7 Ways to Move Beyond a Weight Loss Plateau

7 Ways to Move Beyond a Weight Loss Plateau

It’s a common situation when people experience plateau effect on weight loss challenge, as it seems they hit a wall and the weight loss stops decreasing. This annoying fact often happens after the first month weight loss program.

The body begins to get “lazy”, having settled to this new reality to consume fewer calories and more exercises. But, there are 7 good changes that people can do to solve that weight loss plateau.

1 – About physical activity

An important thing is do not overdo the exercise. People should start slowly or gradually raise the routine exercises, and attending gym is a good deal.

2 – Using weighing-machine properly

The idea is not using the weighing-machine every day, and instead, using it once a week. A tape measure is very convenient, and even that there was not lost weight, if the waist decreased slightly, it will be a stimulus. And then weight loss will continue, against weight loss plateau.

3 – 2,20 pounds a week

It’s important understanding that weight loss will be more slowly.  Loosing 2,20 pounds a week is the right deal. And severely obese can lose more weight with the orientation of the endocrinologist.

4 – “Eating” water 

A study indicated that women who consume high in water foods have lost 33% more weight in the first 6 months, comparing with women who followed a low-fat diet.

The tip is choosing food that is rich in water and nutrients. Fruits, for instance, watermelon, and vegetables like green lettuce contain lots of water and vitamins. Soups prepared with low sodium broths are nice too. For those who are “eating” water, they really can eat greater amount of food and decrease calories consumed, simultaneously, against the weight loss plateau.

5 – Food diary

Here the tip is to make a food diary describing everything that was consumed, including amounts. And it’s essential to evaluate the case. Mobile app can be great help against weight loss plateau.

6 – It’s important to rest 

Resting is big part of the training. If the performance is set stagnant, then the tip is making sure if the resting is being enough, and the same about the sleeping hours daily.

7 – Don’t giving up 

Under no circumstances discouraging and quitting diets are options. This will repeat weighting on and will bring uncomfortable feeling of frustration. If necessary, replacing diet is an option, as a manner to surpass the weight loss plateau.