Best CCTV Security Cameras in India 2022

Best CCTV Security Cameras

George Orwell had written a novel by name Nineteen Eighty Four, in the year 1949. And in this novel he kept the readers engaged by continuously telling them that “Big Brother is watching you”.

At that time it was a fiction for the author or may be the small idea. But now it is a reality and (closed- circuit television) CCTV cameras are quite common now. Many people jovially name the CCTV cameras as Big Brother. Today CCTV cameras provide a shield to your business and employees while monitoring them.

We all have accepted the presence of the cameras in our life gradually. Most of the properties roads are equipped with technology and cameras. Everybody is using it from businesses to clients to feel safe and have a tranquility of mind.

Certainly, the CCTV system at hand today is quite diverse from beforehand. The evolution of technology in this particular field is phenomenal.

Germans was the first to use this technology of CCTV in 1942. V-2 rockets were monitored by this system and it was designed by an engineer Walter Bruch. It was set in motion on a commercial basis in 1949. In this year an American government contractor started to commercialize the system.

These ancient solutions include monitors and cameras that could be helpful for live monitoring only. They didn’t have a section that permit clients to record or store the footage.

An elementary reel to reel recording system was launched to ease the process of gathering data. It was a daunting task because the magnetic tapes were swapped manually. It was a bit costly and reckless procedure. They use tie the tape from the reel via recorder and then onto a vacant take up reel.

Easy availability of video cassette recorders (VCRs) in 1970s was a game changer in the history of CCTV. The technology was swiftly merged into surveillance systems, opening a new path for the usage of the camera.

It was not mandatory for the clients to sit and watch the screens live. Rather the system can be set up to run itself.  So that the clients can probe the recorded data whenever they want. Because of this CCTV cameras become much sought after among the businesses.

Although all these developments was not up the mark and it was quite temporary. Because it was like a continuous process of changing the tapes. So if the clients wanted to stock lengthy information they needed to pile up the library of tapes.

The accessibility of multiplexing solutions during the 1990s was a big advancement in the history of CCTV. This technology permits one monitor to display and combine video signals from various CCTV cameras. For instance if an organization has four cameras each of these video signals attached to the multiplexer and record on the same reel.

This made CCTV solutions more methodical and it encouraged its fame

Tremendous development in digital technology over the years has led to additional advancement. Digital video recorders (DVRs) have taken the place of VCRs thus making CCTV systems manageable and easy to use for clients. Multiplexes are built with these solutions. As a result the kits are simpler to operate and install. The need for video tapes vanished because of digital system. So no more piling up of tapes to store data

These days it’s easy to buy network video recorders (NVRs) also. It helps remote viewing by encoding and processing video in cameras then passes the footage to NVRs for storage. It is helping big organizations with many site locations to watch many departments at once on internet. The quality is also better than DVR.

The reason for CCTV cameras high demand is its fascinating features. And can be used easily.

As there is a variety of CCTV cameras available in the market today, you have a solution for each and every industry. And it makes you confused and it’s quite a big task to pick the best CCTV camera for your business.

To get you out of your confusion and help you decide which CCTV camera is best for your business, we have sum up some of the best CCTV cameras for you. Have a look at it.

Dome CCTV Camera: They call it a dome CCTV camera because of its dome-shaped casing in which the camera fits. Although these are somewhat guarded CCTV cameras in their looks they are very sharp in discouraging the lawbreakers. Its dome casing makes it daunting for the people to decide where the camera is pointing.

Main benefits: It’s very easy to fix because of its simple design. It has a vandal resistant dome so that no one can play with the camera. To cover all angels it can rotate 360-degree.

This design permits you to watch all angles at your premises so it is best suited for restaurants, shops, many think that it is the best indoor CCTV camera as it can cover all the angles of the room.

Bullet CCTV Camera: This camera has an ideal design that is quite striking. Its cylindrical shape is efficient to cover long distances. These cameras are usually fixed outdoors so it has water, dirt, and dust proof casing.

Main benefits: Resistant to dirt in tough conditions, allow coverage over long distances, rain proof casing.

They are the best CCTV for outdoor operations like farming or manufacturing. Besides recording sharp pictures it sends a loud signal to passer-by that the property is under surveillance because of its design.

Day/Night CCTV Cameras: No matter what the light conditions are they are built to record productively in both day and night time. Because of its extra sensitive imaging chips it records clear videos irrespective of light situation.

Main benefits: Records in both black and white and color, can record despite direct sun light. Good casing to protect the camera.

Its extra sensitive imaging makes this CCTV best suited for outside use. Its impact will be very good in outdoor premises with differing light conditions.

Wireless CCTV Cameras: It take less time for installation because of its wireless feature. And looks quite sharp and tidy.

Main benefits: Safe storage and handy to obtain recordings. And can podcast images on internet and can be watched from any place.

These cameras merge easily with the interior because of its wireless feature. Not much maintenance is required and for easy access coverage can be transmitted via internet.

High Definition (HD) CCTV Cameras:

These cameras are best known for their ability to provide high clarity images. It can deliver resolutions of 720p, and way up to 4k depending on your pocket. Hence there is no risk of subject recording appearing disfigured.

Main benefits: Clarity of pictures is amazing; it has a zoom function, easily gettable on most models like domes and bullets. Recognizing criminals with sharp images is beyond doubt.

best cctv in india

These cameras are best suited for banks, big stores etc. where there is a danger of robbery. Just to make sure that the visitors coming to the place are captured in flawless clarity. The recorded data will dispense unquestionable identification if a robbery happens.

It’s very common sight now days to see every apartment or building in busy areas equipped with CCTV cameras. This is one of the most economic and reliable security systems. It’s quite beneficial for businesses to safeguard their properties. Therefore many home owners are also opting for this for their safety.

Benefits of CCTV cameras

Restraint Crime: When you clearly exhibit your CCTV camera on your property the lawbreakers are less likely to aim your home. Thus you can keep your family safe and protect your belongings from notorious breed.

Give assistance in identification of criminals: CCTV camera is not just the pre cautionary measurement it can guide you to punish criminals if something goes wrong. Not just your property but whatever comes in its radius it records. Helping in keeping streets safer.

The best thing about this technology is you can monitor your property from your phone also. All you have to do is install the cameras. You can have you’re peace of mind intact if you are out of the town also. 

And the most remarkable benefit of CCTV cameras compared to other security measures is it doesn’t need any kind of maintenance. You can depend upon them for safety and protection of your business and family for years to come. If you want just clean or wipe them off occasionally.

Keep these 3 things in mind before you buy a CCTV camera.

 The correct output resolution: Its compulsory to match a resolution which your camera can produce, 700TVL is the highest resolution you get though most of the popular cameras range between 300-550TVL. If your CCTV system has more pixels it provides you with great pictures.

The correct lenses: The selection of lenses makes sure that you get flawless images. It permits you to identify faces and read registration plates. Right kind of lenses put ample light to the sensor of the camera. A zoom lense allows clients with more data as its optical zoom can adjust the light as it carries to the sensor.

The correct sensor: To find the right sensor you have to know what kind you are looking for and what size. These are CCD (charged couple device ) cameras and CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) CCD is more costly compared to CMOS as they provide sharp pictures.

 We have given you a rough idea about the CCTV cameras, now it’s up to you to pick the right one. Go ahead and buy the best one. Stay safe and stay blessed.

Top 3 Best CCTV Security Camera 2021


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Megapixel HDTVI vs HDSDI & IP DVR’s


What is a Security DVR?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. A Security DVR is capable of taking the video from digital or analog cameras and recording it into a digital format on a hard drive. It can record high quality video, maintenance free, for weeks or even months.

How many hours of video can the Security DVR store?

The length of archive depends on number of cameras, frames per second (FPS) and amount of available hard disk space. Our preconfigured systems usually provide several weeks of archive on motion detect mode.

How does motion detection work?

Motion detection works through the software in the DVR system by recording video when pixels in the image change. Most Security DVRs offer a sensitivity scale so the user can set the sensitivity of the motion detection.

Can I view live and recorded video remotely?

Yes, most of our Security DVR systems are Internet enabled. You can view live and recorded video from anywhere through the Internet.

What kind of broadband Internet do I need?

Basic DSL or cable will suffice in most cases.

Can more than one user view remotely?

Most Internet-enabled Security DVR systems allow multiple users to view the same site simultaneously. However, as more people look at the same cameras/DVR at the same time, the bandwidth will be shared between them and slow the frame rate.

Can I record audio?

Yes, if the Security DVR system comes with an audio option you can record audio. A separate microphone or camera with built in microphone can record audio.

Can I listen to live and recorded audio remotely?

Yes, some of our Security DVR systems have that option. With an optional audio module, you can listen to live and recorded audio from anywhere through the Internet.

What is an Auto-Iris Lens?

An auto iris lens provides consistent video signal in areas where light levels vary.

Can I zoom in with a camera?

Yes, but you need a special camera called a Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ camera. Browse our selection of PTZ cameras and find the one that is right for you.

What happens if there is power outage?

Most Security DVRs will come back on as soon as power is restored. However, we suggest an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) which provides a short period of backup power and also serves as a surge protection device.

What is camera formats?

Common formats are 1/4”, 1/2”, 1/3”, 2/3”, and 1”. The size of the sensor directly affects the field of view obtained. When using the same size lens on different format sensors, different viewing areas are obtained. For example, using a 6mm lens on a 1/3” sensor will give you a 37Ί field of view. Using the same lens on a 1/2” sensor will increase the field of view to 56Ί and 74Ί on a 2/3” sensor.

What is infrared?

The area below the visible spectrum. B&W; cameras are very sensitive to infrared light and allow the use of infrared illuminators to enhance poorly lit locations without alerting subjects during surveillance. Color cameras are also sensitive to infrared light, but require an infrared filter to filter out the red light to keep the image colors.

What is a Super HAD camera?

The Super HAD CCD is a version of Sony’s high performance HAD with improved sensitivity from the use of more efficient on-chip microlenses. The Super HAD optimizes the shape of the on-chip lenses in order to minimize the ineffective area between the lenses on each pixel thereby minimizing lost light and improving the overall sensitivity per pixel.

What is an Auto-Iris lens?

An automatic iris lens is a lens with a motorized iris that automatically adjusts to only allow a specific amount of light to reach the image sensor. When there is little light, the iris will open to let more light in.

When there is too much light, the iris will close to reduce the amount of light let in. Auto iris lenses are primarily used in applications where light levels vary and it would be impracticable to manually adjust the lens. Automatic iris lenses are generally more efficient than the electronic shutter since they actually control the amount of light reaching the sensor as opposed to simply adjusting shutter speed.

What is the defference between NTSC and PAL?

NTSC stands for National Television Standards Committee. It is the colour video signal television standard: 525 lines, 60Hz PAL stands for Phase Alternate Line. It is the colour video signal television standard: 625 lines, 50Hz

How does focal length affect angle of view?

The ability to monitor your home or business from different location is called Remote Surveillance. With some DVR’s you can monitor your location from a remote location through the Internet.

What happens when my hard disk is full?

Normally the system will begin to overwrite the recorded image files, oldest first, or you can choose to manually format the drive.

What is LUX?

Light is measured in LUX. Below is an example which should help you in choosing what the minimum LUX you require.
0.00005 LUX – Starlight
1 LUX – Moonlight
10 LUX – Candle at a Distance of 30cm
400 LUX – Sunrise or Sunset on a Clear Day / A Brightly Lit Office
1000 LUX – Typical TV Studio Lighting
32000 LUX – Sunlight on an Average Day (Min.)
100000 LUX – Sunlight on an Average Day (Max.)

Difference between CMOS and CCD Cameras?

CCD stands for charge-coupled device. CMOS stands for complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor. These are the chips onto which the light captured by a camera lens is focused.

What is a IP camera?

Often referred to as a network camera, an IP camera is a camera system that utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) to transmit video and images over an Internet connection.

Can I use any Hard Drive?

The answer is no. Hard Drives used in a DVR CCTV system are much different in that they are made to function and record constantly.

What is video compression?

Compression is the method of how video files are stored and accessed. The majority of DVR products & systems use software based compression.