Best 5 Books Suggested By Bill Gates 2022

5 Best Books Suggested By Bill Gates


In the reckless gait of the days I chase breathlessly that primordial form that gave me to this human life and therefore, where a paraphrase of so much poetry is not the daughter of any thought that belongs to me today, I chase the verbal associations that resonate madly like a swirl of autumn leaves, as the unsuspecting mechanics move.

In the concept of progressive densification and “sustantion” that Catholics are used to ridicule, I find refuge, understanding for this the appearance of different beings and their different heteromaterial-surreal density, which unfolds before my eyes.

Renee Descartes Discourse on the Method

I never thought of writing this, which he doesn’t want can be a “review” but which I would like was a tribute.

First of all, a tribute to the one who made the cornerstone on which to develop logically the need to think logically

this book and all its philosophy, that is Descartes.

Secondly, a hidden tribute to those who, on my suggestion, bought this book, in the immediacy of the moment in a place dear to me like the Feltrinelli in Piazza Piemonte in Milan and bought it spontaneously by marrying him to memories of a blind man from Derrida.

What do I see in all this? The construction of a method for discovery together with deconstruction. The cyclical art of chasing the seasons applied to modern thought, given that our life has become entirely mental, introjected, virtual and at times incomprehensible, especially for the pure in heart.

Why did I suggest this book? Because I thought of billboards without their advertising content and not only.

Why do I reflect on the concept of the need for an omnipresent message to convey and on the question whether silence necessarily accompanies this partial signifier, or is it perhaps not a more frightening scream, for a man in our day, an unknown and empty sign, on a road also it is unknown, which does not impose on us a pre-packaged identity, indeed perhaps it pushes us to abandon ours and therefore before a choice, before the Freedom that we reject.

Yes, because this work has raised a question in me, after a long time in which I have not found reasons for an underground writing such as this can be. The question whether the absence of the message is perhaps the greatest fear for the human being submissive of useless information about the essential, from infinite images “thrown” in front of his eyes unable to close just like in Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange, the most unconfessable fear.

If we were all so accustomed to submitting and making us suggest ways for our daily lives such as those that billboards indicate to us, consumer roads, interpretation roads, meaning roads?

If it were more comfortable and safe, for the “safety of objects” immediately accept a path set by others and choose not to ideally even ever wonder about the possibility of the “untrodden path of Horatian memory?

If simply, distorted by that profound compass that has always been our instinct, we were now thrown into the void caused by modern society, by the overcoming of a postmodernism that tried to justify itself intellectually without succeeding because it expired in an annihilation very different from that of Jacopone da Todi?

So it’s not a review it could

It’s a simple thank you to those who aroused all this,

unexpectedly and suddenly


because there in that place I found meaning.

In a job, in a project, in some questions

and in every albeit infinitesimal smile aroused or “denigrated”.

Here are 5 Best Books Suggested By Bill Gates

1. The Choice By Dr. Edith Eva Eger

Bill Gates

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2. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

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3. The Ride of Lifetime

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4. The Great Influenza by John M. Barry

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5. Good Economics for Hard Times by Abhijit V. Banarjee and Esther Duflo

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