1. Is the Right Baby Car Seat the Key to a Good Night’s Rest?

Getting some children to go to sleep can be a daunting task, and although the night time sleep is a lot easier because of the processes of bath and dinner and bottle – the daytime nap is the one that is crucial to their overall sleeping pattern. I am sure I speak for all parents when I say that if a toddler does not get a nap in the afternoon then the night time sleep is ruined as a result.

The problem is that as they get older, they fight the urge to sleep (beats me why, I’ll take it thank you very much) so there has to be an easier way. For me it is the car, and without it I would never get my toddler to go to sleep at lunchtime. But just driving him around is not enough, so here is my 4 step plan to getting them down first time every time!

Using the Car to Get Your Toddler or Baby to Sleep.

    Make sure that the baby car seat is well fitted and comfortable for your child. This should be the case regardless, but it is a necessity if you want to get your toddler drifting off to sleep in no time.

    Be Prepared! By this I mean, take a bottle already heated and pack a few extra dummies, because you know your baby is going to spit it on the floor at some stage

    Plan Ahead: Think about the fact you have to eventually move them from the car seat into the house, so remove their shoes and any heavy or noisy garments prior to leaving.

    Keep thing Familiar. A Tired Child will fight you on every thing, so let them listen to that ‘Wiggles CD’ or hold that toy or read that book or whatever.

A Happy AND tired child will sleep regardless of what music is playing in the background – trust me on this one.

There you have it. It’s all about planning ahead and thinking smart. In regards to driving style, I would recommend driving slightly slower, but only to a point. Again if things seem different from your child’s perspective they will wake up to the situation and become alert – then you have lost the battle.

Good luck, and Happy Napping!

2. How do I get the baby car seat cover back on after washing it?

Washing baby car seat covers frequently is advisable because under normal circumstances, a baby is not supposed to come into contact with dust. If you are based in countries that experience summer, you are likely going to clean your baby car seat covers many times in a month. Those in winter can do it may be after one annual quarter although other sanitation requirements of the child should be observed on and around the infant car seat cover.

The site provides some of the best methods on how to go about reassembling the car seat after the cover is washed. Probably, you will do the reverse of disassembling car seat covers for either a replacement or cleaning. Remember if car seat covers are not well assembled; they may not function properly for your child.


Procedure (the case of Britax baby car seat covers):

1.      Put back in place the two foam pieces with the two-slanted-slot rectangular piece at the back and the one with a notch to the bottom. Note that the notch should face the car seat front and that all slots should be in line those on the car seat.

2.      While the release button is facing forward, replace the harness buckle by twisting the bottom to fit in the slots at the bottom of the seat.

3.      The car seat cover’s opening is then fitted over the head bolster.

4.      Thread the belt straps in slots at the bottom of the baby car seat cover

5.      The seat cover is then fitted the car seat shell edges

6.      Put the rubber pads at the bottom through the straps with the part containing a logo facing you; then add buckles and thread the belts and shoulder pads to the straps through the rubber pad.

7.      To the head support, put the white foam and stretch the cover over it carefully

8.      Pull without twisting the shoulder straps in the headrest slots and the back of the seat. With the car seat turned to face you, reattach belt straps to the metal harness York and firmly pull them to be sure of safety

3. How to replace cover on a Britax Baby Car Seat ?

 How to replace cover on a britax baby car seat
Baby car seat covers should be selected carefully to ensure safety. Infants are not well adapted to high motion gadgets. That means that anything done to them or for them should be life sensitive. Travelling with your baby is a bright idea because it is an opportunity for her to learn the environment.

Infant car seat covers can easily be accessed in various versions and categories to suit your child’s security and safety needs. Once you identify the best car seat covers especially for your baby, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that it has been installed in the vehicle properly.

Britax baby car seat covers are some of the best quality brands that can be imagined of while planning to purchase one. This is of a convertible infant car seat covers that guarantee durability, safety and ease of use. This is how to go when you have obtained the car seat covers.

Get the seat cover manual many brands of car seats come with manuals discussing how they work and the procedure for installing them. Find a manual for the brand that you buy.

i. Remove the old cover from the car seat body. Most of them are usually  fastened with elastic snaps or fabric.

ii. Pull the loose restraint straps of the old seat cover after you thread them through the seat cover. You may look for other fastenings at the other side of the seat and remove them then pull out the cover

iii. Put your new infant car seat cover at the base of the foam and fasten it to the car seat body by use of loops, elastic or snaps.

iv. Thread the lower and shoulder restraint straps through the openings in the cover and the body of the car seat. You are done.

4.How long will baby stay in a carrier car seat?

This is a good question because very few parents are aware of how long their babies should stay in a carrier car seat. You should be aware that your baby should be allowed to stay in the carrier car for a considerably long time say a whole year to the carrier car seat’s limits. Giving your baby enough time in the carrier seat is very advantageous. In fact, recent studies have revealed that the safety of toddlers is at the maximum if they stay there till they attain age two. However, the safety will be stepped up if the car seat covers meet the desired quality. Not all baby car seat covers available on the market are good for your baby; you should search diligently to get the most appropriate infant car seat covers that will offer maximum safety to your infant.

Several studies have been carried out and found that babies who stay in car seats for more than one year are more healthy and safer than those who spend less than a year in car seats. May be one might be asking why a baby has to stay in a carrier car seat for this long.

Car seats have been designed in a special way to effectively absorb crash forces & spread those they can’t absorb all over the body. The seats are more functional and effective when covered with quality and fitting car seat covers. When it comes to adults, seat belts are capable of distributing force to very strong body parts such as the hips, shoulders etc. Because infants have less strong body parts for effectively withstanding   crash forces, carrier car seats come in to help in the distribution of these forces across the body lessening stress in one area leading to balanced body growth. To make the whole experience fun to your child, make sure the car seat covers are made of the right material that will not harm your baby or cause discomfort.

5. Can regular size car seat cover work on any baby car seat ?

This is a question that most people who own cars have been asking and some have argued that it is not possible for regular car seat covers to fit on baby car seats, a time when others are using them comfortably. To cut the long story short and clear the air on this issue, car owners should be aware that there are car seat covers that have been designed to serve any seat. You don’t have to look specifically for baby car set covers when shopping for baby car seats. Though infant car seat good for how long will perfectly fit baby car seats, the perfect covers can be arrived at if you consider some vital aspects while purchasing the product.

Because babies are careless and messy in their actions and are good at dirtying fabrics within no time, it is good to look for covers that will survive through these conditions. You want a cover that will not give you a hell of duty removing and washing. Remember, a perfectly selected cover displays the personality of the baby. The question is therefore when does infant car seat expire that will not only add to the appearance of the vehicle, but will also be effective in terms of functionality as well as ensuring the baby’s safety.

One of the surest ways of achieving this is purchasing covers that were made specifically for your car brand & model. There is always a list of brands & models together with their appropriate seat covers. If your car brand & model is not featured on the list, go for covers assigned to the brand & model similar to yours. If it troubles finding covers specifically made for your brand & model, you are safe going for regular size car seat covers that serve all car seats. You cannot completely lack an option that will serve your needs.

6. How to fit a baby car seat cover ?

How to do Infant Car Seat Installation

Baby car seat covers should perfectly fit without having sagging ends. Despite the fact that the numbers of instructions to follow aren’t as many, the installation process is quite essential. The installation of car seat covers requires very few essential instructions that the car owner should follow so that there aren’t sagging ends. However, the method of installation varies based on infant car seats how long to use as well as type owned by the car owner.

When dealing with universal bucket seats, it is important first to take off the headrest & place the seat cover on the seat top pulling it down the seat. The next step is nicely placing bottom of the seat cover over the seat bottom. After this, you are now supposed to fit the cover base tightly over the seat. You want to end with infant car seat covers that are completely sag-free. Now use the ‘S’ hooks provided to fasten the elastic beneath the seat. The final step involves tying in position the cord you have been provided with. This will ensure the cover is in the right shape. After the completion of all these processes, you can now go ahead re-installing the headrest.

Most people have never bothered removing installed car seat covers and re-installing them back. If these covers are left to sag at the ends, there are chances that the cover will not last long. Lose car seat covers are not also good for babies because they encourage sweating and your baby will end up crying all through the journey due to discomfort. Remember, very little things cause discomfort among children and the only way to express their discomfort is through crying. Don’t allow the car’s seat cover to spoil your journey while travelling with your precious child. The process is tedious, but finally bears fruits of an enjoyable trip.

7. How to Stop Baby from excessive crying when in car seat ?

There are babies who start sleeping even before the journey begins, but others cannot have even only five minutes of happiness in the car seat. The second group of babies probably will not feel comfortable in those seats because they like moving around all the time and are used to regular physical attention. That is just one of the reasons for baby excessive crying when in car seat. Another reason might be that the car seat covers cause discomfort to the baby. Taking time to research on the best and comfortable baby car seat covers can mark the end of your baby crying every time you travel with him. Look for infant car seat covers that are specially designed with babies’ needs in mind.

There may be many other causes or reasons for baby excessive crying when in car seat, but it’s important to consider the following tips to baby happiness when in car seat.

One of them is ensuring the health of baby is secured. Visit a doctor to examine your baby’s health. Infections affecting some body organs such as ears as well as other ailments might be the cause of the baby’s discomfort in the car seat.

Assuming that the baby is not familiar with the car seat covers, bring the seats right to the house allowing the kids the freedom of playing with them and sitting on them. Once the kid familiarizes with the seat, it is unlikely that she will cry while on drive.

Another way to your child’s happiness during drive is ensuring the car seat appearance is appealing. While shopping for baby car seat covers, ensure the color is attractive to the baby’s eye. The baby will always want to be in the seat when it’s attractive. There are many other factors to consider for the baby’s happiness while traveling, but following the above tips will be of very great help in solving baby excessive crying when in car seat.


Choosing the best baby car seat for your baby or child can be a very difficult and confusing decision to make. If it is your first baby you have also got all the other equipment to worry about such as strollers, cribs etc so it is very important to take your time over choosing a car seat as it will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. 

It may sound dramatic but police figures show that nearly 19000 children’s lives were saved between 1995 and 2018 as a direct result of wearing some form of child restraint when traveling by car. As soon as a baby is born, it is expected that you should leave the hospital with the baby placed safely in a car seat.

Long gone are the days when you sat in the car with a newborn baby in your arms! There is far more traffic on the roads now than there used to be so it is your responsibility to keep yourself and all your passengers safe.

There are so many models of car seats for babies that it can be difficult to know where to begin; however, we have done a lot of the hard work for you by building this website. We have done extensive research to find the best baby car seat available on the market today and compiled a list of some of the top models.

If you are looking for the best baby car seat money can buy, then spend some time looking through our reviews and gather as much advice and information as possible. Buying the best baby car seat is not a decision which can be hurried.

For example not many people are aware that you should always register a baby car seat once you have bought it. This is because the model you have bought may end up being recalled by the manufacturer due to faults or defects.

You should also research which manufacturers of baby car seats offer an installation service. It is very important that a car seat is fitted correctly otherwise it may not be stable and therefore may be potentially dangerous. Some stockists of baby car seats offer free installation as standard practice, while others may charge a small fee.

By checking out our informative website to find the best baby car seat to suit your needs, you should take note of new products and seats which are highly rated by other customers and this could help with your final decision.

A baby or child car seat should be chosen based on age, weight and height of the baby or child. Some baby car seats come with a carry handle and hood and can be made into a stroller. Other baby car seats will only last you up to nine months depending on the growth rate of your newborn.

While you are doing your research on our website for the best baby car seat for your baby, it would be wise to look for the next size up that you will Best Baby Car Seat need to purchase. Some brands have special offers when you buy more than one product at a time so this is worth looking out for. You may also already know the sex of your baby so may want to know what color options are available.

Comfort is also very important when looking for the best baby car seat as a baby needs to be able to drop off to sleep on car journeys. Some of the best baby car seats are rear facing instead of front facing, so that should be taken into account during any decision making.

Remember that children have to sit in the back seat of a car until they are 13 years old. They have to sit in a booster seat until they have reached eleven years old. Knowing as much as you can about baby car seats and booster seats is an advantage as you will have to buy several throughout your children’s lives.

So before you have headed to hospital to give birth, if there is one thing you should already have it’s your baby car seat. In order to keep your precious bundle of joy safe and sound you need to make the right decision. You need to choose the best baby car seat!

1. Graco 4ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, Azalea

PROS 1. Supports children from four to 120 pounds 2. 10-position headrest 3. Washable seat cover 
CONS 1. Fabric not very breathable 2. Difficult to install when rear facing 


The Graco 4Ever All-in-One Car Seat encompasses plenty of safety features that will leave you confident in its capabilities to keep your child safe. It has undergone side impact tests and made with energy absorbing foam that helps take the brunt of an impact. It has a steel-reinforced frame that makes it strong and durable. Besides being safe, it’s also comfortable and stylish. It safely protects newborns as small as four pounds and supports children in a booster seat up to 120 pounds

2. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite Infant Car Seat

PROS 1. SureLATCH Technology 2. Cup holder 3. Made in the USA 
CONS 1. Minimal reclining positions 2. Short return window 


If you’ve struggled in the past with tricky latches and hard to tighten straps, the SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite could have what you’re looking for in a car seat. It features SureLATCH Technology that lets you securely install the seat in a matter of seconds. The Infinite Slide Harness makes it easy to adjust the harness without having to re-thread it through the seat and the Upfront Harness Adjustment lets you adjust from the front of the car seat, making errands much less stressful.  

3. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

 PROS1. QuickFit Harness 2. Machine washable seat pad 3. Small profile 
CONS 1. Lower lap buckle can stick from time to time 2. Most parents need someone else to assist with install 


The Safety 1st Grow and Go does exactly what the name suggests. It grows with your child while providing a safe and secure seat that will last through plenty of adventures. 

The seat starts as a rear-facing carrier for babies weighing five to 65 pounds. It then switches to a forward-facing seat for kids 22 to 65 pounds. 

Once your child reaches 40 pounds and meets the requirements, you can change the seat to a booster that supports 40 to 100 pounds. What makes this one of the best convertible models is that it takes up less space in the back seat, giving mom and dad up to seven inches of extra leg room to enjoy.

4. Graco Slimfit All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

 PROS1. Harness storage compartment 2. 4-position recline 3. Audio click can be heard when properly installed 
CONS 1. Straps twist easily 2. Toddlers can open chest clip 


It just takes one swift motion to adjust the height of the harness and headrest with the Graco Slimfit. This makes it a great option for a grandmother or babysitter that watches different kids on different days but doesn’t want to spend too much time adjusting harnesses and straps every time they take a car ride. The seat has a removable cup holder, a washable seat cover, and plush inserts for your child’s comfort.

5. Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat

1. Includes energy absorbing foam for better impact absorption 2. Supports can be removed as child grows for more space 3. Machine-washable seat cushion 
CONS 1. No booster seat option 2. Seat might be too large for smaller cars 


The Graco Contender should be considered by parents looking for a basic yet comfortable and safe car seat. 
It’s designed for children from five to 65 pounds, starting as a rear-facing infant seat and converting to a forward-facing toddler seat
The headrest can be adjusted to one of eight different positions with a single motion, making it simple to ensure your child’s comfort and safety.

6. Graco Nautilus 65 3-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat


1. Rear-facing seat, forward-facing seat, and booster seat in one
2. Contoured armrests for comfort
3. Seat pad, buckle covers, and harness are machine-washable

1. Wide shoulder pads 
2. Bottom buckle difficult to pull out if child sits on it 


The Graco Nautilus is one of the safest baby carriers on the market.
It has been rigorously crash tested to either meet or exceed US safety standards.
It has been extensively side impact tested and includes EPA, an energy absorbing foam that absorbs much of the energy your little one would otherwise absorb during a crash.
The headrest can be adjusted with one hand, ideal for when you have a squirmy baby in your other arm, and the seat includes storage and cup holders that a toddler will love.

7. Diono Rainier All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

PROS 1. Full steel frame 2. Folds flat for storage and travel 3. Memory foam for comfort 
CONS 1. Heavy 2. Expensive 


The Diono Rainier is a pricier option but you’ll get plenty of additional features with your investment. The seat is FAA approved for use on airplanes and can even fold, making it great for avid travelers.The head support has 12 height settings to ensure the most comfortable fit for your child. The seat has a 10-year product life so think of it as a wise investment instead of an expensive purchase. It supports children from five to 120 pounds, making it one of the more durable car seats on the market.

8. Cosco Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat

PROS 1. Side Impact Protection 2. Lightweight 3. Absolutely Adorable! 
CONS 1. Short straps 2. Complaints of Buckle Sticking 


Easily the cutest car seat on this list, this Cosco car seat features the signature mouse ears and bow warn by Minnie Mouse. The car seat is both lightweight and has side impact protection to ensure your little one will be safe in case of an accident. 

The only complaints I have read on Amazon is that the straps might be too short if you have a bigger infant and the buckle might stick. Other than that, this infant car seat is a perfect gift for Disney fanatic parents (like my wife and I).


Being on the go with our little ones should be enjoyable. Whether you’re running errands or heading to the zoo for the day, your baby’s car seat should be easy to install and adjust, comfortable for both short and long rides, and most importantly, keep little ones safe should the unthinkable happen.

If you’re searching for the best all in one car seat, consider any of the seats on our list, which have all been reviewed with safety and quality in mind. Happy driving and enjoy your family adventures!

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