Acne Causing Foods You Must Avoid 2022

Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

Acne also medically referred as acne vulgaris, is a most frequent skin problem. This skin condition is characterized by blackheads, cysts, pimples and whiteheads.

Acne typically appears on your back, face, shoulders, neck and chest. These skin areas have the most oil glands.

There are several factors that trigger acne such as accumulation of dead skin cells, oil production, bacteria and clogged pores.

Also, unhealthy diet is a main cause behind acne. Acne looks unattractive on your face and it must be cured with proper care. There are many Acne Causing Foods that you may not be aware of.

Several of the foods can be in your most favorite dishes list, but they are very unhealthy and also harmful for the skin.

For example, fatty foods, they are high in processed liquid fats that work like plastic in your body. So, here we provide the common Foods that cause acne breakouts.

Common Foods that can trigger Acne
Spicy Foods
Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

Foods that contain a lot of chili and spice are one of the major causes of acne. Intake of excess spicy food may cause damage to the digestive system.

And this leads to inflammation feeling in the digestive system and also acne on your skin.

This also raises the blood circulation to your face that provides redness to the face. Therefore, persons with acne should consume spicy food in moderate amount.


Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

High sugar consumption is most common Acne Trigger foods. Sugar can cause breakouts, as it is pro inflammatory.

Acne causing foods like chocolates & other sugary foods increase blood sugar that can cause acne.

In addition, Acne is an inflammatory condition and person with acne prone skin must follow an anti-inflammatory diet.


Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

Caffeine is also one of the common Acne Causing Foods to avoid. It can be obtained from coffee, chocolate, energy drinks, black and green tea.

The caffeine drinks are the worst things that may trigger acne and spreads of acne on your face.

Furthermore, caffeine rouses the adrenalin glands to release the stress hormones that may increase the levels of stress.

Taking too much stress is harmful for the skin and lead to acne condition on skin. Hence, avoiding foods or drinks that contain caffeine is the great way to treat acne.


Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

This is another Acne causing foods to avoid. Gluten triggers inflammation as well as digestion related issues that trigger acne condition.

Gluten is combination of proteins. Foods that contain gluten like bread, wheat, cereal, pasta and flour are the biggest causes of inflammation in the body that cause acne on your skin. Therefore, try to avoid foods that contain gluten to treat acne.


Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

Dairy products are also one of the worst foods for skin to avoid. Persons who suffer with acne, milk, cheese and other dairy products may increase the breakout.

In addition, Cow’s milk contains a lot of nutrients and increase hormones. Milk also boosts the insulin level production in the body that may trigger pimples on the skin.

Diet Soda

Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

This is another acne causing foods to avoid. Diet soda is high in inflammatory properties that may cause all types of inflammatory outbreaks like acne. Moreover, diet soda can decrease the pH levels that may also lead to acne.


Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

Another acne causing foods are salty foods. Salt can lead to inflammation in tissues and provide you puffy face.

In addition, Iodized salt must be avoided in the high doses, because they may cause acne.

Therefore, you should rinse the beans, meats and canned vegetables to reduce the sodium content from them. Furthermore, check sodium content of the prepackaged foods before eating.

Vegetable Oils:

Acne Causing Foods you must avoid

Vegetable oils are rich in pro inflammatory omega 6 fats that can cause acne. Highly processed and Trans fats vegetables oils are the main factors which trigger skin breakouts.

The vegetable oils include margarine, corn oil, and canola oil and also other vegetable oils rouse swelling.

Therefore, it’s recommend to consume coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to treat acne.