Top 13 Best Baby Monitors India


So you’ve seen the images of your baby in home fetal doppers. What`s next Baby monitors! A baby monitor video is easy to use; you will be delighted with it.

Not only can you hear your baby you can also see your baby, even in a darkened room, the infra red night vision allows you to see baby without disturbing him and you will be alerted immediately should baby`s breathing become irregular.

The baby monitor camera means not only can you listen to your baby, but you can also watch your baby bringing a new peace of mind for new parents. Parents of toddlers can also benefit from this too, keep an eye on what your toddler is doing when you are popping out of the room for any reason.

wireless baby monitor comes with a fantastic monitoring range providing you with great piece of mind and lets you monitor baby from every room in your home, letting you get on with other daily chores that need to be done, and if baby needs attention you will be alerted immediately.

Baby monitors have developed in a big way over the years, their technology now enables parents to feel fully reassured when it comes to safely monitoring their baby. No longer will you have to pace up and down the stairs all the time to check that your baby is OK, you just need to check the monitor.

Nursery monitors come with sound lights, sound lights are lights that react to noise, so when your baby is moving or babbling, one or two lights will indicate it. All lights lit means that baby is crying and in need of attention, you can keep the volume down as low as you like and still be alerted to your baby`s every move.

Bebesounds Angelcare Baby Monitor
Bebesounds Angelcare baby monitor has movement sensors and a sound monitor that will detect even the tiniest of baby’s movements. If baby has been still for a certain amount of time, an alarm will sound to alert you to check on your baby.

This clever technology uses sensor pads simply place them under the mattress, when the alarm sounds the signal goes straight to the nursery unit. When movement is sensed, the nursery unit will emit a ticking sound that will only stop if movement ceases, Bebesounds baby monitors are extremely clever.

Bebesounds prenatal listener baby monitor allows you to hear and record your unborn baby’s heartbeat and hiccups. This Bebesounds baby monitor is an exciting way to monitor baby from the beginning of the third trimester and is a unique way to form a close bond.

As well as hearing the heartbeat, you will hear if baby gets hiccups, and hear how it sounds when baby kicks and you will be able to pick up the sounds from the placenta. Record all of the sounds of your baby, what a wonderful way of sharing your pregnancy with family and friends.

Child Guard Infant Monitors

A Child Guard infant monitor can help you to keep track of your child and keep them out of harms way. Simple to use, just attach the Child Guard baby monitor to your child and the other part attach to you. No more gut wrenching feelings of losing track of a child in a busy area with Child Guard baby monitors.

If your child goes beyond the distance you set, an alarm will sound immediately in the receiver unit. This is great protection for your child and peace of mind for you, keep your child safe and secure with a Child Guard remote safety alarm.

These Child Guard baby monitors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and includes replaceable batteries. The adult child guard transmitter can be attached to a buckle or to clothing or it can even be worn as a necklace.
The Child Guard alarm is cleverly disguised as a cute animal shape; no child will be able to resist this. There will be no struggles to get the child to wear it, they will love it and wear it immediately and they will be very oblivious for the reason they are wearing it.

Evenflo Baby MonitorsEvenflo baby monitors are a range of monitors that will allow you to hear every sound that your child makes, see the sound that your child is making too with clever sound activated lights.

The more intense the sound, the more lights there are. Sound activated lights are a great feature if you want to turn the volume down for any reason, like entertaining, you can still monitor your baby.

The Evenflo infant monitor range has an intercom option meaning that you can communicate to your baby through the receiver. If baby wakes up in the night and starts to stir before time, you can talk or sing to him giving him comfort from your voice, maybe this will send him back to sleep for a little while longer.

Another product from the Evenflo baby monitor range is the Evenflo Whisper Connect baby monitor, this monitor will sense even the tiniest sound coming from your baby.

This also has sound activated lights so you can see baby’s sounds even if the volume is down. The Evenflo Whisper connect baby monitor comes supplied with rechargeable batteries and a low battery indicator.

Evenflo has been dedicated to baby’s safety and comfort for over 85 years, providing you with everything that you need to raise, look after and care for your baby. Browse through a variety of Evenflo infant monitors and save on the Whisper Connect and the Evenflo toddler and baby monitors.

Fisher Price Baby Monitors

Cute and affordable Fisher Price baby monitors made to make it easier for you to monitor your baby. Wherever you may be in your home, you will be able to see that your baby is fine with the help of sound activated lights, and minimize interference with two channel settings.

The lights flow in an arc making it easier to see from a further distance how your baby is. This Fisher Price baby monitor will pick up the slightest sounds that your baby makes and with a portable receiver, you can take it all around the house with you.

With a night light built into the transmitter you will be able to go into your baby’s room without having to turn any big lights on, with the light being soft and low use it as a comfort light too. This Fisher Price sounds and lights baby monitor is fantastic value for money from a known name you can trust.

Fisher Price is a highly regarded name in many homes, their Fisher Price baby monitors are of the highest quality, durable and very dependable and will do everything that you want them too.

Picks up every little sound baby makes meaning complete peace of mind for you with a Fisher Price sounds and lights baby monitor.

Gerry Baby Monitors

Gerry has a range of products for baby including Gerry baby monitors; find your entire Gerry baby and toddler monitors for less, make massive savings on these monitors.

Place the small transmitter in the nursery near to your baby; the receiver, which is carried by the parent, can be worn on a belt leaving you hands free. The Gerry infant monitor will instantly pick up any noise or cries from your baby.

Low prices on a Gerry baby monitor, a 9v battery powers a Gerry handheld baby monitor, it has a powerful microphone that will pick up every little baby sound, transmitting it straight back to you.

Gerry walkabout baby monitors can be attached to a wall either when not in use or in the room where you are going to be, so you will always know where it is and can hear it straightaway, it has two channel capability to help avoid interference.

Graco Baby Monitors

Graco baby monitors, monitors that are equipped to give parents peace of mind when it comes to monitoring baby.

Stay connected to your baby yet is free to wonder around the house during sleep times in the baby cribs with the help of graco infant monitors, technology that tells you when your baby needs you.

Graco monitor baby range offers you the latest in technology with amazing ranges on the graco baby monitor. Because of the clever digital reception, you will hear baby clearly, the digital encoding protects privacy, no more outside interferences.

The parent unit is lightweight and comes with light indicators to show sound as well as hearing it with the volume control you can choose how to monitor baby either through lights alone or with sound and lights. A Graco nursery monitor will always tell you straight away the moment your baby needs you.

The Graco baby monitor camera allows you to have constant contact with that precious little person; you can see and hear your baby all the time. Portable and lightweight you will have the freedom to get on with things during baby’s sleep time and at night time, the night vision allows you to continue monitoring even in complete darkness.

Itzbeen Baby Monitors

The Itzbeen baby monitor is a care timer with a host of helpful features designed completely around new parents. The itzbeen handheld monitor is a multi purpose tool with lots of features all designed to help you remember the important details of your baby’s care.

The Itzbeen infant monitor has four timers to help you remember how those things like how long it has been since the last change, the last feed and which side baby nursed from last, it is all these details that are easily forgotten with the arrival of a newborn!

The tool designed to help you keep track of all the overwhelming care details that you need to remember with a new baby. It also has a soft glow night light that will help you find your way in the dark to save switching bright lights on and a backlit display that you can see in the dark.

The Itzbeen baby monitor has keypad locking which is ideal during travel. This highly rated product is durable, good quality and long lasting and is definitely worth its weight in gold, shop for itzbeen baby monitor systems now!

MobiCam Baby Monitors

The MobiCam baby monitor is compact and portable; it is also a multi function monitoring system. This Mobi wireless baby monitor is very easy to use and with it being portable means that you can take it with you around your home. It comes ready to use straight away with no set up required.

The MobiCam monitor has a large color display to make for easy viewing and the technology it holds allows for clear sound and picture. Look for reliable MobiCam baby monitors now and give yourself visual peace of mind that you can see.

With the Mobi, night vision monitors capabilities; you will have a clear view of your baby without having to disturb him through going into the room or turning lights on. This monitor can also have up to three cameras and unlimited receivers used in conjunction with it.

Philips Baby Monitors

Philips baby monitors for the ultimate in baby monitoring are available for you and baby to use in and around the home, these Philips infant monitors are cordless and reliable.

A Philips baby monitor has dect technology that will stop all unwanted interference and the sleek design means they look good in any room.

A Philips baby monitor comes from the Philips brand and brings with it the high quality and customer satisfaction that comes with such a name. Some monitors are detectable on other devices or pick up other devices causing interference, Philips however has dect technology.

Philips dect technology provides you with a secure private connection that ensures that you are the only person listening to your baby, and if the Philips baby monitors detects another device, it switches channel scanning through hundreds until it finds a clear one. This is one impressive gadget and is not only reliable but is affordable too.

Philips avent baby monitor has the latest technology to allow you to hear your baby as clear as crystal with absolutely no interference from any other source.

The ultra small parent unit comes with a clip allowing you to carry it around hands free and again data encryption technology gives you full secure privacy. Save on the avent baby monitors available only from Philips.


Safety 1st Baby Monitors

Safety 1st baby monitors bring you the safety 1st video monitor. This monitor will provide you with a constant and reassuring image of your child at all times of the day and night. The Safety 1st nursery monitor will help to take the worry of parenting away from you giving you more peace of mind when you need it the most.

The Safety 1st infant monitor has auto night vision, allowing you to see that your baby is sleeping soundly avoiding you the need to have to go into the room and disturbing that precious sleep. You can also zoom and pan in on your baby from a different room.

A Safety 1st baby monitor comes with auto channel selecting and will always choose the best channel to ensure continuous sound and picture. The sound sensitivity means the quietest of sounds is detected, but if the volume is turned low then a sound activated light display will alert you to any sounds baby makes, the higher the noise, the more lights will display.

Safety 1st crystal clear baby monitor is lightweight and easy to use and it comes with excellent reviews. It is not only affordable but it also has a clear reception with no static or interference, it is durable and reliable with a good quality sound, Safety 1st is a name that you can trust with your baby.

Summer Infant Monitors

Summer Infant baby monitors has a range of monitors to suit every parent and pocket including clear view, night and day and secure sound toddler monitors available from summer infant.

The Summer Infant secure sound baby monitor is lightweight and has the ability to monitor two rooms at once, ideal if there is more than one child in the house.

With the latest digital technology, this Summer Infant infant monitor ensures that the private connection between you and your baby stays private. It has over 40 channels for the best possible connection and a clever little scanner automatically selects these channels.

From the moment that your baby makes a sound, no matter how small the sound is then you will hear it, because of the digital technology the sound will be very clear, if however the volume has been turned down there is no need to worry as the sound activated lights will be there to tell you.

See as well as hear your baby with a Summer Infant day and night baby monitor. This is a totally portable unit that will allow you uninterrupted monitoring of your baby, no more having to go in to check baby and disturb his sleep and with nighttimes’ led lights you will be able to monitor baby through the night too without disturbing him.


First Years Baby Monitors

The First Year’s digital sound baby monitor comes with sixteen channels and the latest digital technology that provides parents with the ultimate in privacy and clarity and no outside interference.

Not only will you be able to hear your baby, but you will also be able to see your baby through the First Years sound monitor screen.

The First Year’s baby monitors will provide you with complete peace of mind when you are away from your baby. Putting to bed and leaving a baby can be a very anxious time, the First Years infant monitor relieves some of this anxiety with its range of features.

Such as the sound activated lights, when baby moves or makes a small sound this will activate the lights by just lighting up one or two, however if the noise gains in strength by baby crying, then most or all of the lights will react to the sound and light up.

The First Years have been providing baby products since 1952, buying the First Years baby monitor means you are buying a durable reliable product with a longstanding reputation.

With lots of variations available, you are sure to find the right the First Year’s product to suit your requirements and budget.

Ybaby Monitors

Y Baby baby monitors allow you to keep track of your baby at all times from anywhere in your home, it is easy to view with the Y Baby video monitor which is in colour.

If interference is detected the built in auto scanner will automatically search through all channels finding the best channel it can.

The Y Baby infant monitor also allows for monitoring at night, it has infra red night vision so that when it goes dark you will still be able to use the Y Baby video monitor to see that your baby is safe, you will no longer have to go into the room and risk waking baby up before time.

The Y Baby infant monitor comes with rechargeable batteries, when the battery power becomes low it is simple to just recharge the batteries, no more having to worry about having more replacement batteries to hand.

When baby is settled and quiet, after a period of time the monitor will switch off, but rest assured the slightest sound would reactivate the camera and monitor.

The Y Baby monitor is a great buy, and it is ideal for the nursery or the playroom, it is easy to set up and use and can be used with or without the LCD screen.

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