most clean, and most attractive unit I have ever used! I have never had to clean up after it, I don’t find chucnks of food or anything left behind, and there are no spots or rings left on the dishes!

Bosch is not only attractive on the outside with the LED lights and easy to read, easy to push display buttons, but on the inside as well. It has a stainless steel surrounding that holds extremely strong baskets that are not flimsy or jerky in any way. The utensil basket can hold about 15- 20 items safely, and the prongs are wide spaced, unlike others that make you feel as if you are cramming them in every which way. It has the basic two racks, but on the side of the upper rack has a section to place coffee cup lids, and other small, awkward items that you may not be sure where to place among the other dishes.

It has a two pump motor that has three wash cycles, a triple filteration system powered with a five level 160 degree heated water using the Power Scrub Plus option or the regular wash at 140 degrees. For your safety, it comes packed with an autoclose door with a childlock option in case you have toddlers that are curious. It has AQUASTOP leak protection and measures in at a width of 24 inches. It has an energy and silence star rating, it is quiet, runs smooth, and actually cleans the toughest pots and pans I have ever had!

Overall verdict ~ The fact that it works overtime with as little resources as possible is hard for other dishwashers to compete with. It is spacious, quick, safe, cleans and dries your dishes in less time than your average reality show. I do not have a large family, and I do regularly use the paper goods that I throw away as opposed to cleaning, so I do not use this as much as the average family may. So I have no wear and tear stories, and I have only used this for about 8 months, once or twice a week without completely filling the racks up, giving the cleansing system a lot of room to work. However, that has always been my story with other models, and other models have always let me down! Easy to use, goes above and beyond! I would buy it if I were you!!”

“I’ve had one of these dishwashers for 6 months now. The dishes always come out clean and the unit is quiet enough to that you don’t notice it in conversation. The machine has modes for light, normal and heavy cleaning. There are a couple of small things that I wish were different.

The racks are a bit awkward. Neither the upper nor lower rack have a convenient way to stack bowls. They are always nearly completely upright and prone to tipping forward. Also the lower rack doesn’t slide in and out as easily as you might expect. You need to put a bit of weight on the front of the rack or the wheels tend to get stuck on the joint between the door and the interior.

One other thing I find annoying is the end of cycle signal. It sounds too frequently for my liking. I’ve never timed it, but it seems like long after it has completed, it’s still determined to let you know. Perhaps there’s a way to turn the signal off.For the money, this seems like a very good dishwasher.”

Bosch Evolution 500

The Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M06UC 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher has 4 wash programs Also, this dishwasher is sound insulated for a quiet operation.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Electronic

Number of Wash Cycles: 4 Cycles

Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying

Place Settings: 14

Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer

Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation

Other Features

Noise Level: 51 DB

Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device

Door Integration: Semi Integrated

Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height

Performance Features

Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star

ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes


Depth: 22.44 in.

Height: 35 in.

Width: 23.56 in.

“This is the second time in three years I’ve had to slip into Lowes appliance department to find a dishwasher. Read my revised epinion on my KitchenAid dishwasher that after three repairs, Lowes seriously no-hassle warranty department sent me a gift card for the full price of the only KitchenAid in America that failed…repeatedly…in my kitchen. Please hear me though; my in-laws and millions of others bought KithcenAids and they’re working well. For me it reminded me that NO appliance company is perfect.

My brother-in law, Gary, bought a Bosch drawer dishwasher years ago and was so impressed he bought one for his in-laws. I immediately dismissed the Bosch when he said he bought it because it was quiet.

I live in a house with five children, a demure wife, and me, the loudest of all of them combined. No dishwasher in the world can drown out my pseudo-operatic renditions of Queens “Bohemian Rhapsody” as I sauté my way through the kitchen. Few middle-age men like me have the neurosis to admit that what they really want in an appliance is raw, unadulterated power! I’m talkin’ cleaning power e-readers.

I wanted a dishwasher to knock the rivots off my 19 10 stainless steel pans as it blasted twice burned eggs and spaghetti sauce off the sides and bottom. So when Gary extolled the virtues of the near silence of the Bosch in operation and the lack of a hard food disposal, I chalked his recommendation as accepting noise reduction over the central reason for buying a dishwasher_ washing dishes. If I wanted quiet washing in the kitchen, I’d scrub the dishes with a pillow.

I approached the Lowes appliance department fully loaded with Epinions and information from another source that the mysterious Epinion powers warned me not to spell out or they’d force me to host a Journey Cover Band Blog. Suffice to say, I was armed with knowledge, and firm commitments my “absolutes” in a dishwasher: cleaning power defined as not having to scrub the dishes (merely rinse off chuncks) before running the dishwasher, sturdy racks defined as easy sliders with metal rivets in the rollers or massively heavy plastic rollers designed to glide with one-finger ease once loaded with three case iron skillets, and a hard food grinder that need not puree an uncracked pecan, but better turn fried rice of celery tops into unrecognizable matter.

My wife and I slid every rack of every model regardless of price. The Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M06UC racks slid with ease, and were suspended in the middle of the rack and bolstered near the end unlike the KitchenAid whose rear suspended rack resulted in severe tipping and stress when fully loaded at the end.

Repairmen said I should know better than fill a rack at the end. Repairmen should know better than to defend the engineers who want you to put Styrofoam cups instead of ceramic coffee mugs at the front edge of the top rack like I can in my Bosch.

The top basket grid though smaller, is made if thicker bars and the rails and rollers were thicker and smoother than any other model. The bottom rack was equally sturdy but could slip off the track. This is a minor secondary outcome to a primarily wonderful design to make the basket rollers wider than they are tall, similar to the front wheel/roller on Fred Flintstone’s car.

Now for the power. It says nothing cleaned better. How could that be? A cursory glance around the stainless steel interior compared to KitchenAid, Maytag, and GE hinted of jet lack. There is an under-jet on the top rack and bottom with smaller jets around unlike the bold multi-level hose-it-from-all-directions models surround the Bosch.

I thought it was due to the middle-of-the-road Bosch price-point I was at (pardon the English there but it sounded right). But the pricier models were equally jetted. The enlightened Lowes salesperson swore on his red smock that Bosch dealers assured him in German and English that no other washing machine cleans better than a Bosch. Warum (German) or Why (English) I asked if there is such a paucity of jets.

He said it’s not only about the jets. He said the Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M06UC super-heats the water to a whopping 160F. So as not to disturb the children in my disbelief, I cussed in German. He said, “No, it’s true.” Looking deeper into this the super water heating also accounts for the food dissolving power. This corroborated with past customer o and epinions I read. So all that was left to close the deal with me was the food disposal. The salesman bent over, reached into the Bosch and pull out…The Cup.

I haven’t been so scared to see a cup since junior high. Once I saw the cup, and imagined cleaning out half digested broccoli and cheese globs, I made what my wife referred to as a suicidal gesture by moving towards a GE machine.

After a brief evaluation, the officers returned me to the Bosch area. The Lowes appliance guy explained the three-stage cup filtration that rarely has to be cleaned out. In practice after five months with my Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M06UC, my wife and I have only seen a few flecks twice. This machine dissolves food big time.

Another near deal-breaker for my wife was the lack of a dish dryer element and the need for rinse agent. My brother-in-law and others I read said the plastics in the top rack will have some water on them after washing. That happened with me flame-throwing KitchenAid dryer-equipped model.

With this Bosch, we’ve washed with and without rinse agent. The dishes are surprisingly hot and amazingly dry coming out of the last cycle. The drying action is caused because the super-heated water evaporates quickly with the help of an internal fan blowing out the evaporating water.

With a rinse agent, the plastics are near totally dry. As for rinse agents, store brands have worked as well as Jet-Dry, which costs more per ounce as a Sonoma Chardonnay. Also, the lack of an over-sized drying fan saves a far more electricity than in needed to superheat the water.

As for the quiet? It’s Zowie-quiet. I know I went technical just then but after the KitchenAid pump wouldn’t pump in enough water even after two pump replacements (remember, a unique problem for my unique life), I frequently had to open the Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M06UC door to see if it was running. It’s like a Prius-at-a-stoplight-quiet. That goes for the Power-Scrub Plus setting as well.

Now for the Quickwash feature. That button is about as worthless as the “china” setting button on most dishwashers. But I experimented. My e-friends it works. The dishes that on average need 100+ minutes for a full load are clean in 28.

Lets you think I’m a paid Bosch-shill, I did warn you that the average full wash is over 100 minutes. It’s ironically about ten minutes less in the Power-scrub Plus setting that I use most often. But again, for an average to light soiled full load or less, the Quickwash feature really works.

Stacking the Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M06UC is easy given the Shaq-tall tub in this baby. The foldable rack prongs are good to fold down when washing an obese stockpot.

The top rack adjustments up and down are so convenient with odd-sized objects on the top of bottom. The stemware foldable racks on the top just deep enough for a midsize wine glass, and the flatware tray is removable. Like me E-brother who wrote a Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M06UC review,

The racks do not hold set after set of flatware and kitchen gadgets, and could have been larger of in the door like a Whirlpool. But a unique feature surprise came when I watched the sales person adjust the top rack and then remove it altogether.

Imagine the tall things we can wash with the top rack removed. Also, the door latch and hinges seem heavier than even pricier models which is important to a family that is holding so many things in the kitchen the door has to often be closed by foot.

Overall, the Bosch Evolution 500 SHE45M06UC has all the features, cleaning power, rack durability and adjustment capability I wanted, and the quiet I didn’t’ originally want, but enjoy. Thanks for the read.”

“We moved into a new house this last March and with the house came an old GE Triton dishwasher. Looking at it we thought this would prove to be a sturdy older model, but we were sorely disappointed from the first use with its performance.

About the same time, my grandparents had their dishwasher (likely original to the house built in ’86) replaced and they chose this Bosch dishwasher. From the first run, my grandmother loved it and she’s not always easy to please. She couldn’t stop raving about how quiet it was.

When we started shopping for a dishwasher, we never intended to get the same thing my grandmother got but after looking at features and other dishwashers we found to match the value in features this Bosch offered in something like a Maytag or Kitchenaid, we’d have to go up a couple hundred in price (at least).

So, despite the fact it did not come in a stainless finish, we bought this Bosch.

I’m very glad we did.

APPEARANCE & FEATURES: The overall appearance of the unit isn’t anything spectacular. It’s a very conservative design with few buttons and a small LED display that shows minutes remaining in the cycle. The buttons are on the front, not the top. As I understand, you’re looking closer to $1,000 for the “integrated” controls.

Inside is a stainless tub, which we were told helps make the unit more efficient since the stainless will hold the heat better requiring less energy to maintain the temperature during a cycle.

The racks are nicely designed, though takes some getting used to. My one complaint is I haven’t figured out exactly how to stack dishes so nothing flips over and fills up with water on the left half of the top rack. It looks designed for bowls or plates.

The other side has the stemwear holders and places for cups as well as fold-down tines to make room for larger items like a brownie pan.

This also sports a “tall-tub” feature- meaning you can raise the top rack for more clearance on the bottom- and the nice part is you only have to hold the releases on either side rather than pull the whole rack out and reinsert.

The next model down has tall-tub but requires you to pull it out and realign it. It’s about $120 difference between the models, so price that convenience accordingly.

There is a silverware holder on the bottom that can be removed and placed almost anywhere you please. It’s neither wonderful nor terrible- just is. It works, it has lids to close if you like.

It does NOT have the grids to allow for separate spacing. I wouldn’t use that anyway- not that tedious.

OPERATION: This unit is relatively easy to understand and operate. There are only a few options to choose from, and most will do what you’re needing it to do. There’s a normal wash, a quick wash, pots and pans, auto-wash (using auto-sense). There is a child-lock and a delay feature.

We use the little cascade packs so we don’t actually fill the soap container- just toss a packet, close the door and go. It has a spot for rinse aid which has a little level detector to let you know when it’s running out. Sure beats waiting for the spots to reappear. You can also set how much rinse aid you want to be used. Follow instructions for how to select this- I opted for in the middle.

NOISE: Not much to say other than this has to be the most quiet dishwasher I’ve ever heard. You can hardly hear it running. If the house is quiet you will know if you’re close by that it’s on, but if any kind of ambient noise is present you won’t be aware it’s on. It will not drown out the TV or make you talk louder, or disrupt a conversation. It’s 51 db are wonderfully quiet- and for this reason alone I think the unit is wonderful!

I never thought dishwasher noise bothered me, but I never realized how nice it was to have a quiet one. The water-filling portion of the cycle makes more noise than anything else, if that puts it into perspective.

ENERGY USE: We have no way of comparing power bills to give an accurate rating on energy use, but for the price range it had one of the lowest estimated energy costs of the units we compared. Most others that compared were well over $1,000. The energy usage is something like 250kWh, estimated $19 or thereabouts. Energy-star rated. Very nice!

WARRANTY: It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty which we hope to never use. Lowe’s offers an additional two years for $69 which is probably worth the peace of mind.

INSTALLATION: We did not install the unit ourselves, but paid for the install. We ended up having to pay extra since it ended up not being a “typical” installation. They do not look terribly difficult to install, but getting the old one out was a nightmare! Do not floor-in your dishwashers- floor under!

OVERALL: This lacks some of the fancy cycles like antibacterial and such that many other dishwashers offer, but I’m a minimalist- how many different cycles do you need a dishwasher to have? I believe it covers the necessities with some great added features for convenience. It’s quiet operation and conservative design makes it a great addition to most any kitchen.”

bosch stainless steel dishwasher

Evolution 800 Bosh Dishwasher

Bosch Evolution 800 Series Energy Star Dishwasher With 5 Programs, and 2 Wash Cycles in Stainless Steel. Bosch dishwashers are the quietest. When in action, its noise factor, or rather the lack of it, that’ll draw your attention.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Electronic

Number of Wash Cycles: 5 Cycles

Drying Type: Thermal Drying

Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation

Other Features

Noise Level: 48 DB

Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device

Door Integration: Semi Integrated

Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height

Performance Features

Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star

ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes


Depth: 22.44 in.

Height: 35 in.

Width: 23.56 in.

“After four short years, our Kenmore Elite stainless steel dishwasher was ready for the landfill. It was never a very good machine anyway, but that’s another review.

My husbandly duties put me in charge of dishwashing in our house. After an agonizing period of shopping, research and review reading, I decided I liked the Bosch SHE58C, and promptly purchased one from Lowe’s. What follows are my impressions after 8 months of ownership:


SHE (that’s what I call her) is a beautiful, sleek, European-designed piece of equipment that will blend gracefully into any kitchen. All of the controls are on the top of the door, and are completely hidden from view when the door is closed.

The only item visible on the front is a small red LED panel which displays the timer and a few other status indicators.


The lower rack offers more configuration flexibility than I’ve seen in any other dishwasher. Flatware goes in a multi-sectioned basket, which can be placed almost anywhere in the rack.

The basket can be split in two, further adding to your loading options. Every tine on the lower rack can be folded flat or angled to a few different positions.

The rear of the rack has a couple of small shelves for supporting cups or other items (I never use it). The result: A loading system that is limited only by your imagination.

The upper rack has what Bosch calls “RACKMATIC™”… It lets you easily raise or lower the height of the rack over a range of a few inches to accommodate tall items in either rack. Nice.

There are two rows of foldable tines that run front to back on the right side of the upper rack… the rest of the rack is tine-free. I find this layout less than perfect… The rows of tines are placed too closely together, making loading of glasses and mugs a tight squeeze.

There are also two folding knife racks on the upper shelf, but I don’t like using them… they steal too much real-estate from the top rack to be useful.

Everything on the racks operates with smooth German precision… just what you’d expect on a machine at this price point.


…And that is SHE’s biggest downfall. If you are accustomed to typical American dishwashers, this machine is going to feel a bit small to you. It has roughly 20% less capacity than your average Whirlpool, GE or Kenmore.

The primary size difference is the interior width. The copious flexibility of SHE’s loading system helps, but as they say, there’s no substitute for cubic inches. Bottom line: That big Thanksgiving meal is going to take one or two extra loads. If you have a large family, this may not be the dishwasher for you.


SHE’s German. That means the controls are completely different from what you are used to. Opening the door reveals the control panel, which includes one big round ON/OFF button, and seven smaller round buttons for selecting cycles, load size and start delay time.

To set the cycles, you turn the big button ON, make your selections on the other buttons, and shut the door. The dishwasher will then start running. A bit backwards from normal, but you get used to it.

A signal tone will announce the completion of the drying cycle. Using a combination of button presses, you can control the volume of the tone, or turn if off completely (that’s what I did because I hate noise).


And that’s why I like this dishwasher. It is so quiet, I sometimes have to glance at the LED panel to make sure that it is running. So, go ahead… put on a Beethoven piano sonata while you’re washing the dishes. No problem.

According to the salesman at Lowe’s, this outstanding noise performance is the reason for the smallish interior… a lot of space has been devoted to thick walls for sound insulation.


Unlike most American dishwashers, BOSCH does not use a food grinder. Instead, there are two filters located in a small cup in the bottom of the dishwasher.

The cup is easily accessed and removed for cleaning… I only look at it about once a month… It usually doesn’t have much in it. I was concerned that the lack of a food grinder might hurt the machine’s performance. Not to worry…

This dishwasher cleans far more effectively than any other dishwasher I’ve owned. And unlike past dishwashers in my life, you really can load it full of dirty plates, pots and pans without pre-rinsing. Everything comes out spotless.

Some of that spotlessness can be attributed to the REQUIREMENT that you use a liquid rinse agent in this dishwasher. BOSCH uses an unconventional drying system that does away with typical electric heaters, thus producing big energy savings… but you MUST use a rinse agent.

SHE has a pretty big reservoir for the stuff, so you only have to fill it up maybe every couple of months or so. There is a warning indicator that comes on when you are about to run out of rinse agent.

At the end of the drying cycle, everything is dry enough… but not bone-dry as you usually see with conventional dishwashers. That’s not been an issue at all for me.


Hopefully, you are always thinking about saving energy and water. SHE uses 290 kWh per year which is in the lower third of the range for comparable models.

One helpful feature in this model is the “half-load” mode, which uses much less water and electricity when you are only washing a few items. You can also tailor the washing cycles to how dirty your dishes are, which also saves energy.


Our previous now-dead Kenmore Elite’s pump leaked water all over our kitchen’s hardwood floor, causing warped floorboards. This is not a likely occurrence with BOSCH dishwashers… their internals are completely sealed from the outside world, and cannot leak.


There’s a reason people pay more for Audi’s, BMW’s, Benzes and BOSCHs. They are beautifully designed, perform exceedingly well and are thoughtfully engineered. The BOSCH SHE58C is no exception.

I would give her 5 stars, but for her diminished loading capacity. Since my wife and I are empty-nesters, we can live with that limitation, but I could see it being a problem for large families.

I would recommend checking the BOSCH out in-person before buying, to help you decide how much of a factor the smaller size will be in your kitchen. If you can live with the smaller size, SHE’s is a first-class choice.”

“We recently installed granite countertops in the kitchen and decided it was time to upgrade our appliances. The dishwasher was 10 years old and we knew it wouldn’t last forever so we set out to replace and upgrade it.

Two important things for me were 1) stainless steel tub and 2) a highly rated model from a manufacturer with a good reputation. I hadn’t previously heard of Bosch appliances but after reading consumer reports and researching many other sites both online and in print, I decided to check out the line.

This model is sleek-looking! The controls are along the top panel and there is no “big handle” sticking out. It blends in very nicely and looks great in our kitchen. It is exceptionally quiet… 48dB… and most of the time we don’t even know it’s on! Along with the quiet motor, the insulation around the unit itself is very substantial and impressive (no plastic, Hefty-bag-looking wrapping like our old Frigidaire!).

The interior racks can be really customized for virtually any need… the upper rack can be raised, lowered or removed entirely… the tines can be moved anywhere from 90 degrees (straight up) to 0 degrees (flat down) to provide lots of flexibility for odd shaped items…

The lack of a heating rack at the bottom means you can put your plastics anywhere without fear of melting… the Half-Load Wash feature means you can wash smaller loads using a smaller amount of water (it’s smart enough to know not to use the same amount of water for a small load that you’d need for a full load)…

You can even delay the start time to when it’s convenient (like late at night when energy costs are lower!!). Plates, pots, silverware and especially glasses come out sparkling clean!!!

A couple of things about this dishwasher might take a bit of getting used to. In order to be more energy efficient, it does not pump hot-air into the tub in order to dry the dishes.

Bosch uses condensation drying which uses hot water for the final rinse and this coupled with the heated stainless steel interior dries your dishes. If you’re used to dishes coming out 100% dry, this might be an adjustment for you. I’d rather whip out the towel and dry the few dishes that need a quick swipe than pay additional energy costs.

Also, this dishwasher does not have a food-grinder like many others do. You’ll need to probably once every 4-6wks unscrew the bottom drain (super easy to do) and empty any food particles that were trapped.

Since we scrape-clean our plates/pots before loading the dishwasher, we don’t have a problem with this but it’s something nice to know before making your decision.

Overall we are super pleased with this dishwasher and would highly recommend it as the best dishwasher!”

Bosch Integra Dishwasher

Bosch Integra 300 SHX33M02UC 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

When you’re looking for silence, efficiency, safety and convenience, look no further than an Evolution dishwasher. Their legendary noise suppression technology makes these machines among the quietest you can buy, while superior energy and water efficiency mean they’re both environmentally and economically friendly.

Their CHILDLOCK latch prevents children from accidentally opening the door and they’ve placed controls and status displays on the outside panel for instant access.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Electronic

Number of Wash Cycles: 3 Cycles

Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying

Place Settings: 14

Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer

Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation

Other Features

Noise Level: 57 DB

Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device

Door Integration: Fully Integrated

Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height

Performance Features

Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star

ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes


Depth: 22.44 in.

Height: 33.88 in.

Width: 23.56 in.

No Reviews For This Model Yet Can You Supply One?    

dishwashers bosch

Bosch Integra 500

The Bosch Integra 500 SHX45M05UC Stainless Steel 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher has 4 wash programs Also, this dishwasher is sound insulated for a quiet operation.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Electronic

Number of Wash Cycles: 4 Cycles

Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying

Place Settings: 14

Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer

Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation

Other Features

Noise Level: 51 DB

Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device

Door Integration: Fully Integrated

Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height

Performance Features

Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star

ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes


Depth: 22.44 in.

Height: 35 in.

Width: 23.56 in.

“People who seem to know claim that built-in dishwashers have an average lifespan of twelve to fifteen years. That may be the case, but we’re certainly helping keep that average low: we’ve now bought our third in the past six or seven years. Of course, they’ve been in three different houses, but that doesn’t make them cost any less…

The plain vanilla GE Profile that came with the new house was clearly near the end of its lifespan, leaving crumbs in the mug puddles and dollops of peanut butter on the knives. And so, it was off to the local appliance vendors yet again…

Like most people, we wanted to find a new built-in that doesn’t shake the rafters when it’s running, is energy efficient, and has a versatile rack and cycles and settings to handle a wide variety of dishes and cookware. Oh – and it also needs to get dishes clean…

In our visit to The Great Indoors (again!), we happened on a Bosch Integra 500 Series dishwasher in white (their model SHX45M05UC) that a customer had ordered and then left sitting in the store. With a steep 35% discount off MSRP of $1050, we couldn’t pass up the deal – and so we took this baby home.

As I said, we were looking for quiet, efficient, versatile, and effective. I’d say we got 3½ out of those four requirements. Here’s what I mean:

Quiet: Bosch dedicates plenty of technology to keeping their dishwashers quiet. Besides the expected soundproof insulation, they use two small (and less noisy) pumps to fill and drain the system instead of one large one. The pumps are suspended by insulated brackets instead of bolted to the frame.

The unit’s base is a single molded tray instead of an open framework for more insulation and to reduce noise-causing vibration. The result is a parsimonious 51 dBA noise level – Bosch’s 800 series are even quieter at 45 dBA – that can barely be heard while it’s operating.

A mildly annoying end-of-cycle beep sounds when the timed cycle is over – it’s by far the loudest noise an owner hears. Bosch builds in InfoLightTM, a little red light pointed at the floor below the door so, they say, you know when it’s running. It’s not that quiet – but it’s definitely close: compared to its predecessor, the Integra 500 is whisper-quiet.

Energy Efficiency: Unlike most dishwasher, the Integra 500 series has no exposed heating element in the tub. Instead, it uses flow-through water heating to raise wash water to the recommended temperature.

When it comes to drying, the lack of a heating element means that there is no heated drying – the heavy, well-insulated stainless-steel tub is designed to act as a thermal mass to speed drying. The Condensation Drying feature is aided by a hot-water rinse in the final cycle.

Since we’ve almost always air-dried our dishes, this is not new to us – in fact, the Bosch does a better job of drying than our previous dishwashers.

The lack of heated drying means that smooth plastics – storage containers and the like – may need a wipe with a dishtowel, but it also means that you can put plastics on either upper or lower rack without worrying about melting.

For saving cycle time, water, and the cost of heating water; the Integra 500 uses Bosch’s smart technology called Ecosense® to measure the level of soil in the water and adjust cycle time. For small loads, there’s also a half-load cycle to further reduce water and energy use.

Those two small drain-and-fill pumps are more energy-efficient than the single large pump found in most dishwashers, and the heavy insulation used for soundproofing also acts as thermal insulation.

The result is an EnergyStar® certified unit: according to the energy labeling, it uses an estimated $25 per year with an electric water heater ($19 with a gas water heater) compared to a range of $20-50 for comparable dishwashers.

Versatility: This mid-level Bosch dishwasher comes with multiple cycles: there’s a standard timed wash (it lasts about two hours), an automatic wash that uses a turbidity sensor to control wash time, and a “quickwash” half-hour cycle for lightly-soiled dishes.

For the germ-phobe crowd, there’s a sanitization cycle with extra, extra-hot water (certified by something called the “National Sanitization Foundation”).

Controls are arrayed across the top edge of the door, including an on-off switch, cycle choice, and a start delay of up to 19 hours. All cycles have OptiDry®, which releases the rinse agent at the “optimum time” for spot reduction.

Rack-wise, the Integra 500 comes with two half-rows of fold-down tines and a pair of fold-down cup shelves on one side of the top rack plus another two half-rows of folding tines on the bottom rack.

The cutlery bin can be separated into two halves, each of which may be located anywhere on either rack Each also has a foldaway gridwork top for organizing pieces.

The upper rack adjusts up and down through several inches with a single lever, and can be removed entirely for extra tall loads. Bosch claims “extra capacity” – fourteen full place settings instead of the twelve place settings standard on other models

In theory, the rack system is highly versatile. In practice, however, it’s less so. It may be designed to hold fourteen place settings, but they must be pretty small. In fact, I’d be really interested in seeing how they put fourteen place settings in – not from a room standpoint so much as an arrangement standpoint.

Where we run into trouble is with bowls and mugs, neither of which fit particularly well in the racks. We also end up with a wide empty space in the top rack that usually ends up holding just a couple of serving spoons. The fold-down cup shelves don’t work for us ‘cause we don’t use teacups: like most people, we use mugs for coffee.

Our everyday dishes are stoneware, and some pieces – especially bowls – don’t fit well in these rack configurations. This is, as far as I’m concerned, the sole deficiency of an otherwise excellent dishwasher.

Efficacy: After several months of use, we’ve had to re-wash a dish or piece of silverware only twice; both times because of the way the piece was loaded. The machine works well with small amounts of soap (we use liquid Cascade); however, because it uses condensation drying instead of heated drying Bosch suggests the use of a rinse agent such as JetDry® to prevent spots.

We rarely if ever wash pots or pans or attempt to clean baked-on grease, so cannot speak to pot-scrubbing prowess of Bosch’s PowerScrubPlusTM. The two-hour cycle time necessitated by condensation drying may be off-putting to some, but – as mentioned above – we’ve used the air-dry cycle on our dishwashers for years and we’re rarely in a hurry for a cycle to finish anyway.


• unlike many modern dishwashers, there’s no grinder for scraps. Instead, Bosch uses a pair of filters to capture particles. Cleaning is easy, but you do have to keep an eye on the filter.

• the Integra 500 series comes in white, black, titanium, and stainless steel finishes and with a slot for a front panel that matches the cabinets. Ours is white, with a matte-finish stainless handle that runs the full width of the door.

• Bosch guarantees their Integra line against mechanical defects for two years

• the door pauses and holds at any position, instead of slamming shut or dropping precipitously (Bosch calls this PerfectDoorTM)

• there’s no finger latch or catch, instead the door snaps shut with a friction catch (Bosch calls this AutoCloseTM). This also means, however, that there is no child-proof latch

• the Integra 500 monitors for leaks around the door or the base of the tub; if a leak is detected the cycle is automatically interrupted and drains the tub to prevent flooding the kitchen floor.

Overall thoughts: The Bosch Integra 500 SHX45M05UC is a full-featured washer that’s energy efficient and plenty versatile for our needs.

It performs its duties well, and performs them without producing ear-shattering levels of noise. We’ve found, however, that the tub is not as wide as our previous 24-inch dishwashers and therefore doesn’t have room for as many dishes – especially on the top rack, which has a somewhat ungainly design.

This dishwasher is a very good performer with a couple of design limitations; I recommend it for people who aren’t in a hurry and don’t always wash lots of large or bulky items. It’s probably better for small families as well.”

“Given that we were replacing a 25-year old Hotpoint dishwasher, probably anything would look great in comparison. Still, I really like this dishwasher (the Integra 500 series in stainless). No, it’s not perfect, but overall I’m happy with this purchase.

The Good:

It cleans well. Really well. The dishes come out spotless but without that squeaky “etched glass” sensation (maybe this effect is just the rinse agent that the Bosch needs for efficient drying?).

Electrasol and Trader Joe’s detergents both have enzymes and work well with this machine. Even pots come out clean! And no, I refuse to pre-rinse. I just scrape off the big stuff and throw everything in. The Bosch handles it all just fine.

I really like the versatility. The flatware basket can be split into 2 units, and you can put them anywhere on the bottom rack, or even on the top rack. Certain tines on the bottom and top racks flip down or at angles as needed.

The top rack can be raised or lowered easily to accommodate your load. The top rack can even be removed for very tall items.* Our salesman said he likes to put his kitchen garbage can in to sanitize it.

Even with the top rack in place, I can fit more pots/pans in this unit than the old one because the whole unit is taller. No more hand washing the stock pot!

Yes, it’s quiet, but it’s not silent. You can hear water swishing quietly inside, and it gurgles a bit as it drains (this might be only our setup), BUT you can easily hold a telephone conversation right next to it without raising your voice. Huge improvement over the old unit, which sounded like the QE2 struggling to leave port.

This Bosch model shines a red dot of light onto the floor under the door when the unit is running. This is a bit of an affectation during the wash cycles, since you CAN hear it running. The dry cycle is of course silent, and so the red dot is of some use then.

I like the fact that it’s energy efficient; our electric company is giving us $50 efficiency rebate, which doesn’t hurt any, either. And it’s attractive. We don’t have kids, so fingerprints aren’t a big issue on the stainless.

I only touch the handle, so it stays pretty clean. But stray fingerprints do show up clearly, so know this going in.

The Not So Good:

The main thing I would change is the upper rack configuration. Slots on the mid-left side can hold salad plates (love that!) or bowls, but don’t hold them very well- the loop-style wire supports are too short, and the bowls / plates flop around if you push the upper rack into the unit too quickly.

There are no tines on the far left, and I think it should have fold-down tines on this side for the most usefulness. Otherwise, you just line up items on the far left, and they must bump into each other during the cycle because there are no tines to stabilize them. Silly.

The right side has both permanent and folding tines, and holds one row of regular glassware pretty well. The tines are not tall enough to support our wine glasses, however. The fold-down shelf on the far right (for dainty coffee cups, super-short glasses, all pretty useless to me) sort of stabilizes the wine glass stems, but it doesn’t seem very well thought-out.

The feeling I get is that Bosch is narrowly focused on being able to hold 14 place-settings, as though that were somehow important. Its manual shows in detail how this is possible.

But how many of us serve 14 people each night and have no pots or pans to wash for such a huge meal?

A dishwasher should be able to accommodate the items used in typical meals and snacks, like cereal bowls and water glasses and stemware and coffee mugs (plus pots, pans, implements, etc) without them flopping around or lined up on the rack bumping into each other because there aren’t the proper supports. This is thoughtless design, in my view. Whew, end of rant.

The rumors you’ve heard are true – there is no traditional heating element, and it doesn’t dry plastics that well. (The Bosch relies on REALLY hot water to clean, and steam from the hot dishes condensing on the stainless walls to dry.) This usually means just a few drops of water on a bowl, which is no big deal to me.

Any item with a lip is going to catch and retain water (such as tupperware-type items). If you want everything bone-dry the morning after you run a load, this may not be the unit for you. Plates and pans are perfectly dry, so I’m not too bothered by the odd item that’s still damp.

The payoff is that I can load plastics in the bottom rack without worrying about them melting, plus the energy savings.

I usually run the “auto” cycle, which is supposed to sense how dirty the load is and adjust the time accordingly. This is typically 2 hours, which is pretty long if you’re trying to run an interim load during a long day of prep and cooking.

The Quick Wash option is only half an hour and seems to do an excellent job, so I will use that more often for interim washing.

With our setup, you can’t see the controls when the door is shut because our countertop overhangs too much. The setup in the store was different — you could bend over to see the display even with the door shut. I was a bit disappointed after the installation in our kitchen that I could no longer see the display, so consider your counter depth if seeing the countdown is important to you.

[On that note, I wanted the model with the controls on the front, but I thought it was flimsier. When you pull the door handle on that model (SHE45, the Evolution style), the whole door panel flexes outward a little bit because you have to pull quite firmly to open the door.

I didn’t want my BOSCH to feel flimsy! And I thought metal fatigue might become an issue over time. So I got the SHX45, where the door handle feels super-solid when you open the unit. Make your own call on that by going to a store to check them out.]

I looked at many reviews before buying this unit and heard talk of the filter trap and odors. I’ve removed this filter 3 times in as many weeks and haven’t seen anything in it.

There is a plastic odor in the dishwasher, but that’s just the new nylon racks and I’m sure it will go away in time. If odor develops, I’ll post an update.

The flatware baskets feature lids that can either be left open for full access, or closed so that flatware is loaded through slots in the lids. This feature is fine if you have a problem with “nesting” flatware that isn’t getting cleaned properly, but you’ll have to figure out which slots will fit which size of flatware handle (spoons vs knives, for example).

Bosch has a page explaining what goes where in the manual, but it’s way too tedious to memorize. I skip this whole thing and just keep the lids open. Flatware has come out clean so far.

Last thought:

I wanted a machine that would clean well and quietly, last a long time with few/no repairs, be able to deal with large and odd-size items, and look good doing it all while costing under $1000.

I think I got what I wanted. I can work around the annoyances of the upper rack, and all its other qualities make up for this drawback.

** One odd thing about taking out the top rack. The manual says that you should use the supplied extra sprinkler head on the water outlet in the back wall, which normally connects to the top rack’s built-in sprinkler.

I called Bosch to say I didn’t get this extra sprinkler head, and they told me that my model doesn’t come with one (only the more expensive models do). Since my model is designed for taking out the top rack, I asked what would happen if I ran the machine without it.

Would water spew out from the back wall outlet? Bosch didn’t know, and worse, couldn’t send me a sprinkler head since it’s a “part” not an “accessory.” Huh?? Luckily my local dealer said he had some in the store and would give me one.

(Good reason to buy at a local appliance store, not a big-box or an internet dealer.) Not a big deal, but it shows a lack of attention to detail on Bosch’s part that seems odd to me.”

Bosch Dishwasher Review

Bosch Integra 800

Bosch dishwasher is engineered to perform at the highest levels, to spotlessly remove even the toughest soiling. Think baked-in spinach. At the same time, smart technologies ensure that Bosch power is directed in a way that smartly manages energy and water consumption, and protects delicate items.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Electronic

Number of Wash Cycles: 9 Cycles

Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying

Place Settings: 14

Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer

Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation

Other Features

Noise Level: 42 DB

Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device

Door Integration: Fully Integrated

Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height

Performance Features

Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star

ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes


Depth: 22.44 in.

Height: 33.88 in.

Width: 23.56 in.

“We got this unit after out GR Profile melted all the dishes for a 3rd time the model PDW9980n. So far here is what I found

It’s smaller inside

No disposal Big let down

Hard to figure out how they want you to mount it

Louder that the GE By alot but is super quiet

I do have to I did love the 9980n GE once they can figure the heating element problem ( it stays on and melts everything).

The GE had an automatic soap dispenser. The GE was super quiet and well built.

That being said I think the Bosch overall is better built it had a metal case around the tub nice touch! The base is made out of a solid chunk of injected plastic with water and electric connections right on the bottom front much better to work on than the GE.

My big let down was that their was no soft food disposal…come on it’s you’re top of the line model. Some could argue the simpler the better less to go wrong…put it in. I don’t want to have to empty or remember to empty ta basket.

I like the look and the controls clean and neat. The door closes nicely and it cleans very well. It is quiet and I do like the little red light that shines in the floor and goes off when it’s done….nice. I like that the door 3/4 of the way closed the door shut you have to push the door to start the wash. I like that the heating is not in the tub it uses convection to dry the dishes.

With the limited time with this unit so far not bad. We’ll have to see how well it does at spaghetti night with the pots that I will let sit out overnight to see how well it cleans.”

“We’ve had our new Bosch dishwasher for 2 nights, so I cannot speak for the long-haul, but so far we are thrilled with this one! We have been tolerating our Asko for 10 years now; it hasn’t worked right since we got it (electrical problems).

It finally died and we were actually celebrating its demise! I was torn between purchasing a Sears Kenmore Elite with the Turbo-Zone (their top-of-the-line) and the Bosch 800 series. We have a Kenmore Elite in our summer house and we love that one, too, but I was hesitant after reading all of the reviews about their poor service. So, we chose the Bosch.

The Kenmore is very much like our new Bosch, except there are a few things that I like better on this unit. The doors on the 800 series (Evolution and Integra) close very nicely, they don’t require much force at all to close and the door doesn’t flop to the floor when opening it half-way, it stays where you leave it, which is a very nice feature.

Last night I wasn’t sure it was washing, and I had to put my ear right to the unit, and I still couldn’t tell!! I am still getting used to working the electronics board for cycle choices, but there are some nice options which I think I’ll really use, specifically the Glass Care option; as it is better for your fine glassware than the delicate cycle.

The cleaning is superb, and the flexibility of the racks is WONDERFUL, in my opinion the best of any dishwasher that I have researched; even better then my Kenmore Elite, which is also great. I will write another review in the future if we have any problems.

OK, here is an addendum to my review with some specifics about why I like this model. I really like the Glass Care wash, because I despise washing glasses, and they sit there and accumulate on the counter until I make myself wash them by hand!

I really like the Quick Wash (Bosch changed the name of this cycle to Party Wash) cycle, it takes 30 minutes, I tried it last night and my small load of dishes came out super clean.

I will probably use this in place of the half-load feature that I thought came with this model (in the brochure, it states on one page that it has the feature and the next page states that it does not-go figure). But the lack of the half load is not a problem for me.

In reality, we really don’t have half loads very often. There are 9 very specific cycle choices to choose from, and I can see myself using most or all of them

in the future, the descriptions of which you can look up and decipher for yourself whether they will be helpful for you. They basically take care of lightly to heavily soiled delicate items, lightly to heavily soiled regular items, an enviro care cycle, using less water, glass care and a rinse and hold (I am surprised to see that some high-end dishwashers do not have a rinse and hold cycle, which I like to use).

This dishwasher also has three different drying choices, I like to use the economy drying which uses a hotter rinse and the dishes dry more by condensation rather than more heat.

The flexible rack system is great; all of the tines on the racks fold down in sections to allow for easier loading, which I love, and the top rack can be brought up, down, or even taken out depending on the space you need.

There is also an attachment you can insert for the cleaning of extra tall items with the top rack removed. I chose the Integra over the Evolution series because the Integra series doors have a handle and the Evolution series doors have a lip to be grasped underneath to open the door (I preferred the handle). Both series’ doors have the easy closure and the the feature where the door stays where you put it and the door doesn’t flop down.

I don’t mind the higher price for this dishwasher because this dishwasher is the quietest one I have ever owned (my Asko was noisier), I love the 30 min.

and the glass care cycle features, which don’t come with the less expensive models, and so far I am very pleased with the way my dishes come out. You can even adjust the amount of rinse agent used if your glasses come out streaked or spotted, and with one adjustment, my glasses came out sparkling.

It also has a cycle completion signal, which you can adjust down and even turn off if you want (kind of nice for a party, when you may want to know when the load is done).”

Haier Dishwasher

Perfect for a small apartment holding four full place settings plus flatware in a separate basket. It offers three wash cycles a rinse-and-hold option, and optional drying. A beep signals the end of both washing and drying, while upper and lower spray arms provide thorough cleaning.

The 1250-watt appliance shuts off when the door is opened, an alarm sounds if a problem occurs, and another automatic feature stops operation if the water overflows. Installing the dishwasher is simple: the water hose connects to a sink faucet (connector included), and another hose drains into the sink.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Electronic
Number of Wash Cycles: 3 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying
Place Settings: 4
Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device
Door Integration: Semi Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height
Depth: 19.5 in.
Height: 21.25 in.
Width: 17.38 in.

“Good things do come in small packages. Before purchasing my Haier drawer dishwasher I carefully researched the product then ordered one online from Wal-Mart. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it works and looks exactly like a full-sized dishwasher, only smaller. It stores in a space 18″ wide by approximately 22″ in height.

Mine tucked right under my overhead cabinets with a half inch to spare. It should be noted that it does have enough weight and bulk that it wouldn’t be convenient to carry back and forth. If you use a side table the hoses are of generous length.

This is an attractive appliance with a touch-button panel located at the bottom center below the door. The door has a leak-proof seal. There are 3 cycles: Rinse, Regular and Heavy Duty. It also pre-heats the wash water.

The drying cycle is not heated but I’ve found that if my tap water is hot the last rinse leaves enough residual heat to partially dry the dishes.

The unit holds a surprising amount of dishes, even some pots and pans. When finished it beeps six times. If you open the door during a cycle the beeper will sound until the door is securely latched.

It does an excellent job of cleaning the dishes if they are correctly positioned, unless there is an accumulation of dried or baked on food. Pots and baking dishes wash fairly well but better if pre-soaked and placed flat on the rack.

The silverware holder takes up some space but is removable if you need more space.

The rack prongs seem oddly configured in one spot but it’s a minor inconvenience. The prongs are bendable. Use care with loading so that nothing interferes with rotating washer blades.

If something falls through the rack, the whole rack comes out and rolls back in very easily.

After a year of regular use I have had no problems at all. One note: it’s advisable to allow cycles to finish rather than interrupting one cycle to start another. If you want to choose a different cycle, unplug the machine for a few minutes and then start over.

With reasonable care this washer should perform reliably for an indefinite time. My Haier portable size dishwasher has performed better than expected and I highly recommend it.”

“This product has done well by us. We have had our dishwasher for almost a year and no problems. Yes, sometimes there is an occasional dish that does not come out clean, however, this is usually the case with all dishwashers. We have no problems with the wheels, no problems with the service and solved the hose storage problem by screwing metal clips to the lip on the top-back of the machine.

It is not as large as other machines, but isn’t that the point? The machine is so convenient due to it’s size, we can’t say anything bad about it. This is our first dishwasher and we did have to call customer service for help during set-up, but they were very helpful and we got it up and running right away.

There’s plenty of room in this machine though you can’t wash more than 3 standard size dinner plates at once due to the height of the bottom shelf… but don’t plan to have a large dinner party and cram it in this apartment size machine, and you’ll be o.k.”

Haier ESD210 / ESD211 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Push Button
Number of Wash Cycles: 5 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying
Place Settings: 12
Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Water Use (Normal Cycle): 4 Gallons
Noise Level: 55 DB
Door Integration: Semi Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height
Performance Features
Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star
ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
Depth: 23.25 in.
Height: 35.5 in.
Width: 23.63 in.

“Bought this on a recommendation from a bro in law as a cheaper version of a Bosch.

On a scale of 1-10 I would give it an 8 3/4 – 9.

It is very quiet. It has a 2 motor design that allows top rack washing only – more efficient than most. It has convection drying – keeps all the moisture inside the stainless tub.

The only reason I would not give it a 10 was it was a bit harder to install than US brands as the rear level legs are non accessible from the front – necessitating one to slip the unit out from under the counter a few times to get it level – not a biggie.

On the other hand the fill and drain are all at the back – makes it easy to check for leaks out from under the counter completely – while running.

The unit is fully enclosed with painted metal sides and back covering the insulation. If someone put a butcher block top on it, it could be a free standing unit – with proper precautions, of course – to make sure it did not tip over with the door open.

The top rack – initially was a disappointment as there no real vertical tines to hold stuff secure as the older Whirlpool I replaced had. It was just getting used to the way it loads, and now it is fine – if not actually better. The plastic parts inside may be suspect in a couple of areas.

The tube that brings water to the middle spray arm (under the top rack) came apart a couple of times due to it sticking a bit at the back rubber inlet seal. It is easily replaceable, and I will eventually do so – but for now I just attached a black plastic tie to secure it better, and it is fine. (I may not even worry about replacing it) :).

Overall a quiet unit, well made & efficient. I bought mine from and it came on time and undamaged (due to excellent packaging by Haier).
A great option I feel is the best dishwasher at a lot less money than a Bosch.”

“I purchased this dishwasher for my mother, because it had all the features of the more expensive dishwashers but the price was only $188, so I thought how can I lose. The entire time before installation, I had my doubts about this dishwasher, but once installed I was very impressed.

The installation went very easily. The instructions gave me a list of things that I would need. All very basic things that you need to install a dishwasher. Once installed it was quiet, not as quiet as I was hoping for, but it better the her previous dishwasher.

The interesting part of this dishwasher is it has an power on/off button, most don’t have this feature. As far as easy to use, it was very easy to use once you learned how to select the setting you want.

One thing to note, the instructions recommends not to use cake detergent.

I am actually thinking of going out and buying one of these for my self to replace a working Maytag that I have.”

ESD310 Tall Tub Dishwasher with Electronic Controls

Tall-tub, Stainless Steel Interior
Countdown Timer
1-12 Hour Delay Start
6 Wash Cycles
Sanitized Rinse
High-temperature Wash
Food Particle Sensor
Heated Dry
Water Temperature Boost
6 Wash Levels / 3 Wash Arms
Nylon Racks
14 Place Settings
4 Cup Shelves with Stemware Holder
4 Fold-down Tines in Upper Rack
4 Fold-down Tines in Lower Rack
Removable Full-length Silverware Basket
Hard Food Disposer
Triple Filtration System
Cancel and Drain
6 Position Rinse Aid Dispenser
Delayed Start
Dual Pump Multi-Direction Wash System

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