Best Air Conditioner in India June 2020

Info of Sanyo Air Conditioner

Sanyo has been producing air conditioners since 1958 and has always been a leader in innovations towards air conditioners that are the best option in energy efficiency both in heating and cooling solutions.


Sanyo air conditioning line of wall mounted are considered one of the best in the industry with its microprocessor that makes sure that the temperature and humidity in the room is uniform for outmost comfort.

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The microprocessor also controls the fan speed: low, medium and high and the air sweep to sustain air flow throughout the room.

Sanyo air conditioning are also energy efficient, consuming less energy but giving maximum output. It reaches set temperatures very quickly with a push of a button it will provide heat or cool the air in the room quickly.

Sanyo air conditioners provides salient designs, low noise and power efficiency providing comfort and energy savings and easy installation, points to consider when choosing an air conditioner for the home.

Info On Carrier Air Conditioning Prices

Thinking of installing a new air conditioner unit in your home? Will you be choosing a Carrier air conditioning prices, a Sanyo, a GE or an LG unit?

Here are some of the factors to consider on determining how cheap or how expensive a unit can be. These include the warranty, the air conditioner brands, the air conditioning efficiency and the air conditioner size which is in accordance to the size of the room.

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Brands with a 10 year warranty are more expensive than a unit with a 5 year warranty.

Carrier Air conditioners are one of the leading brands and also one the most trusted brands in air conditioning systems.

It is also one of the most affordable brands with Carrier Air Conditioning prices ranging from $1500 to more than $5000. These prices include the unit and the installation.

Every Carrier unit comes with a 10 year warranty for its compressor and a warranty for the entire unit is 5 years, a sound protection for your investment in the years to come.

Look at Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems Closer

Are you looking for the brand of air conditioner that suits your needs? Do you want a famous air conditioner that comes in different models and for various types of rooms or for domestic and commercial uses?

You may opt to check Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems. Look at the Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems closer so that you may see if these aircons suit you.

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A good check at the company background before looking at the aircon may help us in judging the aircons that this company makes. Panasonic has been around for many years now and it becomes a leading electronic company.

This company provides mobile phones, dish washer, washing machines, refrigerator, Water geezers, microwave ovens, DVD and VCD players and TV sets.

When it comes to Panasonic Air Conditioning Systems, all sorts of designs for various kinds of rooms are being offered whether for domestic use or for commercial use. You can choose which specific Panasonic Air Conditioning System suits you.

Panasonic Air Conditioning System has the ability to detect dust in the air and purify it. This aircon can also remove the air pollutants and bacteria that can harm you.

Using this aircon’s sensors, it can detect pet odors, food smells, smoke and other unwanted impurities in the air and quickly purify the air allowing you to enjoy fresh air indoors.

Panasonic Air Conditioning System is also energy efficient because it consumes less electricity while providing a maximum output for you to enjoy the service it provides.

It has the best energy efficient electronic equipment’s that allow you to set temperatures very quickly with minimum electricity consumption. Its wide operations power range allows you to adjust the temperature with minimal effort.

It also has other features like safety power string, child lock option, self-restart, sleep-mode and many more.

With these tons of features, what can make you undecided with the air con that you need? Check out the Panasonic aircon models which suit you the best and experience fresh air indoors without worrying about high electric bills!

Samsung Air Conditioning is the Right Choice!

Are you looking for the right air conditioning system for you? Do you like an aircon that has many unique features? Do you want to save electricity while using an air con? Maybe Samsung air conditioning system is for you!

Samsung is a well-known company that provides quality technology among a variety of products like microwave oven, dish washer, TV, mobile, refrigerator, freezer, DVD player and air conditioner.

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In terms of Samsung air conditioning, aircons have a lot of models, which are separated by two categories: split air conditioners and window air conditioners.

Split air conditioners are more famous models of Samsung air conditioning systems than the window air conditioners. It is worth taking a good look because this type of aircon is like a centralized aircon but with added benefits!

You can use this aircon for several rooms without water ducts and removal of window parts. The hot and cold faces are split as the name implies and has an outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator with fan, cooling coil and controls.

Stimulating wires and tubing connect the condenser and evaporator blower and each evaporator are on the high portion of the wall of various rooms for offices and houses.

This allows you to lower electricity consumption by not using many window air conditioners.

The wall aircons of Samsung air conditioning systems are popular that comes with three cooling settings, child lock system, power string, auto restart, sleep mode and antimold features.

In general, Samsung air conditioning system has a lot of features: the key features like Bio Sleep feature, comfort care feature, smart save mode and multi-step filter; the special features like Turbo power, Bio Health plus, tropical rotary compressor and Silver Nano Technology.

Bio Health plus absorbs cigarette smoke and food smells while Turbo power function allows quick cooling. The Tropical Rotary Compressor works well in high temperatures and Silver Nano Technology makes the room bacteria free.

Why not try Samsung air conditioning now? Your money will get all these features and save you from headaches and problems at your office and room ventilation.

Air Conditioning Prices Compared

Air conditioning prices will vary depending on the type and size of air conditioning system that you buy.

The more BTU’s you need to cool the area, the more you can expect to pay. You should also take into consideration installation costs for each type of air conditioning system as well; this will certainly increase the total cost.

The 3 major types of air conditioning units are central air conditioning, window air conditioners and portable air conditioners. Now, let’s compare air conditioning prices and requirements.

Central Air Conditioning Prices

Central air conditioning is the highest priced system of the three types we are comparing in this article.

Besides buying the central air conditioning unit, installation is also required which increases the central air conditioning prices substantially.

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Central air conditioning prices can cost as much as $20,000 or more depending on how much installation work needs to be done.

Central air is the most common type of air conditioning in newer buildings, but can also be installed in locations that do not already have it.

It is a forced air system that requires a condenser and compressor to be installed outside of the living area of the home or office.

The evaporator portion of the system is indoors and generally placed in either a dedicated closet area or in the basement.

Central air conditioning prices may also include needed installation of the required ductwork and vents into the living area.

Window Air Conditioning Prices

Window air conditioners are often seen in apartment buildings and older homes that were not built with a central air conditioning units installed.

The complete cooling system of a window air conditioner is housed inside a box like case.

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It is either placed into an existing window or permanently installed into a wall by cutting out the correct size hole and adding insulation around the air conditioner.

Window air conditioning prices can range from as low as $50 to as high as $500 depending on the amount of BTU’s you require and the extra features that you want.

Window air conditioners often come with remote controls, fan only modes, adjustable airflow and thermostats. Window air conditioning prices increase as more features are added.

Another cost to consider when buying a window air conditioner is the bracket that holds it safely in place on the outside of the window or wall. Window unit support kits can be purchased separately.

Make sure to check for the weight limit that the bracket can hold in order to get the correct one for your individual air conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioning Prices

Portable air conditioners are used in places where central air systems or window air conditioners are not practical, such as in special event tents. They may also be used to supplement another type of cooling system as well.

Portable air conditioning prices may include in-ceiling ductwork if needed, but generally this type of air conditioning system is vented out an existing window or wall.

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These air conditioners are much like a window air conditioner on wheels. There are water-cooled and air cooled versions.

Some models need an evaporation run-off bucket to catch the excess water that will come out the unit, and some vent the same out of the window or wall tubing.

Portable air conditioning prices run in the area of $100 to $5000, which makes the non-commercial sized ones quite comparable to window air conditioning prices for a home or office.

Air conditioning troubleshooting

When your air conditioner suddenly breaks down, you can try a few simple things before calling the technician. Here are a few air conditioning troubleshooting steps you can do:

If the unit runs but the air coming out is not cold, check first the thermostat if it is set below the room temperature.

If it is not, you cannot expect the air conditioner to cool down the room. Next air conditioning troubleshooting step is to check the air filter located on the front of the unit.

It needs regular cleaning to ensure that the air flow is not obstructed. You may also clean the foils once you notice dirt build-up. This has to be done carefully, as bent foils will restrict air flow. You may use a soft brush to clean the foils.

Remember, you can always save yourself the trouble of doing air conditioning troubleshooting if you perform regular maintenance on the unit.

This means making sure it is clean and nothing obstructs the air flow coming into and out of the unit.

If you smell something burnt in the unit, it may be best to let a technician handle it. There is only so much you can do with air conditioning troubleshooting. Let the repairs be done by a professional.

Use an Air Conditioning Calculator to Determine BTU’s

Before deciding which air conditioning unit to buy, you will want to use an air conditioning calculator to determine what size unit you will need for your specific area.

If you don’t do this correctly, you will end up with an air conditioner that doesn’t cool the air efficiently and runs more than normal resulting in a higher electric bill.

Air conditioning calculators figure out the BTU range or cooling capacity that you will need according to the square feet of the area you wish to cool.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. Air conditioning calculators are not meant to figure out cooling BTU’s for an entire house with a single A/C unit, but rather individual rooms.

Calculating the same for a central air unit requires determining heat loads and must be done by performing a full heat load analysis.

The biggest size room or area that a room air conditioning unit can cool off efficiently is 40 ft x 40 ft, or 1,600 square feet. If you have a bigger area than this, consider buying more than one air conditioning unit.

You should now have a length and a width measurement. Write the measurement down on a piece of paper, unless you will be able to accurately remember the measurement later.

You will need these two numbers to enter into the air conditioning calculator after determining your square footage.

Next, take the two numbers that you have – the length and the width – and multiply them by one another.

For example, if my width is 11 feet and my height is 10 feet, after multiplying them together I would get 110. This will be the final square foot measurement of the area.

As a final step, you will need to enter the square footage amount that you got in the last step, into the air conditioning calculator.

The air conditioning calculator will then automatically figure out the BTU’s required so that you know what size of an air conditioning unit you will need for that area to be properly cooled.

If you are figuring out the BTU’s for a kitchen using the air conditioning calculator, you will want to add 4,000 BTU’s to the final results that the air conditioning calculator gives you.

Kitchens are generally hotter because of all the appliances running in them, in addition to the cooking and baking that is done in that room.

Because of this, you will need an air conditioning unit that puts out more BTU’s or the unit will have trouble keeping up with the cooling process. Also, keep this in mind if the room you want to cool is drafty, sunny, or has really big windows that let the heat in, and coolness out.

Using an air conditioning calculator is a quick and easy way to make sure you get the best results from your air conditioning unit

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