Acne Treatments – Remedies For Treatment Of Acne, Pimples, And Acne Scars

Acne Treatments – Remedies For Treatment Of Acne, Pimples, And Acne Scars

There are a wide variety and types of acne treatments that are now available for Indian men and women.

Everything from dedicated doctors and clinics, to exclusive solutions like Proactiv – Indians have a lot of options to choose from when considering to get rid of their acne.

Before trying to find the best method or treatment for yourself, it is a advised that you first understand what is acne all about, how is it caused, and why is it very difficult to get rid of.

This site provides you with vital information about everything related to pimples, its cures, home remedies, solutions and treatments.

Our reviews and opinions are unbiased and based on the collective experience of a large number of women and men in India.

Acne treatments

Acne is primarily the irritation of the skin which is caused by one or a combination of several factors. Following are some of the more commonly found causes of this often disfiguring skin condition:


A bacteria, which is referred to as Propionibacterium acnes, is known to be a normal presence on the skin.

This bacteria uses the sebum, that the body produces during the growing years, as a nutrient for growth.

Boys and girls who have pimples on their face have been found more Propionibacterium acnes in their follicles.

The presence of such bacteria in the body attracts white blood cells to the pores. These blood cells in turn produce an enzyme that is known to cause damage to the wall of the follicle, thus allowing the contents of the follicle to enter the dermis layer of the skin.

It is this very process that causes an inflammatory response which are extrinsically seen as papules, pustules and nodules.

This bacteria can also cause the formation of free fatty acid, which are irritants that result in an increase of the inflammatory process.

Overworking sebaceous gland

Another common cause for this problem to develop in the first place is the excess production of sebum by the sebaceous gland.

When the follicles get full, the sebum begins to spread over the surface of the skin which gives it an overtly oily appearance.

Blocked or obstructed follicles

Another frequent cause is the obstruction of the hair follicles. A variety of reasons can cause one’s pores to get clogged.

When this happens the sebum that is produced gets trapped along the passage for it to get out from.

This in turn causes the cells to become sticky which results in blocked follicles. When this occurs a different form of the generic pimples begin to appear on the face, namely blackheads and whiteheads.

Acne treatment for woman

There are a number of new and old treatment options that are known to effective for women and men to get rid of their pimples. Over 90% of the people who suffer from this problem are greatly benefited from using treatments ranging from homeopathy to prescriptions medications.

A growing number of people have begun to opt for herbal remedies to deal with this problem. Such natural homemade treatments are plentiful, and are even marketed by specialists under different big brands.

Benzoyl peroxide is another widespread treatment for pimples which is extremely popular in India. It also acts as an excellent exfoliation product which is effective to get rid of the dead cells on the skin’s exterior.

This compound also helps to thwart the progress of new blemishes and breakouts, while eliminating previous occurrences.

Since this condition can prove to be quite difficult to treat, the many types of acne treatments that are available in India can be especially helpful to people to rid themselves of this skin problem.

Pimples tend to begin developing in one’s teenage years, and if not dealt with in time, it can even be lifelong in some extreme cases. It can be especially difficult to deal with for children and teenagers, who may develop low self-esteem and belief themselves to be “ugly”.

Given the number of readily available acne treatments in India, it can be said that are more than enough methods and treatment options that India men and women can choose between.